02-13-09: News and Information

News and updates from MAHQ.
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02-13-09: News and Information

Post by Chris » Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:44 pm

Chris wrote:This is pretty much a news post, as I have several announcements to make. First, I have final time/room locations for our MegaCon events, sponsored by Anime Sushi. On Saturday, the Gundamn! live podcast recording will take place from 12 - 2 P.M. in room W224B. On Sunday, the MAHQ panel "Mecha franchises through the decades" will take place from 3 - 4 P.M. in the same room.

Speaking of MegaCon, I was featured as a guest recently on the Sci Fi Overdrive radio show to discuss our MegaCon events, Gundamn! and MAHQ. The show will be airing tonight at midnight, so check the site's listings to see if it airs in your area. If not, podcasts can be downloaded after the show on their site. I also made a cameo appearance on episode 3 of the BACALAO gaming podcast, recorded during Destructoid's "F*ck the Super Bowl" party. I don't say anything of actual importance during the minute or so that you hear me, but I'm just linking it for those who might be interested.

Finally, I've just set up an official MAHQ account on Twitter (please note the username is mahqdotnet, not mahq). I'll be using it for short updates about what I'm doing, about MAHQ and Gundamn! I would suggest bookmarking the page or subscribing to the RSS feed, as Twitter will be first place I post to if either MAHQ or Mecha Talk experience outages.

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