Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Honor of a Knight

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Honor of a Knight

Post by Deathzealot » Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:31 pm

Disclaimer: I do not own the anime series known as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED or its Manga side story Mobile Suit Gundam ASTRAY nor do I own anything from the SEED MSV that I may include in this Fanfiction.. I only own my own characters and mecha that I have created for the purpose of this story. At least all but the Character of Brian Carter and his Gundam known as the Hi-Wing Gundam, for they are owned by my friend RX-79(BC) and are not owned in any part by yours truly.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Honor of a Knight

A Mobile Suit Gundam SEED AU Novella Written by, William R. Woods “Deathzealot”

Author Foreword:

May I present the rewritten, renamed, and not mention much better version of my first SEED AU Freedom of the Heart. I had finally decided to rewrite the story entirely for I realized I was kind of disappointed with where the story was heading both in its written format and in my head. So I went back to the old drawing board to come up with Honor of a Knight. The Knight part in the title will refer to a new character that I will be adding to the story, Brain Carter. If you want to know why it refers to him you might want to read on.

Anyways like FOH Flay Allster will be removed from the story to make room for my own character that I have come up with to replace her. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Flay it is just I want try something a little bit new since everybody else seems to be adding an extra character and Gundam to the mix. So I just what to do something really different to make this story stand out and this is what I came up with. All normal characters (Kira, Mu, Murrue, Mirri, etc) will stay as they are, the only difference is that Kira and Athrun will not meet up in Heliopolis (the Aegis will be outside with the Buster, Duel, and Blitz) which shall change the battles a little bit.

However unlike FOH the story will start just before the series does to better introduce some OCs that I am introducing into the story. This will start about a month before the attack on Heliopolis, and will immediately jump a few days before, however I assure you the reader that by the end of PHASE 1 the story will we caught up accordingly.

Finally last but certainly not the least, when I first started to plan the storyline for FOH, I was in the middle of reading Bondfan’s excellent Story of Heroes. However now as I sit here planning for HOK I am currently reading Solid Shark’s also excellent Birds of a Feather. These stories along with others gave me the spark I needed to get my but into gear to write my own AU Version of SEED, and so I must thank all those who had the same spark to create an AU of SEED. I say thank you!

Now please I ask you to either review or email me on what you think of my story here, and please be honest that’s all I ask. Okay thank you all in advance and let’s get things moving shall we!

-William R. Woods
March 22, 2006

Dramatis Persona

Earth Alliance/ O.N.M.I Enforcer

Kira Yamato - A young sixteen year old teenager living on the colony of Heliopolis who goes to a university on the colony. He also happens to be a Coordinator which means that he is usually getting all the extra work for the Professor. Once the colony was attacked by ZAFT forces he finds himself thrown into battle to not only save his friends who got stuck with him on the Earth Alliance Warship Archangel, but the world as well.

Fiona Alexander – The girlfriend to young Kira, who also lives on the colony of Heliopolis. Since she too is a Coordinator she helps Kira in all the extra work he is assigned by the teacher. Unlike Kira, Fiona is far more vocal in concerns and goes on to be Kira largest supporter in battle, since she like the others was thrown into battle protecting her friends.

Sai Argyle- Sai is one of Kira's friends, even though his father is a minor noble of the Orb Union while Kira is only a normal civilian of Orb. Once on board the Archangel he becomes a crack ECM and ECCM Specialist.

Miriallia Haw- The other female friend of Kira, and helps Fiona keep the boys out of trouble. Not only that she is the girlfriend of Tolle. On the Archangel she becomes the Parasite Controller, relaying orders to the ship's group of Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors.

Tolle Koenig- Miriallia' boyfriend and one of Kira's closest friends. He is the joker of the group and tries to keep the others happy. When the Archangel entered his life he became the ship's copilot.

Kuzzey Buskirk- The final member of Kira's group of friends, and probably the only one who has some prejudice against coordinators like Kira and Fiona. Not only that he tends to be a coward sometimes. However once aboard the Archangel he becomes the ships Communications Operator.

O.N.M.I (Earth Alliance)

Lieutenant Mu La Flagga – The so called Hawk of Endymion and most likely once the best mobile armor pilots in the Earth Forces. He pilots a prototype Moebius Zero unit and is one of the few pilots able to pilot one. He is also one of like three survivors of the famed Zero Corps. On the Archangel he becomes the Parasite Commander for the ship.

Lieutenant Murrue Ramius – One of the few officers to survive the attack, and suddenly finds herself the acting Captain of the Archangel. As the story progresses she becomes a sort of a older sister figure to the young volunteers.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ian Godard – The wisecracking, smart-ass wingmate of Mwu and is the second survivor of the Zero Corps. However his own Zero was badly damaged in a battle and was scrapped. He now pilots a “vanilla” Moebius Unit customized with a white paint job and a large Gatling canon replacing the usual Linear Canon.

Ensign Natarle Badgiruel – The bad cop to Murrue's good cop, Natarle is another surviving officer and quickly becomes the ship's XO. However unlike Murrue Natarle is a by the books type officer and won't take any disorderly conduct from the crew. Thankfully she is also a brilliant tactical analyst which saves the ship numerous times.

Chief Petty Officer Arnold Neumann – The ranking non-commissioned officer aboard the ship and becomes the ship's third in command behind Natarle. Not only that he quickly becomes the pilot of Archangel. If either of the two officers are not on the bridge you bet you will see the steady Arnold in the command seat.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Jackie Tonomura – Another member of the Archangel's original crew. He joins Mirri and Sai in the CIC as the radar specialist.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Dalida Lolaha Chandra II – The final member of the ships CIC he helps Sai with ECM and ECCM stations. Not only that he is in charge of the ships complement of civilian volunteers.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Romero Pal – Another of the ships operators, however unlike Kuzzey he is the Operator for the fire-control station.

Chief Petty Officer Kojiro Murdoch – The chief mechanic and engineer of the ship. Mr. Murdoch and his cadre of talented mechanics are responsible for not only keeping the ship repaired but to keep the ships Mobile Suits and Mobile Armor parasites in working order.

United Emirates of Orb (Orb Union)

Major Brain Carter – An officer of Orb on loan to the Earth Alliance at Heliopolis to advise them in Mobile Suit operations. Since before becoming a Major in the Orb Armed Forces, he was a ZAFT pilot and was called the White Knight of Jachin Due. For not only his compassion for both ally and enemy alike but for the white cross he has painted on all of his Mobile Suits. Now back on the soil of his birth he pledged to protect his homeland and will stop at nothing to keep it.

Cagalli Yula Athha – The daughter of the Chief Representative of the Orb Union and is an old friend of Brain before he went off to join ZAFT at fifteen. Now she looks to get to know her old friend better. However his assignment to Heliopolis has put her plans on hold, but she does find out about some sort of project going on at Heliopolis and manages to sneak onto the colony to find out for herself.

Zodiac Alliance of Free Treaty (Z.A.F.T)

Athrun Zala – The other hero of the story, and a old friend of both Kira and Fiona. However this war has found them on opposites ends of the war, and Athrun is forced to fight his two best friends. Which puts a huge emotional burden on the young man, and he wonders if he has to kill his friends.

Yzak Joule – The hotheaded wingmate of Dearka, who hates Athrun with a passion since the other boy constantly overcomes him. However secretly he respects Athrun, but he would never admit that.

Dearka Elsman – The smart-ass wingmate of Yzak, he also hates Athrun though his reason is that Athrun is just simply an idiot. However like Yzak he respects Athrun, and would follow him anywhere no matter how much of an idiot he is.

Nicol Amalfi – The shy wingmate of Athrun, he happens to be Athrun's only ally and friend in the Le Creuset Team. Nicol respects Athrun a lot and is willing to die for him.

Commander Rau Le Creuset – The mysterious commander of the Le Creuset Team, No one knows much about this masked man. But many think he has his own personal agenda, and will stop at nothing to see it through.

Captain Fredrik Ades – The captain of Commander Le Creuset's flagship Vesiliuas and is loyal only to Rau. However he has a sense of tactics that rivals his commanders.

(This list shall change once new characters are introduced and if any character changes at all so make sure to check back here for any updates. Also you may notice that I am using Army Ranks for Orb Military personal since many Orb Military I see both in SEED and Destiny they have those ranks. )

PHASE Zero: Before the Spark

"Wars are like fires, they only need a spark to get them started and if they do start it take a lot to put them out if left unattended . However fires only need water or similar to put them out, while wars need something much worse to put it out and that my friends is...blood!"

-Reverend Malchio in a conference with leaders from Earth and the PLANTs

* * *
Morgenroete Inc. Facility
Onogoro Island, Orb Union
November 24, C.E 70

* * *

On the coast of Onogoro white foaming waves constantly beat against the rocky shore of the Orb Union. Standing on one of the said rocks was Major Brain Carter, the young man wearing the red and blue of Morgenroete, watched as the waves hit again and again with little luck against the strong shore. Major Carter even though only seventeen had seen and lived through war. For he was once known as the White Knight of Jachin Due, a ZAFT Ace who had left ZAFT and the PLANTs to go back to his native land of Orb where he was born. He was no longer the hot blooded young fool full of revenge who left for PLANTs to fight. Brain was now part of the Orb Self Defense Forces and in charge of the Wing Project, since he was a decent engineer beside being a pretty good pilot not to mention his experience in piloting Mobile Suits. However his project was being rejected in favor of the Astray Project hence his reason for standing on the shore bleeding off some anger.

“Major! There’s a Call for you!” called an engineer from the disguised personal entrance to the underground facility that he had been working in for the past few months. Brain blinked and turned to look at the other man and just nodded seeing the man back inside. The brooding pilot/engineer slipped on his red vest once more before running to the entrance were he saw the same engineer holding out a phone. Brain thanked the young engineer before cradling the phone with his shoulder as he worked to close the entrance.

“Major Carter here,” he said with a frown as the doors slowly closed before him blocking out the load roar of the crashing waves.

“Major, Lord Uzumi requests your presence at the Parliament House immediately,” came the order from an aide on the other side of the line.

“Yes Sir, I’ll be there as soon as possible,” Brain replied before hanging the receiver back onto the cradle of the phone. Sighing Brain went to change before heading back to the Capital to report to his country’s leader.

* * *
Parliament House
The Capital, Orb Union

* * *

Brain now in the blue and black of the OSDF walked through the halls towards the office of the leader of the entire Orb Union. Normally someone in his position would be nervous about speaking to Lord Uzumi; however this was not Brain’s first visit to see the Chief Representative. In fact he had been constantly seeing the man since he had been put in charge of the Wing Project. Brain was now nodding to all the other officers and Representatives wondering the halls of the large building. However he did not make it to the Office, as somebody tackled him to the floor with a curse, and then suddenly found himself staring into the hazel eyes of his childhood friend Cagille Yula Attha as she stared intently at him.

“Hi Cagille,” he said with a sheepish grin his anger temporally forgotten, knowing why she had tackled him in front of several military officers and some of her father’s fellow Representatives. Since he had basically not talked or even looked at her since he had started his work.

“Is that all you can say to me Brain, you never write, or talk to me since you started working for father, nor have you even looked at me since you arrived back in Orb” Cagille said to him using some her dreaded anger at him. Brain flinched as she pushed him a little harder into the floor.

“Hmmm… Cagille can you let me up before everybody gets the wrong idea about us,” Brain quipped with a grin watching her looking around the hall seeing several amused faces around her and her following blush as she realized that everybody in the hall where now looking at them. Cagille cried out in shock and surprise before letting him get back onto his feet.

“Brain come and see me after you are done talking to Father please,” she requested before taking off uniform tassels flying behind her. Brain grinned since he liked her uniform, though he still liked seeing her in dresses from time to time, though he knew if he even mentioned that he would be dead. Shaking his head with yet another grin he resumed his walk to Lord Uzumi's Office noticing the looks everybody was now giving him. Rolling his eyes as he finally stepped into the foyer of the man’s office. The secretary upon seeing him quickly rushed him into the main office of the Leader of Orb. Brain flinched as the heavy oak doors closed with a bang behind him, before he finally looked at the gray haired man sitting at the large desk reading through a file before him.

“Milord, Major Brain Carter reporting as ordered sir," Brain said snapping to attention and saluting the older man before him as he looked up from his reading to look at him.

“At ease Brain, you know you don’t have to salute me,” Uzumi said with a small smile standing up from his desk and waving from Brain to take a seat before him.

“Well habits kind of stick to me sir and beside I didn’t think this was going to be a formal visit,” Brain said with a smaller smile his anger and sadness coming back in full force. Uzumi flinched at his tone but let it drop since Brain had every right to be mad.

“Yes I guess it’s not, however I assure you I did not know of the Seiran’s or the Sahaku’s deal with the Earth Alliance,” Uzumi said with a angry frown as he threw the report he was reading against his desk angrily but not directed at Brain. It was Brain’s turn to flinch for he did not want to be mad at Uzumi for he knew that very fact but his anger got the better of him.

“I know that Milord and I dreadfully sorry for my earlier tone,” Brain replied with a grimace, however Uzumi only waved it off.

“Brain you have every right to be angry, anyways back to business for I am sure you are wondering why I called you here,” Uzumi said back to smiling as he sat back down indicting Brain to do the same which Brain gladly did having been on his feet most of the day.

“Now that is out of the way I want you Brain to head for Heliopolis and be my eyes and ears. For you know I don’t trust either the Seirans or the Sahakus, and I defiantly don’t trust the Earth Alliance. However for a cover, you are going to be loaned to the Earth Alliance as a technical advisor,” Uzumi said with a very rare grin on his face, which Brain copied perfectly.

“Yes sir, I can’t wait to see those racist Alliance slugs flinch when they find out that the White Knight of Jachin Due is going to be “advising” them,” Brain said with a chuckle, even though he knew that not everybody in the EA fit that label.

“So anyways sir, when do I leave?” Brain asked now back to business. Uzumi opened a door in his desk and picked up a white envelope out of it before handing it to him.

“In there are your orders and travel visa, they expect you up there the 26th so you have plenty of time to finish your work at Morgenroete,” Uzumi ordered as Brain took the envelope from the other man before slipping it into one of his pockets on his uniform jacket as he got up from his chair.

“Thank you Milord,” Brain said saluting once more and started to exit the office when Uzumi stopped him for a moment.

“By the way Brian I think you should at least spend some of that time with Cagille for she has missed you,” Uzumi said with yet another smile on his face, this one a fatherly one he rarely used at all only in the presence of Brain and Cagille.

“I will do that, for if I don’t I’m sure she would kill me if I didn’t,” he replied with a grin before finally walking out of the office in slightly better spirits when he walked in. The secretary smiled at him as he stepped out of the office. Brain nodded at her and quickly made his way to his house to change before going to the Athha Mansion.

* * *

Brain smiled as the Athha's family butler let him into the mansion, the older man smiled back at him as he started to lead the young man to his mistress's champers knowing exactly why he was here today. Once there Brian silently slipped in the series of rooms that where sit aside for Cagille's use. He stopped in awe when he saw a picture hanging near the door that nearly sent him to his knees in surprise. For the picture showed a young brown haired boy of about twelve or thirteen smiling at the camera with his arm thrown over a young blond haired girl's shoulder, both kids had their fingers shaped in Vs. Behind the kids was a group of adults, two men and a single women looking down the kids with smiles on their faces.

“Surprised Brain?” asked a soft feminine voice behind him, Brain turned to find Cagille looking at him as she leaned against a wall one that lead to her bedroom. Brain then noticed her uniform was gone replaced with comfortable green baggy pants and a tight red t-shirt.

“Yes I can't believe you kept this picture after so long, for after this picture my parents died and then I just went down hill from there. It was the last time we where all together being happy,” he said with a sorrowful look in his eyes as he took another glance at the picture. Brain's parents Alexander and Fiona Carter where minor nobles of the Orb aristocracy and where always friends with the Athha family. They always supported one another in anything from a battle to politics. However Brain's grandparents decided to make their children Coordinators and hence his parents where constantly targeted by Blue Cosmos. One day they got lucky ending up making one teenage boy survive without his parents. Brain in a fit of anger pushed everything he ever knew, friends, the rest of his family, and even his own very best friend away from him before joining the ZAFT academy at fourteen.

“Yes even though I was hurt you pushed me away, I always looked at that picture to remind me of all the good times we had together. However you came back to us, but you never once came back here to apologize to me,” Cagille said with some emotion in her voice which was very different for her since she always went out of the way to be strong, to never cry. Brain having been pulled from his memories by her answer turned to look at the girl everyone thought was his friend, but in reality was the girl he loved, his one and only soulmate. Right then and there he realized that he hurt her more then he thought he ever could. Wasting no time cursing himself Brain quickly wrapped his arms around Cagille and hugged her tight.

“No excuse can say how sorry I am for hurting you, and not even coming back to even try to fix my mistake. Truthfully I was afraid, afraid what you would think of me, afraid that you hate me for I had down, and afraid that you would no longer want me beside you in your time of need. So Cagille I am no longer going to be a coward and say it right here and now. Cagille I am dreadfully sorry and I will use every fiber in my being to make it up to you” Brain said with a smile as he looked down at the mob of blond hair lay against his chest. Cagille tilted her head back looking into Brain's face, with her chocolate brown eyes and smiled back.

“Apology accepted, and here I thought you weren't a poet,” she said with a smile. Brain smiled right back but suddenly found himself on his but looking at the ceiling as Cagille took off.

“Why you...” Brain growled out and dashed after laughing princess. From his spot outside the door Uzumi Nala Attha smiled as he watched the two race around the rooms. Shaking his head Uzumi made his way to his office to finish some paperwork he brought with him from the Parliament House. The two teens where together for the rest of day, talking, joking, and just enjoying each others company. The next day they went out and had some fun around the city, granted with a heavy bodyguard but still they had fun. Then finally Brian left for Heliopolis the twenty-six and gently said good-bye to his friend and promised her he would be back when he was done with his duties on the colony. However they would not see each other for a long time, as the spark was ignited and Brain was once again caught in the middle of the war.

* * *
12th Special MAS Barracks
7th Orbital Fleet
Ptolemaeus Lunar Base
November 25, C.E 70

* * *

A lone Moebius Zero flew almost touching the gray lunar surface as the the pilot desperately tried to escape a CGUE Mobile Suit on his tail. Bullets where flying all around the white painted unit as its pilot a Lieutenant Junior Grade Ian Goddard curse the enemy pilot for playing with him.

“Damn space monster stop playing and get serious here,” he shouted to himself as he flung Mobile Armor to the side just in time to avoid another stream of bullets. Ian cursed as the enemy pilot finally landed a hit on his single remaining gun pod, which Ian frantically detached the smoking weapon just in time as it exploded. Suddenly the battle behind him erupted in a brilliant white sphere taking both friend and foe to death. Ian's eyes widened as the sphere grew and heading straight for his own little portion of the battle. Cursing he tried to increase his speed but to no avail. He suddenly crashed into his controls as his Zero flipped end over end before resting in the soft lunar dust. However Ian was now on the brink of unconscious and his Zero was totaled with half of the unit now gone or laying spread around the crash. The pursuing CGUE who miraculously survived the explosion hovered for a minute over the crash before lifting its single remaining arm and fired a white flare before boosting away from the downed Zero leaving the pilot alive and well.

-dream end-

Ian Goddard woke with a start as his dream came to a close. Sighing the young pilot wiped the sweat off his face and once again wondered why the enemy Mobile Suit had launched a flare which managed to save his life. The flare was seen by a Drake-Class Escort limping away from the battle, if the enemy pilot had never launched a flare no on would have found him in time to save his life. Sighing once more Ian slipped out of his bunk before heading for the small bathroom attached to his room. Inside the tiny space that served as a bathroom, Ian slowly turned the faucet on letting the clean, clear water to fall from the silver faucet. After a brief moment of Ian looking into the mirror which like the room was pretty small, smaller then a normal mirror in a civilian use bathroom. As he looked into the mirror that memory played over and over in his head. Sighing the pilot shook his head before shoving his head underneath the cold shower of water. Ian gurgled for a minute before removing his now soaking head from the water. After grabbing a nearby towel he shut off the water and furiously drying his head. Once done Ian shook his head slightly before sighing in frustration and getting ready for the day ahead of him.

* * *

Ian slipped out of his room and into the brightly lit main hallway of the 12th Special Mobile Armor Squadron barracks. The 12th was his latest assignment, and most likely the best he had since the Zero Corps all that time ago. Since he was once again under the command of the famous Hawk of Endymion and several other Grimaldi veterans where in the squad. As if on cue the Hawk himself came around the corner to spy his wingmate moping along the hallway.

“Yeah Nova thinking of that dream again or dare I say it thinking of a woman,” Mu's voice cut through the younger man's thoughts and which in response speared the other man with a glare. One for mentioning his nickname and the other joking around about his lack of a love life. Ian had been named the Nova Hawk at the battle of Nova where had brought down a Laurasia Class Frigate, and over three Mobile Suits. Not mention protecting a damaged Hospital Ship. Since his nickname sounded so similar to Mu's many people just called him the Nova. Others with a sense of humor would go around and called the two of them the Double Hawks or the Brother Hawks.

“Mu, mate I if you weren't my superior officer I would give you a good slug in the jaw,” Ian said with his thick British accent he had since he had lived in the British Quarter of Copernicus City for his entire life. Mu only rolled his eyes at Ian before falling into step with him.

“Ian you know that same pilot who saved you not only saved you but two others from this Squadron. Both Franklin and Suez had been discipled by him but he never finished them off. Instead he flew off to battle elsewhere, most likely running into you. Also I heard from Franklin when I told him about your dreams, that he had been a hardliner for Blue Cosmos when this infernal war started, however after being saved by this mystery pilot who many other pilots called the White Knight. He gave up from the group since he saw that not all Coordinators where monsters like the press say they are. Granted he was mad for a few months but eventually got over it,” Mu said with a frown looking over at the younger man beside him. Ian nodded since he had heard about that before, but never the last part. Sighing Ian decided if he ever meet this mystery White Knight he would shake the man's hand, and promise to be always by his side. Since little did his buddy know, Ian came from a long line of British Knights, and had the sense of honor engraved into him since he was a boy. According to his honor code, sense this man saved his life, Ian would pledge his life to him and follow him anywhere. Right there in that hallway Ian knew he would enjoy meeting the Mystery pilot and would be honored to follow him.

* * *
Helios City
Heliopolis Colony
Le Grange Point 3
November 25, C.E 70

* * *

The daylight at what appeared to be a park slowly darkened as day became night, the park was something of beauty. Flower lined pathways, perfectly cut grass swaying slightly in the breeze, three playgrounds for kids with many benches surrounding them for the parents, and finally the jewel of the park an awesome fountain smack dab in the middle of the park. With all this you would think you where on Earth, however you where not. For this park was one along many inside a orbiting colony. However this peaceful sight was shattered by sobbing as a young girl about sixteen rushed into the park with tears pouring down her pretty face and her purple hair streaming behind her as she ran. As she approached the fountain she stumbled a bit but managed to recover. Still crying she sat down on a nearby bench and covered her face with her hands.

“Why, I thought you liked me, even loved me,” the girl mumbled into her hands as the park finally become dark as the colony finished rotating away from the sun. It was then that lights sprang on through out the park. However the one next to the girl only flickered before dieing out. As she continued to sob a brown haired teenager watched with a sad frown on his face as he watched the girl he secretly loved suffering. However he should not be comforting her, her boyfriend should be doing that. Sighing even though he loved her, he was still her best friend.

“Fiona, what's the matter, I saw you running past my house?” Kira Yamato asked as he stepped into the light as he looked down at her. The girl whose name is Fiona Alexander gasped as she looked up at Kira with tears pouring down her face.

“Kira! What are you doing here?” she asked in return as Kira gently sat next to her on the bench and gave her a funny look for her question.

“Like I said I saw you running past my house crying and I got worried, so I came down here to see if you where alright,” Kira replied with a gentle smile. Fiona smiled behind her tears but then looked down on her feet and wrapped herself in her arms. Sighing Fiona knew that Kira knew her to well and would know if she would lie since they had been friends since they where little kids.

“I was out with Kai at the movies and we ran into a group of his friends when we where walking home. The group of them started to talk, with me in the middle. Finally one of his friends someone I did not know noticed me and glared at me. He then asked Kai why he was dating a....” Fiona stopped and broke out in tears once more. Kira raised his eyebrows since Kai is Fiona's boyfriend, they had been together since about a year. Sighing softly Kira took Fiona in his arms and hugged her gently towards his chest not even caring that his shirt was getting wet from her tears.

“Fiona what did he say?” Kira asked with some concern wondering how the usual cheerful and kind natured girl got this way. However right then he knew something bad happened between the Kai and Fiona, so he waited patiently for her to calm down enough to answer him. Finally after a few moments Fiona managed to calm down and relax in Kira's arms. Blinking she finally noticed what position she was in and smiled in memory remembering the time after their departure from the Moon Kira had done the same thing. In was these acts of kindness and support that made Fiona secretly love him. Sighing she once more looked up at him and closed her eyes as she took several more breaths before she answered his question.

“He asked Kai why he was dating a fifthly Coordinator bitch. Kai told him he knew that I was a Coordinator and really did not care. However it was then that his other friends told him that it was either them or me. At first I thought he was going to choose me, but another friend reminded him that his uncle was in town and he would be angry if he was seen with me. So right there he told me to go away and never come back to him, not mention he never loved me he was only dating me because I was the most beautiful girl in class. So anyways that is the reason why I am now a single women,” she finish with a light smile at her small attempt at humor. However it turned to a frown when she saw Kira expression. Since he looked very, very angry which Fiona hardly even saw him as since he was usually so kind.

“Those racist bastards, how could they say that,” Kira said with fury in his voice. He unfolded himself from Fiona and started to pace in front of the bench.

“I can not believe it, I know Kai is not really a real Orb National but I thought he was not like the rest of the Earth fanatics. Jeez! He is going to regret ever hurting the girl I love, he is so...oh..,” Kira froze when he realized what he said and slowly looked at Fiona to see her staring at him with wide eyes.

“Kira you really love me,” Fiona said with wide eyes as she looked at Kira before her. She used to think she had a childhood crush on him, but valued their friendship a lot so she never pursued much more then that. It was also the reason why she dated Kai in the first place. However over the last three years that little innocent crush became even more, even with the distraction provided by Kai.

“Fiona, yes I realized I loved you when you started to date Kai. Before that I thought I only had a crush on you, but I was afraid I would ruin our friendship if I told you anything about that. So Fiona I know you don't share the same feelings toward me, but please I still value our friendship,” Kira said with a sad smile as he knelt in front of Fiona.

“Kira I don't believe it, it is the same thing for me. I have always loved you Kira even when I was dating Kai, I only dated him because I wanted a distraction from my so called crush on you,” Fiona said with a grin as she started to cry once more but this time in happiness. Kira looked at her with wide eyes and slowly grinned as they did indeed share the same feelings for one another. Before he knew it Kira found himself sharing their first kiss together. They stayed like for a few minutes before they broke apart once more to get air.

“Let's go, I think you should stay at my house tonight since it is late. We will call your parents when we get there,” Kira stated a little breathless after the kiss. Fiona only nodded in understanding and got up however the young couple where still kind of wrapped around one another, hence ended up on the ground on top of each other. Both teens after getting over their shock started laughing in pure joy.

* * *

The next day found the couple walking to meet up with their friends at the same park they where at last night. Both of them where grinning since Kira's parents Caridad and Huruma having already knew of the teens attraction to one other where actually very happy for the two of them. Now it was time for their friends to now about their new relationship, and hence meeting up with them today. As they reached the fountain where they shared their first kiss the previous night, they found all their friends gathered around a nearby picnic table. The first one to see the two of them was Tolle Koenig who started to wave at them, however stopped when he saw their matching grins not mention their hands clasped together, making his jaw drop in surprise. After recovering from his shock he gently elbowed his girlfriend Miriallia Haw, in the side to get her attention. When he had her attention which happened to be a glare, he pointed to the still grinning couple. Miri, as she liked to be called, took one look and squealed happily in surprise. This attracted the attention of the other two boys at the table. Blinking the two other friends slowly followed Miri's line of sight till they saw Kira and Fiona. Kuzzey Buskirk spit out the juice he was drinking, while Sai Argyle blinked very rapidly before taking out his slightly tinted glasses and rubbing them with his shirt before placing them back on.

“I got three words for you two, ABOUT DAMN TIME!” Miri said with a grin as she jumped up to congratulate the new couple. She was soon followed by the other three and as the group gathered around them. They then sat down at the table, but not before separated into boys and girls groups.

“So all of us have girlfriends but you Kuzzey, I think its time to get you one as well,” Kira said with a evil grin followed by Tolle, while Sai only raised an eyebrow. Kuzzey only gulped in fear wondering what his so called friends had planned for him. Thankfully their talk turned to how Kira and Fiona got together. Meanwhile in the girl's group which sadly only included Miri and Fiona at the moment, where chatting excitedly about the same thing as the boys but with more phrases thrown in. The talk finally got around to what happened between Fiona and Kai.

“I am so going going to kill them,” Miri growled out, which was echoed by Tolle and Sai at the boy's side of the table. Thankfully for Kai, both Kira and Fiona managed to get their friends to calm down. It was then that the talk turned to better things like school and what they where going to do for the rest of the day. However Fiona and Kira's eyes where glued to one as the talk continued another which did not go unnoticed by Miri, Tolle, and remarkably Kuzzey. Even if there was war outside the peaceful Colony they lived in, love was still going strong. However this peace would not last long, and soon these young people would be pulled into the war even if they wanted to or not.


* * *

Alright here we go, and I hope you enjoy this everyone. If anyone has any questions email me at [email protected] or send a PM my way. Thanks!

Also swing by my website to see any further background info (i.e Character BG, Ships, and MS).

One last quick little note here, Kira is going to be pretty much out of character for majority of the story, since unlike in the series he actually has a “sane” girlfriend who has a large impact on Kira's character and personality similar to Flay did but a good impact instead. Not to mention not knowing that Athrun pilots the Aegis will change some things as well. However Kira will not be too OOC, just a bit.

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One minor gripe:
Major Brain Carter
, are you quite sure you don't rather want to go with Brian? :wink: It just stuck in my eye every time I saw his name.
Cagille said with some emotion in her voice which was very different for her since she always went out of the way to be strong, to never cry.
I take it you have not seen Destiny? :P But I admit that would be a better description of her, one that fits my own perception as well.
Let's go, I think you should stay at my house tonight since it is late.
Kira, you dog! :D An emotionally distressed woman is ripe for the picking of the supreme coordinator. Which reminds me that something nasty will probably happen to Brain Carter when the blue-haired one swoops Cagalli off here feet. To quote Strongbad, "you gotta have blue hair". :P
-We will not be caught by surprise!
*Almost everyone I've killed uttered similar last words.
-Then I am glad once again that you are on my side.
*They've often said that too.

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are you quite sure you don't rather want to go with Brian? Wink It just stuck in my eye every time I saw his name.
Opps! Yes, his name is suppose to be Brian, sometimes I really hate Typos!
I take it you have not seen Destiny? Razz But I admit that would be a better description of her, one that fits my own perception as well.
Yes I have seen Destiny and I never liked her crybaby attitude she has in that series I liked her better at the end of the series when she finally started doing something. lol!
I take it you have not seen Destiny? Razz But I admit that would be a better description of her, one that fits my own perception as well.
Actually honestly I think the only reason why he would make that offer is to One: He is Gentlemen and did not want her to walk home like that... Two: They had been friends since their where kids, and I know I would do the same with anyone of my friends male or female. As for a Cagalli and Athrun pairing well that will not happen in my story. Granted yes I love that pairing but with the introduction of my two main OCs I had to mess with the pairings a bit. So Athrun is going to end up with Lacus or another OC that I have not introduce yet. However to make the A/C supporters happy I am still going to have the island scene and Athrun will start having a crush on her. *snicker* Just wait till Brian finds out about it! The two of them however have not started to go out just yet. That will come later....

Now I hope enjoy the next few chapters of the fic coming pretty soon to Mechatalk!

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Phase One: Start of Something New!

"A warrior with something to defend someone close to it, will always fight better then one who has nothing to protect at all or fights with fear in hand,"

-Captain Lewis Halberton, March 23, C.E 69

* * * * *

A long lost military general in an earlier part of Earth's history once mentioned that, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake,” which according to Lieutenant Junior Grade Ian Goddard fit this situation he found himself in.

'Who's bright idea was to take a Nelson Class and disguise it as a so called transport,' Ian angrily thought to himself as he watched the so called “disguised” warship approach the slowly spinning colony of Heliopolis on the screen in front of him. Snorting Ian took another look at the three angry red contacts showing up on the radar screen.

'I am sure the Coordinators are dieing of laughter over there looking at our so called transport,' Ian bitterly thought as he eyed those contacts staring back at him. As if reading his thoughts his commander Lieutenant Mwu La Flagga looked at the aging captain of the ship sitting in the captains chair of the vessel.

“You know sir, once we get back to Luna I need to shoot the intel weenie who decided it was a better idea sending a fully armed warship disguised as a transport, then a real transport ship,” Mwu mentioned bitterly at the older man who only sighed as if wishing he was somewhere other then where he was.

“Well at least ZAFT can not follow us into the colony since they are neutral after all and they never tried to attack us when they caught up with us yesterday. It was partly from your gracious escort Lieutenant La Flagga,” the Captain said trying to stay positive for the benefit of his crew. Mwu only rolled his eyes and was about to respond when a group of five young men arrived on the bridge and saluted both officers

“Captain permission to start preparing for our arrival at the colony?” the lead man asked with a salute, both Mwu and the Captain returned it.

“Permission granted Lieutenant but may I ask where your sixth pilot is at the moment,” the Captain asked with a frown knowing that the final pilot was a last minute addition to the group.

“Well sir, Ensign Jorgan was not used to zero-gravity as of yet and if you noticed had been in the sick-bay a good amount of time since his arrival on the ship. Now however I believe Doc Morgan has taken him off flight status since he managed to shatter his entire left leg by getting his leg caught in a door sir,” the other man said with a slight flinch as he recalled the state of poor Jorgan's leg. Mwu and Ian flinched as the tale came to an end. It was pure bad luck that the first pilot of the Sixth Prototype was killed in a terrible accident when his transport malfunctioned and crashed into the moon only a mile out from Luna HQ where the ship was being outfitted. Ensign Jorgan was a last minute addition to the group since the man had the experience in sniper operations to help him operate the Mobile Suit not mention having some fighter experience.

“Well that means we are once again without a pilot for the sixth prototype then, luckily poor Ensign Jorgan only has a broken leg then being dead,” the Captain said with a shake of his head. Mu snorted knowing that poor guys career was ruined, granted Mu was sure they could unload Jorgan at the colony and get him proper medical attention.

“Captain we are cleared for docking, and Heliopolis Control welcomes us to the colony sir,” the communication officer reported from his position above the captain. The captain nodded in understanding watching as he ship slid in the colony's dock with little effort.

“Well it appears we made it Lieutenant La Flagga,” the captain said with a relieved grin on his face, before ordering his crew to prepare for unloading their cargo. Mu nodded but scowled as he looked over at the three red contacts still sitting as if waiting for him.

'Things are about to get interesting and this war is going to get hot once more. I have the feeling that I am going to be in the center of it,' Mu thought to himself as he took one last glance around the bridge before leaving to catch a nap, Ian followed in his wake.

* * *

Sighing mournfully Major Brian Carter stepped into the office of the overall commander of the Defense Forces located at the colony. Unlike on the mainland, the colony only has a small detachment of the Defense Forces. As Brian stepped into the office, Colonel Frank Taylor looked up from the paperwork he was looking through at his desk to look at him with a frown. However when he saw who it is it was, his face split into a grin.

“Major Carter, just the man I wanted to see. How is the Alliance's G-Weapon Project coming?” the older man asked with a grin. Brian smiled back knowing that the man was only trying to be cheerful for his sake since somehow the majority of the Alliance Officers he was working with where anti-coordinator.

“They are done with the general testing, and are just about done with everything else. The rest will be finished at Alliance HQ since the transport with the pilots has just arrived and Captain Valerie gave the order to start transferring the G-Weapons to the Archangel. So the Alliance will finally be out of our hair and we will be able to turn our attention to the Astray Project,” Brain reported with a grin of his own at his commanding officer. The Colonel smiled back and chuckled lightly since he had his fair share of experiences with the Earth Alliance Officers. While the Colonel was no Coordinator the Alliance Officers where ignorant and full of themselves. However his mood soon vanished as he remembered the report that had arrived only minutes before Major Carter arrived.

“This is good, however the transport was followed by a trio of ZAFT ships. I have ordered the typical challenge to them but we have not received an answer from them,” he reported with a frown. Brian cursed silently wondering who was in command of that ZAFT Team that those ships belonged to. However his response was cut off as the office door opened once more and a tall, elegantly dressed man walked in. Both Orb Officers straightened and saluted the man before them.

“Colonel Taylor, I was wondering if it was true that the Alliance are now finishing up their little project and are moving out?” asked Rondo Gina Sahaku, one of the Orb Unions Nobles who was on the colony to observe the Astray Project. Both officers traded looks before the Colonel nodded to Brian silently given him permission to answer him.

“Lord Sahaku, the Alliance G-Weapons are now being transported to the Archangel where they will be sent on there way to Lunar HQ before heading Earth Alliance HQ located at JOSH-A,” Brain reported with a tone of respect, even though he did not like the man since he like the majority of the Orb Military where loyal to the Attha Family, he was still a Noble of Orb and deserved respect.

“Ah! Uzumi sent his loyal lap dog to keep a eye on me did he,” he responded with a snort directed at Brian.

“Milord I am here to keep an eye on the Alliance not you, not to mention to help with the Astray Project in any way I can,” Brian responded to his barb with barely controlled anger as he looked over at the so called Noble of Orb.

“Very well, do give that girl that Uzumi calls his daughter my regards,” the noble said with a evil smirk before exiting as he had entered. Brian who was seeing red after that newest barb the man had said. After a few breaths of air he managed to calm down enough to look back over at his CO.

“Sir is there anything else you wish of me?” he asked with a frowning salute. The other man sighed and waved for him to sit back down.

“Yes Major I want you to help the Alliance get those Mobile Suits moving. The faster that they are out of here, the better. After you are done you are on the first transport back to the mainland,” the other man replied with a smile as younger mans expression lifted as it began apparent that he was going to be on a transport to go home before the day was out.

“Yes sir, it shall be done. I will report to the factory and see if I can be of any help to the engineers there,” he repeated his orders with a grin before saluting and leaving the office. Colonel Taylor only smiled and shook his head before returning to his paperwork.

* * *

“I am within seven kilometers of Kaoshiung spaceport, where the sounds of fierce combat continue to echo. As you see behind me ZAFT Mobile Suits are advancing at a fast pace towards the spaceport,” the helmeted news reporter said as he nervously glanced over his shoulder at the tall titans stomping behind him. The young teen watching all this from the safety of his lap top frowned as the reporter continued his report. However a hand reached over in front of the teen and closed the computer window.

“Yeah Fiona I was watching that,” the teen complained with a frown looking over at his girlfriend sitting next to him looking between her own laptop and a paper pad in front of her.

“Kira we need to get this work done for Professor Kato, I still can’t believe we are not done with the stuff he dumped on us yesterday. Not to mention that report is from last week so Kaoshiung has most likely been already taken” Fiona Anderson responded with some barely controlled anger in her voice as she continued with her work. Kira Yamato her boyfriend only nodded before getting back to work.

“They are close to the mainland aren’t they Fiona,” Kira mentioned with a frown looking over at her on the bench beside them. The two where sitting in a small park that served as a quad for the industrial college they attended. College students spread all around them where laughing and chatting with friends as the two Coordinators continued their work.

“Yes they are but Orb is neutral so they are going to be safe. I can’t see it turning into a warzone. Now we need to get this done oh light of my life,” Fiona replied with a snort and a teasing grin at Kira. Kira blushed at her statement before looking at her shyly. The two where indeed in love, though they did have their fair share of arguments. Since they where still young and where only still just getting use to be together. However a thought soon crossed Kira’s mind as he wished their mutal friend Athrun Zala was with them as his robo-pet Birdie flew across his vision.

“You know Athrun would love this job we are doing for the professor,” Kira said out of the blue as he watched Birdie flew towards them gracefully. Fiona looked over at him and briefly shook her head in agreement as she sighed in memory.


In the Moon city of Copernicus three small figures meet in a small yet beautiful park not far from the cities space port. Rose petals swirled around them as they looked at one another with barely controlled tears.

“Earth and PLANT will see eye to eye. There will be no war,” Athrun Zala the oldest of the three said with a smile as he handed the other two what looked like a yellow bird and a small white ball. However the two made sounds as they watch their creator say farewell to their new masters.

“This evacuation doesn’t mean a thing. You will join me at the PLANTs later right guys,” he finished with a smile at his two best friends in front of him. The girl then starts crying while the two baffled boys try to calm her down.

-End Flashback-

Sighing Kira looked at the small white ball rolling at their feet which was Athrun’s present to Fiona that day. It was what he called a Haro and when Kira had moved to Heliopolis weeks after Athrun left it was Fiona’s only friend she had. She and her family had soon joined the Yamatos at the colony two months later.


Inside a classroom a brown haired boy looked sadly out the window next to his desk as the class he was in awaited its teacher to arrive. The room around him was filled with noises as the kids talked about their weekends and other things. This boy was the only one not talking or playing at all. On his desk a green and yellow bird looking robot looked up at his master with a small chirp. However the birds head swiveled to look at the door and let up a happy little chirp. Right then the door opened and their teacher walked in with her usual smile on her face.

“Everyone take their seats, today we have a new student joining us so please make her feel welcome. Ms. Anderson will you please come in,” the teacher said with a wave at the still opened door. The boy turned to look at the door in surprise as a purple haired girl that he called one of his best friends entered the room with her own smile however unlike the teacher’s hers was not really happy only plastered on her face. However when she saw the wide-eyed stare the boy was giving her, the smile brightened.

“Ms Anderson take the empty seat next to Mr. Yamato if you please,” the teacher ordered with a smile as she pulled a book out of her large briefcase and put it on the desk. The girl moved towards the boy’s desk and sat in the one next to it. She smiled at him which he returned with a smile of his own.

-End Flashback-

Kira sighed once more and looked at Fiona to see that she was lost in a memory as well. Smiling he nudged her gently and waved at the work in front of them. She blinked before looking at the work spread out in front of them. Sighing she went back to her work.

“I really do hope Athrun is okay,” Kira said with a sigh. Fiona nodded an answer as she picked up her little white Haro from the ground and put it back on the table. Birdie landed next to it as their masters went back to work. Suddenly Kira’s cell phone started to ring harshly interrupting their work once more. Grumbling he dug out the offending instrument and accept the call without looking at the ID Screen.

“Yes,” Kira said with a frown, but soon turned to smile as his friend Tolle answered back. That smile soon turned to a frown and he looked down at his watch in horror.

“Sorry we are busy finishing up the stuff Professor Kato gave us yesterday and we lost track of time. We will meet you at the Terminal, we don’t be late I promise,” he replied as he started to gather up his work and stuff it into his near by bag, but suddenly blushed brightly as Tolle once more said something.

“Tolle! We won’t stop for anything like that and you know that. Anyways see you two in a few minutes,” he said before ending his call as he finished by putting his laptop into the side pocket of the bag. Fiona continued to look at him throughout the call but when he looked at his watch she did the same and saw that they where indeed late. She followed Kira in shoving her stuff into her bag and was ready by the time Kira was done with his call.

“Tolle and Mir will be waiting for us at the Ele-Car Terminal,” he told her before they raced off heading towards the meeting with their friends leaving behind the peaceful park behind them. However little did the young couple know it would the last time they see it.

* * *

In the shadow of a asteroid not far from the colony three warships of the ZAFT organization watched silently as a trio of smaller ships made their way towards the colony. As these ships approached the colony umbrella looking devices opened to slow there speed as they approached the colony. On the bridge of the lead ship the Vesalius, the white uniformed form of Commander Rau Le Creuset floated past the captain of the ship.

“Try not to look so frustrated Ades,” Commander Le Creuset said with a frown as he floated over to the plotting table located behind the command chair for the ship.

“Well I don’t think it won’t be to late to hear back from the council at least,” Captain Fredrik Ades replied with a frown of his own as his commander picked up a photo from the table in front of him and sent it spinning towards him.

“It will be to late, I have a sixth sense of about these things. If we do not seize the moment now, later we will pay with our lives for our reluctance to take action. The Earth Forces new Mobile Weapons, we must secure them before they move them,” he said as he watched the picture of a brand new Mobile Suit spin lazily in the zero gravity environment of the ship. Outside the three umbrella like ships made it to the colony where the device broke and suited figures floated away from the ships towards the colony exterior.

* * *

In the hanger of the transport disguised Nelson Class Defiant Ian Goddard looked over his TS-MA2 Moebius Mobile Armor from the cockpit of the mentioned MA. While his Moebius was a bit different then the two others laying side by side with it, it was still a Moebius Mobile Armor. The unit had been thoroughly modified by both himself and a crazy mechanic at the 12th Mobile Armor Squadron’s hanger facilities located at the Lunar Base. The large gatling canon that had replaced the usual Linear Canon had be scavenged from a half-destroyed Drake Escort. His hardware was not the only thing that been giving a modification, since the OS on the Mobile Armor had been given a through modification as well. However these modifications made the OS a bit touchy and was the reason why he was now in his cockpit cursing as he tried to pin down the latest problem with the OS.

“Yeah Lieutenant how come we can’t get any leave on the colony?” Ensign Luke Nigel his wingmate asked from his position on top of the Mobile Armor. He was leaning into the hatch after having gone over his own Mobile Armor, his two senior officers had taught him that much.

“Because Ensign we will be leaving once the G-Weapons are loaded onto the Archangel and head back to Lunar HQ. That will be only a matter of hours and we will have no time for leave,” Lieutenant La Flagga answered as he entered the overcrowded hanger heading towards the rack holding the Mobile Armor in place.

“Oh, and here I thought I could see the colony for myself,” Luke said with a sad frown. Mu only shook his head with a smile at the young pilots hurt expression. He was one of the few pilots who had join the Earth Alliance for the adventure or had nothing better to do. He was a happy-go-lucky young man, which was one of the reasons why Mu like him so much.

“Why don’t you help the Chief unload the cargo Ensign maybe you can get a glimpse of the colony if you do that,” Mu mentioned with his famous grin. The other pilot’s expression brightened and he raced towards the Chief of the Deck who was supervising the unloading of the cargo. Which was the reason why the hanger was overcrowded, granted a Nelson’s hanger was always crowded but since the ship was not a real transport they had to stuff their so called cargo somewhere.

“Yeah Ian still having problems with that OS I see,” Mu said as he took Luke’s place by the hatch as he watched the other man continue with his cursing spree.

“Yes I swear the bloody thing is laughing at me,” Ian said with a snarl as he finally found the problem and managed to fix it a few seconds later. Sighing he placed the keyboard back into its position and levered himself up towards the hatch.

“I’m telling you I will never get use to this damn thing, granted I was trained in one before assigned my old Zero but I got so used to flying a Zero going back was kind of hard. Yeah Mu want to switch with me,” Ian said with a grin looking over at Mu’s own Zero. Mu only shook his head with a smile.

“No way I will keep her thank you,” Mu replied with a chuckle as he reached over to his side and patted a piece of red hull that was the starboard pod of his Zero.

“Right thought I give it try, anyways I am done want to grab a bite to eat at the mess. I am starved!” Ian said making his way out of the hanger with Mu in tow behind him. The two pilots who at first uncomfortable around one another after being assigned to the same unit once more had turned into best friends.

* * *

However those two pilots where going to combat sooner then they thought, as the suited figures that where the ZAFT infiltrators waited as the security beams guarding a service duct shut off to let them go ahead. Back onboard the Vesalius both Ades and Le Crueset watched as they entered the service duct.

“Commander remember the damage we suffered from chasing that mercenary down, we lost three GINNs to him sir,” Ades mentioned out of the blue as he watched the strike team enter the service duct one by one.

“Well the Ziegler has rejoined us Ades, we will be able to complete this mission without to many losses,” Rau replied with a frown looking over at the ship in question hovering to the port.

“The Ziegler only has five GINNs Commander and added those to our current force of GINNs that gives us twelve sir. If the Earth Forces managed to get any of those new Mobile Weapons up and running before we get to them, I don’t think we can last long against them,” Ades mentioned with a frown looking over at his commander.

“Quit gripping Ades, twelve GINNs and my CGUE are more then enough. Even if the Earth Forces get those Mobile Suits up and running before we get them. Its thirteen against five and whatever the colony can throw at us. Remember I only choose the best pilots into my squadron Captain,” Rau scoffed with a cruel smile as he now watched the time display on his watch. Ades only sighed before nodding in reply before he went over the status of the ships weapons with his weapon officer. Little did they know that Ades predication somewhat comes true in hours ahead.

* * *

Back in the colony proper the young couple of Kira Yamato and Fiona Anderson had finally reached the Elecare terminal where their friends awaited them. In fact Tolle meet them halfway, Tolle was the brown haired, blue eyed, fun loving and joker of the little group of friends. In fact he was one of Kira closest male friends of the batch. Next to the young man was the form of Miriallia Haw his girlfriend and the mediator for the group of friends.

“So you guys took long enough to get here, did you stop for a little private moment between yourselfs,” Tolle said with a wide grin, both Fiona and Kira blushed while Miri only rolled her eyes at her boyfriends statement.

“Tolle you are a pest, you know that,” Kira managed to get through his embarrassment. Miri however took a different approach to the matter as she hit Tolle on the back of his head.

“OW! What was that for Miri?” Questioned Tolle looking at her with a hurt expression on his face, Miri only rolled her eyes before waving at the busy terminal behind them. The other three turned to see a very familiar red head chatting away with some friends as they slipped into one of the cars before they took enough.

“Shall we go, the Prof is waiting for us at the lab. So should we be going guys,” Miri said waving towards a waiting elecar. However they where stopped as a cough behind them attracted their attention behind them to see a trio of figures waiting behind them.

“If your not getting in mind if I do?” the lady in the lead asked with an arrogant tone of voice. Tolle managed to stammer out a sorry before clearing out their way so they could board the Elecar. The women and her two friends then took off heading towards the factory district. The gathered friends shook their heads and slipped into another Elecar that was soon heading towards the distant Morgenroete building.

* * *

In the busy factory district engineers and mechanics raced around the area getting four of the G-Weapons loaded into movable trailers for transport to the ship. The other two G-Weapons where having final tests on them before being loaded. In the middle of this was Major Brian Carter in his Morgenroete getup looking around for the officer in charge. All he knew was that it was someone named Lieutenant Murrue Ramius, he had briefly meet her during his first days on the colony. However he soon found her talking to a few of the engineers helping move the large war machines. He waited patiently for them to finish before he approached the lieutenant, she however noticed him before that.

“Major Carter, this is a surprise what can I do for you?” Lieutenant Ramius asked with a small smile on her face. Brian was taken back at her question, she was not the usual officer who had radiated hostilely at him as soon as he appeared.

“You are wondering why I am not like my fellow officers, well I actually had some friends that where coordinators before the war had started. Not to mention I know we did more harm to the Coordinators then you did to us, so I guess I just want this war to end,” Lieutenant Ramius answered with a brilliant smile on her face as she reach out a hand. One that Brian took with a smile of his own.

“I was sent to help out here if I could, so where do you want me,” he answered her earlier question with a smile. She only nodded and spoke to one of her men and then turned back towards him.

“I may need some help the X209, so if you can follow this officer, he lead you to it,” she ordered with a another brilliant smile, that in the future would make him respect this women all the more. Brian however only took his orders with a nod and a smile before following the man mentioned towards one of the Mobile Suits laying in its cradle.

Underneath all this in the service ducts underneath the factory several infiltrators finished placing explosive charges around the area. Enough to damage the factory and make it not useful in the future. The charges around the new battleship where already in place and now it was only a matter of waiting before final phase of the plan began. The suited figures of the infiltrators nodded at one another before heading off to meet up with the rest of the team.

* * *

Inside the main Morgenroete building Kira and company has arrived at Kato's lab. Waiting for them where the two members of their little club, Sai Argyle and Kuzzey Buskirk. Though a third person was leaning against a wall next to the office that belonged to Kato, though for now he was ignored as the friends exchanged pleasantries. Sai stood up from behind the desk where a lap awaited and approached Kira with a disk in hand. In front of them where to exoskeletons that was their project they where working with Professor Kato with.

“Oh Kira the Professor told me to give you this you. He said you would know what it was when you saw it,” Sai mentioned handing the other the disk. Kira sighed and turned to look at the equally overwhelmed Fiona.

“We are not even done with the stuff he dumped on us yesterday,” Kira moaned in anguish, however Tolle ever the joker of the group jumped on him mentioning that the mighty Kira couldn't handle a little bit of work. That earned a few well needed laughs from the gathered friends. Finally after he had calm down Kira finally noticed the blond haired boy leaning against the opposite wall from them looking at them suspiciously. Kira frown and turned towards Fiona who shrugged in response to his silent inquiry. Instead he approached Sai with a the question instead.

“Yeah Sai, whose he?” he asked his bespectacled friend pointing behind him towards the unknown boy there.

“Guest of the Professor, he was told to wait here while he went on a errand,” Sai mentioned with his own frown as he looked over at the mystery boy before shrugging at Kira.

“Anyways we need to get to work, Tolle, Kuzzey get strapped in. I need to go over a few calculations before we start, but I will be done when you get strapped in,” he mentioned with a smile sitting down at a desk before opening his lap top and getting to work. Fiona and Mirri helped the two boys into the exoskeletons while Sai checked the connections between the two and the other equipment. After a few brief minutes they where ready and started their work while the blond haired mysterious outsider watched on from his position near the door.

* * *

On a grassy cliff that had been where one of the major ducts had ended up stood a young man named Athrun Zala along with the rest of the ZAFT Infiltration Team around him. In front of him the red suited figure of Yzak Joule laid out on the ground overlooking Helios City watching as the first trailer pulled out of the factory heading for the dock. Behind him the remaining members of the team climbed out of the duct and joined the rest.

“The charges have placed underneath the factory,” the lead green suited figure report with a grim chuckle.

“It seems they are a bit late, however just a few more minutes before the naturals finally crawl out of their holes for us,” Dearka Elsman mentioned a snarl looking down at the trailers.

“So should delay the attack, they are not in position yet?” asked the nervous Nicol Amalfi from his position next to Athrun. Athrun opened his mouth to answer, but the final red suited figure of team finally spoke.

“No by the time the Commander starts the attack they will be in position,” Rusty Mackenzie mentioned with a frown.

“Alright then we wait till they are, we will be a little late but the mission will be completed,” Athrun mentioned looking down as the second trailer along with several other smaller trailers and escorts appeared out of the factory. He wished that it did not have to happen this way but it had to be. Little did he know that he and his the rest of his team would have a larger impact on the war ahead then Athrun thought he would.

* * *

On the Vesalius Rau watched as the timer on his watch reached zero, turning he then he looked over the waiting Ades at his side.

“It's time,” was the only words he said to his captain who knew what he meant by them. He only nodded in response before looking over at his crew.

“Weigh Anchor. Vesalius Launch!” Ades ordered as the engines of the ship started to flare as they started up propelling the ship towards the awaiting colony and its destiny. Meanwhile Rau pointed two of his fingers towards the waiting Mobile Suit operator, who only nodded in understanding before relaying the final order to the pilots. Down below the hanger hatch opened and the linear catapult extended as the first GINN was brought to the catapult. Without any fanfare the large war machine launched into space followed by its brothers. Watching this from the safety of bridge the ship, next to him Ades started to snap out orders to his crew, while the communication officer relayed the orders to the other two ships in the fleet.

'Ah! Things are about to get interesting and a whole new phase of the war shall start,' the mysterious Commander Le Crueset thought silently to himself as he watched as the last of the Mobile Suits launch from the ship. He was right something new was just about to be introduced into the war. Something that has not been since in modern war yet and that will turn the war into a whole new road, one that will test our new heroes ahead of them. For this is the start of something new.


Well Phase One is finally done, while I had originally planned on having it cover the entire canon Phase One. It did not happen that way since the chapter kind of got longer then I imagine it would. Since I am no Solid Shark (no offense Solid! ) I can not really have large chapters if I wish to update as fast I want to. So I think this length with be about what the chapters will be if not a bit longer then this. Also I am sorry if this sound rushed but I really wanted to get this done before I go out of town this weekend.

Some good news is that Phase Two will be up in a weeks time if not a bit less more or a bit more. Also please leave a review or leave some criticism at the forums. One final thing before I stop, I need a reliable Beta Reader to help me out with my stories. If your interested please email me or PM me. Thank you and please enjoy this latest chapter, from yours truly.

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Phase Two: New Way To Fly!

I had been so used to flying GINNs or my old CGUE, that when I first piloted a G-Weapon it was a whole different experience to me. When you look at one, you know that there is power behind it. It is hard to to
describe to those who have not experienced it. A old song I recently listened to, summed it up perfectly. It was a whole new way to fly, one that I would not ever forget...

-Major General Brain Carter
Commander, Orb Defense Forces
in the book The Freedom of Honor

* * *

Heliopolis Colony
Colony Main Control Center

* * *

There is a moment in time where the world changes for better or worse. These instances are so powerful that they will give tremors through both man and nature. Some say that it is fate or destiny, while others think it is a almighty being out in charge of everything. Whatever you believe you can not deny the power of these instances which will shape not only the course of the future, but man as well. So as the three ZAFT vessels approach the colony of Heliopolis everything changed in a instance, as throughout the colony alarms started to ring. In the central control center of the colony, the alarms startled the personnel assigned there. The man in charge of the communications with approaching ships started to panic as he tried to get int contact with the ships. As he did this the chief controller who was in command at that time, floated over to the tech and grabbed his headset as he ordered the alarms to be shut off and everyone to calm down.

“Approaching ZAFT Vessels, cease and desist you are violating the treaty between our nations. I repeat...” the controller spoke into the headset however stopped when static started to squeal into the speaker. Speechless the controller turned to the tech in front of him who looked wide-eyed at the information in front of them.

“Sir, they are jamming our communications. This is clearly a hostile act against the colony,” the tech said with a gulp just as Colonel Taylor floated into the command center with a glower on his face, a few of his men followed him in.

“Report!” he ordered as he walked into the control center, the chief controller looked over at him before sighing knowing that this was a military situation Colonel Taylor was in overall command of the colony during this crisis.

“Colonel, three ZAFT ships are inbound, their profiles say its two Laurasia Class and a single Nazca Class. We have confirmed Mobile Suit launches before jamming started. What are your orders?” the other man questioned, as he floated over to the colonel.

“First of all get your people to the shelters, my men can handle their jobs. I hate to say this but you all are civilians and have no business here,” the colonel said sorrowfully giving the impression that it was the last thing he wanted to do was to be in battle right now. The controller nodded in understanding before waving at his people.

“Alright you heard him, let's go folks and thank you Colonel,” he said before exiting the control room soon followed by the rest of the crew. After they where gone the military personal took their counterparts places. After a brief moment of thinking the colonel turned to look at them.

“Time to show these ZAFT idiots not to mess with us, Communications get in contact with the captains of the Defiant and the Archangel. See if you can get the Defiant to launch to help us, and hopefully we can get the Archangel out of here as well. Also someone give the word to get the civilians into their shelters, this is going to tough. Tactical, get the Raptor Squadron ready to deploy and tell them I will be joining them momentary, also see if you see if the Prototypes can sortie as well. We may need them. Speaking of the prototypes, Lieutenant Videl get a hold of Major Carter tell him to get those Alliance units out of the colony ASAP. Alright good luck men,” he ordered looking around at his men, who answered with a series of 'yes sirs' and started to exit the room heading for the hanger where he would join the defense squadron. Luckily for them the Orb Government had been preparing for this for a while and had plans in place for such an event. The men left behind went about their orders to the letter even though they knew that they may be killed in the next few minutes and where proud to die defending their home.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Colony Interior
* * *

As the ZAFT ships approached the colony its meager defense forces started to mobilize. As they approached the colony they started to deploy Mobile Suits. Inside the colony both Orb Defense Forces and Earth Forces ground units started to roll or fly out of numerous sites around the colony. Linear Tanks, Linear Artillery, Missile Trucks, VTOL Fighters, and Helis started to take positions around the colony. As they did this evacuation alarms started to ring around the colony and civilians started to head for safety of the shelters. However interrupt this was a large explosion that came from the harbor area of the colony, surprising both military and civilian alike.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Morgenroete Inc. - Main Facilities
* * *

As Kira and friends got into their experiment as a large explosion sent some the equipment in the lab to the ground and sent the teenagers onto uneven ground. Tolle cursed as he caught Mir before she fell, while Kira did the same with Fiona. Sai and Kuzzey grabbed onto the desk or wall to steady themselves. The confused teens looked around the lab as another shake once again tried to send them to ground, however this one was far closer then the last.

“What the! Was that a Meteor impact on the colony!” Sai exclaimed looking around in fear, however before the others could respond the evacuation alarm started to blare around the Facility. The gathered teens collectively gasped in fear, however Sai being the oldest along them got his head back on his shoulders and started to lead the others toward the emergency exit. However Kira’s attention was diverted to the blond haired boy who was now rushing past them heading deeper into the facility. Kira frowned looking after him before turning toward his friends.

“Get to the shelters guys, I see where he went and see if I can help him,” Kira said with a frown, Tolle was about to say something but Fiona’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Got it Kira, go after him and please don’t get into any more trouble,” Fiona said with a smile before stepping onto the stairwell alongside the rest of their friends. Kira paused looking at the now empty doorway before racing after the other boy.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Morgenroete Inc. - Factory Facility
* * *

Inside the cockpit of the GAT-X209 Ranger G-Weapon, Brian Carter frowned as explosions started to sound throughout the colony. As if responding to the explosions his cell phone started to ring into his vest pocket. Frowning he flipped it open and listened as it connected him to whoever was calling.

“Major Carter, this is Lieutenant Videl. ZAFT ships are now attacking the colony. Colonel Taylor wants you to get those units out of the colony ASAP. That is what they are after, if we get them out of the colony then the attack should stop,” the man on the other end finally spoke. Brian closed his eyes at the news however understood what Colonel Taylor was trying to tell him.

“Understood, and thank you Lieutenant,” he said all business as he started to climb out of the large mobile suit, flipping the phone closed as he did. After he managed to slip out of the cockpit and onto the factory floor just in time to see Lieutenant Ramius closing a cell phone of her own. Her white face told him that she was scared and it was most likely her first time going into combat.

“Lieutenant Ramius I have been ordered to help you get these big guys to your ship, so shall we,” he said with a grin trying to lightened the mood. She smiled briefly before she started to snap orders to the gathered techs. Brian then threw in some advice as he started to help Ramius with her job. Around them the gathered group started to disperse as they received their orders. A few ran over to large store room which served as a armory for the factory and started to hand out weapons to the rest of the techs. However they all stopped as the doors to the factory blew open and ZAFT Commandoes started to filter into the factory firing as they came.

“Oh hell,” Brian said with a curse as he dived behind the Ranger accepting a assault rifle from one of the techs and started to return fire at those he once called comrades.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Main Dock
EFSS Defiant - Hanger Bay
* * *

Inside the still cramped hanger bay of the Defiant Lieutenant Mu La Flagga cursed as he strapped into his Zero and pulled on his flight helmet before securing the hatch above him. He briefly heard the tap of the tech outside announcing that the unit was ready to launch.

“Hawk Unit, check in,” he ordered over the COMM to his unit, as he started to finish up his power up of the Mobile Armor.

“Hawk Two, ready for orders Lead,” reported Gail Walter his wingmate and a veteran from the Grimaldi Front like him. Mu was glad to have him in the unit.

“Hawk Three here, ready to roll Boss,” came Ian's voice, like Gail's his voice bored and calm a trait common to veteran pilots.

“Hawk Four, I'm ready as well sir,” finished the young Luke Nigel's voice, which unlike the other two pilots sounded scared and excited at the same time, which made Mu flinch knowing he would most likely end up dead in the end. Sighing he flipped the COMM over to the main channel Hawk Unit shared with the Defiant herself

“Control, Hawk Unit is ready to launch at your orders,” he reported to the Controller aboard the ship and a moment later the other man appeared on his screen adjusting his headset before slipping the helmet of his suit on over it.

“Roger that Hawk Lead, you are clear for launch. The ship will be launching behind you and Lieutenant good luck,” the officer reported with a strained smile. Like Mu, he knew they where most likely goners, since ZAFT had three ships out there and if all three had full hangers, they could send out eighteen mobile suits. Though hopefully that since they where going to try to still the prototypes that they had a few less to make room for them. Sighing he saluted the officer on the screen before sliding his faceplate closed.

“Well you know me, I make the impossible, possible. La Flagga launching!” he responded with his patented phrase to the officer who managed a smile before nodding and signing off. Mu was then thrown to the side as the small catapult threw the Zero to the side out of the small hatch on the side of the ship. Before long he found himself looking at the insides of the space dock, before long the rest of his unit joined him.

“Alright Hawk Unit, let's move out!” Mu ordered and once again the Hawk of Endymion was thrown into battle as the four Mobile Armors of the Hawk Unit flew out of the the main dock of the colony and into the history books once more.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Colony's Exterior/Colonies Airspace
* * *

Outside of the colony the ZAFT Mobile Suits where closing in on the colony, and where ready to engage any defenders that the colony may have. Already several Mistral Work pods had launched ahead of the real defenders to try to help in anyway. However sadly the Mistrals where no match for might of twelve GINN Mobile Suits. Luckily before long the Hawk Unit joined the fight against ZAFT, following behind them was the Nelson Class Defiant their mothership. Granted a single ship was no match for the three ZAFT warships waiting in the wings. However they where only buying time till the Archangel could launch, which unknown to the defenders had been trapped in its dock and the majority of the crew where dead from the explosion that went off in the dock. After the ship launched four GINNs broke off from their fellows and slipped past the Defiant as it made its way out of the dock. The remaining eight GINNs where swarming the mixed group of mobile armors. Even with veterans of the the like of Mu La Flagga and Ian Goddard things where not looking up. Though luckily for them the true defenders of the colony where about to make their entrance.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Colony Interior – Helios City
* * *

As soon as the explosions started the group of ZAFT commandos launched their attack on the convoy of trucks heading towards the space dock. Just as they did, a single GINN landed not far from the convoy and hosed it with its machine gun taking out the units protecting it. Job done the GINN turned to protect the commandos as they did their own job. Before long it was to done and bodies where strewn all over the street giving an example of the commandos grim and bloody work. The remaining commandos turned to leave the area their job done as their red suited companions boarded the new units.

“Athrun here, my unit is up and running. What about the rest of you?” the first pilot reported and as ever it was Athrun Zala who was first to get his unit going.

“This is Yzak, I am ready as well. Dearka?” the second pilot, Yzak Joule, reported as the next unit stood up from its transport and teared the rifle next to it out of its supports.

“Dearka here I am ready to roll. How about you Nicol,” answered the third pilot, Dearka Elsman, as the next machine stood up grabbing the two large weapons by its side.

“I am ready as well, my unit is ready,” reported the final member of their little group, Nicol Amafli and the last machine stood up ending up behind the third machine. They all started to walk away from the dead convoy and as they did their colors shifted from dull grays, to brilliant bright colors.

“Where is Rusty with that fifth unit?” questioned Yzak looking around for any other unit appearing out of the distant tunnel which the convoy had exited out of.

“It doesn't matter, we need to get these units to the commander. Let's go,” Athrun ordered engaging his thrusters heading for the dock escorted by two of the GINNs gathered around the convoy.

“Don't order me around Athrun,” Yzak growled out with a huff before following behind the other, the other two soon followed them. The remaining two GINNs looked around the area before moving on towards the factory where the final prototype was located.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Morgenroete Inc. Facility
* * *

Cursing fate Fiona helped her friends out of the building, and into the chaos outside. People where panicking and rushing towards shelters, others where just standing out in the open gawking at the ZAFT Mobile Suits tearing into the defense units. As she watched a trio of Helis started on a run against one of the GINNs and the pilot didn't even have the decency to use his machine gun he just literally back slapped the helicopters sending them to the ground in flames. Flinching Fiona started to lead her friends towards the nearest shelter. As the Mobile Suits continued to march on towards the factory district. Fiona cursed once more when she saw that the nearest shelter was near the factory district.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Colony Harbor - Sub-Hanger 27-A
* * *

Colonel Frank Taylor had once been a Mobile Armor pilot for the Earth Alliance and had after the Grimaldi Front defected to Orb since he was burned out fighting having been the only survivor of his unit at the Battle of Endymion. Funny enough he had been spared by the White Knight of Jachin Due, and it was kind of strange to have the same man under his command now. Though now he found himself in the cockpit of a Mobile Armor once more, however this time he was defending something far better then he ever did in the Alliance. Of course it did help that the Mobile Armor he was not flying was far better then the cardboard boxes that the Alliance pilots where flying. Since the MBA-T01 Raptor Mobile Armor that he was now at the controls of was a Orb Mobile Armor made to defend both its interests in space and on the mainland. It look very similar to a Alliance Moebius Zero, however the two pods that where attached to the armor where missile pods. Also the linear gun was not attach to the bottom of the armor instead it was built inside of the front of the craft. Two heavy vulcan guns where above the linear gun, while two machine guns located right in front of the cockpit while two more where located on either “wing”. The so called wings of the armor where actually a length of hull and ends with the Missile Pods. Overall the Raptor Mobile Armor while better then a vanilla Moebius unit from the Alliance, was still not up to par to a GINN Mobile Suit. It was Orb's best defense unit till the new Astray Mobile Suits came online. Even then the Mobile Armors would make good support units for the Mobile Suits.

“Sir, the Defiant and her Mobile Armor Squadron have entered the engagement. Also it looks some civilian pilots decided to try their hand in helping in the defense of the colony with Mistrals sir,” the tactical controller reported dragging the colonel out of his thoughts. Frank cursed when he heard about the Mistrals, however he could not do anything about it right now.

“Alright then, this is Raptor Lead and Raptor Squadron ready to launch when ready control,” Frank reported instead, the tactical officer nodded and gave the order.

“Understood, Raptor Squadron you are cleared to launch, and good luck sir,” the controller ordered with a frown before signing off. Frank nodded in understanding before giving the order himself.

“Alright Raptor Squadron let's show these ZAFT pilots a thing or two about fighting. Launch by numbers,” he ordered with a grin before launching himself into the main dock of the colony. He turned and listened as the rest of the squadron reported their launches. When the last unit, Raptor Seven, reported its launch Colonel Taylor brought his 'Armor out in front of the group.

“Listen up Squadron, as soon as we are clear of the dock I will announce a single target and we will volley fire our missiles at that one target, before we break off and engage our own targets. Understood?” he ordered looking over his shoulder at the gathered Mobile Armors. The rest of his pilots reported an affirmative. Before long they cleared the dock and where out in space. Once cleared, Colonel Taylor started to hunt for a suitable target, within a few seconds he found a GINN chasing an Alliance Moebius Mobile Armor. Grunting he locked that GINN into his targeting computer, and called out the location of it to the rest of the squadron. Before long they all had locked in and as soon as they did Frank ordered them to fire. Sixteen missiles raced out from their group of Mobile Armors heading towards the enemy GINN. It soon saw the approaching missiles and tried to evade them, however there where to many and the GINN ended up being destroyed by the missile volley. Both sides of the engagement looked in shock at the expanding ball of gas and debris from the destroyed GINN.

“Alright break, and engage targets at will. Good luck and god speed everyone, let's all try to make it home in one piece,” he ordered the group, even if he knew that many of them where about to die. However protecting ones home was the best way to die in his opinion. As he turned away from the group the squadron broke into four wing pairs. Raptor One, the second unit in the formation formed up on his left and shook his wings to show his support. Frank nodded and lead the other pilot towards yet another GINN. This pilot was not about to be surprised by these new opponents, and turned away from its current target a Moebius Zero by the looks of it. Chuckling, Frank fired at the enemy, which was soon followed up by a shot from Raptor One. Though the enemy pilot made a big mistake, which was turning his back on the Hawk of Endymion and soon paid for his mistake with his life. Another ball of gas and debris joined its counterpart. Another GINN started to retreat as a combined attack from a white Moebius and two of Colonel Taylors Raptors took off the arm which was holding its weapon. The playing field was now level, five GINNs versus twelve Mobile armors.

“Attention unknown Mobile Armor, I thank you for the support, but who are you guys,” a voice said over a secure channel given to the Alliance forces by the Orb Control Room before they launched.

“Lieutenant La Flagga, what a pleasant surprise. I am Colonel Frank Taylor of the Orb Self-Defense Forces and in charge of the Heliopolis Defense Forces. We are here to help you Alliance boys and girls a hand,” Frank replied with a grin in his words. There was a brief chuckle over the channel in response.

“Well Colonel why don't you show me what those Mobile Armors of yours can do,” La Flagga returned with a relieved smile in his words.

“With pleasure Lieutenant,” Frank replied heading for a new target harrying the Defiant. Though the remaining ZAFT pilots soon rallied and paid the combined Mobile Armor squadron a through revenge. One of the Alliance Moebius was soon destroyed which was followed by two Raptors which where trying to protect it. It was about this time when four of the G-Weapons entered the field with two GINNs as escorts. They did not waste any time and headed straight for the ZAFT ships. Both Orb and Alliance pilots cursed this, luckily the captured Mobile Suits where not attacking any of the Mobile Armors. With their charges on their way, the two escorting GINNs made it back to the colony. As they did the battle continued to rage on outside the colony.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Corridor F-03/Main Factory
* * *

Back in the colony Kira kept up the chase, as he tried to reach the fleeing boy. Kira briefly wondered where he was going and why he was heading deeper into the facility instead of getting to a shelter. As he turned a corner, a blast sent the both of them to the ground. With Kira on top of the other boy, however when he looked down Kira was shocked to find that it was not a boy but a girl. One that looked oddly familiar to him. Though he could not place it, shrugging he said something that first came to mind.

“Your a girl!” Kira exclaimed shocked looking down at the now revealed girl and her now pissed of face looking up at him.

“What do think I was buddy, now stop following me and get to a shelter,” the girl replied with a glare, one that he had seen on his girlfriend many times and he quickly got off of her.

“So should you, I think there is one this way anyways. Let's go,” Kira ordered grabbing her hand and started to lead her further into the corridor, however he was heading for the main factory where most of the fighting was at still. The duo though made it safely, and found themselves on a catwalk looking down on a pair of what looked like mobile suits.

“What the! Mobile Suits in the colony!” Kira exclaimed loudly and turned to look at his companion to see what her reaction would be. She looked shocked and scared at the same time, she to was not expecting this.

“Father! I knew it you betrayed us all!” she yelled out as she sank to the floor of the catwalk and started to tear up. Kira looked down at her before looking back down at the mobile suits and just then realized that people where fighting around them. One these people where aiming a weapon at them, he softly cursed and pulled the girl away from the catwalk and started to head for the nearby shelter.

“Come on! Let's get to that shelter before something bad happens,” Kira mentioned dragging the distraught girl behind him as she continued to sob softly. He did not know what was going on with her but it must be important. Sighing when they finally reached the shelter, and saw that only one of the lifts was still open. He pressed the button next to the opened lift and hoped for a miracle.

“Hello, anyone still out there,” the speaker next to the button buzzed out. Kira sighed in relief knowing that they could indeed make it out of this mess alive.

“Yes, can you raise the lift for us?” he asked the person on the other end of the speaker. Looking over at the lift knowing that they could not get into the shelter unless someone already in the shelter raised it up.

“Sorry we are full, we can not take any more people. There is another shelter in the east block, can you make it?” the speaker buzzed again. Kira cursed softy to himself, and looked over at the girl next to him, who finally stopped sobbing. She was looking at him with wide-eyes, sighing Kira pressed the button again.

“Can you at least take my friend here, I don't think the both of us can make it?” he asked in return hoping know that it would work.

“Alright sure, and good luck mister,” came the reply and the light above the lift flashed to green as the lift started to raise towards the main level. Sighing in relief, Kira pushed the girl into the lift and slid the door close in front of her. The girl started to say something but Kira did not hear her as she was whisked away towards the buried shelter. Kira then looked around him trying to figure out a way towards the other shelter and hoped that he could make it know that he was not dragging a distraught girl behind him. Sighing he started to run towards the other shelter, hoping against hope that his friends made it out okay.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Main Factory Floor
* * *

On the floor of the factory, the battle continued to rage on between the Alliance soldiers/techs and the ZAFT commandos. Stuck on top of the GAT-X105 Strike was Brian Carter and he knew that these commandos would not spare him if he asked for it. Sighing he kept on fighting knowing that it was the only way and wondered when it was going to end. Something however drew his attention to the catwalk above him and his eyes widened when he saw the blond haired head of his best friend, Cagalli.

“What the hell is she doing here?” Brian said to himself watching as she yelled out something which made him flinch wondering what she would say if she knew that he was here protecting the mobile suits. He then cursed when Lieutenant Ramius in front of him turned and fired up at the catwalk, he did not have enough time to stop her, but luckily she only managed a short burst before she realized what she was firing at. She blinked before turning her attention back to the enemy, and Brian sighed in relief when the brown haired boy started to lead Cagalli away from the factory. He hoped the boy could get her to a shelter before turning his attention back to the enemy to see that the commandos where starting to thin out. Brian then started to shoot once more, knowing that he could nothing to help Cagalli know and he promised himself if he every got home he was going have a long discussion with her. Though briefly he wonder if he was going to make it home. Just then a pain shout from an Alliance tech drew his attention to see the tech Brian was on the ground shot in the shoulder. A red suited elite was advancing on him, wasting no time he turned and shot the pilot down. This apparently took the fight out of the rest of the commandos and they retreated back towards where they came. Sighing in relief Brian hoped down from his spot and looked sadly at the sprawled figures of both those dead or those merely wounded. Sighing once more he turned to located Lieutenant Ramius for orders.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Morgenroete Facility
Secondary Entrance
* * *

When she had first awakened this morning Fiona Rose did not even think of anything like this happening. Not only was her home being destroyed around her, but she had been separated from her friends. So she was now trying to get another shelter she knew was around the Main Morgenroete Secondary Entrance somewhere and was now currently trying to find it. Cursing she dodged away from a explosion caused by a rocket launched from a Missile Truck. Finally after a few minutes of dodging the debris she made to the still intact secondary entrance to the facility. However she did not see the small piece of debris that was sent her way from the destruction of the Missile Truck that had been outside of the entrance. The piece of debris sent her sprawling into the entrance, and knocked the wind out of her. For a few moments she laid there disoriented wondering what happened to her when she finally fell unconscious. Luckily for her help was already on there way towards her.

* * *
Heliopolis Colony
Main Factory
* * *

Cursing was heard as the remaining techs tried to get their charges out of the factory. The battle had ended but they needed to get out of the factory before it was destroyed or worse another assault from ZAFT commandos. This is what Kira Yamato found as he started to headed for the next shelter, frowning he looked over at the scene bellow him. It looked like the people where trying to move the two Mobile Suits he had seen earlier. One had already been hooked up too a large truck and was now heading for the only unblocked exit of the factory. The others had been destroyed by the nearby explosions.

“Yeah Kid!” came a yell from the floor, Kira turned his attention to a what looked like a white haired young man in a Morgenroete jumpsuit looking up at him from his spot to a brunette in an orange jump suit who had her arm in a sling.

“Sorry I am heading for the shelter over there,” he answered the man, as he turned to head that way but the man only shook his head at him.

“Its no use kid that entrance has been sealed off you are better off coming with us,” the man said waving him down. Blinking Kira shrugged before taking a step back before leaping off the catwalk surprising the gathered personnel. The white haired man only shrugged before waving him over to the second Mobile Suit which truck had been destroyed by falling debris. However before he could say anything a explosion took out the catwalk that Kira had been standing own only moments ago. Blinking in surprise Kira thanked god that he had listened to the man. Speaking of said man, he was know looking at him with a hidden grin as he grabbed Kira's arm.

“Anyways kid we better get you on the truck, hold on just a second,” the man said before turning to the brown haired tech at his side.

“Lieutenant I still don't know how to get the Strike out of here beyond activating it and piloting it out of here,” he mentioned with a frown looking over at the second Mobile Suit.

“Alright Major can you check to see if we can use the truck from the fifth trailer to move it,” the woman ordered with a frown. The man only nodded before taking off towards another truck leaving Kira with the women. Though another explosion happened and it soon became apparent that the factory was not going to hold out for longer as the factory started to catch on fire. Cursing the women with the man pushed him into the opened cockpit of the Mobile Suit.

“Major Carter, take Lieutenant Hamana and get the Ranger to the Archangel. I will take the Strike out of here, since we have no more time to get it out of here,” she ordered the white haired man before he looked over at Kira before nodding and running over to another trailer trailing behind the first and jumped up on a side board where he dragged another man up beside him. The women had then entered the cockpit before sitting down in the seat.

“Get behind the seat kid,” she ordered before she started to push a few buttons as Kira started to do what she had ordered. Though he did not like being called kid, he knew that arguing with her would be a bad idea.

“I hope I can pilot this thing with one arm, ah what the hell,” she mumbled before sliding her arm out of the sling, as she did Kira started to hear the machinery around him starting to power up. Frowning he looked over the women's shoulder to see the OS started to boot up.

“GUN...DAM,” he sounded out with a frown, the women continued as if she had not head her him. After a few moments she smiled as the mobile suit finished it start up. Outside the mobile suit's eyes flashed and it started to move tearing out of its transportation trailer before starting to stand up. Around it fire ravaged the factory casting a red-orange glow around the mammoth machine. As it stood up something behind it blew up, and inside the cockpit Kira knew that his life was never going to be the same.


Author Notes-

Whew! Finally its done after a month and a half of slowing writing this it is finally done. Well anyways it looks I have caught up to the end of the canon Phase One. Also you may notice that factory battle played out different then in the series and it is another thing that I changed. Another is the introduction of the Raptors, which will seen throughout the rest of the story. Since I think the colony needed better defenses then just Mistrals and Mu's Squad. Now you know why I added the extra Laurasia. Now I know that we are introduced to the Archangel in canon Phase One. But those events will happen in the start of Phase Three. On another note both the specs of the Raptors and the Ranger will be posted on the forum to those interested. Alright time to bring this to a close and I will see you guys in Phase Three. Till then Adieu!