For the Barrel - What it was, and what it tried to do.

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For the Barrel - What it was, and what it tried to do.

Post by Koshernova » Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:22 pm

So, I'm making this thread for discussion of 'For the Barrel', a re-imagining of the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

I'm a bit disappointed it never became anything past, apparently, a first published novel. I don't know who did the character designs, but they certainly remind me of Mamoru Nagano's most recent work, and the radical redesigns of the MS are quite incredible.

Does anyone have any good plot summary of the story? I can't find any online, and it seems like stuff about it was even published in English in Newtype USA. Any information is welcome.
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Kei Katsuragi
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Re: For the Barrel - What it was, and what it tried to do.

Post by Kei Katsuragi » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:16 pm

I remember reading a review of it awhile back, where someone said it was Gundam crossed with Evangelion, but that is as far as I can remember. Still, I really liked the redesign of the White Base.

This is an excerpt from the Japanese Wikipedia page:

"Original (and credit has become an accomplice complicity =) is a novel version of Yoshiyuki Tomino "Mobile Suit Gundam", and was presented 22 times all under the pretext of rebuilding the operation. "New Type" Monthly in January 2001, cover illustration is also responsible.

The visual appearance of taking a story and set up consisting of including illustrations of the novel. Otsuka Gichi story writer, was the visual aspect is dealt with Junji Okubo Koyamashigeto still a rookie. However, since the standing position and subtle style of work, group work anime "Gundam" series in the works to be treated as almost no such book form until now has not been released.

Incidentally, the cartoon version was serialized in the magazine by Koyamashigeto addition to this work "FOR THE BARREL" 1984 "" or, in special edition magazine "New Type dot-com" was serialized in the companion piece "barrel Worlds End" is there (until May 2002 issue of September 2000)."

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