Do you think the older Gundam games were better quality?

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Do you think the older games were better quality?

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Do you think the older Gundam games were better quality?

Post by Bremics » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:34 pm

I've noticed that the older games (Zeonic Front, FvsZ, JtoJ) seem to have better models and textures for the mobile suits themselves and their weapons, while newer games often have poor textures or models (BA3, NET) the graphics for the weapons and the beams seem to look pretty bad in the new games.

Anyone else feel that the graphics and gameplay was better in the older games?
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Post by Mark064 » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:44 pm

Um if you just wanna look at Gundam games you should look at the games that didn't come to America such as OYW and Climax UC. In the chances of NET it's most likely a case of rushing the game out to make money while SEED is popular.

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Post by blaze101 » Sat Sep 16, 2006 4:15 pm

Hey, my friend gave me my own copy of MS Zeta Gundam: AEUG vs. Titans. Now mind you, since I've only played the campaign mode, that's the focus of my critique.

Pros: This truly IS a Zeta Gundam game. They followed the same format for story presentation that Federation vs. Zeon DX used, but they definetely took it a step further to really give you that Zeta experience, not to mention breifings from Bright, Hayato, and Heinikin (sp?) are a very nice treat :D . And campaign mode definetely offers the player more of a challenge than GvsZeta's UC mode. And IMHO, the graphics of AvsTitans are better than those of GvsZeta. Some other minor things.........Hyaku Shiki and Zeta Gundam have cooler melee moves in this game. I knew that their melee moves were changed for GvsZeta, but I thought it was because their melee moves were lame in AvsTitans (which they are not). Also, there's the opening for the CGI, Gundam Mk.II moving backwards, guarding itself from Hizack missiles. You see an explosion and a mess of smoke, only to see the Mk.II triumphantly rising out of it......and of course the 2nd opening theme for the Zeta tv series plays (I think it's called "From an Aqueous Star of Love" but I always hear the song called "Away to the Newtype").

Cons: Probably the two biggest things that'd keep people from getting the game are that it's completely in Japanese (which makes it difficult to get into the story unless you have enough Japanese reading and/or speaking skills) and the gameplay is essentially the same as GvsZeta (with just one awakening system instead of 3). Some minor issues..........the designers could have been a bit more imaginative with campaign mode, especially considering all the MS and stages available to them. Also, it didn't make to much sense for the AEUG to be fighting off Zakus, Goggs, and Z'goks...but meh.

But overall, a good game, great game if you're a [Zeta] gundam fan. So, if you beleive in the sign that is Zeta, by all means get the game. Heck, I'd just get the game to simply see the intro, lol.

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