Mobile Suit Gundam AGITO

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Mobile Suit Gundam AGITO

Post by Strike Wing » Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:02 am

(The Episodes will be posted in either 3 or 4 parts due to character limit, so here is part one of Episode 1)

Mobile Suit Gundam ~AGITO~

By: Strike Wing.

Episode 1
= = = = =


Everything was abuzz on the Northern Allied Commonwealth Base. Alliance jeeps drove back and forth along the streets around and through the compound, taking soldiers and key personnel to their desired or needed destinations. Yet another blistering hot and busy day on the base, under the scorching sun, thought Japanese Canadian, Lieutenant Cale Akiba, while strolling along the side of the main runway.

Pulling a hand out of his beige, military pants pockets, Cale rubbed the sweat from his brow that now began to drip from his medium length, brown bangs. Even with a short sleeved uniform on, it was still too hot. Somehow Cale assumed he was going to die from heat exhaustion, but it wouldn’t be too long before feeling the coolness of space. That was one of the things he looked forward to on this assignment.

Stopping a in the middle of two open hanger doors, the twenty-one year old Lieutenant looked up into the bright, blue and cloudy sky; quickly putting his hand over top of his eyes to block the bombarding rays. Cale stood there, staring up into the sky for a long while, wondering if he’d ever miss this: The warmth of the earth’s sun, cooling rain, or the beautiful snowy days of winter. Cale’s gaze shifted back down to the paved street and returned his hand to his pocket, shoving the doubt aside as best he could. He had to concentrate on the assignment at hand; to safely see to the transportation of this new Mobile Suit onto the Vega-3 A.C. Colony.

A small grin emerged once the Lieutenant began to dream of what this new piece of hardware could do. Deep down he even so much as hoped he would be the one to test it out. Though, real combat hardly ever went anyway you wanted. That much Cale could accede to, but he was not someone who’d not get his hands dirty if need be. Still, the nagging notion of wanting to see what his machine could do drove him on.

“Hey get out of the road, Cale!” shouted an Italian accented voice from inside the hanger.

The young Lieutenant started to turn and caught a glimpse from the corner of his eye-a jeep coming straight at him! He quickly jumped out of the way and slid across the pavement on his stomach, with a small dust cloud rising up around him. Turning back around he saw the jeep dash and drift onto two wheels before racing away down the road.

After a moment, Cale got back up and dusted himself off and looked on at the jeep speeding away. He could make out one individual in the passenger’s seat. A skinny, lanky framed Italian-American, waving along with his flowing, black mullet in the wind. Also he was smiling ear-to-ear taking pride in his foolish, “joking”, rundown attempt.

“Damn you, Kaldarado…,” he murmured with spite in his tone, and kicked a rock lying alone on the ground before treading on. Kaldarado annoyed him with his carefree attitude and idiotic antics. Hopefully once he left on the shuttle to his new assignment, he’d never have to see that pathetic excuse for a soldier ever again.
= = = =

In a large darkened lobby, with the only light pouring down a circular, marble pyramid, staircase with golden railing, stand two tall figures at the bottom: One of which, a hefty African man in his mid-forties, dressed in a grey suit and black tie. There’s a weathered look in his eyes as he glares across from him at a tall, slender woman with flowing, shoulder length, black hair. She’s dressed in a Space Colony Forces uniform and a pure, white face mask covering from her nose, up.

“This war has been over for thirty-three years, Colonel Gaia,” said Minister Don Charter aloud, the fury in his voice edging closer to the surface, “Why do you want to start another!?”

“It’s already started Minister Charter,” stated Gaia in her chilling, cool voice. Brushing her hair behind her shoulders, she continued. “Correction, this war has never seen the end, it’s only been postponed… until now.”

“And your conclusion on that is baseless, Colonel,” retorted Charter putting both hands behind his back, and tilted up his chin while still staring her down.

“I beg to differ, Minister,” Gaia paused for little more then a second then continued one without missing a beat, “As you are unaware of the secret activities being conducted by the Allied Commonwealth, our intelligence is not.”

“What do you mean Colonel?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. His interest was certainly peaked now. Even Gaia could see that, though Charter was unsure if his fears outweighed his curiosity, or vice versa. “Explain.”

Gaia spun on her heel and after a moment, started sauntering up the staircase, “Walk with Minister.”

Don’s eyebrow cocked up, he felt definitely curious now and followed causally behind her, glancing often at her backside. She did have a fine figure for someone in her early thirties. Once they made it up to the small, four-by-four landing, they both stood in front of a round, web shaped framed window, looking out at the nightlife of the Area 6 Cylinder Colony.

He noticed her smooth, milky skin within the whitish-blue, artificial moonlight shining through the window now. Maybe she didn’t get out much he wondered, but he didn’t care, she was a beautiful though battle hardened woman.

The Minister took a sip of the glass of bourbon that he held then looked down into the rippling liquid that remained; Charter stared at the reflection for a moment and snapped his neck a bit. Remorse for diving back into this bad habit bothered him, but still it calmed him down. It made the Minister forget about the stresses of his duties and hectic life. Being a widower would have been a welcomed life changing event; alas he had to settle for divorce. He gulped down the rest his drink; although, that would not stop him from indulging into others of the fairer sex.

Something Minister Charter did notice though was that she didn’t glace back at him, not even once. A soldier indeed, he thought. Quickly shrugging it off returned to gazing out the window with her. “So Colonel, I walked with you… now will you talk with me?”

“Our Intel has reported on the development of a new type of Mobile Suit. It could very well be under construction,” she paused and then looked at the Minister with a serious gaze, and stated in a matter-of-factly tone, “Or even finished.”

“Finished you say,” Charter replied and put down the empty glass onto a small table off to the side. “Have they tested this prototype?”

“Not yet, but if we move quickly we can prevent any such attempt.”

Running what was just said through his head a few times brought him back to his sense of skepticism. “You know,” he began, placing both hands behind his back and started down the stairs with Gaia following close behind, “there is no rule that states: “Either side can’t develop new mobile suits, Colonel.”

“If they do not give an unbeatable edge to either side,” retorted Gaia after they both made it down to the floor level, “And this could give them an edge to restart this cold war anew. I propose an op to…,” she searched for the right word and quickly found it, “Prevent, old wounds from being reopened.”

Shuffling back around to look at the artificial moon again, he felt uneasiness from this idea. The war was over, so what if they were making a new mobile suit, there was no need of hostility in this time of peace. “Terra,” he sighed heavily, “I cannot condone any action that will lead to another bloodbath.”

“Minister with all due respect, this is an Advanced Suit that could very well give them the ability and opportunity to commit to attacking and finishing us off in one move!” Terra’s voice arose louder and the hint of hurtful anger, seeped through, “I cannot stand by and allow that to happen! It goes against every fiber of my being, Minister.”

Gaia’s eyes drifted down to the floor for a moment as she exhaled slowly, composing herself anew before looking back up to the Minister who would not meet her gaze, but said: “I will not risk the Colonies on this.” She knew this discussion was over.

“Please take my proposal under consideration, sir.” Gaia said more calmly, quickly saluting after that then turned on her heel, and started briskly walking away.

“You can address the council yourself…, Colonel,” Don finally broke his silence after reluctantly giving in and revealing a loophole, and halting Terra in her tracks right on the stop.

Her head slightly turned back and she watched him out the corner of her eye through the mirror lenses of her face mask.

Don turned his head in her direction and smirked, “I’ll set the meeting in the morning.” Terra returned the smirk, though hidden in the shadows away from Don’s view.

“Goodnight, Colonel…,” said Charter after clearing his throat and headed off in the opposite direction.

“Goodnight, Minister.”
= = = =
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam AGITO

Post by ZeroBusterXX » Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:11 am

This is neat so far, I want to ask a question though: Is there going to be a Gundam Gills and a Gundam G3 in this as well?

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam AGITO

Post by Strike Wing » Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:18 am

Yay, a fellow Rider fan. Actually you'll have to wait and find out what Gundam(s) are going to appear. :P
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