4GFFG: Round Three: Neo Germany Neo England

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4GFFG: Round Three: Neo Germany Neo England

Post by mcred23 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:01 am

The fifth fight of Round Three is Neo Germany vs Neo England in the Urban City.
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Re: 4GFFG: Round Three: Neo Germany Neo England

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:00 pm

"I know. I KNOW," Dieter grunted, waving Aiko off of the screen in his cockpit. "Do you? You realize we saw your last fight, right? NO EXPLOSIVES THIS TIME. And take it easy on that left arm--" she lectured before he cut the connection.

"No explosives, no fun," Dieter muttered, hefting the high powered, beam-spitting MG-42 for the first time in the finals. Now that they were moving to the urban setting some of his restrictions were being lifted. In the last Gundam Fight, Neo America hadn't been exactly thrilled by his wanton destruction of anything and everything in, on or near the arena. This time the host government was practically encouraging it by stucking them in an old urban center.

He lumbered towards the rear of a crumbling building and threw a shoulder into the wall, ramming his way into its interior. Thanks to the orientation of the building's lobby area he had room to hunch over and move to the structure's front without bringing the whole thing down on top of himself. He knelt down and flipped down the MG-42's bipod, then stretched out into a prone position with the barrel of the weapon jammed through the large glass doors.

"Gundam Fight!" he yelled, his voice broadcast through the suit's speakers. Inside the cockpit he used the mobile trace controls to rack the MG's massive slide.
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