02-29-20: The Flag Flutters

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02-29-20: The Flag Flutters

Post by Chris » Sat Feb 29, 2020 2:02 pm

Chris wrote:In the same vein as the previous update, the following units from Iron-Blooded Orphans are now in Burke's expanded format:

EB-06/tc Graze Custom
EB-06/tc2 Ryusei-Go II (Graze Custom II)
IPP-66305 Hugo
STH-05 Hyakuren
STH-05/AC Amida's Hyakuren
STH-05R Rouei
STH-14s Hyakuri
STH-16 Shiden
STH-16/tc Shiden Custom
STH-16/tc2 Orga's Shiden
STH-20 Hekija
UGY-R41 Landman Rodi
UGY-R41 Man Rodi

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