Glory of the Losers?

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Glory of the Losers?

So how exactly does the manga hold up? Is it worth checking out? Is anything new or different added to the storyline from the anime, or is it just a retelling with some minor changes?
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Re: Glory of the Losers?

GotL is a retelling of Wing that incorporates all the EW designs with some justification for how they got there. It also incorporates more of the Pilot backstories, something we saw in the EW OVAs. Quite a bit of new designs since there are always new Gunpla kits to sell. You'll see add-on packs for Heavy Arms, Sandrock and Death Scythe for instance. It also debuts the Tallgeese Flugel which eventually winds up with the EW angelic wings.

I haven't finished but I've enjoyed it so far, at least the first few volumes covers the early plot of Wing but moves at a pretty brisk clip since it assumes the reader is already familiar with it. I haven't gotten to any major story divergences yet but I'd recommend it based off of what I've read so far.
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