09-06-20: Stand up to the victory

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09-06-20: Stand up to the victory

Post by Chris » Sun Sep 06, 2020 2:10 am

Chris wrote:In this update, the following units from V-MSV are now in Burke's expanded format:

RGM-119 Jamesgun Early Type
RGM-122 Javelin Early Type
RGM-122 Javelin Mega Spear Loading Type
RGM-122 Javelin Prototype
RGM-122C Javelin Cannon
ZM-S06G Zollidia Custom
ZM-S06GD Zollidia Desert
ZM-S06S Zoloat Early Type
ZM-S19S Shy-Tarn (Imperial Guard)
ZM-S22S Rig Shokew Beam Rotor Equipment Type
ZMT-S06G Zolo-Rotor
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