04-03-07: Super Update Wars

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04-03-07: Super Update Wars

Post by Chris » Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:43 pm

Chris wrote:Now that our Super Robot Wars section is up, it's time to start filling in those blank spaces. So we've got new lineart for the sections that launched on monday, as well as seven new sections. First, the new sections:

Super Robot Wars IV, with lineart courtesy of Kuruni and EFF Test Pilot.
Super Robot Wars EX with the same credit.
Super Robot Wars Alpha
Super Robot Wars Compact 2
Super Robot Wars Impact
Super Robot Wars F
Super Robot Wars F Final

There's also some new line for the Hagane, Shirogane, Kurogane, Bartoll, Dikastis and R-Gun Powered. Kuruni also sent in new lineart for the Ryukooh, Koryuoh, Grungust Type 2 and Grungust Type 3, while Peter sent in lineart for the Personlichkeit.

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