Episode 17 - Star-crossed

The last RPG was "Zeta Gundam: Tales from the Frontlines - The AEUG" which ran from 2006-14.
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(OOC: Sorry but gettin' kills where I can. Its past the 48hrs. I posted Bernard attacking Bernarz on Thursday July 10 6am so more like 5 days.)


- Near Salamis Kai-class Chuikov -
- Hamburg Team -

As Bernard fired down towards the Hi-zack (Bednarz) he noticed Emington take out the Hi-zack (Gallagher) close to him with his saber causing an explosion. The Hi-zack was too busy firing at Randy to notice it much less the 4 shots raining down on him from Bernard.

The first shot severed the gun arm at the elbow while the second shot plowed into the left shoulder. The 3rd and 4th shot burrow themselves closer to the neck and straight down the head of the Titan suit. It jolts and buckles as multiple explosions occur inside the titanium body. As it drifts backwards, dead in space, Bernard's attention turns to Randy. He attempts to communicate despite the interference.

"You o.k. sir? I am really low on juice here."
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Chuikov Vicinity

When Julian told Michiko about Fritz's predicament, two things happened. He expected Michiko's reaction --- she had turned around with only helping him in mind and was going to reinforce him as he was pursued by another Marasai. What Julian didn't expect was the intensity of Michiko's reaction, however; It was one so panicked, so urgent that --- quite literally --- Michiko nearly got herself killed by it.

Then another Rick Dias suddenly rushed in and blocked the fateful blow that would've finished Michiko off, and suddenly the Marasai was focused on him. But that name, and that voice...Julian recognized him now. It was MacAlpin. Lucky him! Julian was hoping to talk to him a little. Now's as good a chance as any.

But Julian didn't have time to worry about it yet, as Gilliarme and Samantha closed in from two sides at him. Just as Julian thought they would. He just needed to get far enough...sneering, Julian pushed his Nemo further upwards, away from the Chuikov, leading his predators further away from their third wingmen.

* * *

That innocent smile, golden hair like a wheat field in the sun. Those green eyes, so much like her mother...

As Gilliarme fought, fleeting images filled his heart, images of past and present --- but he didn't for a moment doubt their intensity, or their existence. They were there, guiding Gilliarme in that subtle way which removed his doubts, giving him absolute concentration in moving along with his wingmen's movements, their whims and confidence.

Bright blue hair, that scar of experience. Those eyes, longing and resigned, just like Maureen's that day when she was getting married to someone other than Yuu Kajima...

Gilliarme was perfectly focused, moving with Sam in their pursuit of Julian, flanking Julian's opposite side along with her and firing three shots --- one above, and the other at the legs --- to confuse his Nemo. Sam would know what to do, as Gill did.

That is why I fight.

* * *

The displays lit up even as Julian was closing towards Sven and MacAlpin, three beams flying at him. Noting Gilliarme and Samantha's positions beforehand, however, Julian did not rise to the bait; Instead of swerving all over the place trying to avoid the beams and opening himself to the other Barzam to finish him off, Julian instead suddenly swerved...and turned his Nemo in place, the left leg getting blown off in the process, taking quick aim at Samantha's Barzam closing in at him. It was elementary from that point; At that closing range, Julian fired three shots proper at her from his Nemo's Beam Rifle.

If that doesn't finish Samantha off, it would get them to think twice about pursuing him.

* * *

There was something wrong for a split second, and Gilliarme didn't hesitate to act on it. As Julian's Nemo counterattacked to devour the bait by firing at the closing Samantha instead of him, Gilliarme moved, pushing his Barzam in a surge of speed all of a sudden --- and crossing in front of Samantha's Barzam momentarily, shield raised. It was enough. The first two of Julian's shots at Samantha were parried by the shield, chunks of Gundarium shearing off with each shot, but the third grazed the left forearm, towards the armpit, and seared into the left upper torso armor, creating a small, smoking hole.

Then Gilliarme was past her, narrowing his eyes, and rolled right offensively, returning two shots at the retreating Julian to force Julian further away from the Chuikov. They were getting too far away from Shin now; Samantha would know what to do, and following that, so would Gilliarme.

* * *

"So, you're 'Slim Jim', right? James MacAlpin?" Julian asked casually as he was further forced away from the Chuikov, towards Sven and James. As he passed, he sprayed a few vulcan rounds at Sven's Marasai to distract the Titans retainer, all the while swerving right to encircle him. At that range, anyway, MacAlpin should be able to catch most, if not all, of what Julian is saying. "Name's Julian Meighan, from the Chuikov. You seem like a nice guy overall --- especially for a former Zeon. I don't see why people seem to dislike you so much like they say they do."
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--Team 2--

Wes rolled out of harms way as Stukov's beams flew past his Dias harmlessly. As he regained focus on the enemy Marasai, Curren recognized a familiar drawing motion; it was the same saber tactic as before.

But before Curren made another move to counter, the alarms warned him of another threat. He pulled farther to the right again, this time narrowly avoiding an attack from a HiZack with a tiger-striped paint scheme. What's also odd is how the beam sabers were wrist mounted. Wes cursed again at having to split his attention on two aggressor units. Ian better give him some relief...

Automatically, he popped off a trio of beams at Nick with his pistol before launching another shell at Stukov.
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Chuikov Vicinity
Hamburg Team

Al brought what was left of his shield up to counter the missiles, and promptly found his shield blown to smithereens as well as some of the forearm armor on his Nemo's left arm.

"Damn! Ugh.."

Al attempted to follow the Hi-Zack and whipped around the beam rifle shots that had followed the missile volley put out by Harrington. The pink streaks seared past, one of which catching his right shoulder at the tip of the thruster and damaging the vectoring properties of the thruster, hampering his maneuverability somewhat.

"Aw come ON! Get back here you Earther coward!"

Al slammed a fist on his console as Harrington rocketed away toward the Titan's formation. Even he knew that following was suicide, so Al decided to link back up with the rest of his team. Huffing he wrenched his controls and scanned the field for either Bernard or Randy, and found the both of them relatively close together. With a push of the pedals, Al shot off toward his comrades and comes up along side Bernard. Initiating Skin-Talk, he chimes in.

"Damn Bernard, where the hell WERE you!? At least you're still alive. Uh, hey, where's Jeriden?"
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-Team 2-
-Eddie and Cowboy-

They were both running full out now, Eckardy's damaged Dias actually helping him, it caused the suit to handle a bit oddly when he moved certain ways, causing his evasive moves to be even more random. Marvin was still juking when several sensors again screamed at him and instinct caused his hands to move to avoid the beams fired by a Marasai (Jason).

He wasn't quick enough. The first beam passed close enough to tear the top off of the left-side binder. Although the fuel it stored was largely gone, enough remained that began to leak a stream of fire. Cowboy slapped the proper button to eject the binder. He wasn't quite clear when another of the beams from the Marasai hit it, causing it to blow, singeing the legs and feet of his Rick Dias. Cowboy was flying almost totally on his instinct now, and he fired a pair of beams from both of his pistols at the Marasai (Jason) in the hopes of causing the pilot to break off... or hit the Alexandria, which would have been just fine to Marvin, had he actually thought about it.

Below him, Eckardy had his weapons pointed what was, for him, at least, above and behind him, back towards the Titan mobile suits. He saw one Marasai (Grace) take hits that could only have come from Marvin, and it was now in a spot that, had Eckardy been trying to fire at it and the enemy ship, would have forced Eddie to make a tough choice. However, none was needed, as Eckardy had long since determined his target. Range was starting to become a factor again as he raced 'downwards' and away from the enemy, yet he loosed another half dozen beams at the Marasai (Grace) to keep it's pilot busy.

Which is when another of the large beams came from that advanced Hizack model. The shot was closer to where Marvin had been, but the fire from the Marasai and the subsequent loss of a binder had moved him. Still, the beam was closer enough to both Cowboy and Eddie to leave black burn marks on the left and right arms, respectively, of either MS, and to make them move around even more. Both men were being shaken up by everything, the rapid movements they were forcing on themselves plus the high speed at which they were moving, but it was for a purpose; they would soon be out of effective range of the Titan MS, and already had enough of a lead that they knew they could win a chase.



Ian Greydon was now thoroughly angry at everything. The Titan pilot had come seemingly from nowhere, ruining the attack. Then Wes had broken off to engage the enemy pilot, causing them to be split apart as they now where, well out of comm distance thanks to the Minovsky Particles. He could also see Curren firing rockets widely, seemingly ignorant that the clay bazooka's only carried eight rockets. And then some oddly colored Hizack, or what looked like a Hizack, had come racing in, and Ian couldn't warn Wes...

Ian slammed on his thrusters, racing in to help Wes, who barely managed to avoid the Hizack as it had tried to attack with a beam saber. Ian aimed his bazooka and fired his last three rockets at the striped Hizack, before throwing the bazooka at the enemy, even though he was still a good distance away. Ian adjusted his thrusters, grabbed his other beam pistol, and began a downward movement, knowing he couldn't do much against the Alexandria now and that it was time to get the hell out of this area. He fired a shot from either weapon, aimed roughly at the Marasai, and prayed the Wes saw, and understood, what his downward motion ment he was going to do.
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- Near Salamis-Kai Class Chuikov –
- Beta Team –

Bright yellow light filled the interior of the cockpit of the Marasai. So close… The light did nothing to improve Sven’s sight, which was still a little hazy.

Sven’s crippled Marasai was locked into close combat with, judging from the damage on its leg, the other Dias he had hit earlier. The enemy pilot certainly was brazen, and good for performing a risky move, and saving the life of the fool who had allowed them self to be distracted twice. While Sven cared little for the number of kills he had, he still found his anger rising at having his kill robed by this new enemy. Whats more the pilot openly taunted him, expecting Sven to know who he was. The man didn’t even have custom colors! Sven ignored the taunt, something he hadn’t quite expected, even though it seemed a growing occurrence, enemy pilots communicating with each other.

Sven hadn’t been planning for a protracted fight; he had been planning for a slash and run. So the enemy Dias put him in a hard spot. Shifting his mobile suit slightly so his shield covered his right flank a little better, he sent his first transmission the entire fight to his team.

“Sir, Sven here I am moderately damaged and running low on fuel, requesting permission to fall back.”

Vulcan rounds punctuated his statement as they whizzed in fired by that earlier nemo, and pelted his right shoulder shield further weakening the armor already taxed from bazooka shrapnel. Rolling his eyes at the third attacker Sven suddenly broke contact suddenly with his blade. Firing his forward thrusters to gain distance and distract the enemy pilot he also dipped his beam saber down and circled under the enemy Dias’s hand holding the beam sword. If the pilot wasn’t fast enough he would lose the hand, and if he was, well it would give Sven time to break from the engagement.

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-Chuikov Vicinity-
-Hamburg Team-

"Damn Bernard, where the hell WERE you!? At least you're still alive. Uh, hey, where's Jeriden?"

Bernard was just starting to get back in his pre-OYW stride and confidence when it all suddenly faded when he heard Al's question. Guilt and embarrassment quickly returns making Bernard's stomach turn.

"I-..I was at point Bravo waiting for you guys." Bernard looks away from the front part of the monitor that has automatically thrown up a video link when Al initiated skin-talk.

"I'm not sure where Kai is. But I saw him leave the area..." Bernard had no choice but to lie. It was better than admitting to your squad that your courage crumbled and you left a team mate in need, again. He did see Jeriden engage the enemy but was unsure whether he escaped.

* * * * * *

-Kirov Vicinity-
-Gamma Team-

Jason stopped just under the Kirov to witness if he hit his target. He was about to jump out of his seat with joy when he realized it was a false explosion from a piece of the Dias. The sensors quickly picked up what he couldn't see, two shots coming from the explosion's direction. With a damaged right foot his escape was limited so he took cover by hugging the Kirov. With a minor collision the Marasai rapidly backed into the Kirov's underside using it as cover while the pair of shots hit the ship instead allowing the Dias to escape.

Jason, breathing a sigh of relief relaxes after bracing himself. As he sinks in his seat, Jason hears a familiar voice.

"Uh...where is everyone?"

With a perplexed look, Jason stares at the comm.

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Post by Lans » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:17 pm

- Hamburg Team -
- Chuikov Vicinity -

He heard the radio chatter and was glad that his team survived the fight. His own fight with Bednarz ended quickly when Bernard arrived at the scene and gunned down the Hizack, saving him from the hectic job from evading more shots. On the other hand, Al hold on his own against two and managed to score a kill. Randy couldn’t help to make a mental note of his Ensign’s ability, ‘Either by luck or by skills alone, this boy is really something.’

Randy opened the channel to his team while turning off his beam saber to conserve the power, he chuckled for a bit and said "Hey Al, give the old man a rest. The man just saved my ass from being toast.” He smiled and continued, “Hey Bernard, thanks for that one. I’ll try to return the favour next time. As for Jeriden, he might be already on the Hamburg for rearm and patrolling the area, I couldn't blame the rookie as it was quite a stunt we pulled out on that Alexandria."

He checked his sensor and saw several fights are still going on in their vicinity; he sighed and said, "We couldn't provide any more help in here. If any of you have a suggestion, let me hear it now. If not, let's head back to Hamburg for rearm."

While waiting for reply, Randy try to make a call to the ship, "MS Team to Hamburg, we're pulling back for rearm. Lost contact with Ensign Kai's unit, please acknowledge."

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- Buxoro Team -

As Aaron pressed the attack on Thibaut, he saw that DeRossi was finaly getting things together in terms of team work. That is, until Thibaut´s Nemo returned fire and scored a hit on DeRossi.

¨Damint!¨ he yelled as he saw his team mate spin out of control.

Since it seemed that the hit wasn´t fatal Aaron decided he´d check on Warren later because if he let up now, the panicing enemy may regain some confidence and try and counter attack. An enemy on the run was better then an enemy on the attack.

¨Here goes,¨ he fired off another five round burst as he continued forward at Thibaut. Soon he´d be in range to use his beam saber and he hoped the enemy was damaged enough by then to make finishing the job easy.
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Post by Kylern » Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:36 pm

Kyle pulled around with his enemy as they almost collided and due to the zero gravity the laws of motion pushed him to the side too. Quickly he forced his Hizack to stop by hitting the verniers as his enemy also readjusted itself.

It seemed the poor Nemo lost its beam rifle and after a quick glance he saw it nearby. So instead of chasing after the Nemo in close combat he moved as fast as possible to grab the enemy beam rifle. His plan was to use it against this nutcase enemy pilot somehow but with a busted up shield his options were limited. The hunk of metal was almost done for and would probably break with the littlest effort and a plan hit him. Attaching the beam rifle to the back of his shield he watched his enemy wait for him to do the first move.

"Alright crazy fellow time to put you down finally." This time instead of drawing his heat hawk as typical of a melee fight he leveled his piece of crap shield and beam rifle at the enemy unit. Then he made the first move by closing the distance just enough to get within throwing range and threw the shield at Hard AE like a brick. But before it could get close he fired his beam rifle at it causing the Nemo's stuck beam rifle to detonate and shred the shield into hundreds of sharp pieces which sprayed the enemy like a fragmentation grenade. Then he fired his last two shots from his beam rifle at the enemy's cockpit while the second shot was meant to lead its next movement if they were any.
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Post by Psyden » Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:45 am

Another volley of beams come in at Grace and she begins to dance her suit through the fire, but probability is against her. After the battle, she’d never be able to recall which beam it was that actually got through, though she’d be certain was one between the 3rd and 5th sent her way.

Regardless of the number, the results are clear enough. The beam pierces the previously heated armor, which glowed a deep red before being heated again, and rips a large hole in the left arm midway between the elbow and shoulder, damaging or destroying all the mechanisms in it and burning out wires, leaving the arm inoperable below the shoulder.

Grace cuts the throttle of her thrusters as the Rick Dom Rejects beat a hasty retreat. Her suit doesn’t have the power to catch up to them, and even if she did, she’s no longer in any shape to do much good. However, regardless of how fast the enemy suits might be, they can’t out run beam bolts.

Grace aims at the fleeing suit with the oddly painted shoulders and fires 5 shots of her own at the retreating figure.


As Sophie streaks between Lepak and Cara, Pendragon takes aim. She seems to think that those two are the only ones she has to worry about. Oh, but she it wrong. With any luck, it will be the last mistake she will make ever again.

Two missiles, the top from either both, streak forth towards the Nemo as the machine gun chambering rounds that would be a match for any late 20th Century’s Main Battle Tank opens fire with a dozen round spray aimed center mass at the GM-wannabe with caution given to avoid detonating the missiles along their flight path.

Pendragon might not have done much up until know, but he has merely been bidding his time, waiting for one of the enemy to expose themselves. Roberts has that mentally deranged pilot under control for now, even if the pilot who is supposed to be watching his back is attacking another suit. Not that Pendragon will complain. If Roberts has a problem, it is his job to discipline Lepak. If doesn’t, then there is no problem, not is there?

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Post by Montague » Sun Jul 20, 2008 2:15 pm

- Buxoro Team -

"She's all yours, Chief." Elijah acknowledged Picard's 'request' as he allowed his own Hizack to drift off only momentarily, the distance between himself and the duel increasing. The Lieutenant briefly passed through the number of issues the New Yark's leader faced; his Nemo was bruised and battered, the damage his previous shot had incurred no doubt affecting its manueverability and with the ever increasing rage that was M-Hover closing in that was certainly a disadvantage. Its pilot must be extremely fatigued considering the amount of pressure Picard and Elijah had placed on him.

And on top of all that, it seemed his wingman hadn't much time left either. That sly grin returned as the thought of Faraday's opponent pushed away the Robin's brief overview as he turned his Hizack to get a proper view of the Nemo which Buxoro's Ensigns were dealing with. DeRossi was in the midst of a recovery, one that would no doubt leave the rookie rather nauseous. Aaron on the other hand seemed well in control as he continued to approach the wethered Nemo. The Nemo's pilot seemed to be at his wits end, the peppering of the Ensigns' 120mm no doubt ruining a few of the cameras which contributed to the Nemo's panoramic monitor.

The opurtunity was just so perfect Elijah could not contain the grin from spreading further to an almost maniacal laughter. Faraday hadn't yet reached close combat range with the Nemo giving the Lieutenant a proper window. Above and to the right of Thibaut's Nemo Elijah's own Hizack loomed over the bleakness of space. Angling his mobile suit properly so that his triple tubed missile pod was directed toward the Nemo, Robin fired. In a brief cloud of smoke two of the three missiles launched, their destination being near the rear pack of Thibaut's Nemo.

Proximity was key here, as what Elijah intended to have accomplished was that these missiles would detonate through a proximity fuse, perhaps no more then a few meters from Thibaut's suit. If all went as planned one of either two things could possibly happen. In one case the fragmentation of the missiles could possibly damage the mobile suit beyond functional use. The other possibility, a more likely one, was that the force would cause Thibaut to lose temporary control of his suit allowing Farady to finish the job. Combine that with the cloud of smoke these explosions would produce and the New Yark's pilot would be in one tough and wild ride, something of which his already shaken nerves probably couldn't contain.
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Post by wonton bob » Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:55 pm

-Chuikov Vicinity-
-Hamburg Team-

“Hey Bernard, thanks for that one. I’ll try to return the favor next time. As for Jeriden, he might be already on the Hamburg. I couldn't blame the rookie as it was quite a stunt we pulled out on that Alexandria."

yeah. It sure was... didn't effect this war any, much less this battle but probably just lost a man for it..

Bernard looks up at his monitor and can still see beams streaking not too far from their position. The battle rages on and deaths most certainly continue but..

"If any of you have a suggestion, let me hear it now. If not, let's head back to Hamburg for rearm." the C.O. announces.

Bernard quickly checks all systems knowing the possibility of continuing to fight is out of the question especially when his heart is just not in it anymore.

ammo....I only fired 6 shots...

Opening a channel to the team, Bernard announces his status. "I'm afraid I'll be riding on fumes soon, just got enough to make it back to the Hamburg from here, besides we left her unprotected."
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Post by Lans » Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:32 am

- Chuikov Vicinity -
- Hamburg Team -

Randy still tries to communicate with the Hamburg, but it seems that Minovsky interference is too thick to handle, at least for the time being. He guessed that the reason behind the strong interference is coming from the scattered MS debris around their position. He remembered one of the technicians said something about this, '0087's MS bring so much Minovsky particles that when they are destroyed, the space around them literally bathed with the particles.'

Randy was expecting a reply from his team member. Bernard was the first to report, "I'm afraid I'll be riding on fumes soon, just got enough to make it back to the Hamburg from here, besides we left her unprotected."

Randy couldn't agree more with his 2nd in command, as his suit makes a change of direction he gave his order, "Hamburg Team, I'll take the lead. Set destination to the Hamburg, we're going home."

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Post by hellbore » Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:04 am

Hamburg - Bridge

Trask looked at his radar screen still seeing nothing amid the Minovsky interference. He hadn't known Jeridan very well, but well, any death hit you hard. Suddenly he saw three blips separate themselves from the mass surrounding the Chuikov. They faded in and out of different cluster of interference, but where unmistakably making there way towards the Hamburg.

"Captain," he called out, "we have three bogeys incoming. Minovsky interference is too high too make out anything other than direction." He glanced over to the radio man, who shrugged at the unspoken question. "Orders, sir?"

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Post by EfreetCustom » Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:53 pm

Herakles Team

"Dammit I can't get a good shot!" Alex kept trying to focus his fire upon the Nemo. Alex fired his machine gun until his gun ran empty with a few landing right in the middle of his cross-hair. "Roberts Sir!, do you want me to leave this Nemo to the other two?" He said over his intercom.
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Post by ORegan » Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:51 pm

Patrick Miller
Somewhere in space near the Kirov

Patrick looks around using the Mobile suit's cameras and see some beam shots near another Mary. Thinking the Mary to be Nick, when in fact it is Jason, he opens a line with the Mary saying.

"Um...what should I do to help?"
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Post by Lans » Sat Jul 26, 2008 8:31 pm

- Hamburg Team -
- Hamburg Vicinity -

Randy still eying his scanner and sensor for any combat development he could see through the interference. Before long, the Hamburg already appeared visually. He confirmed using optical zoom and decided to give another call to the ship.

"MS Team to Hamburg, we're inbound to your position for rearm. Please acknowledge," Still no response. He repeated again, "MS Team to Hamburg, we're inbound to your position. Lost contact with Ensign Kai, please acknowledge."

He switched back to Team chat while waiting for any response from the Hamburg. "Hey, Bernard. The skipper and the crew shouldn't be too jumpy in this kind of situation, right? Continue our approach to the ship. You’ll land first with Al. Both of you only need rearm. Grab fuel and fresh load, launch immediately and patrol near the ship. Oh, if you got the chance, get something to eat and drink but be quick."

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Post by Wedge14 » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:15 pm

(calling a miss)

Pan felt like vomitting at the sight of shots going wide. Had someone fiddled with his machine!? Quickly following his prey's route he saw it's intended goal.

"JIM! 'KO! I'm sending one more your way!" His voice came out as more of a guttural growl then anything really tangible.

From what Pan understood of the current situation. By chasing this unit to the other what was left of his team would be able to hit these two units from both sides. The thought of friendly fire did not cross his mind.

He wasn't going to let this guy get away. He was determined to shoot him down or get shot down in the process.

He let out a terrifying yet primal roar cry as he unleashed a quick snap of shots at his prey.
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Post by King Monkey » Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:25 pm

Jacob curses to himself (since no one else can really hear him through all the Minovsky interference) as his two bazooka rounds go wide. Especially when he sees that the suit that he fires on then has a chance to attack another one of his allies, this time with a pair of missiles.

He's been moving forward and hopes that at closer range he'll have a better chance of hitting. Taking more careful aim this time, he sights down the length of his bazooka, holding it in both hands. A double tap of his mobile suit's massive finger sends two more projectiles hurtling towards the Hizack.

As he's getting very close to the battle, Jacob reaches back, pulling free one of the beam pistols from his Rick Dias shoulder.

(Firing at Elijah.)
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