General Discussion Rules - updated 01-16-09

Topics not covered in other forums. NO POLITICS OR RELIGION.
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General Discussion Rules - updated 01-16-09

Post by Chris » Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:31 pm

In order to clean up this forum, I'm posting some rules/guidelines. Please note that all regular Mecha Talk forum rules also apply here.

1. Absolutely no discussion of politics or religion. I know many people don't like this rule, but too bad. If some major news event is being discussed, take care that you don't stray into the territory of politics or religion.

2. Don't post threads about every death in the news. This is not the Mecha Talk Obituaries. A thread on a death should only be created if it's for a person who is especially noteworthy. Notable = Yoshiyuki Tomino, Steven Spielberg. Not notable = some random guy who played a bit part in a Gundam series.

3. Don't post every random story of some weird guy or stupid person doing some strange thing somewhere. This is not the Random News forum. If you're posting a thread about a news story, it's something that should be relevant to Mecha Talk. Anything that isn't will be closed and/or deleted.

4. Don't post threads asking us to help you with your homework. This shouldn't require any further explanation.

5. If you're thinking of starting a topic and say to yourself it's probably something stupid, trust your instincts and don't post it.

Now, despite our best efforts, General Discussion has become a bit of a slum. Maybe that's my fault for not posting clear guidelines earlier. So I'm including a list of suggested subject areas. Please note that you're not limited to just these subjects, but these are what are most popular here and should be encouraged.

-Japanese live action movies/TV series.

-American live action movies/TV series, as well as cartoons.

-Comic books/graphic novels (from any country other than Japan).

-Professional sports (i.e. American football, baseball, basketball, soccer/football, etc).

-Books (any genre is acceptable, but keep in mind the average Mecha Talk user is probably most interested in science fiction/fantasy).

-Science news (i.e. space exploration and new technologies, but keep out ethical/political debates).

-Military topics (i.e. weapons, fighter jets, etc, but not the politics of war, especially current ones).