General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Your own tale of two mecha.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Don't feel down if no one responds, I've learned that this is probably the deadest portion of the forum. Other than those of us posting here, not too much happens, and even though there's still a decent amount of traffic as far as this site goes, its almost always silent watchers.

I might suggest finding other sites that would generate more feedback.

As for your idea, it sounds interesting, although I wouldn't care for the transformations all being from previous series, as that would get a bit wacky. Maybe the Rebirth should transform its parts into new, unique designs.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hiya. New to the site here. In general, are the writers here against fiddling with established canons? Alternate course of events sort of stories, I mean.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

not at all. >>
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yeah, they don't mind. :twisted:

Although...don't be surprised if you receive little feedback....even if you know people are dropping by. They be le silent type around here.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yeah, I'd expect as much. I'll probably have something done in a few days though.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

I have this idea for a Gundam story that'll take place in it's own universe, (big surrprise there! :P), that's really, really, loosely based off of the Three Kingdoms history. At least in some way it is, with that fact there will be three factions going head-to-head with one another. Not entirely sure where it will go, but I think it'll be an interesting side project endeavor.

Right now I'm just winging it and seeing where the characters take the story direction.

I hope it'll be a fun journey. Though I'm not entirely sure I want to keep it as strictly a regular what we're used to Gundam story all the way through. Having twists and turns won't hurt. So I guess we'll see how it turns out.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Dauym, reading this stuff made me wanna go back to rewriting my GSP fanfic to the end. I got over two thirds done, but then started to run out of time more and more often due to other work, and I just realized I haven't done anything to it in three months. Maybe time to spend a half hour each night for a week and get the rewrite in. :)
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

After several changes and revisions of the story, not gonna be basing it off the Three Kingdoms in any sense. Gonna go for something classic but with some twists and turns along the way, and some interesting differences. Least that's what I'm hoping for. Though I am also hoping for some feedback on it when it's posted. Just that it may not be an entirely long run, as in 50 episodes, but that could change. The range I'm looking at, at the moment, is about 30-40 episodes from minimum-to-most. Could even be less, just all depends on how things go, and/ or turn out.

"Landfall" is the title of episode 1, though the overall story title is still up in the air till I finish writing it and decide to post it up. Am tempted to go with a unique title, like Turn A Gundam, Gundam: Reconguista in G, like something along those things. Though if all else fails the generic Mobile Suit title will work I guess.. possibly change the "Suit" part to something. Like how New Mobile Report was used for Gundam Wing, and After War Gundam X, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, etc.

Not sure when it'll be up, but I am aiming for a couple weeks to complete it. Though after that, completion of the subsequent eps will vary, since I have another story to write as well. Doing one ep of each at a time. Still, I hope you people enjoy it, those of you who read fanfics and give feedback. It will be appreciated.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welp. time to necro my own thread. This'll work, right? Yeah. Uh, something like that.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Combining dual!

I've been thinking about how I ended Gundam Deus. I think it would've been a better ending without ever having the Epilogue and closing with Elena just floating in space. There's a value to leaving less said sometimes.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey everyone its been a long time since I've threaded in this forum. Now that I am on vacation I've found myself with a lot of free time and I've been rediscovering Gundam and my passion for writing is coming back with a vengeance.

There is this Gundam Seed fic I've been trying to develop for a year now but I am still in doubt.
Basically the plot is about Cagalli getting a reality check and getting her act together before Destiny begins and decides that if Orb is to survive the upcoming shitstorm it needs power and allies of course that means breaking Orb vow of neutrality and getting your hands really dirty.

As a result Cagalli relationship with Kira and Lacus will suffer because from a moral standpoint they will be at odds and Athrun while on Cagalli's side will be stuck in the middle. The theme of the story is basically how much are you ready to sacrifice to achieve your goals in Cagalli's case it will be her morals values.

Here is a sample but keep in mind it is not character bashing.
October 12th CE 71
Copernicus City, Moon

Cagalli Yula Atha leaned in the seat of her temporary office desk as she had finished reading the latest Intel reports from her Orb Intelligence Service. Now that a cease fire had been signed between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, peace was gradually beginning to come back.

It would certainly take a few more months before a peace treaty would be finalized by both sides but at least for now the apocalypse had been adverted, with GENESIS destruction and most of the EA nuclear arsenal.

However for Cagalli the battle was not over yet; Orb was still under control of the Atlantic Federation, although they were gradually pulling out, the process was slow, deliberately slow.

“These vultures are probably trying to find as many technological caches as possible” mutters the blond Orb heir as she grit her teeth.

Indeed, part of the reason for the Atlantic Federation invasion of Orb was not just the seizing of the mass driver Kaguya but also because Orb was the most advance nation in the Earth Sphere following ZAFT.

Fortunately Morganroete Inc. Orb main technological firm had setup several technological caches and hidden them across the Orb archipelago and various parts of the world to avoid them fall into the wrong hands.

Cagalli was however worried that those Alliance sympathizers in Orb and some of the greedy Corporate Officials in Morganroete might reveal the locations of these caches. She needed to chase away the AF as fast possible but with the limited forces Orb had in its disposal were either with her here on Copernicus or in L3 protecting its other colonies serving as refuge for its Coordinator population.

Currently Cagalli was negotiating with Copernicus to provide Orb with the necessary materials to rebuild the infrastructures on the mainland once it will be freed. Money wouldn’t be a problem but the Alliance had already submitted the lunar city with a tall order as well, thus placing Orb at the bottom of the list.

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts

“Enter” she said

“Good morning Representative Atha” spoke a familiar feminine voice entering the office; Cagalli eyes widen in shock before her face morphed in anger and suspicion.

“What are you doing here, Shahaku?” she asks, a growl coming out of her voice; Rondo Mina Shahaku was not impressed by Cagalli’s glare. Her father Uzumi Atha had a much fiercer one that could even rattle her fallen twin brother Ghina. Usually Mina would not have bothered coming out of her space station Ame no Mihashira but these were extraordinary times that demanded extraordinary measures. That is if the princess across the desk would deign to listen to her.

“I wanted to know which course of action you intend for Orb to follow in the coming years.” spoke Mina, her tone flat and direct.

However Cagalli was not surprised by the question; the Shahaku noble family has long held the belief that Orb should have greater responsibility in the Earth Sphere politics.

To be honest they had been responsible for most of Orb technological and economical achievements until Uzumi Atha succeeded into the throne and began his policies of neutral stance. It was an understandable strategy for a small nation as Orb but one that comported many risks because Orb had virtually no allies only connections, making it rip for the taking; a point that the Atlantic Federation had made by invading the small nation.

Cagalli had thought long and hard as which direction she should take her nation. She had of course no intention of joining the EA or to join the PLANTS but it was clear that Orb could no longer afford to be alone. Those thoughts led Cagalli to conclude that instant that Rondo Mina Shahaku had also come to those same conclusions but unlike Cagalli she had a plan.

But the daughter of Atha didn’t know if she could fully trust her after her brother’s involvement in the G-Weapon project but she would hear her out at least.

“Orb main weakness is her lack of allies” Cagalli begins “However I don’t want to join the Alliance nor side with the PLANTS.”

“Why not?” asks Mina, although a small smirk was drawing on her face “The Alliance despite their losses has considerable industrial power and combines it with our technology, we will be able to recover in less than a year. The PLANTS are in the same boat as Earth but their industry is still intact which makes them a good partner; their zero gravity base products could also speed up our recovery, although at a higher cost but well worth the spending.”

Cagalli’s eyes almost twitch in anger at the mention of joining the two factions that almost led the world to its destruction. Despite the death of Patrick Zala and Muruta Azrael, Cagalli was certain that more monsters existed in both sides closets. And despite the advantages of joining either side, Cagalli was not foolish enough to choose lightly. Cagalli reined her anger knowing that Mina was prodding her.

“If we side with the EA we will antagonize our Coordinator population same for our Natural citizens if we choose ZAFT. I need better options despite the benefits either offers.” spoke the Orb leader with a tone of finality.

To her surprise, Mina smiled and nodded as if agreeing with her decision “The Seirans have gained much power since the loss of the majority of your father’s the cabinet during the invasion. They are pushing for several treaties between Orb and the Atlantic Federation; many have already been signed during the occupation.”

Cagalli was shocked for she hadn’t been made aware of such news; she was in Copernicus currently in order to finalize several treaties with the lunar city in obtaining resources necessary to rebuild Orb infrastructures on Earth, as well as facilitating the hiding of the members of the Three Ships Alliance. The rest of the Orb government in exile was currently in Illium one of the colonies in L3. Since most of her family was dead, the Seiran were now the defacto leaders but by right of succession Cagalli was the Chief Representative and Unato Seiran, head of the Seiran family was the Prime Minister until elections in four years.

Mina raised her hand urging Cagalli to calm down “The Seirans are opportunists but they will use the same reasoning as you did Cagalli to justify their actions. Furthermore half of our Coordinator population has taken refuge to the PLANTS because of the EA occupation of Orb and if the Seiran push their policies, they will not come back.”

“Do you have a plan?” Cagalli asks, although it almost sounded like pleading but if Mina heard it she did not voice it instead she answered.

“With the end of hostilities between Earth and the PLANTS many regional conflicts have begun to erupt across the Earth surface.

The USSA which had been invaded and forcibly drafted by the Earth Alliance is waging a guerilla war of independence against the puppet regime.

The Equatorial Union who had most of its economy and manpower pilfered by the EA to finance their operations in space is plagued by rebels also financed by the Atlantic Federation.

The city states of the African Community have decided to cancel their alliance with ZAFT since they won’t enjoy any benefits from the upcoming peace treaty, as such they are pooling their resources to form a new continental bloc but both ZAFT and the South African Union wants to prevent that because this new government will be hostile to their policies and will refuse them natural resources.

Finally you have the kingdom of Scandinavia which was almost conquered by the EA but made several dealings to preserve its independence and its economy is rising to greater levels than before the war.”

As Cagalli listened, she began to see a pattern; the Earth Alliance and ZAFT were trying to obtain a foothold across Earth various regions without fighting directly. Whoever gains the most influence on Earth would be able to influence the upcoming peace treaty next year.

“They are leveling the playing field” whispers Cagalli but Mina heard her and nods in agreement “Indeed” says the Shahaku noblewoman

“But where are you going with this?” Cagalli asks her “What advantages can Orb have in this situation?”

Mina shook her head, despite Cagalli being a smart and talented MS pilot, she was still a teenager but Mina felt she was the best option for Orb. She loved her people and she was not afraid to sacrifice herself for their sake, the mark of a good leader but also a fool but in Mina opinion she preferred Cagalli than having this bastard Unato Seiran leading her nation.

“These countries and factions have all a point in common with Orb” Mina says “They are under occupation, under pressure or threatened by the Alliance and ZAFT. If Orb needs allies, these are going to be the best we got.”

Now Cagalli was confused “How are they going to help us when they have their own problems to deal with?”

“By us helping them” Mina answered as if stating the obvious while mentally waiting for the proverbial explosion; she would not be disappointed.

Cagalli slams her hands on the desk in anger “You want us to help them in their conflict!” it wasn’t a question “This is a direct violation of our Oath!”

“Orb will not attack another nation, will not allow another nation to attack them and will not intervene in the conflicts of another nation.” recites Mina sarcasm dripping out of her mouth “These words were professed by your father two years ago because Orb could never afford to choose between ZAFT and the Alliance. Unfortunately at this present time Orb can no longer afford such oath.”

Cagalli face contorted into rage “How dare you!”

“No how dare you!” shouted Mina back as she stood up, her glare overwhelming the young blonde.

“Orb is dying right now and you want to force upon your people some self righteousness. What we need right now is power, power to protect our homeland; power to preserve the coexistence of Naturals and Coordinators that have made Orb such a strong nation.”

Cagalli mentally recoiled at the verbal counter. She had often questioned if Orb had made the correct choice during the war, but seeing up close her homeland burning had made her wonder what would’ve happen if they had not been alone, if they had true allies to rely on.

Mina was right when she said that Orb could no longer afford such stance when it stood alone. But Cagalli didn’t feel ready to abandon her father’s ideals.

“You want us to abandon the principles that makes Orb a nation, Mina?” asks Cagalli, her face hung low, her hair hiding the emotions behind her eyes “We would be no better than the Alliance if we follow your plan it will just prolong more conflicts and more bloodshed.”

Mina sigh at the idealist Princess display; It seems Uzumi had brainwash his daughter into this idealism of pacifism but then again Mina suspected it was witnessing Armageddon almost coming to completion that Cagalli had been traumatized. But Mina would bet her money on Kira Yamato Cagalli’s brother being partially responsible for such naïve thinking.

The Shahaku noble woman had reviewed many video footage of the pilot when he used the Freedom Gundam. She was amazed by his piloting skills and his machine but she disapproved of his ways; disabling mobile suits and warships instead of delivering a killing blow.

Granted the Freedom Gundam was a machine with advance targeting sights but what Kira did was reason enough why the Three Ships Alliance suffered so many casualties.

Had Kira decided to kill Rau LeCreuset from the start, perhaps Mu LaFlaga would not have to perish at the hands of the Dominion Positron Launcher. The Kusanagi would not have lost so many pilots.

Hell, the invasion of Orb might have been stalled, long enough for Orb to recoup her losses and chase away the Alliance had he decided to fight to kill instead he lost valuable time against skilled opponents, time that could’ve been used to save countless Orb soldiers.

Cagalli had become amazed by his skills and compassion but Mina saw it as nothing more than arrogant self righteousness and that even despite his contribution in ending the war which was pyrrhic at best for all parties.

“I am not saying Orb should forget its principles, as matter of fact I believe Orb should expand upon them” Mina spoke again, making Cagalli eyes widen “But one must learn often to bend principles for the greater good, Cagalli; like when your father discovered the G-Weapons Project.”

That was true, Uzumi Atha had been perfectly aware of the Shahaku plot with the G-Weapons to develop Orb own mobile suits in cooperation with the EA. Uzumi didn’t like it but decided to proceed nonetheless because Orb despite its neutrality would be threatened one day or another thus it needed the power to defend itself.

That day had come six months ago.

“Besides, I would think that your time with the Archangel would’ve opened your eyes to realize that often with great powers come great responsibilities. Orb has the power to make a difference and emerge as a strong nation, not alone but with the strength of many, so long as we support each other we can build a strong future. However the true question is do you have what it takes to see it through? Are you ready to make the necessary sacrifices?”

Cagalli sat down as she digested Mina’s words; she had never thought to see things in that angle and yet she too knew that the core problem for Orb was its isolation. Something they couldn’t afford and Cagalli knew that the next time the Earth Alliance or ZAFT went to war; her homeland would be doomed unless they had true allies to rely on. But there was still one snag.

“If we intervene in those conflicts to support our future allies” starts Cagalli with reluctance in her voice “The Alliance or ZAFT might retaliate and this could potentially cause us harm.”

Mina gentle smile was replaced by another that was similar to a predator stalking its prey; from her coat breast pocket she removes a disc and hands it to Cagalli, before taking a seat. “There are many ways to skin a cat Cagalli” declares the Shahaku noblewoman “We just need to find the correct method.”

Little timeskip

October 30th CE71
Copernicus city, moon

In her office, Cagalli and Chief Engineer Erica Simmons were reviewing Morganroete latest products and designs.

“Have you made the necessary arrangements with the Junk Guild, yet?” Cagalli asks the woman;

“They have agreed to proceed with the transport as long as they get 30% salvage rights, which is acceptable; however it will take two months until they can repair the propulsion systems and bring the necessary ships for towing.” Answers Simmons “They also want insurance we can provide an escort for their fleet during the transport since they don’t have a lot of combat Mobile suits for the task at hand.”

Cagalli nodded “That is a major issue but hopefully if this meeting with Waltfield goes well, then the problem will be resolved quickly.”

Simmons smiled as she noticed her ruler’s distress “Do not worry, Andrew is a reasonable fellow I am sure he will accept.”

“I hope you are right” Cagalli sighs.

She was pleased of the progress they had made in these past few weeks following her meeting with Mina Shahaku. She had spoken about it with Kisaka and he too believes that this plan both women had concocted was better than to accept the upcoming status quo.

The only thing Cagalli didn’t like was the amount of bloodshed that would be involve for the plans to come to fruition; however the young ruler of Orb had accepted that sacrifices would be necessary if she wanted to ensure her nation’s future. Another conundrum when accepting that new mindset was that she had begun to avoid Kira and Lacus.

Cagalli had realized that while wishing for peace and abandoning arms was all well and good, the world was still a dangerous place and it would be foolish to become complacent. She had no doubt that both Coordinators would beg her on their knees to stop her new direction forcing the young ruler to cave in to their demands. Already the Alliance and ZAFT were gearing up for another war despite the peace treaty soon to be finalized in the months to come, Cagalli could not remain idle. Mina’s spies in both sides had uncovered data on new and more powerful mobile suits being under development. Orb had to be ready for it otherwise it will once again be engulfed in flames.

Waltfield entering her office interrupted her thoughts; Cagalli noticed however he wasn’t alone and she cursed for not preparing ahead.

“Hello Cagalli” a cheerful Lacus Clyne greeted, followed by an awkward Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala, the blond princess would not be surprised if the boys had been kindly strong-armed by the pinkette.

‘Great, the three people I didn’t want to meet yet’ thought the ruler of Orb, she hid her thought behind a careful mask of indifference and annoyance.

“I thought I told you to come alone Waltfield” complains Cagalli as she perused through her paperwork “Then again I should’ve known.”

Waltfield turned his head to the side, looking quite abashed; truth to be told he had been literally forced by Lacus to bring them to Cagalli. The kids having noticed the Princess sudden isolation had made them worried, knowing that leading a nation was a lot of pressure, they wanted to cheer Cagalli and offer some help to ease the burden. However Cagalli had done everything to avoid them, causing the trio to be suspicious.

“We are worried about you Cagalli” Kira Yamato spoke softly, trying to calm his sister before her legendary temper comes out to surface. “We are all friends and it wouldn’t be right if we leave you alone, right?” he nibs at Athrun’s ribs, prompting the blue hair former ZAFT pilot to nod “He’s right, Cagalli. We are here if you need us.”

Lacus approached the desk and sat down, the others following suite “Waltfield said you had something important to talk to him, concerning recent events within ZAFT; I thought I should also come and hear it as well.”

Cagalli read between the lines ‘In other words stick your noise where you are not needed’ She didn’t dislike Lacus, but Cagalli had come rapidly to the conclusion following the cease fire that Lacus Clyne was a naïve pacifist.

Granted she had convinced many ZAFT members to side with her, their defection had been caused by their refusal to partake in genocide and seeing their nation being transformed into a dictatorship. While Lacus was a compassionate and smart woman, her naiveté was the reason why she had been politely booted out of the negotiation process between ZAFT and the EA during the cease fire.

Cagalli born in politics despite her fiery temper knew that Lacus despite being charismatic and a good leader, her mindset unfortunately was unsuited for politics where a constant game of intrigues was the ammunition. Cagalli herself had been nearly contaminated by her brother’s girlfriend, until Mina came and shook some sense into her. Honestly Cagalli felt sorry for the pink hair woman, she had so much influence in the PLANTS but she did not know how to truly exploit it. Had Lacus decided to go to the PLANTS and assume a leadership position, Cagalli would not have to do what she was doing right now.

“I overheard that a month before the battle of Jachin Due, a ZAFT taskforce deserted the PLANTS along with their families and took refuge in L3.” said Cagalli ignoring her friends and focusing straight onto business “Have there been any change regarding their status with the PLANTS?”

Waltfield shook his head in sadness; the taskforce had left because many of their families were Naturals and were being persecuted by the PLANTS during Patrick Zala’s time. Furthermore the atrocities during Panama were the final stroke in their beliefs that the PLANTS had lost the objectives they set out before the war.

“It isn’t pretty” says Waltfield “Despite the changes in the ZAFT and PLANTS administrations, they consider the renegades as traitors and have ordered their deaths if they are spotted near ZAFT territories. Fortunately ZAFT has lost too much at Boaz and Jachin Due to even attempt to go after them. However I overheard that Chairman Durandal is doing his best to convince the Supreme Council and acting Supreme Chairman to grant them amnesty, like she did for Athrun, Dearka, and Yzak.”

Cagalli nodded, recalling the private conversation she had with Canaver; the new interim leader of the PLANTS was smart and level headed, however she still shares some of the PLANT arrogant stance such as Coordinator should not mingle much with Naturals and be independent. That isolationist policy had been the cause of ZAFT arrogance later transforming into hatred for Naturals. Durandal on the other hand was gunning for the throne by favoring more cooperation than isolationism.

“I have a proposal regarding that situation.” declares Cagalli as she extends a folder to the Desert Tiger; Waltfield begun to peruse the content slowly; after a moment his eyes widen in surprise, making the others wonder what was in that file. “Are you certain with this?” he asks the ruler of Orb, Cagalli nods

“What is going on Waltfield?” asks Athrun as he and the others felt quite left out.

“Cagalli wants to offer asylum to the ZAFT deserters in exchange they would join Orb military and be free from any prosecution from ZAFT.” explains Waltfield as he extend the file to Lacus who then begins to read its content.

“Can Orb really afford doing this?” asks Athrun as he read the file as well “The Atlantic Federation has yet to withdraw from your country and ZAFT won’t certainly like it.”

“The Alliance and ZAFT won’t be aware of it, so long as no one says anything” declares a smirking Cagalli “L3 is not even under the radar of both factions and our Intelligence service has gone to great length to do so in order to hide our Coordinator population from Blue Cosmos.”

“But why would you want to have ZAFT deserters in your country?” a confused Lacus asks “Do you intend to retake Orb by military force?” she asks innocently but you could smell the suspicion in her voice.

The matter of retaking Orb by force had been a hot debate between Cagalli, Lacus, Athrun and Kira. Cagalli after the first rounds of negotiation had demanded that the Atlantic Federation pulls out immediately from Orb; ZAFT had also pushed the issue but not forcefully because it wanted to acquire the Coordinator population of Orb, many of them being engineers and scientists.

The Atlantic Federation had agreed to withdrawal but by stages and it was taking longer than promised. Their excuse was the latest strings of ‘terrorist activities’ which were nothing more than a smoke screen for trying to locate the technological caches Orb had disseminated across the archipelago.

“If necessary yes” Cagalli declares flatly “However that is not the issue; I want these people so that we can reinforce our space forces and protect the colonies we still have left in L3.”

Kira nodded, understanding the reason; Aside from Heliopolis, Orb had six other colonies but a limited space fleet and the Archangel now Orb defacto flagship was still in the process of being repaired.

“The other reason is because of this” Cagalli extends a datapad that they read and pass around to each other

“Colony Redevelopment Plan?” asks Kira as he studies the content, Cagalli turns to Simmons who had been silent all this time.

“As you know many refugees across the world have been displaced during the war or are suffering from starvation and lack of proper medical care. The Colony Redevelopment Plan aims at creating a new home for these refugees, not on Earth but in outer space. It will also provide not only a steady employments for those accepting to emigrate to these colonies but also a major source of revenues for their respective nations if they agree to participate.” explains the Morganroete engineer; Lacus, Kira, Athrun and Waltfield were quite impressed by the idea.

“Unfortunately L4 is a dangerous area, filled with debris, pirates and terrorists” adds Cagalli “We have been discussing with the Junk Guild who has agreed to help us move some of the less damaged L4 colonies to L3 but they don’t have enough forces to provide security and Orb space forces aren’t enough to protect a large area like L3 in addition of the colonies being towed there.” she explains, making the other realize her reasons.

“So you want the deserters to be incorporated into Orb military” Athrun says “this will provide them protection from ZAFT who won’t be able to track them down and at the same time provide Orb with enough forces to secure the colonies transfer to L3.”

Cagalli nodded, pleased to see her boyfriend had put the pieces together “The deserters’ families can be housed in one of our current colonies as well so they won’t have to wander around like they currently do.”

“How do you intend to hide their identities from ZAFT?” asks Kira skeptical but hopeful “Surely they must keep an eye on these peoples.”

“We won’t exactly make them disappear but rather make an arrangement with the PLANTS to grant them immunity in exchange for monetary compensation and the return of the military assets they stole with them.”

Waltfield looked pensive for a moment before nodding “It’s a good plan and I believe they will accept since ZAFT has been adamant about their elimination.” says the Desert Tiger “I will contact DaCosta to arrange a meeting with them and see what they will say.”

Cagalli smiled, happy that another objective had been accomplished “Thank you Waltfield, it means a lot.”

Waltfield chuckles “No sweat princess, as long as you decide to finally wear that dress Aisha gave you for your next date with Athrun, I will consider us even.”

His comments made many chuckles; Cagalli and nice dresses didn’t mix; Lacus however had a feeling that Cagalli was up to something.

“Can Orb afford such a massive undertaking?” asks the songstress “Moving and rebuilding colonies will certainly hurt your country’s resources while rebuilding the infrastructures on the mainland.” She was quite surprised when Cagalli shrugged her worries off “As a small island nation, Orb is often prone to natural disasters, so over the years we have assembled a massive treasure chest in case of such situations. According to my analysts, rebuilding Orb will only take 35% of our emergency funds, beside only Onogoro and Kaguya were damaged by the invasion, the rest of the country is relatively intact.”

That revelation caused many except Simmons to gasp in shock mouths wide open, as if rubbing the salt into the wound Cagalli smirks and add another bomb shell “For the record I am not using Orb’s resources on this project but my family’s own finances which if I remember correctly is double the annual budget of the Earth Alliance, not counting the stocks I have invested into Morganroete.”

“J…Just how much money do you have, Cagalli?” asks a stuttering Athrun, not knowing if he should be happy or sad to know that he’s girlfriend was richer than him.

Cagalli pretends to count with her fingers “Enough that I and my family will never be poor for the next six centuries.”

Kira nearly fainted and he now knew why his sister acted like such a spoiled brat. He had heard rumors that Orb Noble Families were filthy rich but he hadn’t known it was this much. It would certainly explain how the Shahaku were able to fund the G-Project. What Cagalli would not be telling her friend is that she was already having her PR experts spin the news about her family finances in order to secure public support thus solidifying her position for the upcoming Council meeting of Lords. If the Seiran and the other Noble houses thought they could fuck with her they had another thing coming.

“But why are you doing this?” asks Lacus wanting to get to the bottom of this, her instincts telling her there was more to this. In fact the more she thought about it the more she realizes that there was no reason for Orb to do this.

Cagalli sighed realizing that Lacus was close to hit the nail.

“Orb has no future on Earth” states the ruler of Orb, making several eyes go wide in surprise “We are a small island nation, granted we have a powerful economy that rivals most power bloc, Orb doesn’t have any influence in the political world. Our only recourse is to expand into outer space and establish a firm foothold which will prevent the Alliance or ZAFT from bullying us.”

Silences echoed across the room, making the people in attendance reflect upon her words;

“That is a very ambitious plan” declares Waltfield, admiration dripping from his voice “But even with its economy Orb can’t shoulder such a huge burden, even with the CRP it won’t be enough.”
Cagalli nodded in agreement “Which is why Orb will be reaching out to other nations outside the Alliance and ZAFT in order to create a new power bloc”

Lacus now understood as well as the consequences of such action; “Cagalli, aside from Orb and the Kingdom of Scandinavia, there aren’t any neutral nations anymore; those who were are under the Alliance control and reaching out to them could be considered an act of aggression.” warns Lacus, making Kira and Athrun worried.

“You are right Lacus” Cagalli says with a resign sigh “Such action will undoubtedly cause more friction with the Alliance and ZAFT but we have no choice.”

“Why?” asks Kira, his voice rising “Why would you risk doing something like that? Are you willing to go to war again just to make Orb more powerful, hasn’t there been enough bloodshed?”

Cagalli hated when Kira was angry, for he was a good hearted person and God preserves those who made him angry, but she knew that confrontation would be coming and she would not back down.
“Because sooner or later ZAFT and the EA will resume their war” she replies with a calm and cold voice alerting everyone that her mind was set.

“Orb prides itself as a nation that accept Coordinators and Naturals, however with our current strength, when hostilities resume we will once again be forced to choose a side or die.” she continues as images of her home burning at the hands of the Alliance echoed in everyone’s mind.

“Cagalli” Lacus starts gently “You have to have faith, the peace negotiations will…..”

“Do nothing!” cuts the Princess of Orb “Lacus, you are not a politician, I am” declares Cagalli, her tone accusing “These negotiations and the upcoming treaty is only design to provide enough rest to both factions until they can start the war anew despite the disarmament plans.

Furthermore this upcoming treaty only benefits the Alliance founding nations and the PLANTS while the rest of the world will be left to pick the leftovers and rot thus building resentment which the superpowers would exploit to further their own gain until finally the war restart again.”

“Surely you don’t believe that!” counters Kira, “What was the point of stopping this war, GENESIS, the nukes?” asks the Coordinator “Are you saying our fight was meaningless?”

“Kira” Athrun poses a hand on his best friend’s shoulder to calm him down. To be honest Athrun was conflicted, he knew what Kira was feeling but his experience in the military also told him to be rationale and agree with Cagalli point of view. A part of him was glad his girlfriend had also been sharing the same doubts.

“We prevented humanity’s destruction, Kira” Cagalli says gently “However we haven’t defeated the hatred that lurks within the human heart and to do so will require more sacrifices than before.”
“I refuse to accept that!” Kira declares defiantly “I refuse to let another war break out!”

“But you can’t” this time it was Waltfield who spoke his voice devois of his trademark humor “You are only one man Kira and besides you don’t have the resolve to do what is necessary to end this cycle of hatred.”

Everyone was shocked by Waltfield words towards Kira; the Coordinator boy more than anyone else since the man had always been one to encourage him during these last few months.

“What do you mean?” asks Kira hesitantly, causing the Desert Tiger to sigh sadly before explaining himself.

“I hate to say this Kira, but Orb fall could’ve been prevented if you had resolved yourself to kill” declares the scarred Coordinator. That statement caused a tense but short silence.

“Waltfield!” yells Lacus in disapproval, she was not one to raise her voice but she felt that his comment was borderline insulting.

“Forgive me Lacus but he is right” says Cagalli her voice trembling in sadness but her eyes glinted with steel, causing Kira’s heart to clench “I do not resent you Kira, you are my brother and no one who dislike killing should be forced to do so. However there were many occasions where your strength alone could’ve made the difference and could’ve prevented more casualties, but you lacked the will to do what was necessary.”

Kira’s emotion morphed into anger “So you are saying all this conflict was my fault; that I should have become a killer?!”

“It isn’t about being a killer Kira!” Cagalli yells back as tears begins to form on her face “There is a difference about doing what is right and what is necessary!”

“Even, if it justifies the death of many?” Kira shoots back

“The ones you fought were soldiers, they knew the risks of going to the battlefield, and they knew they could die at any moment but it was their decision.” Waltfield counters “What you did; disabling enemy machines was a reckless and arrogant move.”


“Waltfield” yells Lacus now angrier than ever “I do not agree with what you said, Kira’s actions are noble and ……”

“Arrogant” Athrun voice cutting in the air, his head lowered to hide his sadness “The Freedom is a formidable mobile suit with powerful targeting scanners, however people like Kira capable of doing such a feat as disabling dozens of mobile suits in a row are rare even among Coordinators.”

“But….” Lacus wanted to protest but she was once again cut off by Athrun

“I respect Kira, because he is a noble soul, but what he did out there is something that should never be done.” says the former ZAFT pilot “Many lives could’ve been saved if you had decided to kill but instead you wasted time trying to disable the enemy making your moves predictable and resulting in further losses on our sides.”

“These people were manipulated by their superiors” Kira argues “Are you saying they should die meaninglessly?”

Athrun shot him a glare that nearly iced his blood, Kira comments made him recall the death of his comrades, Miguel, Matthew, Olor and least of all Nicol; angry he grabbed the brunette by the collar of his shirt “How can you decide who lives and dies?” shouts Athrun, “Do you think you can gauge who is a good or bad guy? How do you know that those Alliance pilots weren’t Blue Cosmos, how would you know the ZAFT pilots were not extremists like my father? Did the Freedom give you a third eye because I wasn’t aware of it?”

“Athrun…I” Kira stuttered

“Do you think Miguel, Matthew, Olor and Nicol died meaninglessly!” continues Athrun “Miguel joined ZAFT to pay for his little brother’s medical bill, Mathew joined because he lost his parents at Junius 7, Olor enlisted because he wanted to protect his family and Nicole…”

Athrun felt his own heart twist in pain as he remembers all the times he had passed with his green hair friend.

“Nicole was pianist prodigy; his dream was to play in a concert where Naturals and Coordinators would hear his music. He joined ZAFT because he wanted to put an end to this meaningless war!”
Emotionally tired, the son of Patrick Zala releases Kira from his hold

“Nobody likes killing Kira and the moment you do so you become a monster. But we do it because it’s either us or our love ones who will pay the consequences of our indecisiveness. If you disliked it so much then you should’ve stepped out of the cockpit and let someone else handle It.” finishes the former ZAFT pilot

“How dare you, Athrun?” asks Lacus, tears in her eyes; she couldn’t understand their reasoning, Kira had sacrificed so much and it tore him apart every second he was inside a mobile suit. “Were it not for him, you would’ve still followed ZAFT ideals.”

“True” he admits “When I arrived on Earth onboard the Justice, I realized what was happening, I saw for the first time the true scope of what my father was trying to achieve. Seeing Kira defend Orb sealed the deal, but I would’ve still opposed my father. I owe Kira a lot but it is because of that I am saying this.”

Kira sunk on the chair, shocked by his friends’ words. Did they really saw him as arrogant and foolish? To be honest Kira had often pondered about his actions; he wondered if his tactic of disabling enemy mobile suits was a way to escape the guilt of killing.

“Kira” Athrun spoke once more “Were it not for you, I would’ve never realized my actions in time enough to stop GENESIS, and I would’ve never known my feelings for Cagalli. However as your friend I tell you this: Stepping on the battlefield means you have to be ready to pay a price and shoulder the burden of your guilt otherwise other wise people like Nicol and Flay would pay the price of our indecisiveness.”

A look of horror echoed across many faces, including Cagalli


Lacus had travelled the room and hit Athrun, tears flowing freely and anger burning bright at the man who had hurt the one she loves.

Kira didn’t say anything; he got up and left the room amidst the sad looks of his friends.

“How could you say this?” shouts Lacus as she hit repeatedly hit Athrun’s chest but there was no strength in her hands “How could you tell him something like that?”

It was only when raising her own head that she saw the sadness in the eyes of her former fiancé “He needed to hear it, Lacus” Athrun says “Otherwise if he jumps again into a battlefield with such thoughts, he will create unnecessary hardships, both for himself and for those fighting.”

“Even, if their actions are wrong?” Lacus asks, her tone accusing, Athrun shook his head before saying “It is not our right to judge others who choose to fight, all we can do is fight to protect what is dear to us and sometimes to achieve it we will have to do things we despise. Otherwise we are no better than Azrael or my father.”

Lacus recoiled at his words, her arms slump; she stood defeated and confused, more at herself than others. Had their success in preventing extinction made her and Kira so arrogant to believe they could once again step onto the battlefield and dictate terms to both sides?

The songstress politely excused herself and left the room; she needed to collect her thoughts and reflect.

Now alone was Cagalli, Waltfield, Athrun and Simmons, the latter had stayed silent, knowing they needed to resolve it among themselves.

For a moment no one said anything, until Athrun broke the silence “I am sorry Cagalli” he apologized “I didn’t mean to hurt Kira but….”

“I know Athrun” cuts the blonde girl “It was a low blow but I think I speak for everyone in this room that it needed to be said. That is also the reason why I avoided you guys because I knew we would’ve approached that subject.”

“Our success in Jachin Due has made us arrogant” continues Cagalli as she sat down again “I had started to become complacent, thinking that Orb could return to its ideals not realizing the consequences of our actions. Let’s not kid ourselves here, we stopped Armageddon but it is only temporary. The Alliance and ZAFT will not give up in their goals, sooner or later someone is going to do something stupid and if we are not ready, we will pay the price.”

“I agree” Waltfield says solemnly “I had wanted to approach such topics with all of you, but seeing how peace is slowly returning I thought to myself dreaming of simpler times.”

“It is understandable, Waltfield” spoke Simmons for the first time with a sympathetic smile “No one wants war, but sometimes we don’t get what we wish.”

A comfortable silence nestled into the room, nothing more needed to be said.

“So” starts the Desert Tiger “What else have you been cooking?” he asks in a teasing tone, making Cagalli grins and Athrun chuckles he knew what that expression on her face meant.

“Obviously we are going to have to be discreet if we want to carry our objectives” Cagalli says “To that end I am assembling a covert special forces unit that will be providing support to our potential allies. Kisaka and Mina Shahaku are already laying the ground work to begin secret negotiations with various countries, in exchange for Orb’s help in stabilizing their regions; they will agree to join our new economic alliance. Of course this partnership will remain secret until we deem it necessary or have no choice but to reveal it.”

“What kind of help will we be offering?” Athrun asks; Cagalli didn’t miss the “we” comment and it made her happy that her boyfriend was giving his support to her plans. “Aside from covert military assistance, Orb and Morganroete are developing a revolutionary device that will help overcome the current energy crisis.”

She gestures to Simmons once again who pulls a remote and turns on a screen on the side wall; schematics begun to display on the screen.

“Since ZAFT deployment of Neutron Jammers across Earth, paralyzing nuclear energy, Earth has now become embroil in an energy crisis. Morganroete was commissioned by the late lord Uzumi Atha to find an alternate source of energy that would replace nuclear energy on Earth. His condition was that this new power source be clean and renewable.” explains Simmons, the others following her with apt attention

“Morganroete explored many avenues and after months of research and development we came up with the Helios Photon Particle Generator, a device which harness photon particles and converts them into electricity. The amount of energy produced by the Helios Generator is five times more powerful than that of a nuclear reactor or nuclear fusion reactor and it is also safe and without any risks to the environment or humans.”

Athrun and Waltfield were absolutely shocked; a technology like that would forever ensure that humanity never runs out of energy, so long as the sun continues to burn.

“Does it work?” Waltfield asks after recollecting himself

“Yes it does” Simmons replied with her usual warm smile making the veteran soldier blush a bit “Our scientists at Neo Heliopolis tested it a few weeks ago as an alternate source of power for the colony and it works like a charm.”

“Neo Heliopolis?” asks Athrun confused but somehow the name was familiar

“Its Heliopolis” informs Cagalli “After its collapse Morganroete and the military rebuild it secretly and transformed the colony into a secret shipyard and research center.”

“My god” a stunned Waltfield declares “No wonder you sounds so confident in your plan, if you offer such technology to other countries, they will flock at Orb like pilgrims worshipping an altar.” a frowns suddenly mar his face “However the Alliance and ZAFT will do everything to obtain or destroy it.”

“I know” nods Cagalli “That is why we are keeping its existence a secret. The Colony Redevelopment Plan will help these countries to alleviate their economies and population burden, solidifying their trust with us. These colonies will also act as research and industrial centers for a variety of projects aimed at helping the environment on Earth.”

“How do you intend to provide military assistance covertly?” Athrun asks “It won’t be difficult for people to realize Orb involvement since our mobile suits are pretty unique.”

“It has already been taken care of” Simmons says and presses a few more buttons; schematics of several mobile suits begin to scroll out. “Morganroete has already produced a few for testing and their performances are comparable to the G-Weapons developed at Heliopolis. In addition we have acquired several models from ZAFT and the Alliance which are being upgraded and customized.”
Athrun and Waltfield were impressed as they studied the mobile suits “They are perfect” states the Desert Tiger “If they don’t exist in any database, the Alliance and ZAFT won’t be able to identify them. What will be the official cover?”

“A mercenary company by the name of Midnight Fenrir; officially they will be sponsored by various private sectors outside of Alliance and ZAFT purview but unofficially they are all Orb Special Forces along with former EA or ZAFT pilots who defected to our country.” explains Cagalli. Kisaka and Mina had already made the necessary arrangement and the PMC was given a large paper trail to avoid suspicions.

“Licenses have already been brought to allow them to purchase Alliance, ZAFT and Orb mobile suits” adds Simmons; this surprised Waltfield because it meant that Orb had strong connections within both sides industries.

“Athrun” calls Cagalli “I want you to be part of the Midnight Fenrir, your skills as a mobile suit pilot and team leader will be invaluable to them.”

Athrun thought about it for a moment, he was getting accustomed to this new peace but with the revelations of today, he knew it wouldn’t last long. Cagalli and Orb were trying to achieve a new direction to ensure peace for both Naturals and Coordinators. That was something he wanted to be part of; another reason was to atone for the crimes of his father, which he felt partially responsible despite the contrary, the other was because it promised something new and worthwhile.

“Alright, I will join in” he says, making his girlfriend happy, her eyes promising quite a reward for him afterward.

“What about me?” fake pouts the scarred Coordinator “I am not collecting dust, right?” he too felt the same as Athrun, Cagalli’s plan was perhaps what humanity needed, promise of a fresh start.

“I am promoting you to General in the Orb Military” Cagalli says with a devilish smile “You are going to oversee the transfer of the deserters into our fold if negotiations are successful and then supervise the transfer of colonies from L4 to L3. At the same time I want you and Kisaka to expand our intelligence network so that we can monitor both ZAFT and the Alliance.”

Waltfield was surprised by the sudden offer and the work load but at least he wouldn’t get bored.
The group continued their discussion, polishing a few details; none of them had forgotten the tense debate earlier but for now they looked at the future eagerly.
My inspiration when I came up with this was when I read Flight of the Jokers Wild, a multi cross over fic written by CSS Stravag who also wrote Archangel's Amazing Adventures which I am a fan. What I really liked was how he setup the premises for the Second Bloody Valentine and how the Seed cast found themselves at odds from an ideological and moral standpoint. In my case I am setting up a cold war followed by a global war.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Some inspiring words from Gail Simone that apply to fanfic as well as comics. I just wish I could convince myself of this better.

If You Are Considering Making Comics…

…and you are feeling nervous, inadequate, worried, and like it’s all insurmountable…

I want you to stop for a moment and really listen to this.

I don’t know a single comics creator worth a damn who never felt those things. Almost all of us STILL feel those things, either a little or a lot.

Those things can only stop you if you let them. They do not mean you aren’t a ‘real’ creator, because most ‘real’ creators have those feelings ALL THE TIME.

Take them as what they are, a perfectly understandable reaction to the daunting task of trying to put your art, heart and soul into a very public space, in a much-scrutinized media, where criticism comes from many angles.

It’s all right to be scared, it’s all right to be worried. It’s understandable to get down, or feel like it’s not possible.

Those feelings are part of it. They don’t have to be your roadblocks. You can make them your houseguests, because the odds are you will see them again once in a while, no matter how many awards you win or how many books you sell.

They are part of being an artist.

You are not alone. You are not unqualified just because you have doubts and worries.

Making art is a wonderful, rewarding thing. Part of why it’s so rewarding is because there are so many people and factors in the way of making art in the first place.

Don’t let the biggest roadblock be yourself. Your inner critic is often a liar and a jerk. But you can have the last laugh by doing what you love anyway.

Go make some art.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

I wish I could convince you of this better. More Gundam Storm is always welcome.

That, and considering I took down my own fanfics, I get the same feelings too. But so long as we personally are happy with our fanfiction I believe it's all good. Learning experience and all, not to mention it's for our own enjoyment of the story in question.
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Amion wrote:I wish I could convince you of this better. More Gundam Storm is always welcome.

That, and considering I took down my own fanfics, I get the same feelings too. But so long as we personally are happy with our fanfiction I believe it's all good. Learning experience and all, not to mention it's for our own enjoyment of the story in question.
Thanks for the encouragement, I'm trying to work on it. I'm currently in a sticky patch, and distractions aren't helping either (I've almost finished Super Robot Wars Z3).
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April 7, 1979: The first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam premieres. Fanboys declare Gundam "Ruined FOREVER".
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Anyone tried writing audio drama before?

I'm going to give it a shot myself—regardless if I can ever get it performed.

A main problem I'm facing though, no matter what idea I try to work on, is scripting the actions/fights. Oh, it's supremely easy to do visually! But when I attempt to figure out how to translate it as audio and without narration... *throws up hands*

Granted the medium doesn't exactly give way to (complex) action sequences, but talking will only take most characters and scenes so far. Anyone know of any solutions, ideas, or audio dramas I should check out/pay better attention towards?
Hmm. Luke, this Gundam reminds me of a puzzle.

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The GBF Fanfic from Hell- IDOL HELL!

I was thinking of a sort of sequel spin-off thing. Yeah, it succeeds both the GBF shows and Love Live! Any ideas? Otonokizaka had a cameo in TRY + Honkers was shown holding the Beargguy III before for the New Year's promo recently.

One thing I refuse to change- The star machine will be a Beargguy. End of line. :twisted:
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

ka-moved, carry on
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

ShadowCell wrote:ka-moved, carry on
Oh, it goes here? :oops:
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

time to throw myself into the wild fire!

i'm working an Massive Magical Girl Crossover Story. i was inspired by the Madoka fanfic titled "To The stars" (wikia here:
it's divided into the three parts. Part I is more or less planned out. i just have to get to writing it.(HARD! i'm more of an artist.) at the moment, Chapter 1 is..around 65% complete.

the series' included in Part I: ... -504727920

can you identify them all? XD

are there any writers here who have skills in writing Magical Girl fanfics?
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Re: General Fanfiction Discussion 2: Electric Boogaloo

I'm slowly moving forward (yet faster than what's been seen thus far) with my Gundam Legion story. I had a lot on my plate such as having a family, but I think dealing with a severe mental illness that sucked the life out of me for so long just left me hanging there. I finally completed the next part's rough draft, but will probably resurrect it unless there's a big no.

I never thought I'd actually set foot in this realm again, but now that my head is better and some other stuff is slacking up, I might be able to put in some actual mecha destruction and other Gundam things.