Mecha Talk Forum Rules - updated 08-02-2022

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Mecha Talk Forum Rules - updated 08-02-2022

These are the general rules of all the forums here at Mecha Talk. No matter what area of the board you are on, these rules must be followed. Failure to adhere to these rules will allow for either immediate banning or a 'strike' against you depending on time spent on the board and seriousness of the offense. If you are given a strike, the third will result in a ban. Very minor offenses (those that break rules unintentionally) may result in a notice without punishment, but these are dealt out at the discretion of the staff. Also, these rules are subject to change at any time. Finally, saying you are new to the forum is NOT an excuse for breaking the rules. It doesn't take more than two minutes to read these rules, so there's no reason for anyone to not have read them before posting.

1. No flaming , trolling, or harassment. No attacks are allowed against anyone on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, etc. If you harass people via PMs, it will be treated the same as doing so in a thread.

2. No religion or politics will be discussed here, even in the General Discussion forum. This is not the place for your views on either subject. Please note that there is a fine line between discussing these subjects flat out, and discussing them in the context of anime. The latter is allowed but should be focused on the anime. Examples of what is allowed are Zeon-Nazi comparisons in Gundam, or Judeo-Christian references in Evangelion.

3. No posting of links or discussion of illegal media is allowed on the forums. This includes fansubs, mp3s, game ROMs, manga scanlations, bootlegs and related downloads. Posting of links to official media is permitted.

4. No spamming. There is an Advertisements forum for websites pertaining to subject matter mentioned on MAHQ, and that's where this should go. If you want to link to your website or any other personal link in your signature, that's ok.

5. If a personal issue between yourself and another member or staff comes up, it doesn't belong on the forum. PM them to deal with any issues you have, and if you cannot control it then contact staff to have it settled.

6. Don't post images in threads. Use a simple hypertext link. Example: Use [URL] instead of [IMG] BBCode. ASCII art is neither condoned or approved. If needed, use it sparsely, and keep it small.

7. Avatars must be hosted on your personal space and cannot be larger than 200 x 200 pixels. Animated avatars aren't allowed, nor are images in signatures.

8. Any and all pornographic material is strictly prohibited. This includes links to pornographic material, pornographic signatures and avatars, and posting pornographic images. For the record, hentai = pornography.

9. Mecha Talk is primarily an English language board. Posting foreign material for reference or asking for translation of material into English is permitted, but discussions in a foreign language are not. Also, please avoid Netspeak. There are members who do not have English as their native language and try their best to get their points across in English anyway. Do not disrespect them with insults or hackneyed posts that skip vowels or use numerics.

10. Multiple accounts are prohibited, and anyone found to have multiple accounts will be banned.

11. No bumping of threads.

12. If a forum has a stickied "Official" topic, all posts relating to that subject must go in that thread for as long as it's stickied.

13. If a topic has been closed because of some problem, don't start another thread about the exact same thing. The original thread was closed for a reason.

14. Do not post in threads that have not been replied to for more than two years unless you have a significant new contribution to make.

15. There is a swear filter in place, and part of its purpose is to keep discussion civil. You can have a discussion and make your points without swearing. Also, do not attempt to circumvent the filter by typing words like: f*ck, sh*t, etc.

16. Don't start list threads where people will just make a list of things they like or don't like. We want to have actual discussions in our topics, not just useless lists of things with no explanation.

When a rule is broken, you will receive a PM from a moderator detailing what you did and the corrective action being applied.
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