04-21-21: Times like these

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04-21-21: Times like these

Post by Chris » Thu Apr 01, 2021 8:34 am

Chris wrote:Wow, it has been a long time since the last update, right? Well, real world obligations have been a time sink so far this year, but that situation will be changing soon. But let's move on to another subject - you know what time it is. Another year has come and gone, and today MAHQ is 21-years-old. This time last year, I showed off a mock up for a total site redesign. So what happened to that? In a word, 2020 happened. We all know how that experience has felt like, but I can assure you that the work continues in the background, and hopefully I'll be able to show some of our progress in the near future.

Some other things promised last year haven't happened, including some new review sections and a teased return for Laplace's Box. Why? Again, 2020. The former will still come at some point, but I have no news to report on the latter. It's customary to have some kind of special update to match the occasion, but this is going to end up being a quiet year in that respect. As always, I want to thank our contributors, visitors, and our community on Mecha Talk, Facebook and our Gundamn! livestreams. Whether you're new to it all or a seasoned veteran, I'm glad you choose to spend your time here. The last year is best left in the past where it belongs, and I'm looking forward to better things.

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