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Ideon Merchandise

Post by gunform1010 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:04 pm

Information about merchandise for Ideon seems to be scattered all over the place, so I wanna try using this thread to gather what I and others find.

The bulk of Ideon's plamo was released back in the 80s through Aoshima's Anime Series. Don't seem to be your standard snapfits nowadays tho, I think I saw a cement thing. Interestingly the line included plamo statues of the characters themselves; I've seen at least Bes, Karala, Gije, and Harulu have plamo too. I may have seen Cosmo and Kasha get them too but I have to double check.

Most models are either 1/600 or 1/1200, with the larger warships being about 1/2400 or even smaller. Some of the model kits even got a reissue in a 30th anniversary box.

As for the titular mech:
So far, I'm aware the Ideon got an Aoshima kit release, a Yamato action fig, a Chogokin action fig (GX-36), and a Minipla released about maybe 2 years ago.

This isn't really organized, but the info's out there in the form of scattered product pages and I've been fairly passionate about the subject for years. Perhaps someone more knowledgable than me can help out
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