Corsair's Gambit: Non-Combat RP Thread

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Corsair's Gambit: Non-Combat RP Thread

Post by Cardi Doorl » Thu Feb 15, 2007 3:29 am

OOC: Title says it all - for any RPing outside a scheduled match, do it here. A separate thread might be allowed for a non-combat RP interaction under special circumstances, but the bulk will be here.

- Washington, D.C. -
- National Mall -

December 1st, FC 16

It was cold and windy in Washington, but still the crowd of spectators, hailing from almost every nation in existence, was innumerable. Nobody was about to let a little disagreeable weather stop them from witnessing the start to the final stage of the most important competition in modern history; the tournament that would decide which nation would hold power over all other nations for the next four years.

The National Mall itself was packed, and the streets were choked with droves of more people. That had been expected. Neo Greece hadn't quite prepared for the insane numbers of spectators in the last Gundam Fight finals in their country. Those in charge of the Gundam Fight weren't interested in making the same mistake. The stage from which everything was to be announced was indeed a massive hovering platform above the city, with large screens draped along the sides of buildings. It was a ridiculously overblown affair.

The announcer came on; one of Neo America's Gundam Fight committee members.

"Welcome," he began joyously, "Welcome to the finals for the 3rd Gundam Fight! I would like to welcome, on behalf of Neo America, all who have come today to see this all-important tournament!"

Music played. More pomp and circumstance. That's not what the crowd wanted, but it was the kind of thing event planners seemed to feel was necessary.

The announcer was glad to name each nation, along with their representatives, but that hardly mattered, as soon enough those in the crowd who'd come from a particular nation would erupt into wild cheering as soon as their fighter appeared onscreen, so that the announcer was easily drowned out.

The exception, however, was when Captain Morgan Burke, representative of the Corsair State, was announced. Many fell silent, while more than a few gave negative responses.

Neo America's decision to recognize the Corsair State had been a highly controversial one from the beginning, and people the world over were sharply divided in their opinions on the matter. Some saw them as a nation of crooks somehow plotting something dangerous and that recognizing them set a precedent in which any group of people large enough could declare themselves a sovereignty, while others felt there was no reason to crush a people's wish to be their own nation.

The opening ceremonies dragged on for over an hour, but in the end, it was not the bloated ceremony that the people, or history would remember most about the 3rd Gundam Fight.

Not by a long shot...
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Post by Turinu » Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:11 am

After Seth and the Gundam Osiris had been introduced to the massive gathering of people on the large floating screens, the mobile suit and himself, along with his crew were directed by the Neo-America Gundam Fight Officials to a independent hangar area, courtesy of Neo-America. There the Gundam Osiris was stored as it awaited its first match in the Finals.

It had been through a lot since it first came down from Neo-Egypt; the battles were tough and filled Seth with a strong sense of accomplishment each time he managed to pull out alive. He took his fair share of heads and developed a experience he had once lacked. Now, at the finals he was at the top of his game; confident but not overconfident, and ready to win it for his nation. They had gotten so close last Gundam Fight; he wouldn't lose it this early on.

"Alright, Osiris is secured in the hangar. Thank you for your assistance." One of Seth's crew members, a girl named Isis, said to the American officials.

"Just remember to have it ready soon. You're match is the third one in the first round, so it'll start soon." The official said to the crew.

Seth nodded as he turned to Isis. "Depending on the location we fight in, since it seems so cold out we might not be able to use the Heat Mirage. Compensate the systems for that." he said as he left the hangar.

He'd never been to America before, it was time to explore a little.

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Post by Ziryab » Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:27 pm

—Akinkawon Zeferino d'Santos Bisneto & Ning-Qiu Ouyang—
—Neo Brazil & Neo Hong Kong—
—Luta Livre Gundam & Gun Fu Gundam—

Hours would have to pass before either of the fighter, from Neo Brazil and Neo Hong Kong, could lapse into fatigue. Despite the D.C.’s frosty breath there was enough excitement in the atmosphere to keep them warm.

Exhilarated, the charge aided them in baring the media onslaught that had circled their respective hangars while they were briefed by their ambassador and the fight officials. White toothy grins and cheerful they were escorted into the battery of cameras and questions arm-in-arm with their country’s ambassadors. Laughing and bantering with the ever growing crowd that was starting to include fans and spectators in the mix.

The crowd before them felt innumerous, video cameras (both news cameras and personal camcorders) asked to look into, the flashes of cameras that more than once could have blinded them for moments if not for the sunglasses, and the cacophony of everyone talking at the same time. Those foam earplugs always did work wonders as they were they were yelled to for attention, cheered at or asked question upon question.

Somewhere in all of this the fight officials, unable to get through the sardine packed crowd, attempted to wait patiently for an opening so they could leave. There were still a few other fighters to brief.

The two could only laugh at being reminded about the spike in sales and internet traffic pertaining to them and their numerous professions have slowly then dramatically spiked since the 3rd Gundam Fight began.

Any particular strategies for the final rounds, was one of the first questions lost in the vocal barrage. Akinkawon of Neo Brazil gave a hearty laugh as wrestling fans yelled “turnbuckles”, to which he admitted thinking about upon noting the protective beam shield used in the final rounds. And Ning-Qiu’s answer was interrupted by someone speculating that her movies roles, especially her last before the competition or even the latest voice acting work she did for an animated cartoon about superpowered martial artists, would be of some aid.

But what of their opinion on the changing face of the Gundam Fight? It was becoming less of a fight between militaries and more of a contest between fighters to some. Do you think it would remain that way? What about the age of the fighters? Not only were the majority of the 3rd Gundam Fight’s participants young, but they were also far younger than many of those that participated in the last two fights.

Ning-Qiu bantered about spanking a bunch of “children” rather than fighting “men (and women)” having the temptation to pinch the cheeks of the “babies” sent from Neo Japan, Neo Ireland, Neo Sweden and Neo Liechtenstein. Akinkawon, on the other hand, quipped as to how he was an old man fighting in an old sport made for the young and rash and he would try not to break a hip in keeping up with them.

After further questionings, smiling, sound bites and photography the two fighters with the aid of their ambassadors herded the crowd, and fight officials further towards the hangars’ entrances to where they would be introduced to the Gundams’ respective crews.

With their ambassadors’ aid and skill born out of habit, Akinkawon and Ning-Qiu stealthily managed to grab some extra clothing; consisting of a ankle length trenchcoat, long scarf, and fedora (at least for Ning-Qiu), and then encompassed themselves with the increasingly impatient fight officials before sneaking out the hangar unnoticed.
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Post by Wedge14 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:19 pm

The paparazzi.

There was nothing else in the whole earth sphere that got under the man’s skin more then those camera flashing, microphone toting vultures. Something about Boris, that was truly bizarre he loved to play games with them.

The man was a celebrity in his home of Neo Russia, but he only made public appearances rarely, and when he did it was usually just showing up unannounced at some gymnastics event and taking the win.

He was mysterious he was an enigma, and the Paparazzi loved it. What was his last name? Where did he live? Who trained him? Who does his hair? Of course Boris would never answer a question, he only spoke when he had something to say, and when he did it wasn’t going to be the Paparazzi.

Recently there had been a lot of rumours regarding Boris as of late. Why did Neo Russia pick a gymnast to compete? Why not a soldier, a martial artist or even a common street thug? That was a question everyone asked, but it was being asked less and less, as Boris continued to prove himself over and over again. Now here he was in the finals.

There were still naysayers there always will be. That didn’t bother Boris; he wasn’t here to win a Gundam fight. He was here looking for a friend. The Gundam fight would just be a distraction to his true journey.

The man sat alone ever so cliché like in the corner of a seedy bar. He raised his glass to his lips and sampled the vodka and ice drink. His trip to the national zoo was a failure, his friend was not there, and the admission prices cost a small fortune.

It would be an exceedingly hard road ahead for this bizarre man. A road filled with numerous twists and turns he would not be able to predict
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Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:39 pm

- Dieter Mayers - Neo Germany -
- National Mall -

As the Gundam Effizienz and Dieter took center stage during the procession, the poor reporter sent up to interview him asked, “Neo Germany’s first match in the finals is against Neo Hong Kong. Any comments?”. Dieter laughed, loud and hearty, and made as if he was wiping a tear from his eye before answering, “There was a mix up before we got here, and I was told it would be Neo China. Then someone said, ‘No Dieter, it’s Neo Hong Kong’. What’s the difference? They told me that instead of fighting a man, I’d be beating up an old lady!”. That got a rise out of the crowd, and the reporter had to wait for the laughing to die down a bit.

“So I take it that after last year’s less than stellar finish, you’re confident coming into the finals?” the reporter continued, smiling now. Dieter grinned back, but something about his smile was off. “Oh, ja,” Dieter started, before putting a palm into the reporter’s chest, “We’ve come to win this year...”. With that, he shoved the poor man backwards off the platform and into the crowd below. Dieter’s cackling laughter echoed a bit as the procession continued and Neo Germany went around the bend.

After the Neo German team was shuttled through the parade-like entry area (Volkswagen logo prominently displayed for the big screens the whole way, of course), they were guided to a closed hangar just like every other participating nation. Dieter grumbled about the weather a bit before changing into Lederhosen (like always) and exiting through the rear door. Time to rock the boat a little.
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Post by RGM-79G GM Command » Thu Feb 15, 2007 3:19 pm

After Ryusei and the Ultima Gundam had been announced and brought to the hanger for the Ultima Gundam. Ryusei sat down and began playing a handheld video game that he had in his pocket the whole time, while Tetsuya was playing with the kitten, Tetsuya's father Yusuke went to sleep in a chair, and Yumi had just begun to talk to Ryusei about how it will get much harder from now on since it was the finals when Ryusei put his head phones in so that he could not hear her. "Yeah yeah I know. But you really need to relax, worrying about it is not going to make it any easier." He then begins thinking about how Yumi is right and thinks about his first fight in the finals.

Five minutes after the batteries on Ryusei's game die, an American Gundam Fight official comes into the hanger.

"Ryusei Urameshi." He says, "Your Gundam Fight is the second match in the finals so your Gundam must be ready before that."

Ryusei looks at him. "Alright, I'll be ready in at least ten minutes then." The official then nods and walks out of the hanger. Ryusei then begins walking towards the Ultima Gundam. "Man I wanted to watch the first fight, guess I probably won't have enough time for that." Tetsuya then walks over to his father and wakes him up.

"We need to get the Ultima ready dad, Ryusei's fight will start soon." Yusuke then stands up and walks over to the Ultima as Ryusei is getting in and starting it up. "Ryusei, I want to make sure all the systems are working correctly so start the diagnostics." Ryusei then gives him a thumbs up. "Alright, starting it now." He then starts diagnostic for Yusuke and starts the rest of the Gundam to get it warmed up a bit.

Yumi looks at the Gundam and calls to Ryusei. "Good luck little brother, I hope you win." He then looks out at her. "Yeah me too, I hope the fight is really fun though." He then hears Yusuke, "Everything is fine Ryusei, even in this cold weather. So you shouldn't need to worry about it in your fight." Ryusei then gets out of his Gundam and picks up a cup of tea that Yumi made for him and drinks some of it. "It's really cold here, why did the Gundam Fights need to take place when it is this cold." He then gets back into the Gundam and closes the cockpit while waiting for when he needs to go to his fight.
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Post by ORegan » Thu Feb 15, 2007 4:37 pm

When Neo Ireland was introduced, many Americans as well as the people from Ireland cheered as well, as many American's on the east coast had some Irish blood in them. and for those who cheered and whistled, even more laughed at the short size and stereotypically funny look of the Leprechaun Gundam.

Sean's only words to the entire crowd was "Let's have a drink then" the crowd laughed at the fact that a 16 year old boy is asking everyone to drink. there might have been some people in the crowd saying "that's not funny, teenagers shouldn't drink" but no one paid attention to them because they don't matter.

preferring seclusion from reporters and the like, he went to a very secluded bar and asked for a pint. the bartender told him they don't sell pints in America, and that although a Gundam fighter, he still wont sell him beer. so he called up Shamus O'Fitzgerald and he brought over a case of beer curtisy of Neo Irland.

"ya lost a profit now didn't ja boy-o?"

Sean drank and watched the TV which was fixed onto the Gundam Fighters introduction. He heard Ning-Qiu's joke about beating the kids. Sean threw a bottle of Guiness at the TV and said "that ******* *****, we'll see what happens when i tear your hongy kong Gundam and kick ya back to china!"
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Post by CYNICISM AT IT'S BEST » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:14 pm

The fan-fare for Neo-Sweden's Hatchet Gundam and it's pilot was Sparse at best, most of the crowd that was from Neo-Sweden either thought that the plain looking Gundam had no chance or they were against having a criminal and drunkard like Sam Svenson representing them in the fight.

Sam said nothing at the ceremony, knowing he was less than popular with his country men, so he and his crew retreated quickly after they were done to the Stockholm, they drove it over to the hangar provided to them by Neo-America and offloaded the Hatchet Gundam onto the MS dolly.

Sam sat in the Stockholm waiting for someone to tell him when his match was and drinking of a large bottle of whiskey, he was curious which Gundam's he would have to fight in the coming days, he was also very curious about this strange Corsair state, he'd heard the were nothing but pirates who'd brashly demanded sovereignty and representation in the Gundam fight this time round.

Nikolai and a fight official came into the room Sam was in, Nikolai looked a little nervous, Sam couldn't figure out why a statue like him could be nervous and didn't really care, Nikolai started things off, "It seems that you will be fighting Neo-Japan in the second fight of this round." Sam nodded, "Alright, guess I should go make sure my Gundam is ready then eh?" Sam walked out and headed for his Gundam, there he found old Mathias working from a computer console, he walked up and set the bottle down next to the old man "Hey Mathias, this thing ready enough for my match?" Mathias nodded, he hated that Sam reffered to the Hatchet Gundam as a thing.
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Post by Dark Duel » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:26 pm

"Tudieu, il pourrais pas se taire, ce type?"
Alexandre Loussier shook his head at the whole pompous proceeding - a necessary evil, as he saw it.
He sat on the shoulder of his machine, the red-and-black Gundam Durendal.
When the announcer announced Neo-France, he stood and waved, but said nothing.

After the ceremony was over, and the Neo-French Gundam was safely stored in a secure hangar, courtesy of Neo-America - though guarded closely by Neo-French military personnel, Alex changed out of his military uniform, and put on a dark red button-down shirt, bluejeans and his ubiquitous brown leather jacket.

As he prepared to leave, a Gundam Fight official walked in.
"You will be fighting in the Sixth match, against Odel Daniels of Neo-Norway."
"Okay. Where's the battle to occur?"
"Northern Alaska."

Alex nodded, and the official left. He then addressed his security team.
"Okay, I'm going out for a bit. We'll leave for Alaska first thing in the morning."

And he walked out.

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Post by Anonymous » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:28 pm

"Hey!! Are you listening to me?"

Amir looked behind him with a confused expression. Standing about two meters behind him was Elizabeth, who looked rather annoyed.

"What? What's wrong, Liz?" asked a confused Amir.

"You're on a float in front of the entire world to see, stop standing there looking like a fool - at least wave or something" replied Elizabeth in a hushed voice.

Amir gave an apologetic look and said, "... Do I have too? It's really boring doing this, and I don't think I was made to withstand this cold weat - "

Noticing her angry expression, he cut himself off and quickly turned around, putting on a smile and started waving to everyone. Behind him, his support crew gazed out at the crowd passing by.

"When are they gonna announce us?" asked Jay, the lead mechanic for the Calypso Gundam. "which one did they announce last?"

"I think it was that weirdo from Neo Germany" stated Corin, the tech specialist. He saw Elizabeth look at him "What? I"m not the one up there in the spandex."

"You shouldn't say those kind of things with the press so close by" she said, "besides, i'm sure Mr. Mayers is a nice guy."

Amir looked back suddenly and gave them an annoyed look "Hey Guys, cut the chatter, we're next ... and who said what about my spandex?" He looked at Corin and squinted his eyes at him. Suddenly, he heard the announcer speak:


Many people in the crowd cheered in support, while others obviously did not care. Of course, he could see some were puzzled and were asking among themselves "Where's Trinidad?" "Is that part of Jamaica?" "It still exists? Didn't it sink into the ocean along time ago?"

Amir looked defeated. "... there's always people saying that."

Later, following the ceremonies, Amir stood in their private hanger looking up at the Calypso Gundam. Elizabeth walks up to him and stops at his side. "Are you okay Amir ?" she asked.

".... Yeah, i'm fine, i guess. Why do you ask? Do I look like i'm a wreck or something?" he said.

"No, not that, you just seem to be preoccupied with something..."

"Heh, well don't worry about me, i'll be fine as long as you're there to harass me into doing what i'm supposed to do," he replied with a chuckle.

Elizabeth blushed, ad looked away, "They just informed me that we're going up against Neo China - in Hawaii for the 9th match."

They started walking towards the hanger doors as Amir replied "Hawaii, eh? Well too bad i've already got a permanent tan. Although it would be nice to see you in a bikini.... "

She shot him a look and then slowly smiled, "Oh no, it won't be that easy, you've got to earn that privledge by not screwing up in this Gundam Fight"

Amir laughed, "Hmm.... that's the best motivational speech i've gotten in years!"

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Post by Strike Zero » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:33 pm

The roar of the crowd was deafening. People shrieked and cheered and flashed their cameras as the Aurora Gundam entered the stadium. Tomas was seated in the rear of a jeep just in front of the towering mobile suit. Sitting next to him was Linda, his younger sister of eighteen. She regarded the crowd and the group of reporters that would be meeting them soon with a look of disdain. "I hate it when it gets like this," she muttered. "People always seem to think it's absolutely necessary to violate every last inch of your personal space."

Tomas shared her sentiments, though he didn't show it. "It's only for a little while. Once this is over, we'll meet the others at the hanger. Then we won't have to worry about seeing another reporter until our first match."

With a sigh, Linda said, "Ellie should be grateful that she got to skip all this and go straight to the hanger along with the rest of the support crew. How did I get stuck attending the procession with you?"

"Because as my personal assistant and battle advisor," replied Tomas as he stopped the car and approached the stage, "it's your job."

"Gee, thanks."

As soon as they reached the center, a reporter was instantly at their side. She was a young woman with long flowing brown hair. "Tomas Magnusson I presume?" she said with a smile.


"From what i hear, you and the Aurora Gundam have been on a magnificent winning streak. All of your battles thus far have been quite a sight to behold."

Tomas said nothing. Instead he glanced back towards his Gundam. The mobile suit was painted blue and white, with highlights of cyan and orange over the frame. A red visor covered it's eyes and shined in the sunlight, and the devices mounted into the suit’s forearms, Aurora Gundam’s primary weapons, made it appear as if it were wearing a set of iron gauntlets. There was something else about it though. When the sun glinted off its surface, the Gundam almost appeared as if it was aglow with energy. Indeed, it truly was a sight to behold. Finally, Tomas simply said, "I suppose."

"So, does Neo-Iceland intend to take the championship this year?"

"What kind of question is that?" asked Tomas softly. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't intend to win the Gundam fight championship."

"It's true," said Linda. "He doesn't talk about anything else." She shot him a glare. "At all."

"I see," said the reporter. "From what I remember, Neo-Iceland didn't perform so well in last year's competition. According to the records your father only placed eighty second out of--"

"Stop," Tomas cut in, his voice as sharp as ice, "I’m not going to talk about that, and I don't talk about anything concerning my father. You understand?"

The reporter was momentarily too stunned to speak. "What he means is," Linda quickly interjected, "That we shouldn't reminisce on the past competition. What's important is the here and now, right?"

"I-I suppose," said the reporter, regaining her composure. She turned back to the audience. "Only time will tell whether Neo-Iceland will be able to claim the title of Gundam fight champion of the world. Am I right?"

As the crowed erupted into cheers once more, Tomas and Linda moved back to their jeep. As they did, she gave Tomas another glare. "What was that? I thought you said you would control yourself a little more once we got to the finals?”

The young man sighed. “I know. Sorry. I’ll try a little harder next time.”

The two didn’t exchange any further words as they got back in the vehicle and started off towards Neo-Iceland’s hanger bay. Tomas gave one final glance back towards the crowd. So this is the Gundam fight finals, huh? he thought. This year, me and Aurora Gundam are going to go all the way. I will win.
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Post by Ascension » Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:40 pm

Alexander MacAlpin was not happy.

He was sitting in the back of a jeep in the middle of the outrageous fanfare of the parade, while Moira Douglas was prancing around in his Gundam. He had asked the Neo-Scotland authorities to allow him to pilot the Gundam as it was being shown off during the opening ceremonies, but they had insisted he needed to be visible. Something or another about the media and public relations. Anyway, he wasn't happy about the situation. A dancing girl from a rival clan was in his Gundam, while he had to show off his face to the cameras!

On top of all that, Neo-Scotland was already getting complaints about the militaristic appearance of the Brigadoon. A petition protesting against its presence in Neo-America was going around the suburbs surrounding D.C.. Unfortunately, petition or no petition, it would be weeks before it would be able to remove itself from populated areas due to its low maximum speed.

He couldn't wait to be away from the infamous American media. He really couldn't wait to be away from people asking what's under his kilt...

Alexander MacAlpin was not happy.
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Post by Wedge14 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:43 pm

Boris looked up from his dingy corner. A young red haired kid was causing a lot of noise, it seems they don't sell alcohol to children in America. Boris watched the child with his peripheral vision enjoying his drink and occasionally playing with his mustache with his finger tips.

Strangely enough the ginger kid had a man deliver him a case of beer. Boris raised an eyebrow at this, but was soon distracted.

The television in this bar was of course covering the Gundam Fight. It was covering Neo Hong Kong’s Gundam. Some Kung-fu Gundam or something, Boris could just not hear that far.

Suddenly ginger started cursing at the TV screen and even managed to peg it with a beer bottle.

What nerve! What rudeness! It was a complete sign of disrespect not only to the patrons in the bar, but the Gundam fighter and her crew.

Boris downed his vodka and ice, and walked over to the angered spectator. The man calmly sat down right beside him. He put his glass down and silently motioned to the bark keep to refill it.

Boris then spoke looking forwards not looking at the boy, but in their reflection in the mirror. His voice was deep and hearty with a thick but understandable accent. It was epic.

”Why do you have to make mess ah?”
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Post by Folken Fanel » Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:47 pm

Odel stretched and leaned back into his seat. The rental car continued down the streets of New York slowly as it fought traffic away from the Gundam Fight parade. Neo Norway had finished about ten minutes ago, and Odel and Peter were heading towards a well known bar to discuss their first fight over drinks.

"Hey Peter, should we have brought Ludvig and Margit?" asked Odel as he reviewed footage of Neo France's Gundam, taken during its parade entrance. His friend shook his head. "Nah, Ludvig would call us gay and Margit wouldn't shut up about how we should be working."

Odel nodded and went back to examining his opponent. "Ya know, the first fight we have is in Alaska."

Peter nodded. "Yeah. The Baldor's ready for take-off. We're leaving tonight at ten." Odel looked at the digital clock in the car and saw that the time read 5:34. "Well, looks like we got about five hours to goof off."

Odel looked at the giant shapes of the Gundam Fight floats, visible through the buildings. "What a waste of time and money."
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Post by ORegan » Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:54 pm

Some strange looking Russian guy sat next to him and in a overly foreign accented sentence said ”Why do you have to make mess ah?”

"Aye, ya see that **** head from Hong kong? She disrespected mah aige, calling me a chile there on national telly, but what means does it concern you there laddie?"
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Post by Wedge14 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 7:04 pm

Boris clawed at some nearby pretzals and savagely launched them in his mouth. He chewed quietly in comparison. And took a sip from his drink.

This kid must of be a Gundam fighter. His anger was intense, somewhat amusing at the same time.

Boris turned his head and looked at the kid.

"Why the Television? It did nothing. Go take your problem out with the one who had made shame of your name. Not the Television. Don't shoot the messenger ah?"
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Post by Heretic » Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:16 pm

Part one: opening ceremony.

-Neo Canada-

Quinn didn’t mind the cold one bit, growing up in Neo Canada, and then being a professional hockey player had hardened his resolve against the biting winds of late fall. His introduction was more sedate than others. Although many Neo Canadians had turned out to cheer him on, their cheers were politely moderate. To the reporters he simply gave a smile and a subtle nod of recognition before passing them by without saying a word.

-Neo Liechtenstein-

Cheoco’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest when it came time for her name to be announced. She was actually here! The Finals! After all the times she nearly failed or beat an opponent by the skin of her teeth, she was a finalist. She felt so proud of herself and her friend Zedrich.

“For Neo Liechtenstein and pilot of the ‘Excelsior Gundam’, Cheoco T- Ts- Tsug-” The announcer started off strong with her first name but began to stumble with her surname.

Cheoco interrupted and spoke without even a hint of Japanese accent, “Don’t worry, even I have trouble saying my last name. You can just call me ‘Cheoco-Chan’.” She gave a cute little wink and blew a kiss at the camera. That combined with her pigtails cause many in the assembled audience to exclaim “So Cute!”

-Zedrich Zeppelin-

Zedrich Zeppelin soaked up every positive comment he overheard about the Excelsior. He had built a winning machine, this tournament would prove it! Those fools in the Neo Germany government would see, Zedrich was right, his theories were right! He could see it now, those Neo German politicians clamoring to apologies for firing him ‘we were wrong Dr. Zeppelin’ ‘forgive us, will do anything’ ‘you can have your own laboratory, or even a university, just come work for us again’

Oh how delightful those thoughts were. However, as confident as Zedrich was in his creation, he also knew he would have to use any means necessary to ensure his victory. He already had a few tricks and schemes in mind, but it never hurt to have a few more just in case…

-Neo Holland-

Sven loved the attention, he would toss his long golden locks and listen to all the women in Washington D.C . scream their adoration. After being announced, he spotted someone up ahead who he simply had to introduce himself to. His sudden movement brought on the attention of the camera operators and reporters, meaning all Washington D.C. was also a spectator. “Why hello there my Canadian Friend!” Sven said walking up to Quinn Patrick and putting his arm on the other man’s shoulder as if they were longtime best friends. It was apparent that they weren’t by Quinn’s stunned reaction, “It’s good that we can both be here in this tournament, although I’m told we may have to fight each other. Our nations may have a great friendship, but I expect you to give it your best when we face each other.”

Quinn looked like he was about to say something, but Sven cut him off. “How about we hit the town after things are squared away with our Gundams? Get a drink and maybe check out the local ladies, eh? We’ve got representatives from every nation packed into this city; let’s say we sweep a few of them off their feet?” Sven continued to talk about all things relating to women and what pickup lines they should use, all the way into the hangers. All the while, never letting Quinn Patrick get a word in edgewise.

-Corsair State-

Morgan gave little more than distain to anyone she saw, be they reporters or fellow Gundam Fighters. Although for just a moment, if anyone had been close enough to see and were paying close enough attention, they might have seen Morgan’s breach catch as Cheoco-Chan gave her heartstoppingly cute self introduction.

Morgan regained her composure in an instant and overcompensated for her momentary laps by glaring dangerously at everyone from the eye not covered by an eye patch.
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Post by EZero8 » Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:26 pm

--Opening Ceremony--

It was only customary for nobody to really pay attention to where some of the Gundam Fighters were sometimes. People often assume that these talented fighters would be somewhere training.

That was the case when it came to announcing the participant from Neo China. Chase Lee hadnt shown up at all, but it was well documented that he had in fact arrived at Washington DC...

--Chase Lee--


There Chase sat in Neo China's hangar, silently snoring as he slept. People close to him know very well that he never liked big parties, and the opening ceremony would simply convince Chase to rather no-show the event and get right into the location of his fight.

Neo America was his home; in fact, he was born and raised here. But unfortunate circumstances for Neo China set off a chain reaction that eventually landed Chase in a spot to fight for his ancestral nation. Thus he'd be more or less lazy in battle thanks to his indifference over the whole situation.
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Post by Psyden » Thu Feb 15, 2007 11:03 pm

“Introducing Neo-Australia’s Gundam Fighter, Blade Dundee and his Outback Gundam! Even though this is Neo-Australia’s first time in the Gundam Fights, they have managed to build a top class Gundam which has made it all the way to the Finals. Can Blade Dundee continue to beat the odds and take the title Gundam of Gundams and give Neo-Australia the right to rule over all of Earth and the Colonies?”

Blade, standing in the hand of the Outback Gundam, meekly waking. He had originally became a Gundam Fighter to get out and see the world, which he has, but he has never seen a city this large with this many people. Now, more than ever, he feels out of place, like a country simpleton who wandered into the city…

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