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Miscellaneous profile correction

Imgur seems to really hate me and "temporarily over capacity" over a month now... So here're some info without image.

ZOE Dolores, i
Dolores's arm blade is called Smash Paddle while the particle cannon is called Burst Lance. Here's kit's manual scan from Dalong

Jogan's new weapons for the full equipped version are 45mm rapid-fire pistol (x2) and armor grenade cannon (x2). Here's Stork Carrier's kit's manual scan from 1999.co.jp (I do not know why it's there either).

Kenbu's full equipped version's battle claw is called super-heated vibrating combat claws. (From Full Mechanics Kenbu's manual

Jogan Kai's spec (From its kit manual).
Height: 11 meters
Weight: 12.7 metric tons
Armament: 40mm portable short autocannon (x2), 45mm rotary armor machine cannon, shoulder shield (x2)

Reiki Kai's spec (From its kit manual).
Height: 10.4 meters
Weight: 8.2 metric tons
Armament: super-heated vibrating naginata kai, multiple miniature guided rocket launcher (back mount type), wing mobile bomb storage (x2)

Brady Fox's spec (From its kit manual).
Height: 10.5 meters (manned unit), 9.5 meters (unmanned unit)
Weight: 13.5 metric tons
Armament: laser cannon, chain gun (x2), large shield

Jo Hound's spec (From its kit manual).
Height: 9.2 meters
Weight: 16.5 metric tons
The only armament show is a rifle, no mention of the guns on its upper body.

Brady Pgantom's spec (From its kit manual).
Height: 9.9 meters
Weight: 15.2 metric tons
The claws are called multi gauntlets.
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