World of Early Drafts [Part.1] – Zeta Gundam Prototype

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World of Early Drafts [Part.1] – Zeta Gundam Prototype

Post by Deacon Blues » Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:07 am

The Zeta Gundam television series that we’ve come to know was vastly different when it was originally pitched back in July 1984. Depicted in the pages of Animedia’s Zeta Gundam Complete Record Edition is Tomino’s original prototype for the series, complete with plot synopsis, characters, world-building info, and more. The product is, however, a sign of the times. Tomino seems to have fallen prey to a somewhat racially-biased stance based on the background of one of the characters. Please note that this document is over 35 years old and doesn’t reflect current ways of thinking, opinions, or ideals.

For those interested, you can read it here.

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