Member Introduction Thread Mk IV

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Re: Member Introduction Thread Mk IV


This is my first time using a forum so bare with me lol. I remember using this site a lot as an alternative to the Fandomwiki we all know and love.

They were a couple of reasons as to why I felt like joining this forum. The first was because I felt that there was a decrease in quality content on the main Gundam subreddit. The incessant shit-posting and karma farming was getting way too prevalent for me to enjoy it tbh. I'm hoping to find more thoughtful, nuanced commentary here. I assumed that forums would be the place considering that older, more mature people are pretty much the only people who use these anymore lol.

The second reason why I decided to move here was because I thought it became too toxic. This isn't really an issue limited to the Gundam fandom, nor reddit. But honestly? I wish the culture war would just fucking die. it's sucked the soul out of pretty much anything I find joy in online.

Man, All I want to do is talk about my love for giant robots and cute anime girls. That's it lol. I'm sick of all the posts that basically just amount to "we need to own the chuds/wokies" or whatever. If I wanted to hear about that shit, I'd just visit every other major subreddit infested with the same "discourse". I can't even avoid that shit if I tried lol. So, outside of a handful of subs, I'm quitting reddit. Mostly.

That's it, basically. Hopefully this place is better in regards to content. I might not be on here often, considering I'm having a hard time navigating this site. But oh well.
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Re: Member Introduction Thread Mk IV

Welcome. The board is pretty quiet compared to a decade ago but we still have regular posters
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