Wings of Rhea ~Ballad of the Reconquista~

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Wings of Rhea ~Ballad of the Reconquista~

Post by Mwulf » Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:39 pm

~ Wings of Rhea ~
Ballad of the Reconquista
Certain chapters may contain graphic descriptions of violence and gore. Everything exists for a specific reason and serves to flesh-out the story. You have been warned.
*Note: As per my typical pattern, the story itself will not begin until the third post of the thread.

-After completely scrapping old mecha designs and story ideas, I've started over and written up a prologue. I'm rather excited about this project and hope to have the first chapter up as soon as possible.

Welcoming to the opening page for "Ballad of the Reconquista". You'll notice right away that the word "gundam" is nowhere to be found--that is because this is not fanfiction per se, but rather an entirely original story set in its own, independent universe.

I like to think of it as being science fiction with a historical bent. I've always heard "write what you know" and I've never liked hearing because, frankly, I don't know very much. I do know history, though, and with this knowledge--coupled with as much creativity and raw ingenuity as I can muster--I've determined to start writing.

Wings of Rhea takes place in the distant future. The solar system has been plagued by warfare, which has rendered the planet Earth inhabitable. Sick of war, humanity's best and brightest fled the solar system in the Great Exodus, leaving those behind to contend with ever-increasing levels of violence.

Most of humanity lives inside giant cylindrical colonies, spread throughout the solar system in clusters, all the way from Venus to Saturn. In the great wars following the Exodus, much of mankind's technologies were forgotten. Though the old weapons of war remained, and were used time and time again to kill, slaughter and maim, the number of people that knew how to build these weapons and repair them dwindled.

The face of humanity will change. The face of warfare will change. Only one thing will not change: war never changes.

This is the setting of Wings of Rhea.

Please post as many comments as you can! So long as you don't insult me personally, there's no such thing as too much criticism! If you like it, let me know! If you hate it, let me know ~why~! I'm trying something new here and would like all the help I can get!

As for comments on the original story, this is the third incarnation of the idea. Initially, I intended the story to take place a few centuries after my first project, Fates. But I decided that the audience would be too narrow, and depended too much on my previous work.

Second, I determined the set the story in the far future of the Universal Century, following an alternate timeline where I changed the outcome of a single event--to be specific, I followed a constructed timeline where Char defeated Haman Karn at the end of the Gryps conflict.

Again, I decided that premise was too restricting. Rather than tie my work down to a particular universe, I determined that an original, independent work was the best way to go. There are still mecha to be sure, but they bear different labels--though I admit that much of it is still very closely tied to the world of Gundam.

For example, instead of mobile suits we have AFs, or A* Frames, instead of minovsky particles we have Zero Particles, and instead of gundams we have the legendary Valkyries.

*The "A" stnads for AMVTP (Ambulatory Multi-Vector Thrust Propulsion)
^--I may work out a better acronym later.

Chapter Status:

Prologue: Draft 1 Written and Posted.
Chapter 01: Outlined; First Draft Started.
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Post by Mwulf » Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:51 pm

Encyclopedia of Terms

This post will be dedicated to description of the various characters, events and technologies present in the story. As the story progresses, additional information will be added.

There is also a Timeline that covers the events preceding the story as well as major events from the story itself, but will be written from a perspective "outside" the main story, much as modern timelines are written "outside" of the actual history. Because of this, events in the timeline may not always be completely accurate to the story.

Edad Imperial
The Imperial Calender, started with the year of the Empire's foundation in the 2307th year of the Common Era.

Época de Apuros
The "Time of Troubles," a period of years marking the string of wars that engulfed the Solar System at the end of the Imperial Calendar.

Siglo Libre
The "Free Century." A new calendar marking the collapse of the Solar Empire as its begining. Year "zero" of Siglo Libre corresponds to the year 1492, Siglo Libre.


Geo-Political Entities:
Imperio de la Tierra
Literally the "empire of Earth," it is the official name of the Solar Empire. The Solar Empire is the largest nation in the Solar system, and controls hundreds of colonies. It's capital is Gaia, a colonial super-cylinder perched in polar orbit over Earth.

Solar Empire
The simplified name of the Imperio de la Tierra.

Mobile Weapons:


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Post by Mwulf » Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:55 pm


"Abril 12, Edad Imperial 1497 (SL 5)

"I saw my niece earlier today; it was the first time I had seen the since her mother died. I wanted to do something--anything--for her. I wanted to help her, but I could never find the courage. Now she is nearly all grown-up, and my chance to be a part of her life is gone.

"In some ways I am sad, but then I think on it more and I begin to feel relieved. Better that she not know me. Who I am. What I've done. She is all the family I have left, so I naturally desire to know her. What she dreams of, what she's frightened of. What she likes, what she dislikes. But when I saw her today I forgot all of that; we spoke a few words, and then she left. She seemed happy enough, and for that I am glad. She is of the new generation. The cheery-eyed children that look forward to the future with such great optimism and fresh determination. Oh, how I wish I could remember what it was like to live with such... hope.

"Hope. That's an odd thing to say. Even as I form the basic sound of the word in my mind, I cannot quite understand its meaning. Hope is just one more thing that the war stole from us--all of us. Perhaps some of that is my fault. It probably is. The children today, they know nothing of the war. To them, it happened long ago. Even I find it hard to believe that only a few years have passed since the bloodletting stopped. For me, however, the time of war does not seem far away at all. Rather it is all too near.

"Perhaps I am simply trying to atone for my sins. Maybe all of my feelings for my niece are born of simple guilt. I do not like to think I am that simple, but it is a possibility I find harder and harder to ignore.

"Thoughts of my niece, while pleasant, are hard to maintain. Memories of war dominate my mind. Things I've seen. Things I've done. I cannot escape. This is a common problem for my generation, but for me--perchance--it is worse. More poignantly than any other emotion, I feel loss and regret.

"I've been thinking about her more and more these days, not that a day ever passed when her face was not in my mind. Sometimes I think that there was something I could have done differently. Something she could have done differently. That we met at all in the Época de Apuros--the time of troubles--was a miracle by itself. She was my friend, and more.

"Sometimes I dream dreams where I have forgotten her, and in these dreams I live a happy life surrounded with children. But when I wake I am overcome with sorrow; it is not right that I forget. I cannot forget. She was everything to me; she the was the Sun, the Earth, the stars. If I had never met her, my life would be empty. I think this and I am glad--but it is a sad happiness; if she had never met me, she would still draw breathe today.

"Each night I cry. I should have died alongside her. Why is it that I yet live?"

From the Memorias Privadas of Marshall George Halim Descante I,
printed with the consent of Marie Gaouve Descante,
Amanecer Press, copyright Enero 0061 Siglo Libre.
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I sure hope your bringing this to the MGF as well Mwulf.

I know I'll keep reading it! :)