Gundam Otakon ’17 Updates...

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Gundam Otakon ’17 Updates...

Post by LightningCount » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:48 am

Just an Internet round-up here. Most of this is from the Nozomi panel ( ... Wv1hXQXiYk)

*Gundam The Origin - Preliminary discussions and design work have begun for continuing past the Loum Arc if the previous is successful. It sounds like the plan to move forward would include a desire not to dramatically change the established continuity of 0079 TV.

*Nozomi/RightStuf is doing a Kickstarter for dubbing an anime called ARIA. I thought I heard that if this model proves successful, they might eventually apply it to other Nozomi titles, including Gundam titles previously sub-only, if Sunrise agrees to the idea. It seemed to be suggested that even minor support for ARIA will supposedly be seen as support toward doing future Kickstarter dub projects: ... animation/

*A Sunrise producer, Hideyuki Tomioka all but let it slip that Japan will get a Blu-ray release of Gundam X in 2018! (Also at this panel, it didn’t seem like there was all the gloom-and-doom over Gundam X that one usually hears on the Internet about its status within Sunrise. It was noted that the only instruction given about developing X was to have three “hero” Gundams and two “villain” Gundams. It was also reconfirmed that Wing and X had a lot of the same staff.)

*Gundam Wing is getting a Blu-ray release overseas this year. ( ... -1-Blu-ray). The Endless Waltz set will include the Operation Meteor OVA for the first time. Ultra Edition box set will include a special art book, Frozen Teardrop picture drama, and other exclusives ( ... aign=FB_NZ).

*G-Gundam is getting an overseas Blu-ray release starting in Spring 2018.

*Gundam Wing Q&A Part 2. I missed the Gundam Wing panel (Part 1), but the Nozomi panel had a “Part 2” because there were so many Gundam Wing questions. Paraphrased highlights from memory: Tallgeese was a reference to the original Gundam being referred to as a dangerous “white thing.” Tallgeese is allegedly Egyptian for roughly “ghost descending.” Epyon was added to have another product to sell, which is why it means “Next” in Greek. The reason numbered character names were used was because the writer was overwhelmed by the amount of characters in the preproduction script, where they were named Boy 1, Boy 2, etc. Therefore, he played off of those name placeholders. The bishonen angle came from Samurai Troopers, by the same director, which in turn was inspired by Saint Seiya.

*Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny Remastered will have new dubs by the team behind Gundam Unicorn to accommodate the changes in footage.

*Sunrise and Nozomi may be involved in more overseas old “robot anime” releases in the future outside of Gundam.

*Request: If anyone can relate what was revealed at the Gundam Wing-exclusive panel (what I refer to as Q&A Part 1 earlier), that would be awesome. I imagine there was a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff revealed. Oddly, I haven’t seen anyone put up a video or summary of that event, though.

EDIT: I found a pretty good summary: ... ime-119096

EDIT 2: A second summary with additional info: ... ime-119124
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