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Re: The Official 00 Mecha Thread Mk XV

Post by SonicSP » Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:25 am

More info from the 2nd Mechanics book, by mike_s_6,you can find the translated info on her blog:

Okay, so maybe whole books aren’t acceptable but since my last post with only some scans for sourcing purposes was left intactthe one before the link removed one,I guess a few scans are fine right?
mike_s_6 wrote:The Innovades and Aeolia's Plan (p. 117):
Source Image:

The Innovades and Aeolia's Plan

A magnificent project that releases the human race from hatred

What was Aeolia Schenberg thinking 200 years ago, involving political and business establishments, and starting a magnificent plan? The existence of the Innovades have been made clear, and with Tieria being assimilated into Veda, the summary of the plan has been roughly made clear.

At the root of this is the advance of mankind to outer space. An expected dialogue is expected from there. In short, an encounter with a different kind is interwoven in it. But, as mankind currently have disputes, Aeolia might have been worried that mankind would bring wars even to outer space, and as a result even carry on a savage war with the different kind.

The GN particles are the key to solving such discord between humans. The GN particles are not simply sources of power. As a matter of fact, it is a substance that urges human innovation. In the plan, the TDS carries an important part. The Trans-am Burst scatters a high concentration of GN particles in an extensive range. And in this space, even each person who can not use QBW has the ability to have an agreement of wills. Furthermore, the next step is the evolution of the pure Innovator through the GN particles. In fact, the evolution to an Innovator when someone continues to come in contact with a high concentration of GN particles has been proven through Setsuna. With the ability of the Innovator, the brain wave [ability], an agreement of wills even without the use of words is possible, and mutual understanding is intensified. The cancellation of misunderstanding and ill will that is closely tied with dispute in human kind is something that has a high chance of happening.

On the other hand, the humanoid information terminals that Veda created called Innovades are beings who are essentially for the quickening of the change of humans to such kind. Aside from various abilities due to the possession of QBW, high physical strength and other abilities too might have been given to them for that purpose. Other than literally being creatures who blend into human society as Veda's information terminals, they know Aeolia's plan, and they exist as beings who implement it. If that is the truth, it was necessary not to be proud of their own abilities as higher than that of their position and of humans, and become beings that lead mankind.

But according to the distortion of Ribbons who called himself an Innovator, he had no other choice but to alter the plan. No, perhaps Ribbons was also trying to faithfully execute the plan in relation to leading humanity. But if that handling became triggers for dispute, you can't help to say that the his actions were wrong.

Although Ribbons and his group were defeated, many Innovades who are terminals of Veda still exist in human society, even in the new Federation Congress. Moreover, the will of Tieria is sleeping inside the Celestial Being mother ship. As a result, what can be thought of the influence of the Innovades who are left in society from hereafter?

Innovades and their Ability

The "Innovades" are living computer information terminals created by Veda. They can link with Veda using QBW using GN Particles as a catalyst, and by gene manipulation and nanomachines, their bodies' aging are controlled, among others. Innovades that have the same physical appearance is a single set, and both have a stronger relation [with each other than other types].

Innovade types:
http://ninteenpointzerofour.wordpress.c ... continues/

Quantum Brain Levels

The link of QBW users is divided according to the strength of the QBW level. Supersoldier Peries is level C, and she displays QBW abilities that is inferior to the Innovades. On the other hand, as a result of HRL's successful strengthening of the QBW, it is said that mankind displays a following of the footprints of the technique that was produced by Aeolia. Because if you look into the future, the existence of supersoldiers may be linked to Innovade development. In addition, speaking of beings who use QBW, there's Setsuna, the pure type Innovator, but his QBW level is not known. A clear standard is not known, but the possibility that his level exceeds the Innovades' can be satisfactorily considered because he exceeded the ability of Ribbons.

CB Spaceship Paragraph (p. 130):
Source Image:

A huge space ship that is developed in absolute secrecy as a link to Aeolia's plan. It is said to have an overall length of 15 kilometers whose size has no particular reason to it. It was developed for the dialogue that should come. After mankind's purpose is united, it is something that should be called an ark that is prepared for the step to outer space. For that reason, every facility is prepared for long term travel. On the other hand, it has mobile suit production facilities and space warship docks, and it is also armed with huge GN Lasers that make use of pseudo-GN Drive cartridges and others, so you can call it a warship that is compatible with colony-like living.

The hull's feature is that it looks just like an asteroid, with the front part disguised as a meteorite. It is said that it is made by using an asteroid. Freezing the inside, it is said that the ship has the role of protecting the inside of the ship from harmful cosmic rays. On the other side, the tail area was furnished with a GN Drive mount, and there was a plan to use the original GN Drives as the power source of the mother ship sometime in the future. Perhaps at the start of the space exploration, the Innovades that have a long life span were planned to have gone on a long voyage, and contact with life forms on other planets may be hypothesized.

Image caption: A mothership that hides itself in the Lagrange 5 space region. The hull is hidden by expanding the optical camouflage in dozens of kilometers in all directions in its area.
Newtype87 wrote: And there is another example of a weapon using that green crystal in some way: Seravee's beam cannons, though I don't think we got any real explanation for that. Virtue's cannons were more conventional looking with actual barrels, while Seravee's cannons seem more about having the length to be used as arms: I wonder if you actually need those long barrels, and could just mount those emitters like Strike Freedom's belly blaster. Or maybe you need the barrel's length for some reason.
Actually, the barrel length is probably very significant in any gun like beam weapon in this series. I’ll give you 2 examples:

1)Firstly the long barrel attachment for the Original GN-X's beam rifle, which does not increase its power but only increases its range and decreases is firing rate.

2)Second example would be Cherudim's rifle, with its barrel it can fire full length of its effective range but with the barrel "kept" the weapon's range is much shorter, the main rifle funnel or "hole"[I'm not referring to the GN Vulcans on the top and bottom but the main firing barrel in the middle between them] has a much shorter firing range.

Dynames's long barrel probably has a long barrel for its long range shooting purposes although unlike my 2 examples, we do not examples of it being used with a shorter barrel unlike the 2 who have long barrel and short barrel firing modes.

Now the significance of barrels is probably needed to direct, concentrate and fire the beams. Its important to note that as long as the beam is within the barrel or the weapon, the actual weapon can still influence the beam, anything from continuing to power GNP through walls of the barrels [ensuring a powerful beam, or one that can travel further].Its important to note that once the beam leaves the weapon totally,the MS/weapon can do nothing to influence it anymore,its out there on its own with whatever the weapon has done to it.[the exception would be Ragnant and its bending beams of course]

Its also important to note that Seravee's attack are long range as well, its just that unlike Cherudim,its beams are stronger more costly and aren't necessarily done for precision in a small spot, but rather to carve up a big hole through force.

You have exceptions like 00 Raiser of course, but than again 00 does not fall into the conventional of a normal GNMS, and the particle conservative rules that normally fall under most single Drive MS probably does not apply towards 00.In my opinion,00’s equipment is designed to be to be multi specialized, take the GN Sword IIs, which can act as a solid sword, a large beam saber, a powerful cannon [with range matching Gadessa] and normal beam rifle too. When designing a normal MS,engineering that helps towards particle conservative and efficiency and trying to achieve the maximum output but with the most efficient energy costs.

However,with a suit like 00 who has an enormous large powerful perpetual powersource,these focus may be removed for a focus on multi specialization of the weapon [as in enough to match individual specialization weapons] but with little regard towards particle efficiency in the final design.For this change in focus to be justified however,the powersource must be one giant extremely powerful.........thing,which is what the Twin Drive is.Relatively it is far surpasses single Drives in GNP generation.Hell,even its description is "that it beyond common sense and theoretical boundaries" or something akin to that.

Of course, with improved technology multi specialization abilities do grow even alongside particle efficiency abilities, as such probably why the GN Sniper Rifle II and the GN Pistols now also act as better close combat abilities than their predecessors[You can also use Exia's GN Sword as an example which basically combined Astraea's prototype solid sword and beam rifle functions into one weapon]. But I think 00 takes this versatility in its design to a whole new level, being as fast as a speed suit like Masurao, having the ability to fire large long beams like Gadessa, possessing Seravee's full GN Field ability etcetc. These are specialized suits, and 00 matches them more or less equally on their specialization, but in one package.If this was chess,than 00 is a queen.One single piece having the abilities of both the bishop and the rook,and can choose which abilities to use based on which situations.

Oh,more about the Seravee's green seems that using a focal point helps beams to become stronger it seems.The crystal probably acts as this focal point.Two examples of focal points being used to further amplify beam power are in S203,where Seravee generated a small spherical GN Field in front of its cannonsto help its beams become more bigger and powerful.The other example is in S125,wheren Alvaron was firing its large beam at Setsuna [right before Exia Trans-Amed and killed him of course].You can see the wings all fucus its edge on a focal point on which the barrel of its rifle is closely places,the charge and focus happen for a few seconds before Alvaroon firs the large beam.

Oh noes......its 30 pages. :cry:

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Re: The Official 00 Mecha Thread Mk XV

Post by Kenji » Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:25 am

Indeed, it is. :)

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