My Grand "Scheme"

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My Grand "Scheme"

Post by PandaBrady » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:53 pm

Hello! I'm new here, so I thought i'd introduce myself and let all of you like minded people know I am quickly self-learning Ren'py and want to make a large number of Visual Novels of Original Mech ideas I've had. I wanted to do a Tactical RPG thing, like Front Mission for SNES, but am lacking the ability to create an engine.
However, I've hit a snag. Besides the above, I am not so great in the Art Department, so I'm looking for Mech Artists and Anime style Artists for my stuff. I have a general idea on how it will look though of course.
If anyone is interested, please let me know. Also, I thought I'd ask if anyone would like a Brief Summary of some of my ideas. I have, Kurozome, Satsugai-K, and Guard Machine.

I'd be open to ideas as well, if anyone wants to share. I could write it up in Ren'py.
My final goal would be to be the next big name in Mechs since Banpresto or Sunrise. Ambitious, no?

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