Episode 21 - The Willful Slaughter of Hope [Axis]

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Re: Episode 21 - The Willful Slaughter of Hope [Axis]

Post by Fritz Ashlyn » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:10 pm

- L2 Space -

- The Bindra -
- Bridge -

Vada shifted in his seat, a little uncomfortable that it was taking what seemed like a long time for the captain to return to the bridge. Chief Reyes had kept Finalan occupied and provided him with satisfactory answers (even if all of them weren't technically perfectly accurate) while data transfer ran between the ships, but it was obvious the Mudra's captain was growing impatient. Finalan nodded to one of his own crew out of the camera's field of vision, and explained, "We're still compiling data on the enemy's mobile suits. The Bindra's combat readings might help fill in some of the gaps. Between hard data gleaned from combat situations and our intelligence gathering within Anaheim Electronics and the Federation--". He stopped talking to Raquel mid-sentence as Pizal Wald finally entered the bridge behind her.

"Capt. Finalan, this is Capt. Wald," he said, moving up so that he was beside and slightly in front of Raquel. "Capt. Wald," the other officer said, straightening up a bit, "I was beginning to think you had gone missing. Not dealing with disciplinary problems already, are you?". The color drained from Pizal's face and his jaw quivered as he tried to come up with an answer. "I'm just joshing you," Finalan said with the barest hint of a smile, waving his hand dismissively. After Pizal's heart attack was averted, the two briefly went over the transfer of data and the location of the ship in relation to the main fleet, and then Finalan brushed down his moustache again and said, "Now then, captain, the main reason I was instructed to contact your ship,".

The view of the Mudra's captain shifted so that he was in a frame at the right side of the main overhead monitor. On the left, a computer model of the earthsphere appeared and then zoomed in on L3 until it was just the area around Gryps 1 and 2. Finalan cleared his throat lightly and then continued, "As of now the Bindra is to cease autonomous operation and continue to the main fleet rendevous point in L3. Once there, you will be attached to the Trammel sub-unit as part of the Gwadan's command. You'll ultimately be reporting directly to Haman-sama until the operation at Gryps is completed,". Pizal's ego reinflated before the crew's very eyes at the news and he stood up straight, beaming at the orders.

"Thank you, Capt. Finalan, we'll report to the Trammel as soon as possible!" he said, giving a perfectly crisp salute. Once it was returned, Wald asked, "Uh, who is in command of that unit, captain?". Finalan thought about the question for a second before nodding, "As I recall the Trammel is Capt. M'Quve's ship,".
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Re: Episode 21 - The Willful Slaughter of Hope [Axis]

Post by Ziryab » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:33 pm


Just as the colour was draining from Pizal's face at Finalan's jest, Raquel herself nearly pounced out of her skin. Had Finalan seen through her lies and half-truths? Inside her head, Raquel saw some sort of felt puppet version of herself flailing its arms about in despair before 'running' across the bridge and jumping out a window.

But the comment was merely Finalan's go at humor. Her heart sighed in relief and began beating again. Her ramrod straight back loosened and she slouched like a twenty something male in her relief.

Oy~... stating to herself before floatingly slinking away from the bridge's center and back to the helm. She wiped whatever sweat had beaded about her forehead and face with a sleeve. She turned to Vada and signal with one hand too him: "thanks, I owe you a round."
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Re: Episode 21 - The Willful Slaughter of Hope [Axis]

Post by Wedge14 » Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:48 pm

(sorry about the late reply :oops: )

Gwen's lip quivered as she was berated by Pris. The woman frightened her dearly, she was kinda funny yet jaded. But in a way Gwen sort of trusted her in a fearful manner. The younger pilot unlatched her helmet releasing a glimmering display of spent tears. "I guess I just forget how I was taught to deal with those people."

Gwen took the napkin and quickly wiped her face. She looked as good as new and fresh faced and eager as she usually looked.

"Besides," She said with a grin. "We're on a roll! I'm not gonna let captain bubble butt keep me down!"
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