04-01-20: In anticipation of your insight into the future

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04-01-20: In anticipation of your insight into the future

Post by Chris » Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:14 am

Chris wrote:The first time I used this update title was exactly 10 years ago to both celebrate MAHQ's 10th anniversary and to unveil our current design. Ten years is a long time in internet years, and many things change. Unfortunately, MAHQ's current design is woefully outdated and difficult to maintain.

Which means it's time for another change.

Today is MAHQ's 20th anniversary, and it's time for the biggest change we've ever undergone. The cite will be shifting to a content management system (CMS) which will make updates far easier. What it means for visitors is an entirely new design, which you can see a sample of here. Our thanks go out once again to Design Forward Creative for providing our new logo. This new version features responsive design, which means MAHQ will finally look good on your phone or tablet. It also means streamlined navigation to improve user experience, and native integration of our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

You may have noticed that the Gundamn! @ MAHQ YouTube channel was recently rebranded to just MAHQ, and that's part of this effort as well, which means that you'll see a wider variety of content on there. We'll also be looking at changes to Mecha Talk, which last month celebrated its 14th anniversary. Mecha Talk will finally have its own logo (in the same style as the mock up screenshot linked above), and we intend to add some new themes that will bring it in line visually with MAHQ 3.0. This redesign is a large-scale effort, but Dale and I expect that it will take far less time to complete than the previous design, and we look forward to having that rolled out later this year. In the meantime, updates will continue under the current template, but perhaps at a slower pace as our focus behind the scenes will be the redesign.

One more thing...

It wouldn't be an anniversary update if I didn't either announce or unveil some new content. In this case, it's the former. After the redesign is complete, expect these two series to join the MAHQ roster:

-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV series, Solid State Society, and eventually SAC 2045, plus other titles in the franchise, possibly)


There may be another series beyond those two, but I'll leave it at that for now. In closing, on behalf of Dale, I'd like to once again express my gratitude to the visitors who keep coming back to MAHQ, some of whom have been doing so for many years. I never expected that I would spend half my life so far running any one website, let alone one as large as MAHQ. It's going to be a bright future.

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