01-24-2018: Men of Destiny

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01-24-2018: Men of Destiny

Post by Chris » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:47 am

Chris wrote:For the first part of today's update, there is new lineart for some vehicles from The Origin OVA, courtesy of Deacon Blues. The rest of the update is in line with previous ones.

The following suit is now in Burke's expanded format:

YMS-09R-2 Prototype Rick Dom Zwei

The following vehicles are now in Burke's expanded format:

Birmingham class
Colony Corporation Ship
Columbus class (modified)
Command Vehicle
FF-XII Core Fighter II
FF-XIIFb Core Fighter IIFb
Komusai II
Magellan class (modified)
MS Landing Ship
Musai class (late production type)
Patrol Vessel
Pegasus class (Troy Horse)
Salamis class (modified)
Zanzibar II class

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