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Post by MythSearcher » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:57 am

A simulator(?) to build your own underworld plamo battler.
Parts are built by 3 companies, Bone(Yellow), Carreon(Red), Neuma(Blue)
(I guess it is intentionally acronym as BCN, Biological/Chemical/Nuclear?)

Battle style is determined by your choice of weapon, Staff/Wand/Spear is Shaman, Sword/Axe is Fighter and Bow/Gun/Bazooka is Hunter. (Not equipping a weapon gets you into the class of Vagrant where it explains it is not really a class but an indication of it having no class. It can still have back and waist weapons.)

Option parts for back(L & R) and waist has no maker colour.

The centaur configuration can only be used with legs having the supporting icon.
weapons with the dimmed right hand icon can be carried with their mouth(so you can un-equip the right hand OR use the scythe hand)

Parts with a shinny background are rare parts and will get your stats really high, currently they are all of the Aráchnē series of Carreon built (Or Hi-Carreon) and considered a Hi-necroframe.
So if you want to compare stats with a friend, I guess restricting those parts is a good idea.

Tried a few combinations, seems like if you choose parts of the same series to get the original built, your unit will be cursed and a stat will be lowered.

The lowest unit is not usable(Only usable during Christmas) normally, but if you alter the numbers in the url generated and give it head, arms, body, hg, legs to 111, you can still use those parts. It is not a necroframe but Angelaframe.

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