What MS design would you like to fix?

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Re: What MS design would you like to fix?

Post by Gelgoog Jager » Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:23 am

I've seen those sealed slots, but I've never seen a depiction of a Qubeley Mk II that has them open. The Mk II are always depicted identical to the original Qubeley, except for its new tri-edge beam saber. Their tail binders always have only 10 open slots for funnels, despite the claims that they should have 12.

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Re: What MS design would you like to fix?

Post by False Prophet » Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:38 pm

The Type 61 Tank. The twin cannon is pretty much superfluous, and the area that is between the turret and the front hull is surprisingly lacking in armor - just one hit there with an anti-tank recoiless round (as seen in Dawn of Rebellion) could completely paralyze the tank.

A small note, also from Dawn of Rebellion: What kind of training did the Federation give their tankers? You never open the hatch to look around when you're engaging in combat!

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Re: What MS design would you like to fix?

Post by Sabersonic » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:16 am

Well I think a few posters have already put up a few change proposals and one WackyModder84 did his case on the Destiny Gundam so there isn't much I can really add to the discussion but one.

Okay, actually a few but you get my gist.

If the hand plugs of mobile suit manipulators are able to transfer not only energy but also data AFAIK, why on Cthullhu's green earth would anyone keep putting triggers on MS small arms? They can be freely omitted since it'll make animator's lives just a TAD bit easier if they didn't have to draw a trigger holding position for every angle, which also saves the amount of hand types needed for figures and models.

Speaking of hands, they don't have to be fully articulated like human fingers. Or at least not the grunts who would be fine with just two-segmented digits. Heck, they don't even need four-finger digits per hand (I'm not counting the thumb in this one) when three would be just as fine in terms of dexterity. Once again, it'll be easier for both the animator and the model designers if such a path is taken.

Though if a full four-finger digit manipulator is really needed to show off the hero (or villain) mecha, then I guess it could be similar to that of a Cricket Glove: The Index and Tall Digits being three-segmented while the Ring and Pinkie Digits are two-segmented.

And while we're on the subject at hand, while the OG Gouf's machine cannon fingers are a bit silly nowadays, I guess it would be kind of interesting if the index digit of a mobile suit's manipulator is replaced by a secondary weapon type and yet still be tactically flexible and adaptable enough to handle most mecha small arm types. Maybe even be a proprietary grip which requires said weapon to power the small-arm.

Not exactly a problem to fix, but still a novel ideal if executed correctly. Key word being "correctly'.

And lastly, for all of those flying mobile suit types with the wings mounted on the back? It's time that they're relocated to the fanny. Why? Because the upper torso of the mobile suit in this configuration becomes a turret and able to fire in nearly all directions including the all important 6 O'clock. And it's not like putting the flight pack on the back actually increases the aerodynamics of what is essentially a sixty foot Steve from Minecraft.

And that's all I can think at the moment, though I'm sure there are more gripes that I had mentally suppressed over the years.

Well maybe replace the Turn A's head, but that's just apples and oranges at this point.
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Re: What MS design would you like to fix?

Post by battletech » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:09 pm

I'm surprised the G-Saviour hasn't been mentioned. If any thing needs a redesign it's that. Specifically the space mode.
1. Get that thing another beam saber.
2. Get some armor on those thighs and biceps.
3. Change that god awful front skirt armor.
4. Just swap out it's backpack with the F91's.
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