05-18-18: Gundam stuff

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05-18-18: Gundam stuff

Post by Chris » Fri May 18, 2018 11:43 am

Chris wrote:Several Gundam-related items make up today's update. First, there is a near total replacement of all the lineart for SEED DESTINY. Next, the Build Divers mecha section has been updated, and I'd like to note a change. It has become too cumbersome and time consuming to document all the custom mobile suits and color schemes from all the Build series, so I've decided to cover only those units that have official lineart. As a result, I've removed many profiles from all the Build sections.

Next up, there's a lot of new lineart for V-MSV and several new Burke's style profiles, with lineart and data courtesy of Deacon Blues. If you'd like to read about V-MSV in more detail, read his post.

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