Greatest Moments

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Greatest Moments

Post by Seraphic » Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:50 pm

Right, so you get to talk about your games and how they're good or bad, but what about you yourself? What have you done that's so insane you have to share it? Who's got bragging rights and interesting stories?

I can list what I can remember.

Armored Core: Last Raven--

I've built a single design that, despite the shoddy targetting in the game, is capable of beating every single opponent in both arenas, and has Sranked a lot of missions. It's a middle-weight frame that only has dual pistols, and then dual pulse guns in the hangars. Sometimes i switch out the pistols for assault rifles or the sylph machineguns for kicks.

I built this thing because my soul aches from not having AC4.

Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner--

Continued a combo until the counter stopped going up. It instantly maxed out my score.

Used Jehuty ver.1 in survival mode. Shot down 309 enemies before I went down, where standard first place is 90 enemies.

Gundam vs Zeta Gundam

-Any moment using Gaplant or Gyan. Melee monsters.
-Crushing the White Base using Big Zam in UCmode.
-Super Gundam. I am a Super Gundam ace. It's my best suit in survival mode. I often win by piercing three guys at once (+ my partner, hehe) and can fight point blank as well. Srank all the time with it.
-Made sniper teams in VSmode using Super Gundams or Ground Gundams + 180mm cannons. Many many cool stories with this. (Scirocco didn't stand a chance.)
-The highest me and my copilot have gotten is level28 on survival mode. =/ We'll try harder.

Devil May Cry 3, Special Edition

Completely mastered the Rebellion Sword, got a bunch of SSranks with it. Beat Bloody Palace using only Rebellion, handguns, Royal Guard, and Super Dante. SSStylish is nothing. =p

Kingdoms Hearts 2

Hades Cup. Took out Leon first so it's just me and that little punk Cloud. Combo'd the living hell out of him with Valor form, Ultima + Fenrir.

Defeated Cerberus with one combo. (Trinity Limit)

Beat Sephiroth by stabbing him in the face. (Last hit of Trinity Limit)

Another Century's Episode2

Bonus level 3, "survival boss fights in space," I guess. Using Sazabi, partner Nu Gundam, we charged Neue Ziel with all we've got. I was just pelting his I-field to hell with the beam shotgun and IT BROKE! WE SHATTERED HIS I-FIELD LIKE IT WERE GLASS!

Using Oukao, got in a swordlock with GP02, and beat him. Oukao was smaller than the beam saber, so this was the strangest image ever.

Okay! What have you got?
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Post by Mwulf » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:35 pm

You're going to say you have the perfect design for ACLR, but not post the specs? Sound's pretty fishy....
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Post by Destroy Gundam » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:43 pm

Ace Combat Zero: Taking down Pixy for the first time. It felt good, considering how difficult he gets..

Gundam SEED: NET: Beating the Haro Madness stage. Rau + Providence with Lacus as co-pilot.

Starcraft: Map Editor + 12 Nuke Silos + 12 Ghosts + Cheap Nukes + Lots of Zerg = Tons of fun.

Super Mario RPG (SNES): Beating that hidden boss. The name escapes me at the moment.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age:
-Beating Dullahan. For those who don't know, this is a hidden boss that can use the 2nd strongest summon in the game, which has a chance of OHKOing anyone it hits. I do know the not-so-secret method of beating him quickly.

-Using Iris. It's the strongest summon, which you need to beat Dullahan to get. It not only deals a ton of damage, but it completely restores the party's HP, and revives, with full HP, any downed characters. It also looks really, REALLY cool.
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Post by Seraphic » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:57 pm

Armored Core System: Maelstrom (turn)-A

head: YH15-DRONE (max ECM)
core: YC07-CRONUS (max cooling)
arms: CR-AB25L (max cooling)
legs: LH09-COURGAR2 (max cooling)
boost: CR-B83TP (max booster heat)
generator: KONGOH, sometimes KUJAKU for prolonged flight (max cap, and max weight, respectively)
radiator: CR-R92 or ANANDA (max cooling)
inside: none
extension: none
back L/R: none
hand L/R: dual CR-WH01HP, or dual WH05M-SYLPH, or dual WH01R-GAST
hangar L/R: dual YWH14PU-ROC4
options: O010-AMINO, CR-069ES, CR-069SS, CR-071EC, CR-079L+, O05-HISTON, MARISHI, KANGI

There you go, non-believers. =) Enjoy it, it's great!

Maelstrom can also beat Zinaida and Srank "Destroy the Internecine" if you add the CR-WB85RPX back rocket to take out the generators.

I've also designed a high-spammage AC, if anyone wants the blueprints to that. =p
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Post by mcred23 » Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:16 pm

Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Having a hugely modded version of this game made by a friend that was geared toward Air/Naval combat (Both sides gaining variously modded units). It basically led to huge air/naval battles (Often inspired by Red Storm Rising or real life battles). Epic fun!

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire: Beating the entire Nintendo 64 version and gaining all those wonderful bonus things (Such as an X-Wing in the final mission). Gaining everything in that video game was something I was proud of due to how much/how long I've loved/played that game.

Gears Of War: Beating General RAAM, on Hardcore, without using the minigun, alone. It's not all that hard when you have a second (Semi-decent) human playing, but when it's you and an AI Dom (Whom always seems to goes down in about nine seconds) the difficulty goes up quite and bit, and you can't use the minigun if you want the Achievement. I've done this three or four times and I'm still amazed that I've pulled it off (As I usually do struggle with RAAM somewhat).

And that's all I got right now.
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Post by Scyron » Mon Jul 09, 2007 8:10 pm

Destroy Gundam wrote:
Super Mario RPG (SNES): Beating that hidden boss. The name escapes me at the moment.
Crulex I think, my friend was able to attrition him to death with peach in the lazy shell and like 20 full fp pots/jellies, everyone else kept dying but eventually they all ran out of mana and couldn't harm the party anymore.

Amazingly this was on my level 22 party and not my 28 one :\

I really wanted to do one of these threads for some time, just never got around to it fast enough :x

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Post by OpMegs » Mon Jul 09, 2007 9:52 pm

WH40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Every so often the computer decides "hey, I'm gonna kick your butt." They do this by setting on you with a huge army that wipes out your base. Amazingly, I got my full set of Defilers(8 of the possessed spider-tanks, no less) and set them out of my base before it got hit by the enemy. They snuck their way around the map as the enemy made mincemeat of my base and my workers constructed an additional building allll the way at the back so it'd take them time to get to it. As the enemy began chewing up my buildings, my Defilers entered his base and began chewing through HIS unguarded buildings. It was a race against time, but I destroyed his entire base and claimed victory with only three buildings left in mine. Desperation had paid off in spades.

Supreme Commander

A slow game, due to the effectiveness of a well constructed base defense, but the final siege breaking assaults are always awesome. Whether it's unleashing a horde of enormous spiderbots carrying microwave cannons that scorch building and unit alike in their continous beams, landing amphibious destroyers that deploy legs to walk on land, or sending two Galactic Collossus into an enemy base to watch them desperately try to kill the things as their gravity beams and eye lasers destroy everything, a base assault is always impressive. And every single match ends in a thermonuclear fireball as your enemy's commander unit self-destructs on defeat.
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Post by VR7 » Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:10 pm

Here's a bunch.

Supreme Commander
Don't know if this counts, since it's not exactly something I've done. One time my brother was playing an 8-player melee, don't remember the map. He sent an army of gunships to an enemy base with the intention of raiding it. The guy had a nuclear silo, armed and ready, and decided to launch it as my brother was attacking. I don't know who it was intended for, but it didn't matter because one of my brother's gunships flew right over the nuclear missile as it started to launch, and the missile struck the gunship.

We spent the next fifteen minutes cracking up.

Ace Combat 5
Achieving the fastest possible time and score record in the final mission of the game on Ace difficulty. Used the Falken, time was 05'15". It is not possible to get a faster time, because 05'15" is the time when you can damage the SOLG. Also, the only enemies that you will ever encounter in the mission are Grabacr, Ofnir, the named pilot, and the SOLG itself.

I achieved this before it was posted on Mitoro's Ace Combat 5 site, but I wasn't able to post it because I obviously am not Japanese. :(

What you do is fly at full throttle until you encounter Grabacr and Ofnir, then TLS them. If you miss any in the first swipe with your TLS, finish them as quickly as possible. Fly back to where you encounter the named pilot, snipe him as soon as you see him. Fly back to the northwest corner of the map where the SOLG is about to spawn, and wait there until the timer runs out. As the timer is about to run out, the SOLG should become visible. Rev up the TLS and train it on the center of the SOLG until the timer hits zero. When I did it properly, the word "Destroyed" showed up on my screen briefly, then the screen went black and went straight to the debriefing, automatically skipping the ending cutscene for no reason.

Ace Combat Zero
a) Defeating Pixy in less than 3 minutes
Not the world record, but I beat Pixy in about 02'12" using an F-22 with XMAAs on Ace difficulty. The current world record that I know of is 01'29", done with an Su-37 and no special weapon usage.

On the first round, I just apply full throttle, fire a salvo of regular missiles every time I pass him. After, I make as little distance as possible with full throttle to provoke him into turning around for another pass, because trying to gain more distance will mean more time wasted. If any missile salvo misses for any reason, I start the mission over.

On the second round, what I did was waste one XMAA after the first round was over, then chase Pixy until I was about 150 metres close to him. Do the following quickly: Fire a full salvo of XMAAs, quickly switch to regular missiles and fire a full salvo of that. Switch back to the XMAAs and fire another full salvo. He cannot dodge this, even on Ace difficulty. If done properly, you'll head straight to the third round.

On the third round, I do the same thing as in the first round, except I pull up after firing the salvo to avoid Pixy's missile salvo.

b) MiG-31 meets Excalibur
Edit: Added this one. Do Mission 08, Merlon, using the MiG-31. Doesn't matter which operation you choose, once the Excalibur starts firing, fly to the MiG-31's ceiling (30,000-31,000 feet) and head south at that altitude. Now all I did here was fly straight south at full speed, and the Excalibur laser couldn't damage me for whatever reason. Be careful though, if you move even a little bit slower than I did, you will get hit and probably die.

If you're good at fighting enemies in the first phase of the mission with the brick manueverability of the MiG-31, you could probably win some free S-ranks like this considering Merlon's S-rank requirement is time based.

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time
These are some notable battles I did due to the fact that Star Ocean has an action-based battle system, (always did since Tales of Phantasia) as opposed to Final Fantasy style or turn-based combat.

a) Lv. 60-something Maria VS. Convictor, Galaxy Difficulty, Win Alone
I got this on my very first playthrough of the game. This one was amusing because I didn't get the "Win VS. Convictor Alone" trophy, since I did bring Fayt and Cliff with me and intended to just clear the game normally. However, as stupid as the AI was, they decided to just stand there and do nothing until the fight was over, even though I had them set to fight normally. On the other hand though, the Convictor itself wasn't hard because in spite of the damage it could do at this stage of the game, all of its attacks were very, very slow and you would have to be highly intoxicated or otherwise seriously drugged to even slip up and take any sort of serious damage.

The other part that makes it amusing was the cutscene that ensued, when Fayt was exhausted from the battle and complaining that the Convictor was one tough cookie. :roll:

b) Lv. 24 Fayt VS. Vox, Full Active Manual 4D Difficulty, Win Alone
Full-Active is fun because you get to control the game like an action game, resulting in some nasty combos that you can't do normally like Fayt's Short Weak + Glitched Blade Reactor + Reflect Strike + 3-hit Blade Reactor combo. This was an annoying fight because once you brought Vox down to low HP, he starts to use a cheap AI pattern that would cause him to do Steel Rend on you every time he knocked you down, which could only be countered if you quickly stunbomb him as soon as you got up, or used a blueberry to negate the damage. If you tried to run away, you would just get hit by Steel Rend again and again, until you died. Took me about 3-5 tries before I actually killed him.

And if you wonder why I solo'd him, it's because on higher difficulty settings, the game is actually easier if you fight alone.

c) Postgame Lv. 104 Maria & Lv. 104 Fayt (all manual) VS. Luther, Galaxy, Defeat Luther with Anti-Attack Aura
Here's a real highlight. I used Maria to fight Luther, and had Fayt stay back in the northwest or northeast corner to heal her whenever needed. This battle collection took me three whole hours (not an exaggeration, that was one entire battle that lasted three hours) to do because Luther kept doing Insanity Prelude and that big white ball of death over and over and over for the last two hours. While it's not hard to evade his strong specials, it's annoying considering I was only able to hit him with AAA once or twice every ten minutes, for up to only 3,000 HP worth of damage each successful hit. Luther has 400,000 HP on Galaxy.

That wasn't the worst part though. The worst part was that only Maria had the strength to deal this sort of damage to Luther, and Fayt did not--he could only do about 200 HP worth of damage with AAA. Furthermore, Maria is the slowest character in the game, (Why is that anyway? She doesn't even wear any heavy armor.) and Fayt is the fastest and has the best defense rating in the game, so having Maria run away from and dodge Luther's strong specials was not very fun. Not especially fun considering how much damage Luther can still do to post-game characters, with his weakest attacks still eating out massive chunks of health and his strong attacks (big white ball o' death and Insanity Prelude) still being virtual instakills.

Hokuto no Ken
Me (Rei) versus my brother (Kenshiro). We played this a lot when it came out, my favorite match was this bizarre sequence where my brother would always try to jump kick me while I did a Hien Ryubu A, and always got hit by it. He lost the round, but he stopped falling for that trick the next round. Was funny while it lasted though.

Next in line was a match with me as Raoh versus his Kenshiro. Usually he liked to spam his IK as soon as my death star was shining, which resulted in a lot of failed IK attempts. In this particular match, he did a whiffed IK and wasn't able to dodge my own IK, which cost him the entire match.
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Post by OpMegs » Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:56 pm

VR7 wrote: Supreme Commander
Don't know if this counts, since it's not exactly something I've done. One time my brother was playing an 8-player melee, don't remember the map. He sent an army of gunships to an enemy base with the intention of raiding it. The guy had a nuclear silo, armed and ready, and decided to launch it as my brother was attacking. I don't know who it was intended for, but it didn't matter because one of my brother's gunships flew right over the nuclear missile as it started to launch, and the missile struck the gunship.

We spent the next fifteen minutes cracking up.
Please tell me it actually detonated prematurely. :lol:
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Post by quasadra » Tue Jul 10, 2007 12:12 am

there only one i can think of right now.

Armored Core: Master of Arena(its old i know)

i beat the upgraded Nine Ball with just two shot. i do this by using the dual geranade launcher arms with a AC made for defence. the tricky part is the two "normal" Nine Ball earlier as they are hard to aim with the geranade launcher. once you drop down from above immediately move forward and fire the geranade launcher, Nine ball will take the hit for sure since if you move forward he will use the blade on you and then fire the second shot when ready but keep moving forward. then the ending will be rolling. i start this as just a test as i cant beat him after numerous times. when he took two shot and when down, i was like WHAT THE......(i expect his HP to be high)

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Post by ORegan » Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:32 am

hmmm too early in the morning for me to think of a good one except for this one:

Zeonic Front

I've devised many strategies for multiple missions that, in the right hands, can lead to an S for each mission(even the gather information level)
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Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:51 am

My favorite class my junior year of high school was spent in a "class" that ended up as a group of my best friends and I playing various FPS games online for our last period every day. That's a long story on it's own. After playing games against each other for so long, we decided to team up and play in other people's games for a change of pace. Two of the moments I'm famous for in my little circle of Red Faction buddies are the following:

Red Faction:

1) I ended up alone in a map that a guy had hacked so that when the level started the entire Geo-Mod section (anything that you can/could blow up) exploded instantly, leaving a giant pit with weapons floating up above (way out of reach). So everyone who wasn't cheating so they could "fly" couldn't get any new guns or ammo. He had set the game so that you stared with only a Precision Rifle (zoomable rifle somewhat suitable for sniping) with about a clip and a half of ammo. He and his buddy were floating up above everyone using (alternately) the regular rocket launcher and a fusion rocket launcher and just lamely nailing the helpless players below.

I quikly put and end to their fun. When I spawned, I immediately aimed upwards, zoomed in as far as I could, and started dropping the godlike rocket people like flies. Everyone else in our room stopped playing in their games and clustered around my computer to watch. As a nod to Die Hard, I grabbed a dropped rocket launcher and ammo and typed into the chat "Now I have a rocket launcher. Ho Ho Ho". They didn't laugh. After repeatedly killing the cheaters who had been getting their kicks tricking people for so long, they booted me from the game and then logged out.

2) After the above incident, we decided to only join games where people were obviously cheating to trick normal players, so we could hunt cheaters. Once again, I managed to get stuck alone in a game with a guy who could not only fly, but he had a rocket launcher that fired 8 rockets at a time (in a spread like a shotgun, no less), and a rapid fire railgun. I managed to kill him a few times, and he got agitated. Like they always did, he made it clear to everyone in the game through colorful language. The final straw before he booted everyone and stormed out was arguably my greatest kill on Red Faction (I just hope text does it justice). Once again, everyone was clustered around watching.

I was in a hallway with the shotgun. Since my enemy could fly, I was moving slower than usual and more cautiously; I tiptoed through a door and found myself face to face with the cheater. I fired at him and missed, and found myself needing a reload at the worst possible moment. He immediately returned fire with the auto-railgun, missing me entirely. I ran backwards through the door to put something between us. Still facing the closed door, I finished the reload right as he zipped through at ceiling height. As soon as the door opened and he appeared, he got both barrels right in the face; his dead body flew back and slammed into the door and I got a new toy. The next thing I know, I'm booted from the game (after appropriate cursing from him) and he leaves.
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Post by Nagato21 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:11 pm

My turn

Command and Conquer 3

Played a 8vs8 urban map with some friends on Lan. Used a GDI faction. Wiped out first a fello GDI through a Mamoth and Apc rush. Built an Ion cannon Ionized a Nod fello, wiped out his forward base with firehawks, captured his main buildings including his nuclear silo (it was very close, 11 seconds I think). Dugged in a couple of snipers in the middle of the map, maxed out the defenses in the two bases , cloacked the third, built two swarms of scorpion and firehawks, while my friends where fighting in the middle I threw a nuke, Ionized a Scrin base, finished it with an air strike.
I got myself nuked and spatial rift on my first base, followed by a couple of warship and tripods, while my second base was assaulted by scorpions, had to send in my own. I retaliated with my firehawks, My airbases safely hidden by the cloack, while I rebuild my tanks, then a second nuke crashed my power source, losing power for my Ion cannon who was just ready to commit murder, then I lost my Command Center I was moving to a new base by a bunch of tripods.
Built an army of saboteurs, rushed my scorpions against the last GDI, while my mammoth attacked the Tiberium patch at the map center occupying it in order to buy time. My scorpions made quick work of the GDI defenses, captured the Command Center other main building including power plants with the saboteurs.
With a new base, I resumed my carnage, destroyed the Scrin and only player, captured a few of his tripods and began bombing the remaining Nods. My cloack base was discovered and Nuke, later a massive battle for the last Tiberium patch at the center was raging, I lost all my Mammoth, then I nuke everyone in the center, threw the firehawks to mop up the rest and make a second tank rush follow by tripods to some defenseless base. However I didnt notice there was a cloacked base next to my own(the new base I captured) got blown away by scorpions, venom and Walkers, I tried to regroup but it was too late, I lost my nuke, regrouped what I had left to the Ion cannon, built a lot of bulldogs against air units because an idiot manage to stole all of my firehawks. While I was busy defending myself against an all out assault, someone took out the remaining three players bases and finshed the rest with a swarm of scorpions and walkers supported by venoms, as my last base was overwhelm, my Ion canon was ready so like a proud Zeon soldier I fired inside the base, taking the enemy with me and my Command Center along. I may have lost, but I died in the blaze of Glory cheating my enemies of their victory :twisted:

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Post by Hyakushiki » Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:33 pm

Soul Calibur

67 wins in survival mode.

Chrono Trigger

Beating every boss fight in Black Omen without dying, and finishing the game without using a walkthrough or strategy guide.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evoultion

Getting Champion rank in Quest Mode. (difficulty was set on beginner though.)
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Post by Dark Duel » Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:35 pm

TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 3: Kept a nose-grind (at the end of a ten-move combo) going for exactly 15 minutes and 32 seconds PAST the end of the timer running out. My score at the end of that run was in the millions.

-Beaten multiple Big Zams and a Psyco MkII with GunTank, at medium difficulty, without dying even once. Took minor damage.
-Schooled two Big Zams and a handful of Rick Doms at max difficulty with, of all things, a Ball. Without taking a single point of damage.
-End of Luna II level at max difficulty. I'm in GunTank, having managed to do a crapload of damage to Char's Zaku II(Having taken some fairly significant damage myself), which is fleeing. With the Zaku about to cross the boundary, I turn and let loose a full salvo...and I NAIL that sucker right in the noggin with the first shot...from the exact opposite corner of the Battle area.

God, I LOVE Guntank. :roll:

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Post by Wedge14 » Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:07 pm

Game: Capcom Vs SNK 2
Feat of Amazement: I was in the heat of the moment at the time just mercilessly pounding the crap out of my friends in some high stake trash talked filled matches..where I suddenly boasted that....not only could i beat them blind folded...I could take 4 shots of barcadi 151, then blindfold my self, hold the controller upside down, use the random character selecter, and play with the sound off so i wouldn't be able to figure out who I was.

I played for 6 matches before the alcohol began to settle in and I somehow got bored of street fighter...and wandered off....undefeated of course.

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Post by Scyron » Tue Jul 10, 2007 9:22 pm

Achivement: Winning
Gundam Battle Assault featuring Gundam Seed
Auhg, and so I will never touch that game again, thankfully.

Achivement: no guide/walkthrough
Crapload of my games but some of harder ones are
Lost in Blue 1 and 2
Trauma Center (wii and DS)
Resident Evil 1-4 (less CV/CVX and 0)

Achivement: 100%
Grand Theft Auto: 3
Vice city
San Andreas
Resident Evil 4

Achivement: uber nerdage
Sat through playing all the Silent Hill games back to back completing all of them, what I didn't have done already, I think it took me 14 hours or so.

I'm trying to do Resident Evil right now, well thursday night to friday 12:00pm

Looking back 90% of my achivements are all from multiplayer PC games and just resulting in insane multiplayer scores, and while I would post them I wont since I don't have my screenshots anymore.

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Post by Mwulf » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:36 pm

I wouldn't say I have any "greatest" moments, but I certainly have my favourites. Oh, and thanks for the ACLR specs; try as I might, I can't get past 55% or so.


Game: Mechwarrior 4
Platform: PC
The Moment:
My first multiplayer game was... incredible. It was a team battle set on the large arctic mountains map. I took out a Daishi with... zero armor, tons of weapons (4x Clan ER Large Lasers, 2x Clan Gauss Rifles, 2x Clan LRM 15s) and a bunch of heatsinks. I don't remember most of my teammates, but I was working with a guy named Panda something.

Basically, I stopped the Daishi at the edge of a cliff overlooking a large ravine. The enemy mechs were marching down the hill into the ravine to duke it out with the rest of my teammates. I hide behind a chunk of ice, at the highest point on the map, and move forward and backward, sniping the enemy mechs' cockpits with all my weapons, moving backward every once in a while to avoid fire. Panda, in a Ryoken, moves around the area to position himself on a tall slope between me and the enemies base, and destroys any units that get close to me (I work them down as the approach, he finished them off before they can get a clear firing angle).

I only got a few hits, but nearly died because I had 0 armor. But with all that firepower I took out around 14 mechs personally, and Panda several others. Total annihilation. Very, very fun.

Game: Age of Mythology
The Moment:
I'd been playing AoM with a friend from school online for a lot. We started using maps we'd created (I think my Cretian labyrinth map is still up at AoM heaven, if anyone wants. Some other person updated it, but my own v2 disappeared w/ my old comp.).

Well, one game my friend decides to make a map where he has an overwhelming advantage. I lost horribly, and decided to return the favour. I make a coastal map, and allow him to take my base. Then he starts hunting out the remainder of my forces... which was a giant island surrounded by cliffs filled up with all the strongest units. Easy victory, no? Except I couldn't get down from the cliff and he couldn't go up it.... very, very foolish.

Game:Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo
Platform: PS2
The Moment:
I BEAT CHAR! In the last mission, I was able to ~just barely~ defeat the Zock AND Char.... but then I died. I still haven't been able to beat that last mission......
Another Day, Another Mishap.

Gundam Seed Fates
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Post by WingZero20xx » Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:57 pm

Samurai Showdown IV

Defeating Zankuro at the end...for those that havent played this in arcades...god....

Super Smash Bros Melee

1. Playing a free for all, I was bowser, two of my friends were ganondorf, and the noob was roy. we decide to gang up on roy so there is a ganondorf on both sides of roy and im above roy about to do bowser's down-B and the ganons are about to do there purple charge punch (whatever its called)...roy does a lucky counter...and for those that dont kno, roy's counter reflects the attack back at the user at like 1.5 or 2x its original power. and we were already in like the high 60% damage so yea...we went flying

2. I'm playing my friend in one on one. he has fox, and i have falcon. now he normally doesnt play with items but i coaxed him into playing me once with items. a pokeball comes down and its an electrode. im standing next to it and he's like ha ur gonna die. i chuck the electrode at him, kill him, and he jumps off the couch screaming "HOLY SH*T WTF?! DID YOU PUT IN A GLITCH OR A CODE?! I DID NOT KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT?!"

Freespace 2

doing the beginning of that one mission and not dying. the one where where u start off normally and next thing you know your heart is pounding
the mission goes


Main Hud pops up and you're on a collision course with an alien battleship (and for anyone that's played freespace, your in a tiny ship and the battle ships are frackin huge) and next thing you hear is your wingman yelling, "DIVE DIVE HIT YOUR BURNERS PILOT!" you've only got like maybe a second or two to react before you collide

i swear i sh*t my pants, i was pulling my joystick up and hitting the afterburner button as hard as i could. by the time the ship warped out, my hand was caked in sweat from holding the joystick too tight

Resident Evil 4

Unlocking the handcannon and unlimted ammo for it and using on the chainsaw freak for the first time

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

sneaking in a vampire cave with nothing but a bow and arrow, a bear comes dashing around the corner at me and it jumps at me. i snipe the bear right through it's nostril and its an instant kill. im like yeah rape-age, pwnage, woot!

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Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam

Heh...there's so many great moments I've had with this game, I almost don't know where to begin 8)

Let's see...

- 100% done U.C. mode and gallery
- EX stages played for all Zeon/Titans Arcade routes (maybe EFSF too)
- Char's Gelgoog lines the high scores in Arcade (4th place has C's Gelgoog for land and Guntank for space)

And one of my favorites:
- My best Zaku I (bazooka) Survival mode score: 49000

And yes that's the exact number too. :) It's still currently ranked 3rd and was only behind my Dom score by 125 points! I killed at least 5 Zeta Gundams on that play...1 piloted by Kamille

But my MOST greatest moments come from just playing VS. mode and coming up with some great replays. Here's a few that (i'm pretty sure anyway) are still on my memory card:

- Me in a Char Gelgoog fighting 3 Quebely MK IIs inside A Baoa Qu. Dodge City!
- Gundam Mk. II fighting two Hizacks...while not using Beam Rifle/Bazooka (Amuro First Battle rules). Sliced a Hizack in mid-air with the special flip melee just split seconds after targeting it
- 2 on 2 battle in Jaburo 2. At the end of the battle, I finish off a Baund Doc while it's in MA mode and just barely below sea level. During the victory sequence, the Baund Doc spirals up into the air from the water and explodes in the air like a firework! :lol:

Good times :)

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