Mobile Suit Gundam Online (MSGO) @Unicorn timeline now

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Mobile Suit Gundam Online (MSGO) @Unicorn timeline now

Post by tada0 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:55 pm

The game is around 5th year now on JP (original place)
(2nd on TW)
(3rd? on China) (JAPAN LINK) (Taiwan link) (china ...IP block forget it don't bother)

I want to help MSGO to get some western players attentions as well.
TAIWAN version have ENGLISH interfaces option and over 80% english without mod/patching require.
Taiwan version DOES NOT require VPN

JP need VPN to play

BOTH VERSION is FREE to PLAY (capsule gacha system)

For those who does NOT know what MSGO is or about.
It is a 52 vs 52 battlefield LIKE gundam ONLINE game base on UC universe. (UC units only)
Currently, it is on the UNICORN timeline 0092

most recent release to this post is SILVER BULLET for fred and Rozen sulu for Zeon

TW is ONE patch behind JP also new player start with ZETA, ZZ and gp02

TW is mixed play, NO FED VS ZEON, Tier system is not noticable due to low population
JP have 3 tiers, bronze, silver, gold and split by ranking
JP have tournements every month or so and ranker battle elite vs elite.
JP events is more ingame while TW events are more out game and mainly kills/log in.

Yes, there is UNICORNS!!!
and Sazabi...and nu gundams.

Help spread the words! come join us!
Look up reddit if you need help or look for a discord near you base on gundam online!


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