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Re: The Official Gundam AGE Anime Thread AGE-6

Post by Soma Taozi » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:49 am

Bryant Molirse wrote:My guess, after Zeheart dies, she'll just Haman herself all over the nearest asteroid.
Hahahahaha, that would be ZOINKS hysterical! Lord, that sounded horrible.
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Re: The Official Gundam AGE Anime Thread AGE-6

Post by Compass » Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:56 am

Before we all go jump off the Kio is Kira ergo this is the end of the world and AGE business, note the differences between their notable tactics. Kira was notorious for making shots that would disable heads/weapons.

Kio, on the other hand, is destroying 90% of the mobile suit and leaving the cockpit alive.

If you think about it, Kira is basically letting the pilots keep their VERY DEADLY war machine, while Kio has the sense to destroy it.

Zeheart ignoring Asemu was by far the most unlikely thing I could have foreseen happening, and awfully pretentious as well. I mean, it was this Zeheart guy who basically lied about his identity for a year in high school and such. When did Zeheart become an unreasonable dirtbag? Oh, wait.
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Re: The Official Gundam AGE Anime Thread AGE-6

Post by Raptor » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:20 am

My last post for this thread, I will assume, so I'll make it count.

This episode was okay. The action was nice, we got some good development, IMO, with Fram, and the Fawnfarsia was alright. Not big on it, but it didn't make me want to stab anyone, so...

However, the flashbacks hurt the episode. The only one that even has a place is the flashback to gen 2. It has not been long enough for us to forget about Lu.

This is where my bias comes in. I feel flashbacks are inherently broken. Why take the time to do a 10-15 second flashback, when you can have ONE LINE take it's place. For instance, Fram flashing back about her brother's death which she wasn't even there for, could have simply become:
"I remember how my brother died, protecting Master Zeheart during Re-entry."
Instead of a minute and a half flashback where Kio remembers getting the medicine from Exelcant for Lu, and then some stuff with Lu:
"All Vagan aren't evil! Ezelcant even gave me medicine for Lu! Lu..."
And people will remember. Maybe books have just ruined me on flashbacks, or it could be the amazing storytelling of the Tales of or Fire Emblem games. Which flashback to stuff you didn't already know.

-Raptor, out.
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