GM Sniper II manual

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Re: GM Sniper II manual

Post by Nebfer » Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:09 am

The 75mm Sniper rifle could be firing higher velocity rounds than typical rounds used by mobile suits?

For example the 75mm Sniper rifle could be using APCR or APDS compared to most mobile suits using say APCBC...

Though its interesting at the start of the war MS like the Zaku use a 120mm MG, but by the end of the war, while they still use a 120mm it's supplemented by a 90mm MG, and the feds largely use a 90mm as well. Is their something wrong with the 120mm gun that makes a 90mm just as effective?

I wonder if the 120mm was made more for dealing with ships and tanks than other mobile suits, where as the 90mm guns are made more for that angle. Perhaps the 120mm hitting a MS over penetrates dealing less damage than the 90mm guns?

Though as for the sniper rifle how is that thing even recoilless?

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Re: GM Sniper II manual

Post by RGM-79 GM » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:43 am

IIRC the 120mm was better suited to taking down tanks than MS but it wasn't useless on MS either, while the 90mms had better penetration and were better suited to taking down MS.

Overpenetraion, if it causes minimal damage, is really only an issue when shooting something that bleeds. Against a MS or tank whether it goes all the way through or halfway it will essentially be the same as most of the damage is from the heat and spalling (particle spray) generated by the penetrator going through the armor, and the pressure wave that would develop, would destroy the target.

The shell going all the way through wouldn't change that. That is if they use APFSDS rounds, which is unlikely, for early UC atleast, but it makes the most sense. HEAT rounds are more likely for older series, while the GM rifle in 0083 looks like it fires APFSDS rounds implying that they use APFSDS for their rifles/machine guns at that point.
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Re: GM Sniper II manual

Post by JEFFPIATT » Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:48 pm

we do have to remember thet the Sniper II was build due to the performence of the existing GM Sniper Custom units in the field. the units we see in 08th ms team serving in SE Asia are just stock RGM-79[G] GM Ground Type units painted dark green and holding sniper beam rifles. the impression i got was the fact that when they considered shipping some GM sniper units the techs noticed that they had the Pre-production GM units and decided to not ship an downgrade and just shipped the rifles or they got the parts ket and only applied the paint and modified the hover trucks to carry the heat syncs.

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