04-01-19: Time and time again

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04-01-19: Time and time again

Post by Chris » Fri May 31, 2019 9:47 am

Chris wrote:That time of year has come again, and it means that today marks 19 years since MAHQ debuted as FAHQ. I don't have any grand statement to make this year or an ambitious content plan to lay out. All I have, on behalf of myself and Dale, is to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has helped make MAHQ what it is, whether it's visitors, contributors, forum members or podcast listeners. It is the support of these many people that keeps pushing us on year after year. So again, thank you.

It has been a tradition in the past to have a large update to mark the occasion. I don't have anything so large this year, but Brian has submitted new reviews for episodes 9-17 of Xabungle.

On a separate note, regular visitors are likely aware that Mecha Talk has been down for several days. This is due to a hosting issue, and while the forum will be migrating to a new host, it will likely take several more days. In the meantime, check out Twitter account for more updates.

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