4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by teleute » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:57 am

Character sheet:
Country: Neo Pakistan
Name: Samiir Muhammad Rana
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Gundam: GF4-XXX-NPK Supahi Gundam
Fighting Style: Pata (Old Rajput Fighting Style of India)
Favourite Food: Samosas

Physical Description/Appearance: Samiir is a young man with brown eyes, longer than shoulder length wavy black hair, tan North Indian skin, a lean body, and a kind face. He most often is seen wearing his country's traditional casual wear, the salwar kameez, but with modern sneakers. His face usually has light stubble except for when he remembers to shave... which is rare.

Biography: The first-born son of a rich family and part of a prominent clan in the capital, the Rana Rajputs, Samiir has lived a life of luxury but with high expectations and pressure. His family, particularly an elderly patriarch, have expected him to bring respect and honor to his family name in either politics, business, or the armed forces. He served in his countries military after received his undergraduate education in Neo Britain and graduating one and a half years early with a B.A. in Comparative Religion and a B.Sc. in Physics. However, Samiir has maintained a deep interest in his faith, studying Sufism heavily any chance he could get. This is despite his rather irreligious family's more immediate concerns of power and wealth. Indeed, while he desires to be the best warrior he can be so he can make his family proud, Samiir is personally more interested in worship than war. Due to a combination of his martial talent, dedication, the particular design of the Neo-Pakistani mobile fighter, and his family's political power, he has been selected as Neo Pakistan's representative.

Other: Samiir is a rather polite man in formal company but is quick to become casual in less formal settings, particularly with people his own age, non-desis (desi meaning Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, etc), or "westernized" desis. He has a tendency to wax theosophical and often gets into very abstract conversations but will clam up in a second if he feels the eys of his family are on him, with the exception of his youngest sister. In his spare time he is a somewhat heavy smoker of hookah tobacco, carrying around a portable model wherever he goes, and tends to be somewhat forward in trying to get others to try out the device. He also carries at all times a khanda sword passed down to him from his grandfather. Samiir travels with his father Jamal, a stern man who wants to keep an eye on his son, and his youngest sister, 17 years old Fatima, who free from familial pressure has become a child prodigy mecha engineer/mechanic. He prays five times a day, going as far as to pause fights if he can, and takes interruptions to his prayers very seriously.

Character Art:
Samiir, Gundam Fighter
Fatima, Chief Mechanic and Engineer
Jamal, Suspicious Father

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXX-NPK
Unit type: Mobile fighter
Nationality: Neo Pakistan
Pilot: Samiir Muhammad Rana
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: Space for a pilot and his hookah, in a 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 18 meters
Weight: 18 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Compact fusion reactor
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun mounted in head, a giant Khanda sword mounted on back but hand wielded in use, a smoke generator mounted in the head's "mouth".
Optional Hand armaments: back-mountable giant hookah shield with a heat plate on the top and a more powerful smoke generator which can connect with the Gundam, large "beam tongs" attachable to skirt armor.
Ultimate attacks:
Azadi (Freedom) from Prying Eyes: Connecting a hose from its hookah shield to a port on the its "mouth," the Gundam pulls massive amounts of smoke into itself and then exhales to create an instant smoke screen.
Hidden Inquilaab (Revolution): After filling the scene with a vision reducing fog from its hookah shield or on board smoke generator and then heating it's giant Khanda on the hookah's heat plate, the Supahi Gundam attacks from a blind spot with a slash that is rumored to be able to cut through a mobile fighter in one go.
Dropping the Vase: As a desperation move, the Gundam stabs it's beam tongs into the heat plate of its hookah shield and then points the top of the shied at the enemy. As the tongs breach the shield's reactor, a massive blast of energy and smoke are released in the enemies direction until the reactor fails. This renders the shield useless until repaired or replaced but creates an incredibly destructive blast.

Technical and Historical Notes
The Supahi Gundam is Neo-Pakistani's first mobile fighter fielded for the Gundam Fight. While Neo-Pakistan had developed Mobile Fighters due to paranoia over the efforts of Neo-Indian military projects, none were very impressive. That changed due to the talent of young engineer/mechanic Fatima Rana. Creating a customized model for her brother with funding from her rich family, Neo Pakistan finally was able to field a sufficiently advanced fighter for the competition.

The main tactic of the Gundam is to use stealth after flooding an arena with smoke for cover. Relying on heat sensors, the Gundam identifies it's opponents and strikes quickly with its double sided Kanda swords and then blocks with it's hookah shield as it sinks back into the fog.

The primary weakness of the fighter is that lack a real defense without it's shield and it has no real surprises once it's fog and shield have been disabled. After it's cover is blown, the pilot must rely solely on his own martial prowess.

Power: 16 with shield, 19 without
Speed: 19 with shield, 20 without
Offence: 16 with shield, 18 without
Defence: 15 with shield, 9 without
Search: 16
Adaptability: 10
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Attomoku » Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:30 am


Seriously? no one snagged neo japan? Eh.. Okay then

Character sheet:
Country: Neo Japan
Name: Rin Kuzunoha
Age: 27
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Gundam:GF4-XXXNJP Kitsune Gundam
Fighting Style: Takenouchi-ryu (jujitsu) and Akido
Favourite Food: Croquette's

Physical Description/Appearance: A long black haired beauty with amber eyes and a wonderfully feminine figure. She can often be seen in anything from street clothes, to traditional kimonos, or from gi's, to fantastic high class dresses depending on who she is with. However is most often seen dressed in band t-shirts, jeans, and converse type sneakers.

Biography: The only daughter of Mitsubishi-Takana Heavy Industries owner, and wealthy industrialist Saito Kuzunoha, Rin Grew up in Neo Japan with everything but a present father and his affections when her mother died shortly after giving birth. As a young child she became driven to have him notice her and value her above his work and so sought for perfection in everything she did, but keep feeling unfulfilled when her father still failed to put her ahead of his work. She nearly despaired but enrolled in Takenouchi-ryu instead. There Rin found wisdom and spiritual guidance in her Sensei that she should have had in her father and moved past her despair and much of her insecurities. When not at school, she was in the dojo where she quickly blossomed, spiritually and physically. After many years of training and hard work her Sensei suggested that she become the chosen representative of the nation... But only after her selection did her business minded father come forward to help develop the Gundam.

Other: Endearing, Clever, quick witted, and more than a little mischievous the only one Rin could never seem to fool is her old Sensei. She had friend from every station in life at the dojo and can blend with any crowd easily. It's hard to dislike her. She loves to go out drinking and will always try to find someone to go with her beforehand.
Her only real weakness socially is her father, she seems to still seek his approval even if it only subconsciously and she becomes visibly insecure when he is in the same room.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNJP
Code name: Kitsune Gundam
Unit type: Mobile Fighter
Nationality: Neo Japan
Pilot: Rin Kuzunoha
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: Pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 17.6 meters
Weight: max gross 14.4 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Compact Fusion Reactor
Standard Fixed armaments: 2x 60mm Vulcan gun, mounted in head; 4x Heavy Flamethrower, each mounted on a single tail hardpoint ; 5x Beam-Barrier Emitter, each mounted on a single tail hardpoint;
Optional Fixed armaments: 2x Beam Blade, each mounted on a single tail hardpoint; 3x 90mm machinegun, each mounted on a single tail hardpoint;
Optional hand armaments: 1x Heat Naginata [stored in recharge rack on back], 1x Beam saber [stored in recharge rack on hip], 16x "Sutra" flexible capacitors [stored in recharge racks in arms]
Ultimate attacks: "Exorcism" A series of raid blows, each blow attaches a Sutra capacitor, when the blows are through, a command is given and every capacitor on the opponent discharges simultaneously- electrocuting the suit and sending massive feedback pain to the pilot, often enough to have him pass out, surrender, or stun him long enough for an opening to strike.

Technological and Historical data: Designed to emulated the spirit foxes of legend, this Gundam is one of a few machines in the tournament built with a feminine figure in mind, distinguished by its nine arrayed tails, each with a singe hardpoint for mounting weapons/equipment in the tip. Four tails each hold a heavy flamethrower apiece for a medium ranged arsenal. The remaining five of its nine tails are used to house the suits' greatest technical achievement: a directional energy barrier developed by Mitsubishi-Takana Heavy Industries: The Shield of Heaven. The shield is not without its flaws though, it is highly prone to overload by sustained beam fire and is not capable of stopping melee beam weapons, though it does dampen the blow from such attacks. However that sword cuts both ways as her own attacks are dampened as well if attempting to cut through the barrier with her saber. Additionally, the shield can only protect directly in front or directly in back, Rin must actively keep the barrier between her and her opponent, and destroying even just a single emitter renders the system useless. However since the system is finicky and prone to failure, the five emitters are often swapped before battle with three 90mm machineguns and two beam blades to maximize its offensive potential.
The "Sutras" are another development by Mitsubishi-Takana. They are a large, relatively thin, and flexible capacitors originally designed for mobile suit sub-systems but some enterprising engineer figured out that they might be used offensively if they could be stuck to the surface of an MS and triggered remotely to electrocute and opponent. One electrically conductive metal adhesive later from R&D, the "Sutra" was born. The Capacitor's are charged from whatever's leftover of the reactor's power and are stored in the underside of the Kitsune Gundam's wrists for quick access. Its hands are coated with a special polymer that prevents the adhesive from sticking. The same engineer who devised the Sutras theorized that if discharged at the exact time the burst of electricity and resulting formation of a magnetic field might be able to dissipate a megaparticle beam but so far no one has been desperate or crazy enough to try.

STATS: With Shīrudo ten no (Shield of Heaven):
Power: 10
Speed: 15
Offence: 17
Defense: 15
Search: 11
Adaptability: 18

Power: 10
Speed: 15
Offence: 18
Defense: 11
Search: 11
Adaptability: 19
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Zangetsu » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:05 am


Country: Neo England
Name: Karl Franz the III
Age: 31
Height: 6'2
Weight: 163 lbs
Gundam: GF4-013NEL Knict Gundam
Fighting Style: Sword and Steel
Favourite Food: Usually perfers a good soup, though it doesn't really matter what kind.

Physical Description/Appearance: A rather tall pale-skinned, man of noble decent. With short cut and styled brown hair and beard. Karl usually is seen in the cerimonial mantale and tdor bonnet, with a pair of black trousers and blue tailcoat undernieth. As typical with the amount of training he endured as a gundam fighter Karl is quite fit with broad shoulders and light, but firm muscles. He is know to be quite pompus, though would never be one to admit it. This has often lead him into conficts with fighters from other nations. Karl always follows his Nation's orders to the letter and seeks to win the Gundam Fight this year for that very purpose.

Biography: Knight Karl Franz the III was born onto the Neo England Colony to Earl and Countess Franz. From an early age his father Earl Karl Franz the II, trained the boy to be the gundam fighter he is today. Both father and son shared a love for the middle ages and the knights of old. Young Franz grew up hearing the Arthurian Legends, the Story of Saint George, and other tales of heroic knights. This lead the Franz to join the Order of the Garter, at the age of 27. Once there he found the status of being a knight, but none of the adventure not glory. Missing his chance at the last gundam fight Karl has returned in the 4th, questing as it were to obtain for nation and family.


Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-013NEL
Code name: Knict Gundam
Unit type: close combat mobile fighter
Nationality: Neo England
Pilot: Karl Franz the III
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 19.35 meters
Weight: 12.47 metric tons base; 18.23 metric tons fully armed
Construction: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: ultra compact fusion reactor
Fixed armaments: heat spatha, stored in scabard on left side hip, hand-carried in use; halberd, stored on left side of backpack, hand-carried in use; great sword, stored on right side backpack, hand-carried in use; shield, mounted on left forearm, can be hand-carried; 2 x 80mm vulcans, fire-linked, mounted in head
Ultimate attacks:
"Geleafa Shield" Focusing energy through the shield, the Knict can fire out a powerful beam of energy.
"Geleafa Strike" Like the Geleafa Shield energy is focused into the blades of the Knict coating them in beam energy, alowing them to more easily cut through armor.

Technological and Historical data:
The GF4-013NEL Knict Gundam, made by Neo England is very much the steriotypical knight. Along the outside frame along the body it is encased in thick gundarium armor plates, refered to as Plate Armor allowing it better defence then the typical gundam at the lose of speed. Special combat sensors are included in the head which sacrifice the function of long-range data obtaining in exchange for the optimum efficiency in close-range. This allows the Knict to responded rather quickly to any attack in close proximity. Long ranged attacks are uneffected as they eminate from outside the sensors' field. Along with these unique features the Knict, since it lacks traditional beam weapons, can focus the energy into either it's shield or other weapons to unleash devastating attacks.

With the Plate Armor
Power: 16
Speed: 7
Offence: 18
Defence: 19
Search: 15
Adaptability: 10
Total: 85

Without the Plate Armor
Power: 16
Speed: 13
Offence: 18
Defence: 13
Search: 15
Adaptability: 10
Total: 85
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Donna Strife » Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:15 am

Character sheet:
Portrait Image
Country: Neo Ryūkyūs
Name: Makii Kuninaka
Age: 25
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 111 lbs
Gundam:GF4-XXXNRK Shisa Gundam
Fighting Style: "Champloo Karate" and Kyusho-jitsu
Favourite Food: Chanpurū

Physical Description/Appearance: Makii is a young woman with good-looks ("hot" in a somewhat trashy way as opposed to pretty or beautiful) and long messy blue-black hair. Her eyes are brown, but she wears blue contacts, and her skin is distinctly tanned. During the competition she can usually be found wearing a long skirt with a white and yellow bingata pattern and a purposefully revealing red robe with a sea blue trim. She only wears a light amount of makeup, usually just lip balm and eyeshadow, but she takes care to always be manicured with sharp nails. When fighting she goes barefoot but otherwise she wears wedge-heeled sandals that are just a size too large for her. On her left ankle is a tracking bracelet.

Biography: The only daughter of two gifted martial artists, Makii was raised in the tradition of Okinawan/Ryukyuan fighting styles since she was born. Her mother died at a young age without having any other children, leaving Makii as the sole heir to her family's particular school and dojo unless she marries. Her father raised her as a daddy's girl in the years before high school but as she grew older he started to pressure her to find a husband to be a male head of the school. As the pressure grew, she started rebelling against her father's commands and became more distant. Even though she loves martial arts, she resented having her future desired for her. She eventually dropped out of high school and started committing high stakes robbery and other serious crimes, aided by her intense martial arts training and knowledge of pressure points. By the time she was 22 she was on the nation top ten most wanted list. During an attempt to rob Neo Ryūkyūs' national bank, her group was ambushed by the authorities, who revealed that they had a mole in her gang. With the government needing a skilled fighter for the upcoming Gundam Fight, she was offered the chance to compete or face a long prison sentence. She took the obvious choice.

Other: Something of a spoiled brat, Makii continues to act like a teenager even though she is in her mid-twenties. She avoids responsibility at all cost but is charismatic and upbeat as long as she isn't being challenged. She become hostile at the mention or sight of her father and generally refuses to talk about him. Her moral compass is somewhat skewed, being completely fine with cheating and crime, but she will protect the people she cares about. This includes her father, but she would never admit it.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNRK
Code name: Shisa Gundam
Unit type: Mobile Fighter
Nationality: Neo Ryūkyūs
Pilot: Makii Kuninaka
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: Pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 17.9 meters
Weight: max gross 5 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Compact Fusion Reactor
Standard Fixed armaments: 2x 45mm vulcan gun mounted in the head; beam claws tipping the digits of each hand and foot, flame thrower mounted in the mouth.
Optional hand armaments: 2 x beam cestus, flat mountable on the Gundam's rear skirt armor.
Ultimate attacks:
"Ninjibusharu uppi nindin sumabiin. (Sleep as much as you want to)" The Shisa Gundam ducks and weaves out of each of its enemies incoming attacks and hits a different pressure point between each move. Before the opponent realizes its mistake, it is crippled until restarting it's systems.
"Kuma wutooti yukwibushan. (I want to rest here)" In a flash, the Shisa Gundam latches on to its opponent with it foreward beam claws, sinking the talons in so the Gundam cannot be shaken off. With its back beam claws, quick work is made of the exterior armor of its pray.
"Wannee an umuran. (I don't think so)" Often used as a surprise attack at close range, a panel on what would be the Gundam's mouth opens and shoots flames. It can shoot a steady and large stream at close range or smaller projectiles at long range.

Technological and Historical data: Declaring independence from Neo Japan in the chaos surrounding the original flight to space, Neo Ryūkyūs has struggled to wean itself off the influence of Neo Japan and Neo America. Despite its best efforts and the somewhat controversial patronage of Neo America, the country is only barely able to keep up with the greater nations of the Earth Sphere. The current entry into the competition is the nation's first, representing the pinnacle of its technological knowledge. While it contains few gimmicks, it is engineered to be a sturdy fighter despite having a more delicate feminine frame. It is modeled off the mythological Shisa lion-dog, with beam claws in its hands and feet, a tail for increased balance control, and a lion-like mane that doubles as a sensory array. The shisa were associated with fire and the Gundam is equipped with a hidden flame thrower in its head. It's weakness are a subpar power plant and an over emphasis on offense and speed at the expensive of defense. The Gundam is sturdy but not particularly well armored.

Note: By the time of the 12th Gundam fight, Neo Ryūkyūs has voluntarily merged with Neo Japan after years of economic and social instability.

Power: 11
Speed: 20
Offence: 18
Defense: 13
Search: 14
Adaptability: 10
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by PhantomBread » Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:41 am

Approved Wedge14
Character sheet:
Country: Neo-Greece
Name: Polynikes Zabat
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 231 lb.
Gundam: GF4-XXX-NGC Hoplite Gundam
Fighting Style: Neo-Spartiate Style
Favorite Food: Pork Gyros

Physical Description/Appearance:
An imposing bear of a man, Polynikes Zabat has a combination of rugged handsomeness and bulked physique that make him a fine example of physical fitness. It is not without reason that his nickname is often Kallistos, meaning beautiful or handsome. He has dedicated himself to what he believes is the ideals of ancient spartan, however rose-tinted this view may be, and as a result he pushes himself to further heights of skill and fitness, a fact that has admittedly taken a toll on his social life. He wears his dark hair short, to keep it out of his eyes, and his blue eyes have a rather shockingly deep shade for someone who acts as brutish as he does. He has yet to mark up his body with too many scars or marks, though most of his training is theoretical, rather then practical, and his entrance into the Gundam Fighter is sure to add a few new marks to his body.

Polynikes Zabat was born in Sparti, Laconia, a prefecture of Greece, to a father who was a blatant laconophile who raised his son on stories of the glory of ancient Greece and, in particular, that of ancient sparta. Daily calisthenics for hours at a time, followed by hours in a classroom learning about their history and how it influenced the world were Polynikes childhood, and it was not until, at the age of twelve, when his father died of a heart attack and his estranged mother came to retrieve him and take him to the colonies that he realized any life outside of this.

On the colonies, he maintained his physical regiment, managing to win over a number of young boys with his fitness and popularity with the girls and start a sort of neo-agoge. Left mostly alone by his mother, Polynikes was able to indulge his own laconophilia and, in part, transfer it to that of his new gang. Naming them the Neo-Spartiate, they grew to sufficient enough size and recognition to earn Polynikes a place in the running for the upcoming Gundam fight.

Through seer determination, Polynikes earned this spot, taking his place as the pilot of the Hoplite Gundam, and a very public arena to spread his laconophilia, something he intends to exploit for all it's worth.

Does not like to use the Hoplite Gundam's beam rifle, despite it being a general part of it's arsenal. He usually fights without it even being equipped.

Polynikes Zabat has a small support crew mostly formed from members of his Neo-Agoge unit, as well as one of the designers of the Hoplite Gundam.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXX-NGC
Code name: Hoplite Gundam
Unit type: mobile fighter:
Nationality: Neo-Greece
Pilot: Polynikes Zabat
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: head height: 16.7 meters; overall height: 17.1 meters;
Weight: empty 14.7 metric tons; max gross 29.7 metric tons
Construction: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; beam xiphos, stored in recharge rack on left hip, hand-carried in use; 9 x phalanx bit, stored in recharge rack on back; Hoplite plating, mounted on body, electable; 2 x ground lock claw-spike, mounted on legs;
Optional hand armaments: Hoplite dory; Hoplite shield, optionally stored on back; beam rifle, optionally stored on rear skirt;
Ultimate attacks: Phalanx Formation; Crushing Surge;

Technological and Historical data:
Built around a general frame and then upgraded to the specifications requested by Polynikes when he was made pilot, the Hoplite Gundam was originally a far more general purpose machine, equipped with a standard layout of beam sabers, vulcans, and a beam rifle to round it off. However, intending to use it as an example of his neo-spartiate style, Polynikes had the unit extensively remodeled into it's current form.

The first of the changes was to remodel the mobile fighter's shield; he wanted one that could replicate the defensive prowess of the hoplite formation. In response, the designers supplied him with a shield utilizing a defensive field generator similar to that of a beam weapon, without the beam. The result was an extremely resilient shield capable of deflecting enemy weapons, but in exchange was somewhat heavy, often tiring the wielder in prolonged fights. Polynikes was so pleased with this, however, that he had the designers create pieces of armor, resembling those of a greek hoplite, for the mobile suit. These plates protect the chest, lower arms, lower legs, and head of the mobile suit, and may be ejected should the pilot deem them more dangerous to continue using then protective. The unit is lightly armored otherwise, making these plates the only real protection, creating zones of great defense offset by near zero protection.

Secondly, Polynikes requested a spear in the old style, called a dory, to be made for the suit. The tip of the weapon is a half-length beam saber blade, while at the haft a curved heat spike is located. The entire weapon measures twenty meters long, granting the suit extensive reach, but making the weapon useless after a certain range. Polynikes also asked one of the beam sabers to be removed, and the other remodeled and shifted to the suit's hip. Another minor change was the inclusion of a pair of ground holding fold-down claw-spikes on the rear of the units legs, allowing it to latch onto the ground and hold firm, or, if enterprising, latch onto the enemy with a kick.

The suit was modified with large thrusters on both the front, back, and sides of the units knees and legs, as well as increasing the size of the thrusts on the suit's back, making it more mobile and able to quickly change directions or fall back to better utilize the long range of it's dory.

For the final touch, Polynikes requested something that could replicate the power of the phalanx formation. Scrambling for a response, one enterprising designer looked to new technology of bits. Although only newly made, he realized that by removing weaponry and combining the bits with the defensive technology of the Hoplite shield and plating, they could provide an answer to Polynikes, thus creating the Phalanx Bits, small defensive circles that generate a defensive field around half the size of the unit's shield, and can link up to form a larger protective field. Thus, Polynikes is able to assume a one man phalanx formation.

Adapting to the unit in short time, Polynikes quickly developed two ultimate attacks for the suit. The first of these, Phalanx Formation, involved him assuming his defensive stance, locking down his ground spikes to give leverage, and then arranging his phalanx bits in a tight semi-circle, unifying the defensive field of the bits with that of his shield and creating a near impenetrable wall of defense in exchange for attack flexibility. The second move was the Crushing Surge; the mobile suit rushes forward in a full-body shield slam, using the phalanx bits to augment the charge and crush the enemy from multiple directions.

Power: 17
Speed: 16
Offense: 14
Defense: 21
Search: 9
Adaptability: 9
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Cybaster » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:17 pm

(And here we go.)

Country: Neo-Japan
Name: Misao Tachibana
Age: 15
Height: 4'8
Weight: 118pds
Gundam: None (non-combatant)
Fighting Style: None; Believed to possess undeveloped Psychic potential
Favourite Food: Rice cakes

Physical Description/Appearance: A young girl with short, frizzy brown hair and big, round brown eyes, and a lively expression. Although like Rin she wears a variety of clothes pending on the situation, Misao's choice of clothes often prioritize comfort over anything else, even functionality; As such, she tends to favor light, casual shirts and pants most of the time, even when it might be inappropriate in certain events and situations, and has a very notable dislike of traditional kimonos.

Misao is the daughter of a well-known Robotics Scientist and Physiotherapist by the name of Naoya Tachibana, who at the time was one of the chief scientists working for Shimazu Developments, mainly responsible for the implementation and adjustment of chosen martial artist candidates into Gundam Fighters and hence had been closely involved with Neo-Japan's Gundam Fight interests; While it was natural for Misao to take an equal interest in her father's work, however (a career that Misao's mother Sachiko silently supported but otherwise didn't care for imposing onto her daughter), that simply wasn't the case with her. Instead, Misao found herself taking on an almost unhealthy love for Pocket Travellers, another popular phenomenon hitting Neo-Japan at the time involving collectible, small cute pets that can fight each other in duels, and Naoya (also said to be a Pocket Travellers fan in his own right) actively encouraged Misao to focus her energies on that fanbase.

As such, growing up, Misao wasn't nearly as obsessed with Gundam Fighting as a typical Neo-Japanese schoolchild would be, and didn't care much for the intrigues surrounding the 3rd Gundam Fight. Misao grew up energetic, optimistic, and quick-thinking during her enrollment at the Uesugi Kenshin Middle School, but although Misao otherwise was very lively and well-equipped to succeed, her grades were a little uneasy due to her easy absorption into her Pocket Travellers hobbies and tends to be a bit lazy when it comes to work. This was cause for her teachers' concern, naturally, which prompted them to suggest that Naoya allow Misao to accompany the Neo-Japanese representative, Rin Kuzunoha, as an observer for the 4th Gundam Fight with the hopes that Rin (and the general atmosphere of the Gundam Fight) would inspire Misao into taking her schoolwork more seriously. (Naoya was initially opposed to this, but eventually gave way when Misao asked to go as well.)

Soon, afterwards, given both her parents' permission, Misao would accompany Rin to the 4th Gundam Fight on Earth with her teachers' hopes that it would inspire her to do better in school... (Although in all honesty, Misao was probably just hoping for some time off from classes. 8) )

It is believed at one point that Misao actually has undeveloped Psychic abilities that are very unlikely to take shape at all without intense training (and with Misao, good luck with that!), but it is unknown how she could possibly have that. Misao, although well-liked, lively and easily amused, is also an avid Pocket Travellers fan, and is unlikely to lose her love for it anytime soon --- in fact, as long as Misao was having fun, she cares very little about winning or losing. She is also accompanied nearly at all times by a loyal companion created by her father Naoya --- a robotic 2ft tall monkey named a 'Flameonkey', completely identical appearance-wise to the Pocket Traveller --- that is capable of creating flames ranging from blazing hot to extremely low-intensity and behaves (and fights) as closely to the actual Pocket Traveller as possible. Flameonkey's main purpose, aside from serving as a companion, is to protect Misao during emergencies, offsetting Misao's complete inability to fight by herself.

Gundam Character sheet: (Only on the off-chance that the s*** hits the fan outside of the Gundam Fights near the vein of the Devil Gundam itself, but we all know there's absolutely no chance of that happening at all, really. None. Not at all. :P )
Model number: GF4-XXXNJ2
Code name: Starqueen Gundam
Unit type: Prototype Mobile Fighter
Nationality: Neo-Japan
Pilot: None
First deployment: FC20
Accommodation: Pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 21.4 meters
Weight: Max gross 10.5 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium Alloy
Powerplant: Ultra Compact Fusion Reactor
Fixed armaments: Psychic Amplifier x1, mounted on head; Barrier Emitter x1, mounted on chest; Scattering Beam Cannon x many, fire-linked, mounted on skirt armor
Optional hand armaments: None
Ultimate attacks:
Teleport --- The Starqueen Gundam can move with shorts boosts of immense speed, giving it the appearance of 'instantaneously teleporting itself' a short distance away using its Psychic Amplifier, confusing its enemies or escaping from battle.
Starburst --- The Starqueen Gundam's Scattering Beam Cannons on its skirt armor fire as the Gundam spins, sending a burst of star-shaped beams flying at enemies all around it.
Light Screen --- The Starqueen Gundam emits a protective polygon of light around itself, or another Gundam, that deflects most manners of attacks from opponents for 3 minutes. This field can only be placed upon one target at a time, however.
Psychic --- Amplifying Misao's psychic ability into a crude form of offensive telekinesis, the Starqueen Gundam uses its Barrier Emitter to close and hold an opponent (even multiple opponents around it) with its Barrier Field, immobilizing it from moving; In that state, the Starqueen Gundam could either telekinetically damage its opponent by slamming it around and crushing it, or keep a number of enemies from attacking in a form of Crowd Control while the Starqueen Gundam's other allies could focus easier on subjugating any other remaining threats.

Technological and Historical data:
The Starqueen Gundam was the remnant culmination of a covered-up, secretive scandal by Neo-Japanese Army Aggressionists during the events of the 1st Gundam Fight known as the 'Yuriko Omega Incident' --- where an attempt by the Neo-Japanese Army to create powerful psychic assassins for the express purpose of assassinating Gundam Fighters from other nations went awry and instead destroyed half of the Army Ministry Headquarters in Kyoto within 3 minutes. Naoya Tachibana, Misao's father, was involved in this incident against his will, and when events developed during the 4th Gundam Fight that put his daughter Misao in grave danger, Naoya used his personal resources and involvement in the Gundam Fight to dig up an unfinished prototype leftover from the Yuriko Omega Incident, modify it to his daughter's interests in Pocket Travellers, and send it down to Earth to assist her and Rin.

Both mechanically and aesthetically upgraded, the Starqueen Gundam has a surprisingly fluid appearance for a Gundam Fighter of its time, virtually identical to the actual Starqueen (number #138 in Pocket Travellers; A Psychic-type) in appearance except for the trademark Gundam V-Fin. As Naoya modified the Starqueen Gundam to match his daughter's interests, however, he also modified its armaments to contain only four attacks as per the fandom; Its main armament, requiring a pilot or Gundam Fighter with psychic potential, is a Psychic Amplifier and Barrier Emitter that converts a psionicist's Psychic energy into a tangible barrier of force that could be manipulated either into a defensive field to protect from attacks, or an offensive barrier to contain and immobilize enemies. This emitter, in conjunction with the Starqueen Gundam's sleek shape, light weight and own propulsion, also allows the Starqueen Gundam to exhibit independent, high-speed flight capabilities. Additional attacks include firing bursts of star-shaped beams against opponents around the Gundam using its Scattering Beam Cannons, and the ability to seemingly 'teleport' short distances using short speed boosts to evade attacks or escape from battle. Like Misao, however, the Starqueen Gundam's psychic abilities are mainly to offset the Gundam's inability to physically fight, and it becomes extremely vulnerable if an enemy manages to bypass the Starqueen Gundam's defences and close into melee --- as such, while it would be an effective unit to protect Misao and aid the other Gundam Fighters to deal with the impending crisis, the Starqueen Gundam by itself is weak, and hence is extremely ill-suited for actual Gundam Fighting.

Power: 4
Speed: 20
Offence: 12
Defence: 20
Search: 20
Adaptability: 12
Total: 88
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Tangerine » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:40 am

Country: Neo Switzerland
Name: Marcella Värme
Age: 25
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Gundam: GF4-XXXNSZ Wizard Gundam
Fighting Style: -
Favourite Food: milk pudding with apple

Physical: Looks much younger than her age, Marcella has long white hair with bright red ruby eyes. Very calm attitude which covered her quick wit and lightning fast reaction. She posses a tremendous inner charm that radiates from her eyes and soothing voice.

Biography: Not really a fighter but mastered fencing as family hobby. Hand picked to pilot Gundam because her other ability that came from her long ancestry in old language. Other suspected it to be heavily related to supernatural power.

Other: As the head of her family, Marcella brought along several of her aides to look after her when she keep focus on the tournament. Her Gundam was tended by professional Swiss Technician which all wore the country’s white cross in red shield logo.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXX-NSZ
Code name: Wizard Gundam
Unit type: mobile fighter
Nationality: Neo Switzerland
Pilot: Marcella Värme
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: head height: 16 meters
Weight: empty 7.5 metric tons; max gross 11.9 metric tons
Construction: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor
Fixed armaments: “Frozen Pillar”, staff wielded on right hand. Capable of firing beams and also good for close combat. Seven independent bits, 1 in use as shield. Multipurpose knife.


Speed: 12


Flash Froze: Instantly frozen its target and everything else in the area. It can only be used once each battle. Second usage is very risky. Any Gundam that hit by it will receive slow effect that lingers until the end of the fight.

Silent Glacier: The Gundam’s killing strike, firing 7 cold white beams toward the enemy instantly inflicting heavy internal damage especially if the target is immobile.

Summoning: Physically summoning ice creatures to fight. There is not enough data to conclude whether this is trickery by science or pure witchcraft.

Other: Neo Switzerland build their Gundam to remind them of their Alps mountain range. The new Victorinox Bit System made the Gundam to possess ability almost similar to witchcraft. It was done by using the max potential of the 7 Bits although gossip of actual magic being used is still hotly debated.

*** Building this bio after googling Wizard Gundam which can be seen below http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2010/03/ ... mages.html kinda cute, don't u think ^^! ***

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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Kyuzo Aoi » Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:10 am

Could I join this RPG? I am just asking.
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Wedge14 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:24 pm

Yes you can! I need one more player! (not counting Robo Jason MK II) So if you want to sign up i'll save a space for you!
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Robo Jason Mk1 » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:00 pm

-Updated at new post-
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by thatguyent » Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:24 am

Character sheet:
Country: Neo Israel
Name: Even Tzon
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Gundam: Gundam Malakhim
Fighting Style: Krav Maga
Favourite Food: Dandelion Soup, and Honey Candies

Physical Description/Appearance:

Even is a slender young man for his height, with however a pair of strongly set shoulders, and very toned musculature throughout his body. He has a firmly set jaw, which is somewhat narrow, and a pair of deep bluish silver eyes (once met an Israeli girl with eyes that looked like this, they were AMAZING! I could have died happy that night, too bad she was only here on vacation visiting family in the states :( .) His hair is a semi-tan shade of blonde, that almost matches akin to the golden sand of the deserts surrounding his nation. His skin is well tanned, although not as dark as most of the people of his nation, being that his genetics still show some of the Czech heritage from his ancient 20th century ancestors. He can usually be found wearing a pair of black fatigue pants, and a black threaded double knit, black strapped, white A-shirt tank top, which tightly fits over his lean muscular abdomen. His left arm has a tattoo upon the bicep of a praying figure, who's head is surrounded by a golden corona of light. His right arm has the words "Within his grasp, none shall harm me, for I am safe with the lord," an old adage he was taught by his Martial Arts instructor mother, across the bicep as well.


Even is the son of a female Krav Maga master, and a deceased Gundam Fighter father. His three elder sisters have all studied Krav Maga with him from their mother throughout their lives, and when given the chance to enter the Gundam Fight in honor of their father, all four siblings entered their nation's application process. Heart broken, because she had lost her husband mysteriously during the first Gundam Fight (which he had participated in), the children's mother Ariel entered in to the tournament too, hoping to lessen the chances of one of her children becoming the Gundam Fighter for their country. However, Even was the victor in the final battle royale for the right to represent their nation in the Gundam Fight, which came to the surprise of all, as he had used the least heavily armed Mobile Fighter seen in the whole tournament.

After his victory, Even, though a minor, began training in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as preparation for the coming Gundam Fight, and to help the impetuous your pilot mature. Adding impressive active military response and combat training to his already incredible close combat self defense capabilities while training with the IDF, Even was soon sent to the surface homeland of Israel as a right of passage, so that he could walk the streets of the nation's ancient holy city of Jerusalem, before going on to Tel Aviv, where he would then return to the colonies for the finals of the Gundam Fight tournament.

Having officially maximized his combat efficiency by traveling to the already famous Guyana Highlands upon suggestion of a strange black garbed man wearing white face paint (Could if be the current Black Joker? Dun Dun Dun...), Even has finally returned to the colonies, and now plans to face off against the world's most dangerous fighters, and hopefully discover the mysterious cause of his Father's death.

Even is an easily excitable sort, being very young for a Gundam Fighter, and thus can always be seen watching the other tournament finals matches from the crowd, always cheering for the "Face" nation's pilot, and booing the "Heels."

The young fighter's interests also extend to music, of which he is an avid fan of antique American Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and even Country, much to the chagrin of his team.

Supported by his Mother, as a personal trainer and down time body guard, who while not able to defeat her son in the mass melee at the end of their nation's tournament, had almost destroyed his superior mobile fighter's right arm, quite a feat for a woman piloting her husband's decade old unit. IDF Intelligence Operative Shania Aslev, a tough as nails, and not much better conversationalist (though her brother Malach has on multiple occasions pointed out that she "never worry about me like you do Even," or that "she looks at him like the sun rises with his first morning foot step, as if the fate of the whole world, not just our careers, is carried on his shoulders") as a strategic adviser. Then last but not least, Malach Aslev, the elder brother of Shania, and chief mechanical engineer and designer of the Malakhim. Though the eldest of the group other then Even's mother, Malach is a surprisingly laid back type, with a joker's streak, who gets along excellently with the excitable, constantly pranking Even.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNIs
Code name: Gundam Malakhim
Unit type: mobile fighter
Nationality: Neo Israel
Pilot: Even Tzon
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 16.7 meters
Weight: 15.8 metric tons
Construction: gundarium alloy over super monocque composite frame
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power rating unknown

Fixed armaments:

2x Head mounted Vulcan Cannon, 45 mm, Fire Linked, primarily meant for distraction and anti aircraft purposes, they are the one almost constant of all Mobile Fighters and Mobile Suits;

2x Long Beam Saber, while the name would make someone believe the concept men Long Blade, it actually refers to the length of the handles, which the Malakhim uses as melee weapons as much as possible, without igniting the blades (power rating unknown) so as not to cause too much permanent damage to an opponent's mobile fighter;

2x Shell Firing Desert Phoenix Anti-Mobile Suit Pistol, giant caliber weapons designed exclusively for the use of the Malakhim by the Israeli Military Industries corporation (IMI);

6 Point Perfect Shield, A special shield that contains six small missile tubes, and six small beam daggers, although it can not be used in conjunction with the BTAR or the Beam Uzis do to the high energy requirement for each drawing away too much generator power to use the 6 beam daggers mounted along the circle's edge in their saw capacity.

Optional hand armaments:

1x BTAR-20FC Beam Bullpup Assault Rifle, power rating unknown, back pack mounted, hand carried in use, can only be used in conjunction with the Desert Phoenix twin pistols and beam sabers only, not the Beam Uzi SMG's;

2x Beam UZI Sub-machine Guns, power rating unknown (approximately half of the BTAR-20FC's), can be equipped with Desert Phoenix twin solid munitions firing pistols, and beam sabers only.

Ultimate attacks:

"The First Message:" More of a preparatory type attack then anything else, the Malakhim will attack an enemy once with each type of weapon available to it, by using a special cycling system, firing one round, or making one melee strike, with each available piece of equipment, before stepping back behind its shield, which is still dangerous in its own right, warning enemies not to take the Malakhim lightly.
"Second Missive:" A defensive technique, in which the Long Beam Saber's baton mode is used to disarm an incoming enemy as they attempt to make a melee strike, warning them against such action.

"The Star Leads the Way:" A massive high power slash using the beam saw function of the 6 Point Perfect Shield's beam daggers, which for this attack are pumped full of the maximum draw of power from the Malakhim, increasing the blades length to twice that of a beam saber, making a mobile suit sized helicopter propeller of beam energy project from the edge of the upturned shield.

"In His Hands:" Again the energy cells of the shield are over loaded by the Malakhim, causing the dagger blades to bend out to surround the Mobile Fighter in a bubble of reflective beam energy, however as with the "Star Leads the Way" attack maneuver, this technique drains heavily from the Mobile Fighter's generator, greatly reducing combat ability for a time.

"The Hero's Star:" Channeling all of the mobile fighter's power in to its palms, the Malakhim begins to perform a Kata derived from the many martial arts that helped develop Krav Maga, eventually creating a Star of David in front of it by interconnecting the loose beam particles it has left behind with it's motions, this can then be pushed in to an enemy with a melee strike, or shattered creating a massive beam of collected energy, by two open palms connecting to it from behind, by the Malakhim, marking it as its last ditch ultimate attack, because it almost completely drains its generator of current charge when performed.

Technological and Historical data:
Developed as a multi-purpose mobile fighter the Malakhim (or messenger) was meant to be a representative of the continued resilience of a nation that has lead a walked upon and down trodden existence. No matter what the cost, and what they have been put through however, the Israeli government, and its supportive people, have always pushed forward. That has been shown in this improved version of the Mobile Fighter which was used by the heroic young Even for his entry in to his people's Gundam Fighter tournament.

Having worked closely with the genius engineer Malach and his men, Even developed a unit that not only leaned itself easily toward his preferred style of empty hand combat, with its relatively light weight, and alarmingly high speed, but also gave it the well rounded multi functional abilities desired by the IDF who sponsored the Gundam Fighter.

Marked with the emblem of their Nation upon its left shoulder, and armed with hundreds of years of Israeli fighting and technological know how, the Mobile Fighter known as the Malakhim Gundam shall bring hell on earth down on any opponent who stands before it in this, the Fourth Gundam Fight!

Power: 17
Speed: 18
Offence: 16
Adaptability: 17

Hope this profile is more to the group's liking, and fits more what you're looking for in the form of Mobile Fighters involved in the history of their nation. I hope you guys at least know something about Israel so this wont seem as non-Israeli as my Neo-Hawaii profile seemed non-Hawaiian (though I don't know how since the thing was based on surfing, and Hawaiian martial arts, but oh well).
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by thatguyent » Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:34 pm


Character sheet:
Country: Neo Spain
Name: Caleb Enrique Cruz
Age: 23
Height: 6'
Weight: 184 lbs.
Gundam: Gundam Leónprincipe (Lion Prince translated to Spanish, and combined to form one word)
Fighting Style:
La Verdadera Destreza (Spanish style Sword and Dagger fencing, i.e. Espada y Daga) for weapons combat;
Yawara Jitsu (Modified Spaniard form of Kempo/Kenpo derived from the Japanese style of said martial art) for unarmed combat
Favourite Food: Seafood Paella, and Polvorone Short bread

Physical Description/Appearance:

The brown haired green eyed son of a respected Neo Spanish dignitary, Caleb carries himself as such. Always dressed to impress, whether it be for a dignitary's business meeting, where he would wear one of his three piece suits, with tails and all. Or whether it be out at the night clubs with his team of engineers, including his childhood best friend Miguel Andres Ortiz, where he would wear a more casual but still very well crafted button down shirt, and high price denim pants. Even in combat, the dignitary's son in Caleb doesn't take its leave, a he enters his mobile trace jump suit wearing the cross that has stayed with his family for the last 500 plus years.

When it comes to his own physical description, Caleb is tall, somewhat light of skin for one of his typically olive tanned Latin heritage. With squared shoulders, and a decently tall height of six feet, he is however build somewhat slenderly, which he says only makes him that much better of a swordsman, do to his lighter weight allowing him to move with much more fluidity. His jawline is firm, and somewhat cleft, but still pointed rather delicately. He has a fair nose, and high cheek bones, with eyes the same color as Jade. His hair is almost always tied back behind his face in a tight pony tail, as his long locks are left to grow until just about his shoulders. His bangs will occasionally come loose of their confinement, leaving one of two strands of light brown hanging over his pale tan face.


Raised as a Dignitary's son his entire life, Caleb has had the best of the world at his feet, until recently losing his father to Diabetes, which shattered his world. Having spent two years of his life attempting to destroy himself, until his mother who had as well fallen ill called him home to give to him a letter left by his Father for him to receive on his 21st birthday.

Contained within this letter were instructions for Caleb's future, as his father had tried to raise his son to survive throughout his entire life. His first direction was to visit his uncle, Mario De Mares, on Earth in Andalusia, Spain, where he would begin to learn their family's place throughout their nation's history.

While his father had been a Dignitary and Scholar, their family was known more so for their long line of Knights, and Sentries, which had been trained over a millennium to watch over Spain, and its Safety.

Known as the Knights of the Wounded Lion, a mythical prince whom had married the young maiden who tended to his wounded paw over the course of three years during which he had been cursed to spend his days as a Lion, having given the name to the organization of noble Men and Women, who would protect and care for Espana, as the prince and his wife had for one another.

After completing his training and inductance in to the Caballeros del León Herido, and completed the martial arts training that his father had given him as a boy, the young man returned to the Neo Spain space colony, in their time of need, as the 4th Gundam Fight approached, and their previous Gundam Fighter seemingly had disappeared. Thus the newest of the Knights of the Wounded Lion, became the Neo Spain Gundam Fighter.


An honest man, with an affinity for wild animals, including a Falcon which travels with him everywhere he goes since his discovery of the bird during his training. Caleb is a devout Catholic, and a true Knight, adhering strictly to the codes of honor and conduct set forth by both his martial sect, and his religion.

He is also an avid reader, as he can almost always be found with a dog eared copy of some antique work or another, whether it be the ancient by his time Shakespeare, or the not so old by ours Salvatore, or Rice.

Poetry is also a pastime that tends to take up much of Caleb's time when he is not practicing with either his sword, or his fists, or reading a fine novel. He has many, many notebooks filled with Poetry that he writes all the time, usually for no apparent reason other then that the mood has hit him.

As a friend, Caleb is the most stalwart and supporting man one might meet, which has been said of him by any and all friends which he has ever had. Even those who have only just met him, which tends to lead itself toward his heroic persona as a Knight, and protector of Neo Spain.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNSp
Code name: Gundam Leónprincipe
Unit type: mobile fighter:
Nationality: Neo Spain
Pilot: Caleb Enrique Cruz
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot and avian partner only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: meters
Weight: metric tons
Construction: gundarium alloy, and super monocque ceramic frame
Powerplant: ultra-compact fusion reactor, power rating unknown

Fixed armaments:
2x Head Mounted 60 MM Vulcan Guns (Fire Linked);
1x Beam Rapier (Solid Fencing style blade, with a beam emitter along the edge to form an actual rapier shaped beam saber) power rating unknown, worn in sheath mounted on left hip, hand carried in use;
1x Beam Dirk ( Similar beam weapon to the Beam Rapier, just in the triangular short blade form of a Dirk type dagger, stored in sheath on left hip, hand carried in use);
4 x Pájaro de la Verdad (The birds of truth, 4 bird designed remote weapons, controlled by the Falcon that travels with Caleb at all times, and working in their capacity as melee strikers, or remote double beam guns thanks to their razor sharp claws, and beam gun equipped wings. When not in use the birds "roost" within the shoulder pads of the Lion Prince, collapsed in to a less aerodynamic form, with their wings folded in to their bodies, and their talons wrapped tightly around themselves.

Optional hand armaments:
Lion's Head Shield: A thick shield equipped with a Sonic Vibration Emitter in the mouth of the decorative Lion on its main body, helping to deflect standard munitions rounds, or at least slow them, can not be used at the same time as the beam dirk, and the "Birds of Truth," because the birds use the same amount of power, and the dirk can not be held in the left hand when the Shield is equipped.

Ultimate attacks:

"El Espada del Principe: " The Sword of the Prince, a high speed slash that focuses the beam edge of the beam rapier entirely on its striking side, coming up in an upward slash, almost Batto Jutsu like, directly from its sheath, as this attack strikes, the Birds of Truth fly circles around the target hitting with their own claws and beam guns.

"El Rugido del Leon:" The Roar of the Lion, all of the mobile suit's power is focused in to the Lion's Head Shield, creating a massive Sonic shock wave with its Sonic Vibration Gun, that can easily level almost any structure in its wake.

"El Sangre del Leon:"
The Blood of the Lion, an all out barrage of barehanded strikes, that ends with a super charged punch, containing explosive force with in the blow, meant as a finishing move, as is the El Rugido Del Leon, it leaves the suit vulnerable after being used because it uses up all power for any energy based or electronically powered weapons.

Technological and Historical data:

Built according to the theme of the two Spanish folk tales "The Bird of Truth," and "The Wounded Lion," the Neo Spain mobile fighter was designed to dominate and close range. The addition of the Bird like remote weapons named for the folktale they were inspired by was a decision at the last minute by Caleb himself, desiring an additional form of ranged attack other then his Gundam's Vulcan cannons.

Another modification was the removal of the original Sword Based full generator use super attack, and replacement with a series of fist blows that end with a mighty Kempo punch to the target Mobile Fighter's upper region. This change was decided upon based with in Caleb's own personal preference for combat, as he had more experience with his hand to hand martial arts training, that he had been undergoing since a young age, then his adulthood training with the Rapier and Dirk.

The power and thruster output of the mobile fighter is unknown to Caleb as his support team has simply told him that it was "enough," and that he ,"need not worry about it." So now, armed with his customized personal Gundam, and a group of engineers gathered from all across Neo Spain both by the Knights of the Wounded Lion, and the Spanish military themselves, who seem to at least somewhat serve the Knighthood, rather then work with them, the young Gundam Fighter heads in to the finals, piloting a mobile weapon built from centuries of his people's experience.

Support Team:

Mario De Mares: Caleb's martial arts instructor, and Uncle. Not only is Caleb a former Gundam Fighter himself, he is a long time member of the Knights of the Wounded Lion, and their current "Knight Apparent" or de facto leader of the group. He watches over his nephew with a pensive eye, even vigilant over the future of his nation, and his order. Stern in demeanor, it is not common to find Mario smiling, though if you do he is probably smoking from his pipe remembering the "good old days" of the First Gundam Fight, in which he competed.

Miguel Andres Ortiz: Another initiate in to the Knights, joined alongside his best friend, and life long partner in crime Caleb, becoming the chief engineer on the Spanish Gundam project. Modifying the magnificent mobile fighter that his friend would ride in to battle to fit his every preference, Miguel can be called somewhat of a Maestro of mobile weapons design. A great friend, and trusted confidant to any and all who truly know him, the joker that so many see in Miguel is only a facade.

Santos Angelo Acosta: A military representative from Spain, who was placed on Caleb's support team to ensure that the Knights of the Wounded Lion would always fight for the best interests of their nation. Though he started the tournament as a doubter in Caleb and the rest of the Knights, he soon came to trust the team explicitly, and now would protect them with his life if need be. Though not trained in the traditional martial arts of Spain as Caleb is, Santos is a deadly and dangerous adversary that any enemy would be wise to fear.

Malia Lila San Andreas:
A trained stealth operative, who doubles as the team's psych. evaluator, who lives her life by the adage: "Its best not to be seen, or heard, because that's the only way you can truly listen." She is always popping up or disappearing mysteriously throughout the tournament, to whereabouts unknown. However she can always be found when needed, particularly when Caleb, whom she seems to have developed a fondness for outside of her duties as a Psych. evaluator for the Order of the Wounded Lion, calls on her aide.

Hattori: Caleb's Falcon, a wild and carefree creature in its normal life, but since meeting the Spanish Gundam Fighter it has been a calm and docile creature, unless his companion and new partner, the aforementioned Knight Caleb is endangered, in which case the bird will take flight, and bring talon, and beak, down on any whom mean its new ally harm. Was found somewhere in the Guyana Highlands on Earth during Caleb's early training as a Knight, and was given the name Hattori by the ninja-obsessed stealth operative/psych. evaluator of the team, Malia.

((The basis of the "Birds of Truth" is that a mythical Bird of Truth once helped two abandoned twins, a prince and princess, regain their throne, because the birds had witnessed all the events of their kidnapping and then attempted abandonment/murder as children, and could tell their father who believed them dead the truth.))

((The tale of the wounded lion tells of a young maiden who thrice pulled a thorn from a Lion's foot, and thrice lost the animals she was herding for her master, each time 1 year from the previous occurrence. After the third she followed the lion and discovered that he was a man, namely, a prince who would become a lion during the day do to a curse. After making the giant a coat from the hair of a princess, in return for the hand of a handsome prince, who the maiden told her she had already found. The lady managed to gain the Giant's forgiveness for the prince, who's curse was broken, and the two were soon after married, when it turned out that the princess who had given her hair for the coat was his sister.))

((Well there goes my last try.))

Power: 16
Speed: 15
Offence: 15
Defence: 16
Search: 12
Adaptability: 12 (Range limited to close distance, other then Birds of Truth attacks limits adaptability severely, and its search ability is almost completely reliant on visual and sonar, the radar suite being very small to make room for the increased cockpit size necessary to hold Hattori, the Falcon)
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

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Character sheet:

Country: Neo-Egypt
Name: Muhammad Jamil Al-Salahazred ibn Othman
Age: 27
Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 69 kg
Gundam: Horus Gundam
Fighting Style: Freestyle
Favourite Food: Kebab

Physical Description/Appearance:

Biography: Muhammad Jamil Al-Salahazred ibn Othman is the eldest son born to a merchant family in Southeast Asia of a Egyptian-Brunei Malay descent. Despite the fact that he and his family are quite well to do, he doesn’t have the attributed arrogance of a pompous rich bastard like some people might associate with the rich in the FC era: he is an overall nice guy, even if he is a bit shy around new people.

He studied diligently from a young age and eventually took a profession as an archaeologist with an express interest in Egyptology, a passion born from his love of his father’s country. He traveled down to Earth numerous times to study the ancient Egyptian history and way of life. But the deteriorating conditions of the planet due to the previous Gundam Fights and rampant pollution threatens the once peaceful Nile region; if nothing is done quick, the entire archaeological sites would be lost to the times.

Jamil and other well known Egyptologists understood the danger and the imminent loss very well, and tried their best to help stop the destruction. When nothing works, Jamil proposed a daring plan, and made a bet with the Neo-Egyptian government that he would help them win the upcoming Gundam Fight for them provided that the government makes an effort to save the archaeological site.

Without a representative for the 4th Gundam Fight so close to the deadline, the Neo-Egyptian government quickly agreed, and thus an archaeologist with a goal was thrust into the brutal world of Gundam Fight.

Other: Despite being an archaeologist, Jamil is proficient in hand to hand combat and some use in firearms as a means of self defense for when he travels to Earth, thus he is not exactly unqualified to become a Gundam Fighter.


Mobile Fighter sheet:

Model number: GF4-XXXNE
Code name: Horus Gundam
Unit type: Transformable Air Superiority Mobile Fighter
Nationality: Neo-Egypt
Pilot: Muhammad Jamil Al-Salahazred ibn Othman
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 19.7 meters
Weight: Empty 12.55 metric tons; Full load 22.20 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium alloy
Powerplant: Ultra compact fusion reactor
Fixed armaments:
  • 2x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted on head;
    2x scattering beam flasher, mounted in the wings;
    2x machine cannon, fire-linked, mounted on upper torso, usable in Falcon Mode;
    1x beam pistol, stored on rear skirt armor recharge rack, hand-carried in use;
    1x beam saber, stored in Ankh shield recharge rack, hand-carried in use;
    2x Horus heat claws, mounted on forearms, used for Horus Crusher, also usable in Falcon Mode;
    2x Wing Shield, mounted on backpack; folds forward in Defense mode
Optional hand armaments:
1x Was staff/beam scythe, parts stored in hip armor recharge rack, combined and hand-carried in use;
1x Ankh Shield, mounted on left arm hardpoint;

Ultimate attacks:
Horus Crusher: A special close up attack where the Horus Gundam’s heat claws are deployed and used to grab a target or a specific part of a target like the head or limbs, which it would then proceeds to crush.

Horus Crash: A special move only usable when the Horus Gundam is in its Falcon Mode. With the Conqueror Mode engaged, the Horus Gundam’s vernier output increases to its highest possible limit, which it will then proceed to spin very fast and ram its target. This near suicidal move can be done for a few times only before the vernier thrusters began to heat up which engages a forced cooling system that slows the Horus Gundam’s mobility down greatly for a short period of time.

Ultimate Mode:
Conqueror Mode: This occurs when the Horus Gundam’s built in limiter is released, allowing it to increase its speed performance greatly in combat and allow the use of the Horus Crash move. After a set period of time, the limiter will re-engages itself to prevent the mobile fighter’s destruction, which leaves the Horus Gundam in a much slower and weaker state, making using this mode only in the act of desperation.

Technological and Historical data: For the new upcoming Gundam Fight Tournament, the Neo-Egyptian government wanted their new participating Gundam to be above all the previous participating Gundams used to represent their country in terms of performance. Thus, they scouted for a new designer for the build program with near unlimited funding to support, something unheard of in all previous Gundam Fights.

The head of the design team was a one armed man who goes by the name of Malik Rashid, and he designed and built the new Horus Gundam borrowing the same balance principle from the previous Osiris Gundam but with a heavy emphasis on speed. It can fly unaided with powerful built in thrusters and moving vernier wings, and can transform into a flight mode form called Falcon Mode, a name derived from the fact it resembles a mechanized falcon. It even has the super speed Conqueror mode where all its speed, maneuverability and reaction time is doubled, but is relatively hard to master.

Despite the complexity, the Horus Gundam also made use of new beam weapon technology and was able incorporate several of them into its design. The most prominent of its beam weapon is the Was staff beam scythe, which can be used either in its Was staff form only or with the beam scythe engaged. It also comes with a beam pistol and a single beam saber as backup, and a relatively harmless scattering beam flasher designed as a pair of Eyes of Horus built into its wings.


Power: Mobile suit mode: 15; Falcon Mode: 15
Speed: Mobile suit mode: 19; Falcon Mode: 21; Conqueror Mode: 23; Cool down: 10
Offence: Mobile suit mode: 14; Falcon Mode: 6
Defence: Mobile suit mode: 16; Falcon Mode: 10
Search: Mobile suit mode: 12; Falcon Mode: 12
Adaptability: Mobile suit mode: 14; Falcon Mode: 9


Neo-Egypt Support Unit:

Khufu Class "Isis"

Ship Class: Khufu Class
Ships of the Line: Nu Seti, Isis
Dimensions: Overall length unknown; overall width unknown
Weight: Overall weight unknown
Equipment and Design Features: sensors, range unknown; atmospheric flight capabilities, ocean travel capabilities
Launch Catapults: 1
Mobile Suit(s): Horus Gundam x1
Crew Capacity: Unknown

A specialized zero-g/atmospheric/oceanic ship designed specifically for the Gundam Fights, the ship class was made sometime during the 1st Gundam Fight, but didn't finish completion until the end of the 2nd Gundam Fight after which it went into mass production as a popular cargo ship. The ship is designed specifically for transportation, and has no weapons of any sort, and is large enough to fit a large crew and many supplies for a Mobile Fighter.

The Isis is one of the newer Khufu-class made after the Third Gundam Fight Tournament, and coincidentally, it was chosen to help bear the Horus Gundam to Earth and support it during the Fourth Gundam Fight Tournament.


Neo-Egypt Support crew:

Siti Khadijah, Age 69- Is the current captain of the Isis whose ship was selected to support Neo-Egypt’s latest Gundam Fighter. She is a strict single mother of two children who both also serve as the ship’s crew as well. Despite her infamy for rigid discipline, she is kind at hear and only does what she believes is best for everyone.

Abdul Wahab, Age 26- Is the Isis’ helmsman, and the eldest son of the Siti Khadijah. A boisterous and loud fellow who is getting married with his fiancé once the Gundam Fight is over.

Siti Fatimah, Age 25- Is the Isis’ operator, and the younger sister of Abdul Wahab. Opposite of her rather loud mother and brother, Siti Fatimah is the more calm yet cheerful of the family.

Malik Rashid, Age 55- Is the Chief Engineer and Technical Advisor for the Neo-Egyptian team, and is the head designer of the Horus Gundam. An all round nice guy who helps look out for Jamil and makes sure that the maintenance and repair of the Horus Gundam is top notch so that Jamil can fight without worry. Even though he's missing an arm, it doesn't stop him from trying to give a helping hand to anyone in need.

Niza Rahman, Age 26- Is Malik's assistant and head of the Horus Gundam's repair crew. She is a fiery woman with a temper who expects the best from everyone, even Jamil. She does not tolerate those who doesn’t do their best in anything, a mind frame set due to her strict upbringing.
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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Robo Jason Mk1 » Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:41 pm

-Updated due to misplaced numbers, and spellcheck-

Character sheet:
Country: Neo Finland
Name: Simo Väinämöinen
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 ilbs
Gundam: Winter Final Gundam
Fighting Style: Field Hunting and Two Handed Polarm
Favorite Food: Salmiakki

Physical Description/Appearance:
Simo has short very light blond hair, with a violet eyes.He's not that tall yet it doesn't bother him all that much, he keeps himself well kept.Simo is almost always seen with a hat, even in a Gundam.He might look young and small but don't let his looks fool you.

At a young age Simo learned to hunt with his father in one of the few remaining forests opened to people, he learned about the slow speed that nature was getting back in order even with all the programs. At 18 he joined the Gundam core of his nation to attempt to get his country in charge and convince them to get more done to save the planet ecosystem.

Outside the Mobile suit he's a really sociable person, he's always up for a good chat and sometimes a few good jokes.Though when he goes in to his Gundam, it's almost as if he's a different person.To the point where his voice changes as well,his mind mainly focuses on winning the fight.Though in either state he'll fight at the drop of the hat, if someone messes with his hat.He really doesn't enjoy when people try to take his hat, it's quite precious to him as it was given to him by his father.

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNFN
Code name: Winter Final Gundam
Unit type: mobile fighter:
Nationality: Neo Finland
Pilot: Simo Väinämöinen
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 15.5meters
Weight: 12 metric tons(Without Equipment) 17 metric tons(Full Pack)
Construction: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, Additional External UCFR
Fixed armaments:2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head,2 x 5.9 inch Flak Cannon, mounted in Hat, 1 x Heat Knife, Stored in forearm.
Optional hand armaments: "Häyhä" Bolt Rifle/ Beam Halberd with Bayonet, Camouflage Netting Deployer, Sound Decoy, Armor plates.
Ultimate attacks: Zerg Run by,Drop off, Two Topper, Avalanche Fall
Technological and Historical data:
Knowing the Gundam Fight is mainly a Melee Event, Finish designers though the best way to win is with a Radical new idea, and a New Pilot. Polar opposite from there last suit, the Winter Final Gundam as a Light Weight Moble Suit with a large power output. This is meant to keep it fast, and flow with the fight. It's main weapon, the Bolt Rifile/ Beam Halberd is meant to take gundams in one shot. Not the most exiting, yet the most effective way to victory. If fighting dose come close, the rifle can be flipped, and the beam halberd pops out the stock of the large rifle The WF Gundam's strength comes if it needs to drop it's equipment, as it will loose almost a Fourth of it's weight, and with the powerplants high output, would make this one of the fastest Gundams in the fight. As a Request of the pilot, a Hat was put on it, in the form of a Flak Tower.

Explanation of Ultimate Attacks:

Zerg Run by
A Fast hitting attack,Launches a Camo net(Not it's intended use) to trap the opponent. This is followed up with rapid slashes of the Heat Knife or the Halberd. Since the Camo net is not meant to trap, a strong melee attack would tear it up, yet it gives enough time for several High speed strikes. Named for the sound the net makes being deployed.(Both Modes)

Two Toper
The WF Rises from it's deployed position, and fires two shots in quick succession. The first shot is meant to be blocked, and the second meant to break the shield/bock.(Armored Mode)

Drop off
The WF Drops all it's extra weight, Five Tons of it. With the lighter frame, it nearly doubles in speed.

Avalanche Fall
In Light form, the WF Gundam pops it halberd for a fast slash, then thrust with it's arm knife for the final. If this misses, it can be followed up with a Great Sweep,a fast 360 swing of the beam halberd to clear the area.

Speed: 14


Speed: 18


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Re: 4th Gundam Fight:Final gambit sign up thread.

Post by Wedge14 » Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:31 pm


Bezerker wrote:Character sheet:
Country: Neo Venezuela
Name: Marilia Reis
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 5in
Fighting Style: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Capoeira
Favourite Food: Feijoada

Physical Description/Appearance:
She is fit with a natural tan and brunette hair but her most striking feature are her piercing green eyes, she is usually seen in a tee-shirt from her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school and athletic tear off pants.

Marilia grew up in Maracaibo as the daughter of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master and just like the rest of her family she picked up the art. Her father noticed her natural affinity towards the art and pushed her to earn a purple belt at the tender age of sixteen. Her father pushed her to continue but her training took a drastic turn when she was invited to a capoeira jogo (match) and decided to shift her training to the art of capoeira which upset her father. She was truly gifted and arose to the rank of aluno graduado (graduated student) at the age of nineteen. During this time she had learned of the Gundam Fight and witnessed one of the fights and felt it was her destiny to join in the fight. The next year she signed up for a tournament that would decide the pilot of the Faísca Gundam. Her unique set of skills proved to be a very difficult to deal with as she reached the quarterfinals, which shocked everyone in attendance. Sadly her run at the tournament also caused problems with the previous winner. His people paid the officials of the match to influence the officials of her semifinal match, causing her to lose. She was in clear control of the fight but lost, causing a huge uproar. She was gracious in defeat until she was informed that there may have been corruption in the judges cards, causing her opponent to win, who went on to win the tournament. Furious she traveled to the tournament to confront him and take her rightful place inside the Faisca Gundam.
Most of her family has shown great displeasure in her entering the tournament but her older brother Murlio has supported her completely, constantly calling to make sure she is safe. She also can speak fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish and German thanks to her need to understand the Mobile Fighters from as many countries as possible.
Bezerker wrote:Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNVZ
Code name: Faisca Gundam
Unit type: mobile fighter:
Nationality: Neo Venezuela
Pilot: Carlos Villegas (stolen by Marilia Reis)
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: pilot only, in 360 degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System
Dimensions: 17 meters
Weight: 18 metric tons
Construction: gundarium alloy
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Fixed armaments: 2x 60mm vulcan gun, fire linked, mounted in head, 2x beam emitters located on palms (modified by Marilia), mounted on hands, beam sandals, mounted on feet.
Optional hand armaments: Capoeira beam rope, held at waist, (Added by Marilia), beam rifle modeled after the AK-47, carried on back.
Ultimate attacks:
Martelo Cruzado Parafuso: Marilia breaks from her fighting stance, igniting the beam emitters on her sandals, as the Gundam spins jumping into the air, launching a spinning back kick while still in the air following up with another high spinning back kick before finishing with a low back kick
(Similar to this combination http://www.youtube.com/user/CapoeiraUni ... 4btrZ-8Uok)

Meia Lua Dobrao Mortal: Marilia tosses a kick before creating distance between her and her opponent using a cartwheel and a backflip, used mainly before her biggest hitting attack.
http://www.youtube.com/user/CapoeiraUni ... QO1a1KYhdc

Spark of Life: Marilia ignites her sandal emitters and tosses a spinning back kick followed by her cartwheeling towards her opponent coming down with her heel followed by another forward cartwheel with a scissoring leg kick finished with a final cartwheel kick.
http://www.youtube.com/user/CapoeiraUni ... CebkdT1MFQ
Technological and Historical data:
Upon completing the tournament to decide who would represent them in the Gundam Fight, Neo Venezuela's best technicians developed the Faisca Gundam. This fighter was none other than suspected drug lord and street thug Carlos Villegas. Drawing from his history as a street fighting dealer, Carlos instructed them to create a set of heat knuckles to amplify his striking power. True to his nature Carlos also asked them to scale up a AK-47 assault rifle that would give his fighter a ranged assault. The technicians produced a strong, adaptable suit that fit Carlos perfectly.

Power: 13
Speed: 15
Offence: 15
Defence: 10
Search: 14
Adaptability: 19
Total: 86


teleute wrote: Character sheet:
Country: Neo Siberia
Flag Image
Name: Tyko Vylka Savarov
Age: 29
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 137 lbs
Gundam: GF4-XXXNSB-1 Prototype Samoyed Gundam
Fighting Style: Dog fighting
Favourite Food: Fresh Irkutsk brand milk

Physical Description/Appearance: Of average height and build but generally healthy, Tyko is no martial artist... at least not without a machine to fight in. Indeed, he is actually Neo Siberia's most decorated jet pilot. He generally goes around in military pants and a tank top when on duty because of the heat inside his fighter. He has the darker hair and skin of Siberia's native Nenets people but blue eyes that indicate his multi-ethnic heritage, half-Nenets and half-Russian.

Biography: While born in the Neo Siberian space colony, Tyko Vylka Savarov was not pampered. When the previously semi-autonomous states of Siberia broke from the newly returned to communism Neo Russia to form their own nation, they were not able to take many resources with them. His parent's were government administrators and able to stay in space, which was better off than the Earth territory, but times were still tough. Regardless, patriotic Tyko tried as hard as he could to serve his country and joined the military. He proved himself repeatedly as a fighter pilot and became a test pilot in his nation's special weapons division. Needing a suitable fighter for the Prototype Samoyed Gundam, he was selected because the controls of the fighter mostly resembled that of a jet fighter. Fiercely loyal, Tyko will do anything to see his country get ahead and was devastated when his suit was not finished in time for the Gundam fight. (Storyteller note: Will even turn evil if necessary.)

Gundam Character sheet:
Model number: GF4-XXXNSB-1
Code name: Prototype Samoyed Gundam
Unit type: Non-Humanoid Mobile Fighter
Nationality: Neo Siberia
Pilot: Tyko Vylka Savarov
First deployment: FC 20
Accommodation: Pilot only, in a 360 degree cockpit using manual controls
Dimensions: 8.7 meters
Weight: max gross 10.9 metric tons
Construction: Gundarium alloy super-ceramic composite rare metal hybrid
Powerplant: Ultracompact Fusion Reactor
Standard Fixed armaments: Beam tongue x 1, Beam tail x 1, Beam spray gun x 1, Spiked collar x 1, Titanium claw x 12

Ultimate attacks:
Prototype Maneuver 1: Channeling as much power as the generator can through its beam tongue, the Prototype Samoyed Gundam can make either a long ranged lick attack or an extra powerful close ranged lick attack. This maneuver can only be done three times in a row before overheating the fusion reactor.
Prototype Maneuver 2: Jumping at the opponent and pointing its legs straight out, the Prototype Samoyed Gundam spins around to attack over and over again with its twelve titanium claws.
Prototype Maneuver 3: Disengaging its spiked collar, the Prototype Samoyed Gundam lays it on the ground as a remotely detonatable land mine.
Prototype Maneuver 3: Channeling as much power as it can through its beam tail, the Prototype Samoyed Gundam turns its rear into a jet engine. Thus it is propelled forward with extra speed but little mobility... since it has no wings.

Technological and Historical data: The Prototype Samoyed Gundam is Neo Siberia first functioning mobile fighter. Currently, the nation has been unable to create a strong, functioning humanoid model and has put its efforts into more stable four legged models. In this model, the shape is based on the Siberian Samoyed dog. Additionally, the nation does not have mobile trace technology and cannot afford to buy it without taking steep loads. It plans to do so depending on the performance of the prototype. For the time being, the fighter’s speed is severely limited by the manual controls. By the time of the 11th Gundam Fight, the technology of the Prototype Samoyed Gundam will have progressed enough to allow the construction of the more study and advanced GF11-042NSB Mammoth Gundam... which still doesn't fare too well.

Power: 20
Speed: 15
Offence: 20
Defense: 13
Search: 15
Adaptability: 5
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