Episode 17 - Star-crossed

The last RPG was "Zeta Gundam: Tales from the Frontlines - The AEUG" which ran from 2006-14.
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- Hamburg Team -
- Near Chuikov -

Emington watched as he saw Jacob's shots landed on the Hizack's body and exploded. He changed his target to the nearest threat and his console showed a battered Hizack going away from the battlefield. He didn't know that the Hizack is Aaron's that Bernard fought minute ago. He was about to get closer when a beam lanced toward his position, something that he noticed first on his screen before hearing the warning sound. Another beam lanced nearby, forcing him to stop the advance toward Aaron's Hizack.

"Oh well..." He sighed, lowered down his speed to ease the direction change before targeting Picard's Hizack. Randy fired once to the Hizack, hoping to scare Picard out from engaging the Rick Dias.

The less hostile in the area, the more likely the Chuikov will survive this mess.

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-Team 2-
-Eddie and Cowboy-

As they closed with the Dervish, communications became clearer. Jane had to repeat her message only once, and by the time she finished, the static seemed to be dying out. Eddie responded with a quick "Roger", while Marvin muttered something that made it clear he knew what was going on.

They were closer now, and the hangar ready and waiting. Neither pilot was paying attention to whatever damage the ship had taken, both were concerned with getting their MS down. Eddie went in first. His AMBAC had finally begun to properly counter for the loss of the suits left foot, Eddie figured one of the near misses had screwed up some of the AMBAC's sensors, accounting for it's slow performance. He cut his speed, tapping verniers as part of a process he could do in his sleep.

In seconds, the right foot came down on the deck. Eckardy wasted no time in moving his suit into the hangar, a process made somewhat tricky by the lack of a foot, but he managed to drift his suit into it's proper spot into the hangar and set it down again just as Marvin suit walked into the hangar after performing a textbook landing of it's own. As Cowboy moved his Rick Dias into it's proper spot next to his, Eckardy popped open the cockpit hatch and began to power down the suit as the first mechanics arrived, already examining the lower left leg.



Ian winced and grinned at the same time as he saw what his shots did. The three from his right arm had simply hit the ship, which was well and good, and one of the other, more aimed shots, seemed to have clipped the lower part of one of the Marasais (Jason).

The enemy wasn't deterred, and blasted four shots at Ian. They were grouped close together, which made avoiding them all that much easier, as Ian juked wildly to his right, firing a shot from his left hand beam pistol out of reflex, and saw two of the shots pass close enough to leave black streaks on his Rick Dias' left leg, setting off several alarms as the close Minovsky Particle beams did minor damage, but it wouldn't hinder his moves.

Another Marasai (Patrick) had come in from below. Ian fired again from his left hand beam pistol, snapping off a pair of poorly aimed shots at the same time as this Marasai had let off four beams of it's own. Greydon, already moving wildly and his range increasing as he speed away from the enemy at top speed, found these shots easier to dodge. However, another sensor began to beep as several objects, likely vulcan rounds, bounced off the gundarium γ armored chest of his Rick Dias.

Ian was about to roll again when he spoted the lights of another Titan unit (Kalinin Team) come around the far side of the Alexandria. This unit had Hizacks as well, and two of them opened fire with their 120mm machine guns.

Acting on reflex, Ian rotated slightly and began to fire. Four quick shots left his left hand beam pistol, prompting a warning light to come on, informing him his ammo was running low. At the same time, he rapidly fired five shots from the locked up right arm. As soon as they left the gun, Ian knew they would be miss just low of the enemy team, and likely miss the enemy ship...

Ian didn't dwell on that for long. Yet another light came on as a single 120mm shot wanged off the chest of the of his Rick Dias, but did no real damage. Finally rolling, he turned his back to the enemy and gave his thrusters another tap, resuming his top acceleration and quickly putting him at the extreme edge of shooting range for the mobile suits of both sides as he raced out of the combat zone.

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A sense of wonder and surprise washed over Jacob as his enemy exploded. He was always a little amazed when he was actually successful, just as he was always a little impressed with himself when he made it back to the ship, no matter how poor the shape of his Rick Dias is by then.

Of course, he's a bit sad, too. After all, he's just ended someone's life. His only consolation is that the person was a Titan and there's no telling how many lives they would have ended if they weren't stopped. Still, all that was to be thought about once he was safe back on the ship.

His mind was wandering, his emotions roiling, though as Picard launched his missiles. It was only the hysterical warning beeps of his suit that drew his attention to the projectiles. Fortunately, machine is better than man in this case and he manages to dart away from the missiles, kicking in all the reverse thrusters until his body is straining against the straps of his linear seat and his breath is stolen from him. The maneuver is just enough to fool the proximity sensors on the missiles and they explode a moment prematurely.

It's enough to save him from death, but not from damage as shrapnel peppers his suit. One of the panels in his panoramic view fills with static as a piece of jagged metal shatters the camera that feeds it. The warning tones continue to blare for several seconds as the suit tallies up the damage. They go quiet as they finally realize that nothing major has been disrupted.

Jacob is as surprised as the machine seems to be and checks everything again, quickly. Then, knowing from frightening experience that sitting still is a good way to get dead, he quickly reverses direction, throwing his Rick Dias forward.

He closes the distance with Picard's Mobile Suit even as he goes through the rather complex juggling act necessary to switch beam pistols while keeping his beam saber out. So, in the end, he only manages to get a single shot off at the Titan with the fresh pistol in his right hand.
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At this point, Wes was done with staying on the defensive. For most of the fight, his only motivation was to stay alive, but that got him absolutely nowhere. Worse off, Ian had ditched him in favor of attacking the Kirov and left him to be swarmed. That was motivation enough to live on and give his teammate some choice words when this was all said and done. His bad luck ends here.

Another pincer attack came right at him as Nick charged forward and Stukov came from below. Curren, deciding to take a calculated risk, swings his saber to catch and lock up Nick's scissor saber move. Instantly, he let loose four beam pistol shots from point blank range.

While Leandro's beam sailed by harmlessly, one of Stukov's blasts got through and lopped off the Dias' foot and sent a scorch along the leg. Though with him and Nick so close together, it'd be ridiculous if the striped Marasai was not also hit by friendly fire based on Stukov's firing pattern.
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- Buxoro Team -

The muffled strain of a message attempting to break through the case echoed through the darkened and mangled cockpit. "Sir, are you injured? Sir!" The Ensign's voice caused the slumped over figure belted to the linear seat to stir. Great spots of white light flashed across his eyes as the final shock arrested him momentarily. A terrible pain screamed within his skull as the flashes of electric light dancing across the cockpit helped very little his still fragile eyes.

Coughing out a quick spurt of crimson and clearing his throat, the Lieutenant gave a fatigued yet unhindered response. "A little broken, both myself and my pride. But nothing terrible." As proper control over his sight returned his eyes darted about the cockpit as Elijah calculated the amount of damage. The final conclusion was that his Hizack was in fact inoperable and there was little he could do other then allow what he assumed the Ensign to transport him back to the Buxoro.

The thought of the distant Salamis Kai jolted Elijah's memory of his unit's recent encounter. Giving out what must of been a disruptive message, the Lieutenant called out to Faraday. "And what's Buxoro's current status, how'd we do out there?" The answer, he hoped, would be an improvement over his situation.
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Celeste follows Marakado, but slows to a stop before entering saber range, as she normally would.

A sharp pain stabs at her from behind her missing eye as the pressure of the migraine increases. Her vision begins to blur.

An explosion near Marakado jerks her attention back to the battle at hand and she pushes the pain from the front of her mind, but her eye stubbornly refuses to forcus.

With a grunt, she maneuvers her suit to get a firing solution on the new enemy attacking her wingman.

Through unfocused vision, Celeste commands the mobile suit’s computer to target the green machine and fires three case-shot rounds from her bazooka. Sure, if she had to plot the firing solution without computer aid, she wouldn’t be able in her present condition, but then again, she wouldn’t’ve been able to do so, anyway, which is why she opted for the shatter shot in the first place. With those shells, close is good enough.

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- Buxoro Team -

"A little broken, both myself and my pride. But nothing terrible," came the response from Elijah and Aaron breathed a sigh of relief. The Lieutenant was injured, but alive. Hopefully nothing that would keep him out of action for to long.

"And what's Buxoro's current status, how'd we do out there?"

Elijah's question jolted him out of the temporary relief he felt and brought him right back to reality.

"The retreat signals been given, we're headed back to Echo. Sir..." he paused for a moment, "Ensign DeRossi is dead."
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- MS Hangar -

Rem saw Eddie's Dias come in missing a foot and knew they were going to get reams of data about this fight. Cowboy's Dias seemed to be in much better shape, so he layed a hand on Dr. M's shoulder and said, "I'll head to the more damaged one, collect data and help with some of the more brute-force repairs. You'll probably get more of the data you want from the one in better shape."

Grabbing the data acquisition unit (AE DAU-42σ) and his toolbox, he kicked off the catwalk, beelining for Eddie's Dias. The chaos before him was something he was very familiar with. Back at Anaheim, whenever a test unit returned from a run, the engineers and technicians swarmed the unit from all sides, creating an complicated human traffic pattern in zero-G. Apparently combat techs were no different. He had aimed pretty carefully, only coming close to colliding one or twice. By twisting his body and swinging his 20 kilogram toolbox in a pseudo-AMBAC fashion, he adroitly maneuvered through the human swarm and landed near the cockpit in the head.

As he arrived near the head, he noticed that the hatch was opened and pilot was still in the cockpit. He waved to Eddie and motioned with the DAU. "Don't mind me, just need to plug this in before I go help with repairs. Welcome back, glad to see you made it."

Rem's tone was very sincere; he knew from the monitors that not everybody had made it. With that, he knelt down and popped open a small, unmarked panel. It was a little forward of the cockpit, flush with the armor and in line with the bottom of the hatch. With practiced ease, he punched in a quick code into a keypad and popped open a data port. Extending a quarter-meter cable, he plugged in the DAU and started the data transfer/download. "There we go...transferring." He turned and gave a short wave to Dr. M, signalling that the data uplink was active.


Back in his quarters, Rem's laptop workstation woke up from it's sleep mode and several windows popped up on the screen. Graphs and charts started plotting themselves as the data poured in; acceleration curves, acceleration vs. fuel consumption, motion response time, damage mitigation, armor damage vs. impact power and so on. The data dump would take a few minutes to complete, then the real analysis would begin.
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-The Dervish-

Before Eckardy could even leave his cockpit seat, a figure in a normal suit was practically in his face. It wasn't a member of the Dervish's mechanic crew, Eddie knew all of their faces, but this one seemed fairly familiar. When he spoke, Eckardy remembered.

"Don't mind me, just need to plug this in before I go help with repairs. Welcome back, glad to see you made it." The man, Banner or Bannister whatever the hell his name was, waved and pointed to some glorified computer in his hand before he moved away from the hatch.

Eckardy shook his head inside of his striped helmet, still having little idea what the Anaheim guys were actually doing on the ship. Eddie finally got out of his seat and floated to the hatch and poked his head out. Bann-whatever was kneeling at a panel outside of the cockpit, hooking up his little gizmo to what Eckardy knew was one of several links to the suit's combat data was stored. Eckardy watched for a heartbeat, rolled his eyes, and kicked off the shoulder of the Rick Dias Custom, floating toward a nearby catwalk.

And just like that, everything seemed to be over. Already, the first techs were in the process of replacing the lost foot, a new one was being moved across the hangar toward Eddie's suit. A similar team was at work on Marvin's suit, working to replace his lost binder. As no other suits were in the hangar, nearly everyone was currently working on their two suits, ensuring to Eddie that they'd be made combat ready again quickly enough. Nearby, Marvin's cockpit finally opened and the younger man appeared a moment later and, quickly spotting Eckardy, joined him at the catwalk. Neither was sure of what they ought to be doing and so, by unspoken consent, they decided to simply wait around the hangar.

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As his shots made their way towards the targets, Miller was hypnotized by them for a brief moment. When he snapped out of it, beams were coming at him, instead of them coming from him. Panicking, he inadvertently moved himself into the beam instead of away from them. One beam was still off enough to not hit Patrick, but the oaf moved his right side into the second, sheering off part of the top shoulder shield.

Repositioning himself, his cameras picked up the enemy fleeing. Firing up his thrusters, he started to pursue the Rick Dias, despite the fact that it was faster. On the radio, Patrick sent a short but sweet message that said "Miller, pursuing target" as he was hell bent on fulfilling his orders to shoot the Rick Dias.
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-Gamma Team-
-Underneath Kirov-

Jason watched the Dias' single shot sail harmlessly into space as the Kalinin Team took over the chase.

"Damn. About time you guys got in the mix." As soon as Jason finished mouthing off, a transmission from Patrick came in.

"Miller, pursuing target"

"Yeah..sure knock yourself out there." Jason responded.

Bored and noticing that all the action had just about ceased below the Kirov, Jason decided to go top side where he caught a glimpse of a battle with Nick and Stukov. A shot past overhead towards them which indicated that another friendly was also assisting. He thought about joining but a sight in the lower part of the monitor caught his eye so he brought it up in another screen in front.

"WHA-" Jason gasped.

The monitor revealed the damaged bridge of the Kirov. Debris floated around the damaged area. Seeing an empty shredded normal suit almost made him dry heave. An image flashed in his mind.
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Deciding that repairs were needed and not sure if this should be mentioned, Jason makes for the hanger. Upon landing he exits the Marasai and walks over to a chief mechanic. Removing his helmet Jason taps the mechanic on the shoulder.

"Hey- I think Lt.--" *BAMM* Before Jason could finish his sentence the chief mechanic threw a right hook sending him to the floor. Grinding his teeth and fists ready to react Jason quickly got up on one knee and wiped the blood from his lip. Seeing an image of his father standing over him, Jason gets up and takes a step but quickly realizes his place.


Jason quietly walked to the pilot's lounge in need of ice. Forgetting what he remembered earlier, the only thing on his mind was getting back at the old codger.
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- Salamis Kai-class Herakles -
- Combat Bridge -

"Ltjg. Roberts," said Berg, between issuing other orders, "Once your team is combat-ready, take up a defensive position around the Herakles."

- Mobile Suit Bay -

Cara was eager to take off her helmet once her Hizack was in place. While the technicians and mechanics were quick to begin refueling and reloading, Cara slipped into the ready room to rehydrate and take her medicines. She then pushed off the deck to one of the seats and waited until the all-clear that her Hizack was ready for launch. In the meatime, invinvible Nemos careened around her mind.
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Post by Xvlai » Fri Aug 29, 2008 6:14 pm

- Near Salamis-Kai Class Chuikov –
- Beta Team –

Sven was incredulous that the blue Rick Dias had managed to foil what remained of Beta Teams destruction of the other Rick Dias. He hadn’t spoken his words without some thought, when he had said them he had hoped they would be the last the AEUG scum would hear. And, now the Rick Dias was alive, although battered, and Sven found himself floating in the direction of the Kirov.

He was still uncertain how he had gotten there, Wolf clearly had pushed him. But Sven wasn’t certain that Wolf had pushed him for his own gain, or he had somehow seen the two incoming shots that had passed by harmlessly where Sven had been. Either option was fine with Sven; in the end he remained alive and able to help the Ritter’s.

It left Sven in a serious conundrum though; the Haksson family had a little autonomy from the Ritter clan. But, this was the first time Sven had ever had such close contact to one of the Ritter’s themselves, and the last son at that. A part of him didn’t know how to act, whether to be subservient, or to simply be a yes-man.

Wolf must have pushed me out of the way when he saw those shots. That would mean he probably wants me to retreat. Working his controls Sven allowed the momentum from the push to carry him (albeit slowly) towards the Kirov. Sighing, Sven took off his helmet and proceeded to wipe the sweat from his face.

So I survived my first stint of combat in a long time. Sven’s face loosened a bit; to him he was grinning but to anyone that would see it they would still see the foreboding frown on his face. I even helped Wolf survive, I proved myself to him, and did my duty to the destiny. Keeping his eyes on the rear cameras to make sure none of the AEUG was following, and to keep an eye on Beta Team’s leader, Sven’s Marasai gradually distanced itself from the fighting.

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Post by Cardi Doorl » Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:44 am

- Alexandria-class Kirov -
- Combat Bridge -

"The rebel formation has completed a 180-degree turn, sir!"

"They're in full retreat, then. Have our MS teams returned yet?"

"Aside the units from the Herakles and Ipswich, not yet sir."

"Send up the general mobile suit withdrawal flare. Ritter needs to get moving. What of the mobile suits attacking us?"

"All but one has retreated, sir. A Rick Dias-type has stayed behind and is fighting Stukov and Te'litha."

"What are our other mobile suits doing? Get them up there. I won't let that Dias escape alive."

- Kirov Vicinity -
- Alpha Team -

Stukov tightened his arc to approach the tenacious rebel MS. He holstered his beam rifle to draw a saber into each hand and activated the weapons as he swooped in, planning to buzz the AEUGer while swiping it along the length of the back with his left-hand beam saber.


Now Stukov and Nick and the Rick Dias were too close together for Leandro to take a shot. He gritted his teeth and waited, his finger twitching on the trigger as he tracked the AEUG machine and waited for a chance to open fire.

- Kalinin Team -

Bate, by reflex, feathered his Marasai "upward", even though Ian's return fire came in low enough that the move was unnecessary. Then the Rick Dias, having already picked up so much speed, was too far away to be worth pursuing. Bate hand-signaled his team to hold off.

There was, he knew, still another Rick Dias fighting "above" the Kirov. With the dorsal threats gone, a perfect opportunity to entrap that last Dias had arrived.

One of the Kirov Marasais (Jason) landed in the suit bay, but the other (Patrick) suddenly took chase after the fleeing Ian. Bate overcame the impulse to leave him to his own devices and said, "Hey! Forget him! Let's hit the other one over topside."

Bate matched actions to his words by swerving around the Kirov's hull to get a full view of the two Marasais entangled with the single Rick Dias. A glance back confirmed his team was following closely.

"Try to keep a slight distance, and wait for an opening to attack," he instructed his subordinates.
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Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:10 am

- Outside Side 2 -

- The Dervish -
- Hangar -

Rem, who was obviously still eager to get his hands on hard data from the 4th’s war machines, got Dr. M’s attention and said, "I'll head to the more damaged one, collect data and help with some of the more brute-force repairs. You'll probably get more of the data you want from the one in better shape,” before heading out enthusiastically in the direction of LtCmdr. Eckardy’s mobile suit. The doctor waved him on his way and adjusted his normal suit’s helmet before gingerly pushing off towards Marvin and Eddie themselves instead of Cowboy’s Dias. He nodded politely as he approached, and landed on the catwalk a few feet away. “Gentlemen,” he began, bobbing his head briefly in a bow of respect, “Congratulations on your successful, eh, return,”. He flipped through his notes for a moment before continuing, “I was wonderink if you two would be interested in answering a few questions. Your cooperation will benefit both my company and the, ah, AEUG,”.

- Bridge -

Abbey watched impatiently as the last of the 4th’s ships finally made a full turn and fell into formation. “Wilson, launch retreat flares,” he ordered as soon as the fleet began withdrawing as a group. The sooner the mobile suits returned, the sooner they could pour on more speed and get away from Side 2. “Flares going up…” Wade responded, and a moment later above the Dervish a group of flares exploded signaling a general withdrawal. The thought of returning to the moon with less personnel and more excuses again made him sigh and shake his head. At least this time their mission had genuinely been interrupted and undermined by the Titans. If he had known it was Taskforce Echo opposing them, he might have considered fighting them for a little longer. That Captain Trent was a dangerous man, but he always made things interesting.

- MacAlpin & Fritz -

"Tell yourself it'll happen, Ashlyn. If either of dies today..." Wolf growled at Fritz, shoving back against the Rick Dias’ beam saber and breaking their clash, “I’ll see to it that it’s you,”. A bazooka round raced in from somewhere behind Fritz, thankfully missing everyone in the clump of engaged MS as Wolf and his wingman backed away. Ritter let loose with a petty volley from his vulcans at Jim, who was still struggling to find his bearings. Fritz’ eye was drawn in MacAlpin’s direction by Wolf’s initial attack, and because space behind the younger pilot’s suit was lit up suddenly by the flares from the AEUG flagship; Wolf decided at that moment to fire a shot from his beam launcher that came amazingly close to vaporizing Fritz and his Rick Dias.

Fritz fought his controls as his mobile suit was buffeted and spun by the wash from the huge beam - the blue paint across the front and right side of his Rick Dias bubbled and blackened before he could regain full control. He instinctively slammed down the control that would pop open his suit’s phalanx system to give Ritter a parting potshot like Wolf had done to Jim. Instead of a weak stream of parting fire, a forlorn alarm sounded and red text in his HUD alerted him that not only were the phalanx guns entirely inoperable, but he was critically low on fuel. “You bastard!” Fritz yelled through gritted teeth at his fleeing foe as he reluctantly fired off his own signal flare to make sure the orders were seen by everyone.

He wiggled his suit’s arms and legs in order to get closer to Jim’s suit without burning the fuel he needed to get back to the Dervish. “Zeke…” he said, initiating skin talk, “Let’s get out of here,”. It was obvious by the tone of his voice he was far from happy about letting Wolf go again. “Uh… yeah,” MacAlpin said distractedly as he watched Pan Heyden arrive and pass them up. The nickname ‘Zeke’ that had been jokingly imposed on him no longer bothered him, but it did remind him of that weird attempt at battlefield conversation Julian Meighan had run by him. Without waiting for Jim to follow, Fritz did his best to aim for the distant Dervish’s catapult and hangar area before he burned most of his remaining fuel accelerating home. Jim still floated where he had been knocked back by Sven as he watched the brash Lt. Heyden, who seemed to have ignored the retreat orders.

- Michiko -

The Dervish’s retreat flares came close to distracting Michiko too, and she was forced to sacrifice any chance she had at countering Samantha’s attack in order to evade the hastily snapped beam shots. “A-alright! I’m coming back!” she said, as if anyone could hear her complying with the wordless withdrawal order. She continued her forward path, letting it take her past Sam and behind Clute and Jack. She could circle around and head for the ship if those new suits didn’t make too much trouble for them.

- Clute & Jack -

“Damn it, Jack, say something!” Clute demanded as he neared his teammate’s damaged mobile suit. He knew that even with the Minovsky interference, Jack could at least hear noise coming over the friendly radio channel. Shin’s return shot streaked between them, causing Clute to hesitate and change his path slightly. Jack’s Rick Dias slowly turned in his direction as Clute reached him. “Jack, are you hurt bad?” Clute asked as he began towing Jack’s suit away from the Barzams. Staying in one place to talk to a wounded wingman was practically handing one of the nearby Titans two kills. “I… I’m having trouble staying conscious…” Jack finally responded, his voice slow and his breathing heavy. Clute could hear him straining to draw in air. “Hang in there. I’ll get us back to the ship," he encouraged, trying to sound confident even as he was fighting a rising tide of panic.
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Post by mcred23 » Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:55 am

-The Dervish-

Eddie and Marvin didn't do nothing for long. Dr. M, both Eddie and Cowboy had heard his real name, but neither could remember or pronounce it, approached them. He landed a few feet away, and Eddie and Cowboy turned to face the odd man. “Gentlemen,” the Doctor said with a nod of his head, “Congratulations on your successful, eh, return,”. He paused briefly while flipping through what looked to be notes, “I was wonderink if you two would be interested in answering a few questions. Your cooperation will benefit both my company and the, ah, AEUG,”.

Eckardy mulled the idea over for a few moments. He really hadn't met Dr. M yet, but in the back of his mind, Eckardy feared that saying no to the Doctor might force him to deal with that other annoying guy. Eckardy nodded his head and half-grinned, "Yeah, sure." He said, the words coming out almost as a sigh, while Cowboy nodded in silent agreement.



Ian was nearly home-free. His sensors showed a single Marasai (Patrick) moving to pursure, which was totally foolish on the part of the RMS-108. Neither pilot was in range of using their weapons, given the current level of Minovsky jamming, and Ian's lead, combined with his superior acceleration, ensured that the Marasai would never catch up with the Rick Dias and was highly unlikely to even be able to get off a decent shot.

Still, Ian had a few tricks. He tossed away the beam pistol he carried in his left hand, it was nearly out of ammo anyway, and while he couldn't properly aim the right hand pistol, it still had more ammo. In any event, it made the Rick Dias just that much lighter, and his lead on the Marasai continued as Ian raced away from it, and the Titan fleet.
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-Hamburg Bridge-

Adam saw the flares go up from the Dervish and unconsciously let out a sigh of relief. The Hamburg had been in no danger throughout the skirmish with the Titans, but he knew from experience that that could instantly. With the fleet moving away from the area all they needed now was the pilots not to get carried away and come back.

He fixed his eyes back on the still useless radar screen, and waited, doing his job.

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Stukov's friendly fire did indeed scorch off a large portion of Nick's right leg armor, so much so that landing would probably be a pain without nets.

As for the point blank shots, however...the problem with firing point-blank is that everyone just assumes that because it's point-blank, it's a guaranteed hit, thus there's no point to aiming. But there have been reports as early as the twentieth century of groups of individuals firing at each other from less than two feet away and emerging wound free.

While in this case, it wasn't 'wound-free', the shots merely nicked the suit's shoulders and waist line.

Nick smiled.

"My turn."

So saying, he hit his thrusters with the attempt of a headbutt that would smash both suits heads. Like all things Nick, it was a distraction of his real intentions; he deactivated one of his sabers, then reactivated it quickly, now trapping Wes' saber between his own. Using that for leverage, Nick reared backwards and moved to kick Wes away in Stukov's direction with his good leg.
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Wes smirked. The striped Marasai was clever with his saber deactivation trick, but it doesn't stop Curren from stealing it. With that, he too deactivated his saber and tapped his thrusters, freeing his unit and sending his Rick Dias shooting upwards and out of harm's way for the most part.

The Marasai's head instead smashes into the legs for minor damage, which in turn only re-adjusted Curren's direction. The Dias shoots outwards behind Nick and away from Stukov's swiping attack, just as the Dervish sends out the retreat flares.

With a quick glance, Wes pushes his unit into overdrive to high-tail it out of there. He'll just have to finish his duel with Stukov another time.
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"Got it sir." Kyle had been given the order to recharge and re-arm so they could act as a defensive screen for the ship. His Hizack was the first back out into space but this time he had left a combat shield behind. His old one had been destroyed of course in his frantic attempt to down that Nemo. But unlike that said foe Kyle still had a beam rifle and now that it was recharged he took up a position on the bow of the ship.

"I want all members of the team to take up defensive positions while the fleet tries to leave this area. Its up to us to make sure the Herakles doesn't suffer harm like it did before." He stood there scanning space with his beam rifle at ready. Unlike the machine-gun he had longer range and more sniping ability should a stray Nemo appear, but this ship seemed to not be suffering the same plagues as the others. Probably because they were so obscure compared to the rest of the ships in the fleet. He hoped with their participation in the previous assault would gain them a little more recongiztion. The probably was they couldn't break through, so despite the fact he had chased his opponent off they still hadn't won due to the others having trouble. This all sucked and he couldn't wait for the threat to end.
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