Which PS3 will you buy?

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Which PS3?

20 GB version
60 GB version
Total votes: 11

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Post by Scyron » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:35 pm

From what I heard you (the consumer) is screwed if you want to upgrade from 20 -> 60gb and it will miss some features(?). I also heard Ridge Racer 7 is going to take 5gb on the hard drive inorder to play fluidly, no frame drops/lag or any problems. I'm also hearing that most games are 25gb (taking up the full blu-ray disc which seems crazy unless they arn't compressing any textures or using extreamly high-res ones.

If any of these facts are untrue please correct me, I haven't read any news on the consoles since I was rather sure that I wasn't getting one until just recently.

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Post by volrath77 » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:32 pm

Definitely the 60GB version. I already work for my living & I've started saving up for PS3 months ago. However, I won't get PS3 when it is out. I'll wait a few months. Let the people find the bugs first, have Sony make adjustments in the next shipment or so.

The might also be some price competition between 360 & PS3, so it's also possible that I might get an extra game out of the reduction. It's not confirmed but a possibility so yeah, a few months wait it is.

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