Shakti and Maria?

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Shakti and Maria?

Post by Mafty » Sat May 15, 2021 2:26 pm

Okay so does the novel of Victory Gundam explain Shaktis backstory in more detail? Shakti mentions her mother in Kassarelia; was that Maria before she left for the empire, or was Shakti raised by an adopted mother on earth? Unlike with Zeon it's not exactly clear how long Zanscare existed before the conflict broke out and when Uso and Shaktis parents left.

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Re: Shakti and Maria?

Post by Chris » Mon May 17, 2021 11:47 am

I can't speak to anything in the novels, but here's some relevant information from the old UC timeline on Gundam Project:
UC 0141
Maria Pia Armonia opens a consultation bureau at Side 1's Albanian colony.

UC 0143
Maria begins to propagate her ideas.

UC 0144
A group of Maria followers forms. Her staff publishes Maria's teachings.

UC 0144
The Maria-ist group petitions the government of Albanian to form a political party.

UC 0145
Maria meets Fonse Kagatie.

UC 0146
The Maria-ist group becomes radical. The Gatie Party is formed as its political extension, and becomes a third party in the government assembly of the Amelia colony.

UC 0147
A group of corrupt ministers are executed on the guillotine, and the Gatie Party takes power in Amelia.

UC 0148
The League Militaire is reorganized as a fighting force.

UC 0149
The establishment of the Zanscare Empire is proclaimed at Side 2. The League Militaire puts the V (Victory) Project into motion.

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