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Post by yazi88 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:35 am

Thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for this.

From the makers of RWBY at Roosterteeth. Gen:Lock is a mecha animated series, might as well be a anime. Its definitely inspired by mecha series as the creator and voice actor, Gray Haddock, listed some mecha anime like Gen Orobuchi works, Gundam and Ghost in the Shell as inspirations. And it shows.

A bit of a different twist too, as the main pilots jack in via computer to fully control their mechs with their mind, being fully synced in.

I like the cast. Strong voice talent coming from regular actors as Michael B Jordan voices the main character Chase, David Tennant as the scientist Weller. And even a JP voice actor Koichi Yamadera (Spike Spiegal, Ryoji Kaji) as one of the pilots. Along with others, including some of the regular VAs from RWBY. Its diverse too and reflects the voice actors.

The mecha designs are interesting, the Strider grunts being mech warrior types while the main unit Holons being kind of like Arm Slaves/main mecha from Aldnoah Zero, but each also has their upgrade later too.

Humor is pretty good too. Also subverts some mecha cliches/tropes too like a mecha jacking in the 2nd ep. Action is well choreographed. I had a few reservations about the animation style at first but I'm ok with it after seeing how fluid it is in combat and the character designs are nice too.

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Re: Gen:Lock

Post by tHeWasTeDYouTh » Sat Feb 16, 2019 2:18 am

Not my kind of show but I am happy someone in the west is making a mecha "anime".

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