09-11-19: Party like it's 2009, part 3

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09-11-19: Party like it's 2009, part 3

Post by Chris » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:01 am

Chris wrote:The Macross theme keeps going, with the following vehicles from Super Dimension Fortress Macross now in Burke's expanded format:

ARMD class (TV version)
Atmospheric Escape Booster
Daedalus class (Daedalus)
DL-88 Centipede
EC-33B Disk Sensor
ES-11D Cat's Eye
F203 Dragon II
FL-200 Mistral
LVT Avenger II
M-299 Sugar Foot
Macross class (Macross) (TV version)
Oberth class
Prometheus class (Prometheus)
QF-3000E Ghost
SC-27 Star Goose
Sea Sergeant
SF-3A Lancer II
Spider Bug
VC-27 Tunny
VC-33 Mom's Kitchen
XM-3002 Junky
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