G Gundam or Gundam Wing?

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G Gundam or Gundam Wing?

Post by bhayes82 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:46 pm

I recently have had the free time to watch G Gundam. I must say that while this series is a departure form the typical fomrula. it's suprisingly very good. the humor-comic relief is there, the deep story is there (domon kashu wants to avenge the death of his parents and deal with the betrayal by his master and older brother) it has the action factor.

it's got a saturday morning cartoon vibe to it.

it's like street fighter meets gundam.

Gundam Wing looks cool and has a good story but the dialogue and the flow of the story is very dry and boring. the only character that's remotely interesting is Duo Maxwell as the funny/fun guy.

the action is pretty good at times. the mobile suits are cool too. (notably TallGeese and Epyon) - but the show (dialogue and character-wise) is BORING. wing is a good looking show, but the fun and the pacing of the action, the dialogue was not throught out well in my view.

Wing really drags at times. whereas G Gundam leaves you wanting to see more.

Wing's politics are just ZOINKS boring..i remember feeling this way back in 2000 when i first saw the show. i liked the show alot because it was something new and fresh but i was suprised and the 'serious' tone of the show and the lack humor and the over-emphasis on politics and blockades and laws ...

the only complaint i have about G Gundam is the intro/outro music is shockingly fluffy and emotional. G Gundam is very action-oriented show and the intro/outro is just abit fluffy. whereas Wing's intros/outros are cool and pull u into the show

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Re: G Gundam or Gundam Wing?

Post by Seto Kaiba » Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:34 pm

Mobile Fighter G Gundam was unmistakably made on the cheap, but it has heart and soul.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing was better-animated, but blatantly and unashamedly half-assed. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is basically Gundam Wing: Not Sh*t Edition.
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Re: G Gundam or Gundam Wing?

Post by bhayes82 » Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:00 am

Seto Kaiba wrote:
Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:34 pm
Mobile Fighter G Gundam was unmistakably made on the cheap, but it has heart and soul.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing was better-animated, but blatantly and unashamedly half-assed. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is basically Gundam Wing: Not Sh*t Edition.
i haven't watching Gundam 00 yet. i'll give it a shot. and report back. but sorry i feel Gundam Wing looks cool, but in reality is too boring.

g gundam in my view is the better show. yes Wing has better animation i guess. but G is just better paced, better muisc, better story, better humor - its just a better show.

domon kashhu and Rain are more interesting than Hero Yuy and his gundam co-pilots.

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Re: G Gundam or Gundam Wing?

Post by LightningCount » Wed Jun 24, 2020 4:04 pm

For me, they're two different shows that can be enjoyed in their own right. As whole productions, I do think they rival one another to some extent, and I often put them in my top-three Gundam series. Watching them one right after the other can be disorienting, though. They're best watched with some distance between them, I've found. Luckily, I saw G a few years after Wing, so I was able to make the adjustment with no problems. G's strengths are its emotional core, its intriguing conspiracy plot, and its imaginative scenarios. Wing's strengths are its presentation of the messiness of conflict and the tortured resilience of those who try to make sense of it, along with its variety of combat/espionage scenarios and lived-in sense of scope.

You might like Gundam X. It is sort of a marriage of G and Wing with a coating of the Universal Century timeline on top, in my opinion. I like X a lot.

Gundam 00 is very good, but definitely leans more toward the tone of Gundam Wing than G. I see the argument often that 00 is Wing done right, and I get it. It sort of cuts through the obfuscation and gets to the point, but I also find it a little more Cliff's Notes-ish as a result. That is not to take anything away from 00, because it's always stood out and in recent years I've respected it more and more, even the Season 2 portion, which was not as good as what was delivered in Season 1 (or perhaps even the movie finale). But here's just one example that sort of encapsulates how Wing gets more into the weeds than 00, and how I appreciate that. I feel like it speaks to the viewer across time, even as it addresses it own in-show conflicts:

Trowa to Quatre in Episode 25 after Quatre has lost faith in humanity and has snapped to the point of hopelessness and violence:
Quatre, it doesn't matter how it happened, but the colonies have teamed up with OZ.
And we have to keep in mind that it does mark the end of a war. At the same time
it means that our missions have come to an end. From our point of view it's
disappointing that the colonies we've been fighting for have changed their
perspectives. But that's what happens in wars. We've got no choice but to accept
it. The only question left is what happens to the remaining soldiers? What happens within
our hearts? With us Gundam pilots, we were completely trained to be soldiers before
we even realized it. When you put everything into a battle you start to think you can change
the times all by yourself, don't you? But Quatre, you're not the only one who feels that way.
We all do. But the kinder you are, the bigger the toll it takes on you. We have to fight with
ourselves, in our hearts, and we have to do it harshly in order to come to the right
conclusions. Even if it means our battles to date are meaningless.
We have to acknowledge the facts.

The five of us have become redundant soldiers, Quatre. So now, let's accept it.
Turn back into the nice guy I once knew. I just hope that something
triggers your mind that calms you down. Something...
I was recently rewatching an episode of Wing, and while I can understand how it could be perceived as boring, I was struck by, despite all its crazy stunts, how lived-in it feels, and how its action feels earned within the pacing of the show. The action is sort of the emotional release from all the political and psychological tension of a world that has lost its way and soldiers who are struggling to figure out what it is they should be fighting for.
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