The Death of Sergei

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The Death of Sergei

Post by Attomoku » Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:28 am

Not exactly fan fiction but I can think where else to put it. Going back a bit, I recently stated on the random image thread that this picture had inspired me to write a poem but this is only partially true. I actually only came up with a few good lines and have spent a great deal of time trying to put them together in a reasonably logical (and rhyming) manner. The result is the following poem about Sergei's death scene in Ep 17 and I humbly request that all the Lit. majors out there be kind when dissecting it, this is my first stab at poetry since the 8th grade and Im sure it shows.
Also, to save time, the reason why I have references to Norse and Greek mythology, is that I think they help make it sound more heroic and epic than normal (a bit lame, I know). Plus the concept of Valhalla, where only the greatest warriors go after they die, lends itself nicely to how awesome he is to fans (myself included) and shows that he's better off than most in the afterlife department (Im looking at you Lindt :twisted: ).

The Death of Sergei

With broken heart and steed as well,
a Hero of Sol to terra fell,
from evening sky and Son’s respect.

Son has triumphed or’ Father slain,
avenging half of blood in vein,
and angry at the Hero’s neglect.

But Raven mourns and Valkyrie weeps,
for Oedipus folly run too deep,
to honor vows they once did keep,
and pledge to give Son an endless sleep!

Go great Hero, to Valhalla’s light!
Where beloved has waited since fateful night,
whilst illuminated by unsullied white,
to forgive and validate judgment right!
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