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Rank List

Post by Chris » Sun Oct 30, 2011 5:13 pm

Since it was accidentally deleted a long time ago, I'm going to repost our rank list. A few have been added since the forum started up years ago. As before, I won't be listing the post requirement for each rank to avoid having people spam themselves to new ranks.

Mecha Flunky
Cardboard Leo Ace
Lackey GM Pilot
AEUG Slapping Boy
Creepy Bishonen
Newtype Emo Guy
Pilot's Doomed Girlfriend
Mysterious Masked Dude
Elitist Earth Politician
HiMAT Spammer
Okawara x Katoki Love Child
OMG Doomsday Laser
Retconned MSV Ace
Monster of the Week
War-ending Idol Singer
Universe Destroying Robot
Der Bigen Slicen
Gun-toting Patlabor Pilot
Busty Fanservice Captain
Oblivious Harem Loser
Determined Shonen Hero
Hot-blooded Gattai

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