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Post by EZero8 » Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:31 pm

Well this doesnt include movies:

1. Victory- Great characters, MS, plot, twists, the whole enchalada
2. Zeta- Same as above, but didnt seem as good to me
3. X- Great story with excellent characters and mecha, but a dark cloud hangs over it just because of its undeserving cancellation. Should be longer
4. 0083- Great story and plot, but marred by annoying characters like Nina and Cima
5. 08th MS Team- A good work showing the Ground Forces during the OYW
6. MSG- The original. `Nuff said
7. ZZ- The beginning was terrible, but got better as it went
8. Turn A- A work of art from Tomino, but would rank higher if it had a few better mecha
9. 0080- Nice, short little story from a civilian's perspective
10. SEED- Could be much better if it stuck to the original plan. So much potential lost to bad descisions and bad directing...

Not Ranked:
Wing- First series I ever saw, but as I saw the others I came to dislike it.
GSD- This was just a plain mess...
G Gundam- Hey, story was great and all, but I dont really care for it.

If movies were included, CCA, F91, and Endless Waltz would probably be in between spots 4 and 8...
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Post by Anonymous » Mon May 01, 2006 2:48 am

My list

1. Zeta Gundam
2. Mobile Suit Gundam
3. 08th MS Team
4. Victory
5. F91
7. SEED Destiny
8. Double Zeta
9. 0083
10. Chars Conuter-Attack

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Post by Folken Fanel » Mon May 01, 2006 4:27 pm

Top favorite series:
1) Gundam X (what can I say? It was good.)
2) Turn A Gundam (It proves that a Gundam doesn't need a fancy backpack to kick ass.)
3) Victory Gundam (I needed something sober after ZZ)
4)Zeta Gundam (A true masterpiece, I just don't like Jerid or Scirocco that much.)
5) First Gundam (The original. It started it all.)
6) ZZ Gundam (It cleans up pretty nice.)
7) Gundam Wing (I went through a blow s*** up phase)
8)G Gundam( Nice, innocent story. Cool mecha designs too.)
9) 8th MS Team ( I love a good ground war)
10)SEED ( It got me started. Its no where near as good as its predecessors, but much better than Destiny.)

List of shame(note, these are all gundam products):
1) DESTINY( Crap by the truckload.)
2) G-Savior(The game saved it)
3) Endless Waltz( Tried to cram in too much story.)
4) Any Wing tie in manga( They all tell the same basic story. Except G-UNIT)
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Post by Aegis » Tue May 09, 2006 10:19 pm

I don't even remember how I ranked them the last time... Anyways...

EDIT: Modified the list, as my tastes have changed quite a bit.

1) Turn A Gundam: Aside from the fact that it has two of the most powerful mechs in the franchise (Turn A Gundam and Turn X), it is a very different take on Gundam in more ways than one, while also a series that makes an attempt to merge all the universes together. Amidst all this is the character development and plot, which are top notch. Above all else, however, is the music as arranged by Yoko Kanno herself. Moon and Tsuki no Mayu are two of my favourite songs in the series. The only issue I have is the same issue I've had in a number of Gundam series, particulalry where Tomino is involved: dialogue in a number of areas makes it feel like someone is holding my hand throughout the series. There's something to be said about action, rather than words. Overall, however, it's one minor gripe out of an otherwise excellent series.

2) Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy: Never got the chance to see the TV series itself, but the movies were definitely good, even though the spotlight on the supporting cast was nixed. At least we don't have to worry about the monster of the week. Plenty of great action in spite of its dated look, and alot of character involved as we watch Amuro go from the aloof boy to one of the greatest MS pilots of all time.

3) 0080: Many people hated the BGM, and I can understand why. Considering the theme of the story, however, the music actually suits it quite nicely. A story about war from a child's point of view, and how that view changes the moment he actually witnesses war itself up close and personal. In other words, in spite of how entertainment presents it, war is no game, and it kills indiscriminately. Also, very cool mecha designs in the series.

4) Char's Counterattack: Finally, the series to pretty much establish who is the better of the two in the Amuro/Char rivalry. I like the more down to earth approach in terms of MS design, and I like the mix of action and drama within. Other than the trilogy itself, I consider this to be the best Gundam motion picture of them all. Who knows, though... Zeta might change my mind if I ever get around to watching it.

5) G Gundam: I once didn't bother to watch it because of its goofy mecha designs. Now, I like it. Tournament styled super robot craze, yet also surprisingly good in the story department as well in spite of its goofiness. Heck, I know some people who are fans of this series because of the romance involved. Go figure. >>

6) Zeta: I don't consider this to be the be all and end all of all Gundam series, but I can understand why it's held in such high regard. Cool designs, plenty of drama, lots of bloody action, it's just a good series to watch.

7) SD Gundam: Super deformed MS and characters high on crack. Nothing is really sacred, everything is random, and that's why I love it. ^^

8) 8th MS Team: Never was a fan of Shiro, and had some issues with the romance between Aina and Shiro. The more down-to-earth aspects of war from this series, along with the animation and music is quite good, and the Gouf Custom was one heck of a machine to watch. Overall, really could've been better if it stuck a little more to the war aspect, and didn't get so much into Shiro's sudden change of heart about Zekes, but I have to admit that in the end I managed to derive some enjoyment out of it.

9) SEED: Well... kind of a very distant eighth, considering its many flaws, but compared to other Gundam series out there, this one is alright. Really, it's the flashbacks and clip shows that marred it the most. Well, that, and the desert arc... and Fllay. When it did decide to get serious, though, the show was quite good.

10) Wing/Endless Waltz: I probably would not have ranked this series in the past, but nowadays I have a better appreciation for the AC universe. I still have issues with BGM, a few oddball characters, and the flashy way of throwing pacifism in our faces, but it is one of the more solid series around, especially given the mishmash that was SEED Destiny. And I also have to say that Katoki's designs have grown on me over time.

After that, it's either I haven't touched it at all, or I hate it outright. The ones I haven't watched include Gundam X, ZZ, F-91, G-Savior, and Victory. Ones I hate? SEED Destiny and 0083.
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Post by Ez Barzam » Tue May 09, 2006 11:31 pm

1. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
2. Mobile Suit Gundam
3. Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
4. Mobile Suit Gundam F91
5. Turn A Gundam

1. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY
2. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
3. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
4. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
5. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

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Post by ZeonsGhost » Thu May 11, 2006 12:23 pm

The Cream of the Crop

1) Turn A Gundam: I'm surprised to see the love for Turn A. Most Gundam Fans I know dis the mustache. The series did two things for me: Proved Gundam could be original after all this time and that Tomino hasn't lost his edge. Great characters with plenty of good moments.

2) Zeta Gundam: What to say that hasn't already been said. Just about everything was really well done, save for Rosomia. That hole ark just seemed like filler. Also, some great foreshadowing about Char. Plus, Scriocco makes any anime 30% better.

3) Gundam X: A Crazy world filled with crazy characters. The newtype philosphy was awesome. The Frost Bros were about as evil as one can be. Some of the mecha designs were a little odd, but overall nothing that detracts.

4) Gundam 0080: It takes a lot to make a series where one person's death can mean more than any single moment in gundam. Of course, it took the whole OAV to get to that point.

5) MS Gundam: Where would we be without this classic? I don't want to even think about it. Sure the brat pack was annoying, sure amuro had a fro, but it was the 70's. Its not the greatest, but a good anime none the less.

Middle of the Road

1) SEED: The first half was all but a pure ripoff of the original. It managed to find itself as the series went on. Characters were hit and miss. Gave birth to Astray, so it can't be all bad.

2) Victory: At first I really liked this series, but as it rolled on I found it less interesting. It seemed that every other moment someone was dying. By the end of the series you could say a character was going to die and they would. It did have a haro pilot an MS, so it gets points there.

3) ZZ Gundam: A good anime, sure. A good Gundam series, less so. Its ups included some surprising deaths. Its downs included Moon Moon.
This is my middle ground Gundam. All gundam is judged on how good or bad it is compared to ZZ. Its not half bad, but it ain't half good either.

The Refuse

1)G-Saviour: Just saying the name burns. Thinking about in makes my head hurt and typing its name makes my fingers bleed. I will say no more on the issue.

2) SEED Destiny: Ah Destiny, how we pity you. An Anime with so much potential, yet all of it wasted. Plus, SEED Zakus make my eyes bleed, and that made it hard to read.
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Post by Idabosoldier » Sun May 14, 2006 3:49 pm

Its been a while since i saw V gundam not being one of the bestin someone's lists. ANyways Zeta Gundam is quickly moving up in my list with Forever Four
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Post by Random Zaku Pilot » Wed May 17, 2006 2:16 pm

My favorite gundam are

1)Gundam 0083 war in the pocket
2)Mobile Suit Gundam 08th team
3)Gundam 0083 stardust memory/last blitz of zeon(i think that was the other name)
4)Mobile Suit Gundam
5)MS Igloo hidden 1 year war/Apocalypse 0079
6)Gundam Seed
7)Gundam Seed Destiny
8)Gundam Wing
9)Zeta Gundam
10)Gundam Chars Counter Attack

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Post by Idabosoldier » Sat Jun 10, 2006 7:26 am

Hmm. I may have to reorder my top ten

1. Zeta Gundam- Apocalyptic ending
2.Gundam X- Great characters and title mobile suit. Action in each episode.
3.08th MS Team-action in each epiosde, good albeit cheesy characters.
4.Turn A Gundam-Series is turning out to be a blast
5.0080-ending and view on war. bad music
6.Victory-turning out to be a bore starting from episode twelve.
7.Gundam SEED-Petty Good although it could be better.
9.MSG-original real robot anime. very very awful dub.
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Post by Anonymous » Sat Jun 10, 2006 9:19 pm

Well, making such a ranking is difficult because there are a couple I like a lot and then it becomes harder to make them out, but I suppose it would go like this:

1. Turn-A Gundam: Really, perhaps the most interesting in terms of character development and story. A solid character in Diana Soliel and great music all the way around. Original mecha designs and a compelling story, all in all, quite good.

2. After War Gundam X: It was a shame this series was cancelled before it was completed. Although the annoying Tiffa Addil drags down the series, and Garrod is often difficult to understand, the mecha are quite fascinating and some are quite original, Ennil El, Jamil Neat, Para and some of the other characters are quite interesting and compelling, bad music drags this title down.

3. Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Perhaps the only series, with the exception of Gundam 0083 and Gundam W where I liked the main character from the outset. The relationship between Rain and Domon and Domon and Allenby and Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Doumei was very well handled. Some of the mecha were out there, but by in large it was a solid story with some really touching themes included in the series.

4. Mobile Suit V Gundam: Usso Ebin is a fairly likeable character and the Shrike Team were a constant highlight for me throughout this series. Some of the villains were good and some were freaky. Low points were Shakti, Shakti, and Marbet. Honestly, if those girls had been entirely written out the series might have jumped to second place.

5. Mobile Suit Z Gundam: This is a hard one to rate. Kamille was such an unlikeable character for the beginning of the series and he occassionally reared his annoying head at times. Story line was quite good as was music. Secondary cast was solid for the most part, high points to Haman and Yazan which, by their powers combined, barely scrape it in at five.

6. New Mobile Report Gundam W: A very likeable character in Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell and Trowa at times. Wufei, Relena and Quatre I was not fond of. Zechs, Lady Une, Treize, and Noin were also solid characters that I liked. The story was convuluted and intriguing to me, if not especially inspired. Really the only drag was Heero becoming attached to Relena instead of offing her like he threatened. If he had offed Relena, this series would have definitely been higher up.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: I was not very fond of Kira. He took this way too seriously and whinned a great deal too much for my taste. He could seriously be known as the marriage breaker, since he seemed to mess up quite a few relationships. Cagalli, Athrun, and Lacus were great characters and I liked Murru and Mwu quite a bit as well. It had some great moments, like Milli trying to kill Dearka and Mwu sacrificing the Strike to rescuse the Archangel. Good music as well. It could have been better, but it could have been worse.

8. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ: Well, this one was a hard one to rate. It has Haman Karn and Ellpe Ple, two great characters. It had the shadow of Yazan Gable and an okay return of other characters plus Elle was an alright new character. A bad start and a new cast I would like to eliminate entirely really dragged this series down.

9. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: This was a hard one to choose as either ninth or tenth place. Shinn was such a disagreeable character I was deperately praying that Kira (who I was never fond of) to kill Shinn and pray the series would revovle around Lunamaria. Unfortunately, the new characters continued their downward spiral. Rey just because Rau Jr., Shinn became excess baggage you just wish could be gotten rid of, Lunamaria became a shell of a character whose relationship with Shinn defied any logical explanation. Only Merryn actually grew on me as the series progressed. Kira was static, and that was better then nothing. Lacus continued to annoy me with her spouts of pacifism but she was better then Gil and Crew. Cagalli just lost all of what I liked about her in the first series and Athrun and Mwu\Neo remained how they were and I was okay with that. Great music on the whole, however.

10. Mobile Suit Gundam: By far the worst Gundam I have ever seen. Char the "Pink Comet" was pretty neat until I started getting strange vibes off his relationship with Lala. His character is still diminished in my mind because of his questionable relationships. Amuro was the whinner who never quit. They made it to Jaburo and he still made me want to choke him. Honestly, I would have dumped him out an air lock and made do with Sayla piloting the Gundam. Conflict between Char and Sayla could have been much better. Char trying to fight but distracted because he knew Sayla was piloting the Gundam, trying to reconcile his vendetta against the Zabi. Alas, we got Amuro the Weak, Kai the Shifty, Ryu the Suicidal, and Hayato the Pathetic. It was a crew of disjointed and mostly unlikable misfits. The music was not so great either.

I cannot really include the OVA's since their just too short to really compare to full television series.
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Post by mcred23 » Sat Jun 10, 2006 9:36 pm

I can't believe I never posted in this. Oh, and OVA's are part of the list. It was said in the first post...

Anyway, here is the list (Based on shows/OVA's I have seen completely)

1. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
2. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080
3. Mobile Suit Gundam
4. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
5. Mobile Fighter G Gundam
6. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
7. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
8. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
9. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Zeta Gundam I loved and it is my number one always. Gundam 0080 and MSG are about even, depending on how a feel, and are tied. G Gundam, 08th MS and 0083 I like equally and also can switch positions at random. Wing and Endless Waltz are on the list because they were the first Gundam shows I saw and were decent. SEED is on the list mainly because I saw the entire show and it is a TV show. The second half was decent, but nothing special really.

If movies were on the list, the F91 would probably take second place with CCA at sixth, with the third MSG movie somewhere in the middle of the list.
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Post by wing zero alpha » Sun Jun 11, 2006 2:58 am

Alright, I'll put in my fair share. I know it says "Top 10" series, but I don't think anyone's going to mind if I do more than ten, right?

1.) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - No, it's not my number one all time favorite Gundam series, because I don't really have one like that. Rather, this is the one I like most for the time being. At first it was plain vanilla since it was going by the original series, but it grew on me over time. Characterization is middle ground; there were good ones like Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli, Mwu, Andy and Murrue, and there were bad ones like Fllay, Sai, Yzak (first half) and Niccol. I'm kind of middle ground with Kira; unlike his UC counterparts, he actually acts mature and knowing, if a bit warped by combat at times, but his Vash the Stampede-ish no kill trait bugs me. Mecha designs were pretty good to, it's like bringing the old classics and modernizing them to the new millenium. Music was also good.

2.) Turn A Gundam - This series is without a doubt the best Gundam series period, unless somebody does something far out with the next SEED series. I had a hard time watching it at first, since I really didn't know what to make of it, but after a few episodes I really came to enjoy it. GREAT characterization, some of the best I've seen in any anime, and the story and setting are both top notch. Can't go wrong with Yoko Kanno for the music either. I think my only beef with this series is the mecha. It's not that I have a problem with the designs used (some of them anyway), I just think a universe like that could have had more mecha from previous series, including AUs. I also don't get why the Kapool was used; that thing was pretty much useless for most of the series, only showing worth during the fights around water. Sochie and her pal should have gotten a Bonjarnon.

3.) After War Gundam X - Man, I love this series. I've always been a fan of the wasteland setting used in animes like Cowboy Bebop and the current Eureka Seven, because it gives a wider story and setting than something as steamlined as a war. This is what should have happened after the One Year War or at least Char's Counterattack in my opinion. Anyway, Garrod was an alright protagonist, as far as Gundam characters go, and I've got mixed feelings for Tifa. She reminds me of Rei Ayanami a lot, but she's just not quite it. The rest of the cast, especially Jamil and Ennil, are also great. I also liked how the mecha design mixed elements between UC and Wing types, although I absolutely hate the Gundam X Divider. Music was mediocre, but I did enjoy Dreams and Resolution.

4.) New Mobile Report Gundam W/Endless Waltz - Ah yes, the first Gundam series I fell in love with. It's the series that inspired me to become a writer, and it's also the series I used to get my high school English teacher into anime. Compared to other Gundam series, I can see why people either love or hate it. Characters are somewhat flat at times, and the story can go between intensifying and gripping to boring and politically correct. The mecha design was good though, I really liked the fact there were no throw away one shot prototypes that are just thrown out at the heroes like there is in UC. Music was alright, though I detest "Just Love".

5.) Mobile Fighter G Gundam - I didn't enjoy this series as much as I did the ones I listed above, but I did enjoy it nonetheless. Although the story got cliche at times, the characterization and drama more than made up for it. You can't go wrong with characters like Allenby, Schwartz and Master Asia, though I didn't like the Shuffle Alliance members (ie, the main cast) all that much. Soundtrack was about average, and the mecha designs were pretty good if wild

6.) Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Ah yes, the Top Gun of all Gundam titles. Not much to say on this one, as I didn't like the characters and story all that much, but the animation and action scenes were superb. Physailis is still one of my favorite UC Gundam designs, although my real favorite is the Gundam Mudrock from Zeonic Front.

7.) Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team - I'd rate this one higher, but the thing that kills it for me is the romance between Shiro and Aina; it ruined the realistic approach the series was taking for me. Otherwise this was an okay series; I can see why a lot of people like it, but it never really won me over. Wish Shiro had more backbone too.

8.) Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in a Pocket - Actually, this series wasn't too bad, it was a nice switch from the usual frontline soldier approach. And if I remember correctly, this was also Megumi Hayashibara's debut as a seiryuu. It just wasn't my thing.

9.) Char's Counterattack - Similar the above, I didn't mind this movie at all, it was definitely a grand finish to the main Gundam storyline and its characters. I just think it could have been better. That and Quess' mere existance brought it pretty far down.

10.) Mobile Suit Z Gundam - I must be the only one on this message board that doesn't like Z Gundam. I know it's an old series, but I really think this title is overrated. Aside from characters like Yazan, Haman, Emma and I guess Henken, the cast really bugged the hell out of me. The AEUG were all the stereotype good guys, the Titans were generally all two-bit thugs who couldn't think beyond "die AEUG!" or "how can I screw everyone off and get to the top?" and the overall dark theme of the series never grabbed me. I mean yeah, it's dark, but it was to the point you knew that it was going to extra lengths to be dark. Chris said in Gundam Wing a million people could die and it wouldn't matter; that was the effect that the atrocities in Z Gundam had on me, it was just the bad guys trying to establish themselves as the bad guys. Other than that, it's the lack of attention to the details that really killed it for me. Examples: being unable to tell the difference between Titans and regular Feds as the uniforms are carried around, Zeonic mecha designs being used by people that are not Zeon, one shot prototypes flying around just to fight the protagonists and to be killed, throw-in characters like Beltochika Irma, etc. Really, this series never did anything for me besides give me headaches. There are only four reasons I have it this far up: Haman Karn, the music, pretty good fight scenes for that day, Haman Karn.

11.) Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam - I just couldn't find anything to like in this series. The super devious Axis from Z Gundam really got bastardized as Neo Zeon by people like Chara Soon and Mashamyre Cello, as well as an excessive amount of mecha that would made the hideous Titans arsenal look tame. And like The_Qubeley, I really want to wipe out the main cast in one fell swoop. Even really great characters like Haman Karn and Yazan Gable just weren't what they were before. But then again, I did enjoy the Africa arc, and characters like Elle, Renken and Elpeo Ple weren't bad.

12.) Mobile Suit Gundam F91 - To tell the truth, I think UC Gundam in general should have ended at CCA, it pretty much wrapped everything up. I think Tomino thought that to, which is probably why this was made the way it was. However, I like the pirate themed Crossbone Vanguard and the later Crossbone Gundam was good too.

13.) Mobile Suit V Gundam - It's not that I hate this series, I don't, it's just more or less the same thing we've seen before. War between earth and space, battle hardened resistance pitted against an overwhelming enemy, random mecha flying around, etc. And to make it worse, the over-exaggerated dark theme got carried over from Z Gundam, with Zanscare doing extremely wierd things like bringing back the guillotine (which is actually not a bad way of going compared to what has been done to people) to making a fleet of motorcycle battleships whose sole purpose is to roll over people with giant tires. It's no wonder this is Tomino's least favorite series.

14.) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - It really hurts me to put a series that had so much potential behind it this low, but that's how it is. I don't think I need to repeat what's already been said about this series.

15.) Mobile Suit Gundam - It's really strange, I usually enjoy the first series in a franchise. I enjoyed the first Transformers the best, the first Star Trek the best (at least the movies with the original cast), the first Matrix and so forth. I wish I could say the same for MSG, but I can't. The most painful thing about this series is there were so many things that could be done but weren't. There could have been better characterization and development, but the story was mostly focused on whatever the White Base crew was doing and one shot characters they had to fight. Amuro could have been a better protagonist, but he never got over himself and realized that there were people that cared about him (Fraw noticably). Hell, a more direct confrontation between Char and Sayla could have been great. I could see Sayla eventually get to the point where if she couldn't stop her brother, then she could at least help him in his revenge, and defect to Zeon as a result. The thought of Sayla could have been the Elmeth pilot really gets me flustered, because it would have had much, MUCH more impact on Amuro, Char and the audience, as Sayla is a character that's been there since the beginning and that has grown on people. The way Lalah was used, she was no better than a sacrificial lamb made to seal the fate between Amuro and Char, not much else. All in all, there were so many things that could have been done with this, so many things that could have made Gundam far more infamous and groundbreaking than it already is, but there wasn't. That's why I'll never really grow a handle for this series or be able to even look at it. Oh yeah, and the music blows (and don't give me "it was the times" excuse, Space Battleship Yamato and Star Wars both had some great musical scores, and they came out before Gundam).

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Post by Gundamium Alloy » Sun Apr 15, 2007 9:58 am

Well, I don't think I've even seen 10 Gundam series, but I'll rank what I've seen.

1. Gundam 08th MS Team - I thought this series had the best characters throughout. Also, even though Gundam in general is a "sci fi space show" I thought it was refreshing to see this series play out mainly not in space. I thought it should have ended an episode earlier.

2. Gundam 0083 - Again great characters, music and animation. This one has my favorite mobile suits in it.

3. Zeta Gundam - More of my favorite mobile suit designs and overall a good story if not predictable. Animation is dated but the series is long and thorough with fleshing out all storylines.

4. Gundam Seed - Great "rebirth" to the Gundam storylines. Animation is top notch utilizing traditional and computer enhanced effects.

5. Gundam Wing - A long series that for me just ran out of steam about half way through. It introduced me to the Gundam world which is cool, but the characters bored me.

6. G Gundam - Just plain boring. It's just rock'em sock'em robots with not much of a story.

I would love to see Gundam ZZ, Victory Gundam, Gundam X and Turn A but who knows when they'll release those to us in the U.S.

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Post by Vanishing Meteor » Sun Apr 15, 2007 10:55 am

as for my top's the list...

1. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam- imagine the hero getting comatosed in the end of the series...i didnt expect that actually..

2. Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team- loved this show, actually when it comes to a somewhat love story this is a better bet than Gundam Wing.

3. Mobile Suit Gundam 0093: Char's Counterattack- the final battle between two rivals, a perfect way to end it all..

4. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam- plots,twists, beautiful girls getting killed? whats more to ask?

5. MS IGLOO (can this be considered as a series?)- it proves that some Zeons are not that bad at all, heck the Big Rang probably has more kills than the Dendrobium.

6. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083:Stardust Memories-a beautiful series to fill the gap between the OYW and Zeta Gundam. Even though the pilots are not newtypes? heck, it proves they kick ***.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket- i actually liked this show only because of the Kampfer. shotgun, anyone?

8. Mobile Fighter G Gundam- actually, to tell the truth, this is more interesting (in terms of the storyline though) than Destiny.

9. New Mobile Report Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz- its okay, but never liked it that much, if it wasn't for the Leos, i wouldn't have watched this show.

10. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed- i actually got tired of gundam-jacks now after 0083 but what the heck? hated the crying parts also.heck even kamiru bidan never cried as much as kira yamato.

done and done..^_^
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Post by RedShirt0909 » Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:04 am

My list:

The Good

1. Zeta Gundam - Best absolutely everything, plus, as v_zubko said, KATZ GETS IT!

2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Did everything right, but Quess/Hathaway were too annoying to get this the number 1.

3. 8th MS Team - got a little too romantic at the end, and I pretend the last episode after the Apsalus was destroyed never happened, but I still think it was awesome. Good character development for the leads, nice mecha designs, even if they were a little overpowered for the theme of a line unit that the series was going for, but it was an excellent overall OVA.

4. Gundam SEED - I admit I overrate this series, seeing as how it was my intorduction to anime, but I still liked it. Until I saw the UC stuff, I didn't know how derivative it was. I still liked it - decent character development, and I loved the mecha designs and animation (CG sections aside). The only thing that would've improved it would have been for Fukada to grow a pair and kill/horribly maim Kira/Athrun.

5. Mobile Suit Gundam - Despite the old animation and lousy VAs in the dub, the storyline was great, good battles, and the ending was EPIC. Great character development, too.

6. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Good overall OVA, but the whole Kou/Nina/Gato thing was just too forced and over the top for me to rate this higher.

7. SEED Destiny (Eps. 1-34) - For this section of the series, it was good. I liked the new gundams, and it started with good stuff, but see later for how I thought it ended.

The Bad
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - I really didn't like this one at all. I felt it had little character development, couldn't find a tangible storyline, and HATED the mecha designs.

The Ugly
SEED Destiny (Eps 35+) - After a good start this series imploded with Kira's THIRD miracle survival of an exploding suit. If he'd stayed dead, then so much more character development could've occured among the leads, Shinn would've stayed the main character... I'd better stop before I rant. I only PRAY that the movie redeems the CE universe by finally killing off Kira.

Still need to see: ZZ Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Victory Gundam, Gundam X.
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Post by Thundermuffin » Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:22 pm

1. 08th Team- Enjoyable, dramatic, and basically the closest to the admittedly contradictory original Gundam theme of "realistic giant robot battles".

2. G Gundam- And there we have the opposite of the spectrum. I love the super-robot stuff, but it also helped that the characterization is great, the drama is real, and Master Asia happens to be like, one of the best villains I've ever encountered in anime.

3. MSG- Although, mostly in "movie" form; the series had too much "monster of the week" for my taste. The movies do an excellent job of condensing the series while hitting all the most important points (Unlike Seed).

4. War in the Pocket- Touching, stark, and realistic. Woulda been higher if Al and his classmates didn't annoy me...

5. Seed- Boring as all hell the first half, extremely enjoyable the second, and basically what got me back into Gundam a few years back. I love most of the characters and most of the mobile suit designs, although the potential was squandered quite a bit.

6. Zeta- Likeable main characters and a great story. But the overwhelming majority of boring space battles puts this lower that some of the others.

7. Endless Waltz- Much better than the series, if shorter. Animation's beautiful too. And characterization's A LOT better.

8. Wing- SOme good ideas, some good episodes, the first Gundam I saw in its entirety...but it hasn't aged well at all.

9. Seed Destiny- Carrying over from Seed, I like a lot of characters and mech designs...but unfortunately they are all squandered and there are very few good episodes. However, it's perfectly enjoyable as a particularly shiny train wreck that makes you want to buy toys.

10. 0083- All the characters annoy the crap out of me...but like Destiny, it's glossy-shiny-pretty. That counts for something, entertainment-wise.

I haven't seen enough of any of the others to accurately judge them.

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Post by YazanGable » Sun Apr 15, 2007 3:27 pm

v_zubko wrote:9) ZZ: far too pro feddie
Were we watching the same series here?
Cause, to me at least, ZZ seemed to be, until the creation of MS Igloo, at least, the most Zeon-slanted series of all of the Gundam titles.

The Feddies are absent from the first half of the series, the AEUG (who, while populated by Feddie members are NOT the same as EF...Hell, even in that light, the only Feddie to get much screentime was Bright) is on life support, what EF commanders we DO see are mostly self-serving spineless bureaucrats who are more than willing to roll over to Haman's will to save their own hides (Hell, they were the ones that said 'Go nuts' when Haman brought up a colony drop.)

Even the final battle, there were NO Feddies present in those eps. Zeon was their own undoing with the Feddie fleet arriving after the dust had settled
"Sorry we're late guys, did we miss the party?"

That said, to stay on topic, my top 10

1. Zeta
2. 0080
3. MSG
4. G
5. Turn A (4 and 5 kind of interchange based on mood.)
6. Victory
7. X
8. 0083 (it makes me laugh.)
9. 08th MS (the first half, at any rate.)
10. SD OVAs

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Post by muishkin » Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:36 pm

Okay here is mine.


1. Zeta Gundam
1. Turn A Gundam
3. Victory Gundam
4. 0080
5. 08th MS Team
6. Seed
7. MSG

8. 0083
9. ZZ
10. Seed Destiny

Series that is unbelievably bad yet entertaining: Gundam Wing
Series that I haven't watched: G and X

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Post by WingZero20xx » Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:55 pm

1. Gundam 08th MS Team
Why I like it: Hands down the most realistic, down to earth gundam series I've ever seen. When you have a show that makes a Gundam an average mobile suit and its pilots relying on natural talent rather than latent psychic abilities, its a recipe for success.
Favorite Suit: Gundam Mass Production Type
Best Moment: Norris vs. the 8th MS Team

2. Gundam 0080
Why I like it: It definitely ranks up as not just one of my favorite gundam series, but one of the best anime series ive seen simply because of the emotion in it. Not to mention that next to Zeta Gundam, its one of the more brutal series I've seen. Really shows that even if you're encased in an armored suit, you can still end up chopped up like hamburger.
Favorite Suit: Kaempfer (god rest its soul)
Best Moment: Bernie's Zaku vs. the Gundam Alex (its such a touching moment and almost a tear jerker)

3. Gundam 0083
Why I like it: When I watch this, I can't help but imagine Kou saying "Good tone, good tone...FIRING! GOOD KILL!" It definitely blended top gun with gundam. Like 08th MS team was gundam meets vietnam but this definitely reminded me of top gun. The romance parts could've taken a back seat but some of the best battles I've seen in a while.
Favorite Suit: GP-03 Stamen
Best Moment: GP-01fb vs. GP-02 over the ruins of Kompei Island

4. Gundam X
Why I like it: Great show with excellent concept. For some reason, post-apoctalyptic settings seem to look good no matter how you spin it. Not to mention I have a thing for Gundam pilots that rely on natural talent rather than newtype/coordinator abilities (aka Kou, Shiro, Garrod, Anavel, Norris, etc.). It's just a pity that it got cut short 10 episodes, if it had gotten the full 50, no doubt that it'd be rated up high along with Zeta Gundam
Favorite Suit: Gundam X
Best Moment: Gundam X fires the Satellite Cannon for the first time

5. Gundam Seed
Why I like it: Despite its whiny characters, its definitely a good step of where Gundam should go in the future. Excellent mecha designs and pretty epic battles. Also, hands down...the freedom gundam still stands as my favorite gundam of all time...period.
Favorite Suit: Freedom Gundam
Best Moment: Episode 35, the Freedom makes its shining debut and rescues the Archangel

6. Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz
Why I like it: Even though the political plotlines and pacifism rants bogged it down, the show was still pretty good. It deserves a place on the list (along with everyone elses) simply because for most of us, it introduced us to the gundam world.
Favorite Suit: Wing Zero Custom
Best Moment: Tie between when Heero fends off the OZ forces attacking Relena's school and when Heero faces off against Wufei in the atmosphere

7. Zeta Gundam
Why I like it: Before I saw 0080, this was definitely one of the more brutal gundam series I've seen. While the battles were a little weak, I can see why most like it. It's good, but not overwhelmingly good in my opinion
Favorite Suit: Zeta Gundam
Best Moment: I really dont have one for Z Gundam

8. G Gundam
Why I like it: As silly as it is, it is an interesting concept. It did break the gundam mold of war as a bad thing and spinned it into a DBZ story lol. I'm not a particular fan of it but it is nice
Favorite Suit: God Gundam
Best Moment: The Death of Shining Gundam

9. Char's Counterattack
Why I like it: Definitely one of the better gundam movies I've seen in a while. That being said since its one of the only gundam movies, it did a fairly good job of ending the age old feud between Char and Amuro
Favorite Suit: Nu Gundam
Best Moment: Didnt really have one

10. Mobile Suit Gundam
Why I like it: This beat out GSD for my final spot because even though the animation is shoddy, it still beats an invincible god like gundam (aka strike freedom. I mean come on at least in gundam seed, Kira wasnt invincible, in GSD he was just too untouchable lol). Plus I have to give MSG its props because without it, there probably wouldnt be a Freedom Gundam
Favorite Suit: RX-78 Gundam
Best Moment: The Gundam rises and destroys the 2 Zakus

Now listening to Komm Susser Todd from end of evangelion. great song...confusing head hurts...ouch
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Post by Toxicity » Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:59 pm

Out of what I've seen...

1) Mobile Fighter: G Gundam: By far the best anime I've ever seen all the way through. The story is better than anything else I've ever seen, Great mecha designs, and probably the best love story in any Gundam series. BTW, did anyone else cry when Master Asia died? I know I did.

2) Mobile Suit Gundam: The original. The one that started it all. Without MSG, nothing else would've never existed. The only thing I didn't like about this series was the animation. Everything else I loved, the story, the characters, the battles (Last Stand Of the Big Zam FTW! :twisted: ), and who could forget the brightslaps?

3) The 08th MS Team: I absolutely love the realism of this series. If there were such things as mobile suits, this is how battle would be done with them. Great animation and MS designs, 2nd best love story, and the Shuddering Mountain (both of them) is one of my favorite episodes of Gundam out of any series.

4) Gundam Wing: What originally got me into Gundam. I was 11 years old when the show first premiered on Toonami, and I loved every second of it. Now that I'm older, I've noticed all the things that could've been done better, but it's still a great series to watch.