Episode 22 - Conspire [TE]

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Re: Episode 22 - Conspire [TE]

Post by Attomoku » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:10 pm

Kirov, Brig

Lt. Te'litha

"Yep. Looks pretty clear-cut. These two dead gentlemen seemed to have orders to murder Lts. Sayed and Te'Litha and Ltjg. Heyden there courtesy of an officer that I seem to recall has direct ties to Bask Om. How dreadful.
Ltjg. Heyden, I'd get dressed if I were you. The rest of a security team'll be down here in a minute or two. The rest of you guys stick around and tell your stories when they ask questions. Nice work,".

"Oh my, to have my subordinate's save my dead ass," Nick responded with sarcastic airs. "How charmingly quaint. If I didn't already know that he doesn't have one, I'd almost say that Friday was a romantic at heart."
Nick felt he could relax a bit now; his problems involving Tiraq were floating away like the little red droplets of blood that used to belong to the former 'political officer'. He felt that now Sayed was gone he had added a few more days onto his life, which at this point may well literally be the case. He knew Friday might try something later, but Nick didn't care at the moment, figuring that since Wolf wasn't dead yet the evil bastard wouldn't try to off him until he'd done his job.
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Re: Episode 22 - Conspire [TE]

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:25 am

- Open Space -

- The Kirov -
- The Brig -

As if following a precise schedule, almost exactly 5 minutes after Trent gave the order a security team arrived at the brig. With them they carried exactly 3 body bags. "It's like they knew!" Rowsdower wryly exclaimed when his compatriots immediately began to bag up the three dead men. The ranking soldier among them, a dour gunnery sergeant, folded his arms as he watched his crew work and rested against the inside frame of the locked brig doors. "Hurry up," he grumbled, "And when those three are bagged and tagged don't forget to grab the other one,". Rowsdower took a minute to realize he was talking about Cara, and then nodded and moved over to unlock the cell it was stashed in.

"And for pete's sake somebody get someone down here to collect all this damn blood. Christ," the gunny complained, swatting at a glob that came too close to his face. The three other guards mumbled affirmatives as they finished gathering up Tariq, Rhys and Saad. Once they appeared to be ready to leave, Rowsdower went and pulled out the bodybag that contained Cara's disguised body. "Now, about those statements..." the gunny said, hesitating as he looked over the living pilots in the room. It wasn't clear if he was actually going to question them or not since he didn't move from his resting spot. Bruce brought out the planted papers and handed them over, and they went right into the ranking man's jacket.

"I'm Gunnery Sergeant Mannhart. You'll be talking to me from now on instead of that sack of crap," he said, nodding to indicate Rowsdower, "You can think of me as your new handler since Trent told Capt. Friday he doesn't want any more personal visits,". He moved out of the way and opened the brig doors. "I think I've got everything I need, sirs. You're all free to go," he said, gesturing to his men with a jerk of his head in the direction of the hall. The security team glided out ahead of the pilots with their grim cargo in tow.

- Wolf's Quarters -

"Ens. Kate Elliott, reporting to Beta Team, Commander," she announced herself, a crisp salute lifting her slightly off the deck. Wolf's expression changed slightly from a rude stare to what was almost a hostile glare. His eyes narrowed at her name. In his mind Daren's note appeared with her name glowing red at the bottom of the list. "So you're in my team now, eh?" he muttered. The way he phrased it made it just vague enough to not exactly be accusatory. The tone wasn't enough to suggest the you he referred to was his enemies.

He shut his eyes and shook his head slightly as if he was tired enough to nearly find the situation absurdly amusing. This was some kind of insult. "Fine. Welcome aboard, ensign. I'm sure you've got your assignment," he drummed his fingers on his folded arm, still skirting the edge of what he really meant. He straightened up a little and started to close his collar and smooth down his jacket. "I'm sure you can find a cabin. If you need something before we reach Gryps just call on me,". He ran a hand through his hair and realized how tired he really felt. Fatigue was rapidly catching up to him.

- Bridge -

"What's the updated travel time?" Trent asked, still half expecting Lt. Tariq and a couple of soldiers to walk in and haul him out of his seat at any moment. Sayed was a tough man. Mortimer pressed a couple of buttons on his station's console and called out without turning around, "ETA is still late on the 24th, sir. Looks like some time between 1800 and 2300 depending on the Dogosse Gier's course changes,". Before the captain could respond, his handset rang and nearly startled him. He slowly picked it up and audibly sighed with relief when Mannhart's voice was on the other end of the line. "Captain, everything is clear down here. We'll move ahead with everything on our own,".
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Re: Episode 22 - Conspire [TE]

Post by The Big Zabowski » Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:24 pm


"Gee... should have seen this coming. Little tuck and turn pass off."

Jack nodded to Rosedower and Mannhart as the group of MPs responding to the scene removed the bodies.

"I'll tell you what.. off the record; I'm not surprised that the Rhys kid was involved. That Saad, though. Damn shame. I thought he was a good kid.."

He then tapped Mannhart on the shoulder before he skated out the door.


He then whispered something into the NCO's ear.

Mind if I ask you a few questions..about Trent and Friday.
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Re: Episode 22 - Conspire [TE]

Post by Wedge14 » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:55 pm

Heyden had somehow gotten changed in all the confusion. He had a self satisfying smug looking grin on his face. The uniform fit perfectly, and he honestly looked pretty good in titan's black. Heyden smirked as they where all released, he grunted with a nod as he was the first one out of the brig.


Pan reached for his carton of cigarettes only to realize he had smoked his last earlier. He muttered a few different F words as he started meandering down the hall with no idea where he was going.
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Re: Episode 22 - Conspire [TE]

Post by hellbore » Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:00 am

- Open Space -

- The Kirov -
- Wolf's Quarters -

""Fine. Welcome aboard, ensign. I'm sure you've got your assignment. I'm sure you can find a cabin. If you need something before we reach Gryps just call on me."

"Thank you, Commander. If you will excuse me." Kate saluted again and executed an acrobatic tun to grab one of the passing grips and retreated down the corridor back towards her room. She had noticed the Commander's odd behaviour and speech, but disregarded it as not important. She was there to follow orders and defend the Earth Sphere, not get wrapped up in other's personal lives.

Internally. she ticked the last item off her list of things-to-do as she reached her room. Entering and locking the door behind her, she moved to the bed and stripped off her uniform. Sitting on the edge of her bunk, she cradled her head in her hands and sat there in the dark, in complete silence. Sleep brought the dreams, and the dreams were too painful. Eventually, she grabbed a pill jar out of her drawer and tapping out two of the sleeping pills, downed them dry and lay down, swiftly falling mercifully, unconscious.
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