Victory Gundam's ending (SPOILERS)

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Victory Gundam's ending (SPOILERS)

Post by Calubin_175 » Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:00 am

Regarding the whereabouts of a certain character:
What happened to Uso father, Hangelg Ewin, at the end of the final battle? During the Jeanne D'Arc's attempted suicide attack, Revil's doppleganger described him as a shrewd man after Hangelg had left his seat. Japanese wikipedia mentions that Hagelg had left to investigate Jupiter, which could be the next threat to earth, though this claim might have purely sourced from the novel version, while the manga version had him killed by Cronicle. However, in the TV version when Shakti sensed the souls of the deceased during Jeanne D'arc's eventual ram on the Zanscare's battleship, the image of Hangelg appeared and that made me think he might have been alive in the engine room in order to keep the ship moving. Unless, Shakti only sensed the determination and spirit of Hangelg instead of his departed soul. There is also a Japanese summary of the Jupiter situation as Angel Halo was constructed there.



Hangelg Ewin has appeared recently in Crossbone Gundam Ghost and maybe the writer has accidentally took the novel's interpretation of the potential threat of Jupiter.

Maybe his fate will be another one that is open to interpretation much like that of M'Quave's multiple accounts.

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Re: Victory Gundam's ending (SPOILERS)

Post by teslashark » Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:16 pm

I think the 2005 MS Collection said he went down with the ship.
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