05-22-20: Enter the Seltsam

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05-22-20: Enter the Seltsam

Post by Chris » Fri May 22, 2020 8:03 am

Chris wrote:After a run of manga reviews, I'm switching things up by returning to Build Divers Re:RISE to fully catch up on that series. Today's update includes reviews for episodes 7-9.

On a separate note, if you follow us on Twitter, you probably noticed a lack of tweets starting in April. Unfortunately, Twitter locked our account for a bogus reason and did not respond to multiple unlock requests through the required forms or many tweets to their support account. In addition, after 30 days passed, they simply deleted the account, which wiped out more than 11 years of tweets and follower counts. We did set up a new account, and as a result of the old one being deleted, we reclaimed the name. If you wish to follow us again, you'll have to re-follow @mahqdotnet.

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