Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

The last RPG was "Zeta Gundam: Tales from the Frontlines - The AEUG" which ran from 2006-14.
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Re: Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

Post by King Monkey » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:56 am

"Oh. I see." Jacob replied rather lamely. He gave Marvin another glare, as though he suspected the other man had something to do with that answer and that he didn't necessarily believe it.

"What are you doing to make things hard?" he asked, worry evident in his tone. Now was not the time for problems. Not right before they were going to go into battle. "If you need help with getting ready for the battle, I'll be happy to help you. We're a team. We have to take care of each other."

It never occurred to him that there might be something other than official going on between them. Fritz was married after all. And Michiko's boss.
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Re: Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

Post by EZero8 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:43 am

--Ready Room 3--

Wes leaned back on his seat in the empty room, watching the screen that displayed the battle routine for Maelstrom. It felt odd being in a quiet team room after hanging around Team 2 for so long, but it was a welcome change. Eddie had his ways of relaxing before a major operation, and Wes respects that Eddie can use loud music to just "chill out" before battles, but Wes preferred quietness. Fitting for his isolated nature, he figures. The thought made him wonder how Cowboy, as shut-off as he is, managed to put up with Eddie's music for so long.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't all that quiet for long. Though the wall muffled most of the noise, there was an odd knocking sound going on outside for the last while. It happened periodically, with a thud here and there breaking Wes' thought process at the most opportune times. After awhile, Curren simply decided to check out what was going outside and floated up from his seat.

Opening the door and peering outside, he found a bunch of scattered pilots all hanging around in the hall, including a couple of his ex-teammates, with Jacob apparently asking a storm of questions at an uncomfortable looking Michiko and Cowboy.

"Oy oy, lay off the interrogation Jacob," Wes says from the doorway offhandedly, unsure as to what caused the "discussion," much less what it was even about. "No need to get worked up over something trivial before the Op.

"By the way, anyone know what's the deal with all these thudding sounds? It's almost like someone is running into the walls or something..."
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Re: Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

Post by mcred23 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:14 pm

-The Dervish-

Terrace got Wales moving down the hall as Michiko shook her head and wiped at her eyes some more. "No, I accidentally bumped into Marvin and he was just trying to be nice... I just... I feel so stupid... I'm making things hard for myself and Fritz..."

What? Marvin thought to himself, not having the slightest clue what she was talking to, adding to his confusion.

"Oh. I see." Jacob said, but clearly didn't mean it, still glaring at Cowboy. Marvin flushed red in a mix of fear and anger, as if he was in combat. He narrowed his eyes and finally glared back. It infuriated him that Jacob would instantly assume he had something to do with Michiko's situation, whatever it was. Marvin didn't consider how the situation might have looked to somebody walking in on it...

"What are you doing to make things hard? If you need help with getting ready for the battle, I'll be happy to help you. We're a team. We have to take care of each other." Jacob asked, to Michiko, in a more concerned and understanding tone than he had with anything related to Marvin.

And then Wes stuck his head into the hallway from Team 3's Ready Room. "Oy oy, lay off the interrogation Jacob. No need to get worked up over something trivial before the Op." He spoke in a more relaxed tone than Marvin had ever heard him use while they had been teammates, which just added to his growing anger at this damn situation. I can't go anywhere or do a damn thing without s*** happening! He thought bitterly. Wes said something else, but Marvin ignored it.

"...F*** this..." He mumbled to himself bitterly, before barely raising his voice so the others may hear him, Marvin didn't care if they did or not. "I don't need to deal with this s***..." He kicked off the floor and twisted to float about everyone, careful to avoid bumping into Michiko. He gave another angry glare down at Jacob as he floated over, totally ignored Curren, and simply took the next turn in the hallway, not caring that it wasn't in the direction he wanted to go. Hamilton just wanted out of that hallway.

As soon as he was out of sight, Marvin let out a long breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, and instantly regretted what he just done. It probably, certainly, couldn't be the best way to have dealt with that, but once again, he just didn't care. Well, that wasn't entirely true. Marvin had been a bit concerned with Michiko, she was always nice to him, but he didn't need to deal with Jacob thinking he somehow caused that. A**hole... He thought to himself, Thinking I caused that?! Who the hell is he?! It was absurd to Marvin that the man would jump to such a negative idea about him, when Marvin hadn't, or at least, thought, he had never done anything to warrent that.

And Curren. That made Marvin shake his head as he turned a corner and started floating down another hall, head up this time, that would eventually lead him to another hall that would get him to the mess. In the four months they had been teammates, the man had barely spoken to any of them. He'd always seemed offended he'd been moved down to serve with them, as if they were second class or rejects or something. Probably would have fit in well with the Titans... That thought caused a small, bitter smile to form on his face. Wes hadn't had to like them, but he'd barely been civil with the people he was supposed to fight with. It had, and still did, strike Marvin as the dumbest thing he'd seen in this war. At least, so far.

His stomach rumbled again as he made another turn that finally brought him within sight of the mess. Marvin sighed again. What was done was done, he'd live with it. He wasn't concerned with any repercussions that may come, or at least, he tried to tell himself he wasn't. He planted his feet on the ground outside the door but didn't press the button to open it. He took a few deep breaths. Alright, forget that s***. It's done. It's the past. Don't focus on that s***. F*** Wes and Jacob. They're a**holes. Ignore 'em. Focus on the important stuff, like the mission and keeping your damn sanity.


Marvin poked the button and went inside. The mess hall was largely empty. He grabbed a tray with a few breakfast sandwiches and some other stuff and took a seat at a table in a corner away from the door, and everyone else, as he tried to settle down all the thoughts that were still flying around his head.


-Ready Room 2-

Eddie didn't notice Fritz until he came over.

"Eddie, there's something up," He hesitated for a moment, glancing at Sophie. "The Zeon moved Axis - we mentioned it in the last couple of updates in the briefings. Well, they didn't do it to keep it away from the battle like we guessed," He sighed, "They're trying to use it to hit Granada because we're coming for Gryps 2." Ashlyn crossed his arms and shook his head. "I've been told Bright and Char have a plan to stop it, but it relies on Maelstrom going off without a hitch..."

"Oh God damn it..." Eddie almost whined. "F***! I-I mean... Damn." He stumbled over his words, causing a frown. "So... what the hell does that mean for us? Maelstrom still on as planned or... or what?" Eddie was curious and concerned for the obvious reasons, plus the idea that the Axis Zekes would try something like that.
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Re: Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

Post by blind_dead_mcjones » Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:19 pm

-the dervish-

"thanks" wales replied quitely to both marvin and terrace as he grabbed onto the grip, about that time some other guy who he only remembered as the drunk from amman ranting about squished heads showed up what happened next was hazy and althoug hhe was new wales could sense some tension in the air.

"Come on, lets get you caffinated" terrace said to him as they set off down the hall
"sounds like a plan" wales replied, about halfway towards the cafeteria wales suddenly piped
"say, i have a question, what was all that in the hallway about?"
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Re: Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:39 pm

- Near Gryps 2 -

- The Dervish -
- Hallway -

"Oh. I see," Jacob said, sounding like he didn't see at all. He leered distrustfully at Marvin once more for good measure. Clearly concerned, he turned back to Michiko and asked "What are you doing to make things hard? If you need help with getting ready for the battle, I'll be happy to help you. We're a team. We have to take care of each other,". Michiko smiled faintly at Jacob's sincerity, but she was shaking her head slightly and trying to come up with a polite evasive answer when Wes stuck his head into the hallway. "Oy oy, lay off the interrogation Jacob. No need to get worked up over something trivial before the Op. ...By the way, anyone know what's the deal with all these thudding sounds? It's almost like someone is running into the walls or something..." the newly promoted flight leader asked.

"...F*** this... I don't need to deal with this s***..." Marvin muttered, at the chain of events that seemed to focus on him out of nowhere. He slipped past Michiko and abruptly left the area. She didn't like the sudden attention any more than he did, and because of the questions and perceived hostility she was finding it just as hard as before to keep her tears in check. "It's okay... I-I'm sorry," she said quietly. She covered her mouth with her hand and quickly slipped past Markado the way Marvin had, intent on shutting herself in her room until she was called up to report.

- Ready Room 2 -

"Oh God damn it... F***! I-I mean... Damn," Eddie stammered, his reaction not too terribly different from what had run through Fritz' head when he was on the phone with Abbey. They both felt the same mixture of fatigue and anger. No matter what they did or how hard they struggled against the Titans, the Axis Zeon were threatening to ruin everything. "So... what the hell does that mean for us? Maelstrom still on as planned or... or what?" Eddie asked. Fritz nodded strongly, "Maelstrom has to be executed successfully. And fast enough for Gryps 2 to be useful,". He sighed and his jaw set as he let that sink in. "I won't let this happen, Eddie. If I have to... If I have to fight here until I'm the only one left I'll do it. The AEUG can't fail now that we're so close to beating the Titans - even with the ghost of Zeon haunting us,".
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Re: Episode 25 - Recall [4th]

Post by Soma Taozi » Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:47 pm

-The Hamburg-

Paris was pleasantly surprised to see Al. Of course she had been thinking about him...but any happy thoughts she had with he cute guy were immediately crushed by the weight of nerves. Nothing seemed to be able to make her forget about the upcoming battle. Not music, tea, or even a hot shower. Paris was halfway to the Ready Room when she suddenly had the thought of her Nemo not being in tip top shape and in a wave of panic and fear Paris suddenly changed direction and headed towards the hanger. How would it look if she got shot down because of failed maintenance on her part and without even firing a shot? It would be embarrassing and way to tragic for Paris to wrap her head around. Plus, if she had any family alive how would it look if they were told that their daughter would have died a hero if she only would have looked at her machine more? That Paris Rose Carter was an “almost hero.”

Gritting her teeth in anger at herself for being so lazy, Paris had gasped in surprise when she rounded around the corner and almost ran into Al. The slight shock and surprise awoke Paris from an apparent sleep that she didn't realize she was in. She was acting ridiculous. This wasn't the Paris Carter that she knew! Paris Carter would be living in the moment and acting like every moment was her last. She wouldn’t be pining over what would happen if she died and besides, she had checked her Nemo before trying to get some sleep, so what would be the point in going back to the hanger now?

Paris blinked a couple times, trying to shake off the feeling of nerves as Al said something that sounded like an apology. "Errruumm, what? Oh..." Paris tried to move out of the way, just as Al moved and they both ran straight into each other. Flushing with embarrassment at her clumsiness (what was wrong with her? This was zero-gravity after all!) Paris pushed off Al in an embarrassed rush and floated back. "Oh, sorry about that...I am...well it is great to see you!" Paris felt something hit the back of her head and she turned curiously to see a patch floating behind her. "Is this yours?" Paris plucked the patch out of the air and looked at it, 'What is it?"
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