4GFFG: Round Three: Neo America Neo Japan

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Re: 4GFFG: Round Three: Neo America Neo Japan

Post by Attomoku » Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:23 am

"You're going to have to move," she thought to herself through the ache in her side, as the QB made to throw another pass. "move, Move, Move, MOVE!" and with a pained yell Rin threw herself forwards and to the side to avoid the first pass then rolled on the ground to the side a heartbeat later to avoid the second. Though both body and suit protested, she pushed herself up to one knee through gritted teeth and a rather undignified grunt of agony.
As the waves of pain came for the briefest of moments she thought about surrendering, but looking down she saw that next to her right hand was her Naginata and knew she couldn't live with herself if she quit now. She couldn't face Allison: who had fought desperately and gave her all against her though suffering greater than this, if she gave up while she still had a shot, no matter how slim.
With a scream of defiance Rin grabbed her Naginata and threw it javelin style right for the tentatively approaching QB, using the momentum of the throw to haul herself into a run. Grabbing her Beam saber, igniting the blade as she charged, and firing the Flamethrowers as she ran, Rin managed a single slash at the QB Gundam as her tears now fell freely.
IAN: (Shaking fist up at sky in a storm of GN particles) Science does not WORK this way, Setsuna!!!